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  Top plays at KFJC
From May 9 2007 thru May 16 2007

Plays Artist Album
8 Various Artists Silber Hearts Mom
8 Parker, William & Drake, Hamid Summer Snow
8 Sinoia Caves Enchanter Persuaded, The
8 Earthmonkey Be That Charge
8 Various Artists Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985
7 Panda Bear Person Pitch
7 Mammatus Coast Explodes, The
7 Xbxrx Wars
7 Valet Blood Is Clean
7 Sterling Cursed
7 Nurse With Wound / Stereolab Crumb Duck
7 White Birch, The Come Up For Air
6 Earth Hibernaculum
6 Now Orchestra & Marilyn Crispell Pola
6 Various Artists My Mind Goes High
6 Los Straitjackets Rock En Espanol Vol. 1
6 Cocorosie Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, The
6 Demons Frozen Fog
6 Paradise Island Seeing Spots
5 Various Artists GHQ / Ex-cocaine
5 Pope, The Sports
5 Stormcrow Enslaved In Darkness
5 Various Artists Throughout The Ages
5 Various Artists Miracle of Birth / Child Abuse
5 ARC Trio Triptych Mirror
5 to Live and Shave In La 2 300 Dollar Silk Shirt, The
5 Various Artists Ain't It Hard! Garage & Psyche From Viva Records
5 Grails Burning Off Impurities
5 Various Artists Siked Psych : Not Not Fun Gold
5 Connect_Icut LA (An Apology)
5 Various Artists Queer Noises 1961-1978: From The Closet to The Charts
5 Clinic Visitations
5 Tyrades On Your Video
5 Landing Gravitational IV
5 Ungvary, Tamas Ite, Missa Est
5 Poem Rocket Invasion!
5 Evidence Iris
4 Sun Ra Beyond The Purple Star Zone
4 Fernandes, Marcos / Fjellestad, Hans / Haco / Riis, Jakob Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
4 Moncur III, Grachan Exploration
4 Fucking Buckaroos, The When Cops Rode Bulls
4 Area C Haunt
4 Fulks, Robbie Revenge!
4 Mittoo, Jackie Jackie Mittoo Ft. Winston Wright At King Tubby's
4 Normandeau, Robert Sonars
4 Thee More Shallows Book of Bad Breaks
4 Rowan, Peter and Tony Rice Quartet
4 Ware, David S. Quartet Renunciation
4 Six Feet Under Commandment
4 Detroit Cobras, The Tied & True
4 Inoue, Tetsuo World Receiver
4 Watson, Dale From The Cradle to The Grave
4 Electric Family, The Mariopaint
4 Robot Vs. Rabbit Dos
4 Circle "Tower" Featuring Verde
4 Junior Boys So This Is Goodbye
4 Oscars Jump For Joy
4 Mochipet Girls Heart Breakcore
4 Cyann & Ben Sweet Beliefs
4 Diminished Men Names of The Dead
4 Crash Test Taurus Name Is an Anagram, The
4 Dj Jazzy Jeff Return of The Magnificent, The
3 Resplendent Am I Free? I Am Free.
3 Sparkle Girl / Slicing Grandpa Noise Brawls In Bathroom Stalls
3 Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey
3 Tumba Francesa Afro-Cuba
3 Deacon, Dan Spiderman of The Rings
3 Brown, James Hell
3 Joe Beats Diverse Recourse
3 Lymbyc Systym Love Your Abuser
3 Blanketship & The Dollson Family Singers Music With a Message
3 Sage Francis Human The Death Dance
3 Harrington, Rachel Bootlegger's Daughter, The
3 Werder, Felix Tempest, The
3 Stooges, The Weirdness, The
3 Suishou No Fune Where the Spirits Are
3 Konono No. 1 Lubuaku
3 Callahan, Bill Woke On a Whaleheart
3 Wax Tailor Hope and Sorrow
3 Various Artists Psychedelic Phinland
3 Verhagen, Darrin Black Frost
3 Mouth of The Architect Ties That Blind, The
3 Teleseen War
3 Various Artists Sacred Steel Instrumentals
3 Drommer Channeling Natural Forces
3 Various Artists Smoke, Alex / Fidan, Tolga
3 Spontaneous Music Ensemble Quintessence
3 RLW Views
3 Dogliotti, Alberto "Mike" Candombe For Export / Candombe Liso + Extras
3 Sapat Mortise and Tenon
3 Absolute Body Control Tapes 81-89
3 Boston Chinks s/t
3 Various Artists Endless Blockade, The / Hatred Surge
3 Nice Boys, The Nice Boys, The
3 Tinariwen Aman Iman
3 Vertonen Facing Leinth
3 Forward Energy Trio FE3 Oakland
3 Pink Canoes, The Pink Canoes, The
3 31 Knots Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere, The
3 Koglmann, Franz Venus In Transit
3 Lungs of a Giant Headfirst Handshakes
3 Refrigerator Bottles of Make Up
3 Dennis Duck Dennis Duck Goes Disco
3 Bantam Rooster Miss Luxury
3 Various Artists Pain In The Big Neck
3 Powersolo It's Raceday...and Your Pussy Is GUT!!!
3 Birchville Cat Motel Our Love Will Destroy The World
3 Newsom, Joanna Ys
2 Idle Suite, The Up Two Sticks Road
2 Catheter Dimension 303
2 Draper, Linda Keepsake
2 Monotract Trueno Oscuro
2 Fujii, Satoko Orchestra Kobe Kobe Yee !!
2 Sachiko You Never Atone For...
2 Glue Catch As Catch Can
2 Old Soul, The Old Soul, The
2 Isolee Hermelin
2 Welcome Sirs
2 Pollard, Robert From a Compound Eye
2 Rotten Musicians Make a Face
2 Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade
2 Blow, The Poor Aim : Love Songs
2 Team Shadetek Pale Fire
2 Sureshot Symphony, The Intro to an Interlude & Interlude to an Outro
2 Morton, John Solo Traveler
2 Black Forest / Black Sea Radiant Symmetry
2 Micose & The Mau Maus Micose
2 Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch" Conduction 50
2 Coolidge, Jake Hotbrown
2 Rose, Biff Thorn In Mrs. Rose's Side/Children of LIght, The
2 Bauls of Bengal Mystic Songs From India
2 Hop-Frog's Drum Jester Devotional Bets Ov, Vol. 1
2 Various Artists Art of The Virtual Rhythmicon
2 Various Artists Tamburitza!
2 Various Artists English School of Funerary Violin, The
2 Silvester Anfang Satanische Vrede
2 When Trippy Happy
2 Bohman, Adam Bunhill Row
2 PXP Nada
2 Hegre, John & Ratkje, Maja Ballads
2 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 2
2 Siege Drop Dead
2 Zodiacs Gone
2 Cassette Beautiful California
2 Various Artists Songs For Nao
2 Pantaleimon Cloudburst
2 Various Artists Domestic Blend Vol. 1
2 Stars of The Lid and Their Refinement of The Decline
2 Keszler, Eli Eli Keszler
2 Disco Musical Stories From India Disco Musical Stories From India
2 Helton, Thomas Experimentations In Minimalism
2 Elastik Band, The Elastik Band, The
2 Dettinger Oasis
2 Various Artists Resonance : Steel Pan In The 21st Century
2 ICP & Patrucco, Alessandra Circus
2 Harrington, Willam C. Urban Electronic Music
2 Sleeparchive Recycle EP
2 Bird By Snow Industrial Collapse
2 Night Wounds Allergic to Heat
2 Bruhin, Anton Rotomotor
2 Prurient Prurient
2 Cheveu Dog
2 Finches, the Six Songs
2 Jan Dukes De Grey Sorcerers
2 Heliumvola Liod
2 Various Artists Ambient Cookbook Ii
2 Windsor for the Derby Minnie Greutzfeldt
2 Tipsy Trip Tease
2 Ladies Who Lunch Present: Kims We Love
1 John Wiese Black Magic Pond
1 Kendall, David Triumph of Individuality
1 I'm From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
1 Various Artists Mae Shi/ Rapider Than Hosepower
1 Kirchenkampf Babel
1 Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
1 Lambchop Damaged
1 Williamson, Robin & His Merry Band Journey's Edge
1 Bunny Rabbit Lovers and Crypts
1 Rosenqvist, Rutger / Zuydervelt, Dag Vintermusik
1 Ildjarn Nocturnal Visions
1 White/Lichens White/Lichens
1 Merzbow/Giffoni, Carlos/O'rourke, Jim Electric Dress
1 Ely, Joe Happy Songs From Rattlesnake Gulch
1 Brown, James and His Famous Flames Live At The Apollo Volume II
1 Sharrock, Sonny / Brotzman, Peter Fragments
1 LSD March Empty Rubious Red
1 Svarte Greiner Knive
1 Black Merda Folks From Mother's Mixer, The
1 Dodheimsgard DHG
1 Various Artists Tomorrow No One Will Be Safe
1 Teodros, Gabriel Lovework
1 Spezza Rotto Tredici Canzoni
1 Leaf Yard Leaf Yard
1 Praxinoscope Praxinoscope
1 Various Artists Prince Jazzbo / Romeo, Max
1 Brother Ali Undisputed Truth, The
1 Zecharia, Zadik Kurdish Melodies On Zorna
1 Zoffy Zoffy Live!
1 Bran(...)pos Twat/face
1 Ostertag, Bob Getting a Head
1 Black Funeral Empire of Blood
1 Noiseshaper Real to Reel
1 Blood On The Wall Awesomer
1 Sarno, Devin & Stinson, G.E. Heart Cell Memory
1 High Llamas, The Can Cladders
1 Book of Knots, The Traineater
1 Emptyset Accuphase Ep
1 King Kong Rumble Jumble Life
1 Kuupuu Unilintu
1 Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat An Interlude to The Outermost
1 Ignatz Ignatz II
1 Xiu Xiu Vs. Grouper Creepshow
1 NVH/Chasny Plays The Book of Revelations
1 Back, Sven-Erik Electronic Music
1 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 1
1 Various Artists Play At Your Own Risk - Vol. 2
1 Eloe Omoe Marauders
1 Moshe, Ras Quartet Transcendence
1 Contreras, John John Contreras/Rose McDowall/Nurse With Wound
1 Hay, Emily / Dutz, Brad / Peet, Wayne Emily Hay / Brad Dutz / Wayne Peet
1 Yamasuki Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki
1 Denver Gentlemen, The Introducing The Denver Gentlemen
1 Wilderness Pangs Indivisible Squalor of Wilderness Pangs, The
1 Stott, Andy Handle With Care / See In Me
1 Burning Star Core Amelia
1 Total Life Total Life
1 Nitad Varldenn Maste Do
1 Belhom, Thomas Cheval Oblique
1 Von Schirach, Otto Pukology
1 Various Artists Bishkek Is Burning!
1 Spence, Alexander "Skip" Oar
1 Plastic Little Crambodia
1 Rio En Medio Bride of Dynamite, The
1 O'rourke / Prime / Prevost Alpha Lemur Echo Two
1 Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama, The Singing Songs of Praise
1 Muck Roc
1 Cutler, Chris Solo
1 Cooke, Michael Quintet An Indefinite Suspension of the Possible
1 Bats'i Son Music of The Highlands of Chiapas
1 Hicks, Kelli Shay Buck Again
1 Tarkio Omnibus
1 Savage Republic Siam
1 Onethirtyeight Bring Out Your Living
1 Clarke, Johnny Enter Into His Gates With Praise...
1 Psychedelic Horseshit Who Let The Dogs Out
1 Sir Coxsone Sound King of Dub Rock Part 2
1 Brainbombs Stinking Memory
1 Ishizuka, Toshiaki In The Night
1 Weber, Reinhold Elektronische Musik
1 Southern Culture On The Skids Countrypolitan Favorites
1 Sentence There and Back
1 Various Artists How Low Can You Go?
1 Morris Minor to Review Mae Shi / Rapider Than Horsepower - Split
1 Mogollar Mogollar
1 Buju Banton Too Bad
1 Hella There's No 666 In Outer Space
1 Various Artists It's a Trap! Reader's Companion Volume Two
1 Bracken We Know About The Need
1 Bug, Steve Bugnology 2
1 Ten-ton 2_05
1 Magic Carpathians Project, The Ethnocore 3 Vak
1 Machover, Tod Valis
1 Who's Your Favorite Son God? Out of Body Diva
1 Doyle and Debbie Show, The Doyle and Debbie Show, The
1 Selda Selda
1 Daedelus Throw a Fit
1 Floating Corpses, The Past Lives
1 Mochipet Disko Donkey
1 Various Artists Great Ghost Stories
1 J Dilla Shining, The
1 Volcanics, The Girls Girls Girls
1 New Mississippi Sheiks, The New Mississippi Sheiks, The
1 Perhacs, Linda Parallelograms
1 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 9
1 Runs, The Wet Sounds
1 Obsessors, The Double Scoop
1 Greed, Douglas Madame C. EP
1 Harrius Enter The Cotton Ring
1 Comets On Fire Avatar
1 Various Artists L.A. Noisescape
1 Zeitgeist / Miller, Scott / Costaglioli, Philippe Shape Shifting
1 Slayer Christ Illusion
1 Golding Institute, The Final Relaxation-Your Ticket to Death Through Hypnotic...
1 Tyvek Mary Ellen Claims / Honda
1 Drop The Lime We Never Sleep
1 Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble Mon Music of Burma
1 Bottle Rockets Zoysia
1 Pestrepeller Isle of Dark Magick
1 Eagle and Talon Eagle and Talon Cares
1 Corvus Corax Venus Vina Musica
1 Schrader, Barry Fallen Sparrow
1 Kristofferson, Kris This Old Road
1 Liars Drums Not Dead
1 Sixteens Fendi
1 Model 500 Sonic Sunset
1 Yellow Swans Drift
1 Various Artists Congotronics 2
1 Various Artists Good For What Ails You
1 Calexico Garden Ruin
1 Arora, Kush Bhang Ragga:Danchall Bhangra I
1 Pillow Plays Brotzmann
1 Various Artists Text-Sound Composition
1 Rose, Ethan Ceiling Songs
1 Sado-Massachusetts Ghost Town Celebrity
1 Akimbo Forging Steel and Laying Stone
1 Ladies They Mean Us
1 M83 M83
1 Mangum, Jeff Live at Jittery Joe's
1 Cowlicks, the Psychedelic Service Station
1 Blamstrain Remixed
1 Rhodes, Sonny Livin Too Close to the Edge
1 Pharaoh Overlord 3
1 Turner, Joe VOL.1 Never Been to Kansas Cit
1 Ziegler, Harald Sack Punkt
1 Frost, Edith It's a Game
1 Neung Phak Fucking U.S.A.
1 Orb, the Okiedokie Itstheorb on Kompakt
1 Espers Weed Tree, the
1 Sunn O))) Black One
1 Sea Donkeys, the Volume 1
1 Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointer Honky Tonk Revival
1 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 8
1 Fruit Bats Spelled in Bones
1 Voivod Killing Technology
1 Free Pop Electronic Concept A New Exciting Experience
1 Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks
1 Quintron & Miss Pussycat Swamp Tech
1 Laband, Felix Dark Days Exit
1 Kohn Koen
1 Klimek Milk @ Honey
1 Knitters, the Modern Sounds of the Kn..., Th
1 Monolake Polygon_Cities
1 Moderat Auf Kosten Der Gesuntheit
1 Various Artists Goodbye, Babylon (1-3)
1 Minott, Sugar Showcase
1 Wainwright, Loudon Iii Here Come the Choppers
1 Foster, Josephine Hazel Eyes. I Will Lead You.
1 Hague, Audrey Melody Life
1 Sun City Girls Fresh Kill of Cape Hunting Dog
1 Haden, Petra Petra Haden Sings: the Who Sel
1 Carlos, Don & Gold Them Never Know Natty Dread...
1 Volvox Bad Earth
1 Various Artists Studio One Funk
1 Cyann & Ben Spring
1 Newsom, Joanna Yarn and Glue
1 Ursula 1000 Ursadelic
1 Headset Spacesettings
1 Vanishing, the Still Lifes Are Falling
1 Lesbians on Ecstacy S/T
1 Carter, Christina Bastard Wing
1 Dj Rupture Special Gunpowder
1 Organum Vacant Lights + Rara Avis
1 Beat of the Earth, the Beat of the Earth, the
1 Various Artists Archiv
1 Tunnel of Love Underneath Are Phantoms
1 Melvins / Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
1 Mono Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky
1 Michigan and Smiley Rub-A-Dub Style
1 Dna Dna on Dna
1 Various Artists Wfmu Radio Archival O
1 Earle, Steve Revolution Starts Now, the
1 Passage Forcefield Kids, the
1 Foster, Evan Instrumentals
1 Les Georges Leningrad Deux Hot Dogs
1 Beck, Thavius Decomposition
1 Lee "Scratch"Perry Chicken Scratch
1 Espers Espers
1 Various Artists Mutek 03
1 Neung Phak (Monopause) S/T
1 Willis, Wesley Greatest Hits
1 Teacher's Pet Hooked on You
1 Tchaikovsky, Bram I'm the One That's Leaving
1 Tanks Bongo Congo
1 Monolake Momentum
1 Deutsch Nepal City of Stone, the
1 Slumber Party 3
1 Deep Puddle Dynamics Taste of Rain...Why Kneel, the
1 Electrocute A Tribute to Your Taste
1 Kid Koala Some of My Best Friends Are Dj
1 Welk, Lawrence Polkas
1 Sightings Absolutes
1 Black Forest/Black Sea
1 Liars We no Longer Knew Who We Were
1 Nurse with Wound She & Me Fall Together In.....
1 Black Box Recorder Passionoia
1 Uncle Floyd Show Album
1 Mull, Martin In Your Living Room
1 Triple Threat Many Styles
1 Saxon Shore Four Months of Darkness
1 Various Artists British Invasion V.3
1 King, Albert Talkin' Blues
1 Clash, the On Broadway 2
1 Cinematic Orchestra Man with a Movie Camera
1 Cattle Decapitation To Serve Man
1 Who, the Who's Better, Who's Best
1 Weir, Bob Ace
1 Tom Tom Club Tom Tom Club
1 Ten Years After Undead
1 Darrow, Chris Chris Darrow
1 Adult Anxiety Always
1 Rolling Stones, the Big Hits-High Tides & Green Gr
1 Pretty Things, the Vintage Years, the
1 Oldfield, Mike Hergest Ridge
1 Chieftains, the 2
1 Rogers Sisters, the Purely Evil
1 Men Without Hats Folk of the 80'S
1 Atomic 7 Gowns By Edith Head
1 Mann, Manfred Best
1 Ancient Greeks Song Is You, the
1 Live Sogoni Djembe FESTIVAL'01 Live Sogoni Djembe FESTIVAL'01
1 Devo Duty Now for the Future
1 Various Artists Studio One Scorcher
1 Cooder, Ry Showtime
1 Clash, the Story
1 Clark Five, Dave Best
1 Griffiths, Marcia Truly
1 Dillinger Ready Natty Dreadie
1 Myles of Destruction Running Only Makes the Fire We
1 Various Artists Land Where the Blues..
1 Animals, the Best of
1 Guthrie, Arlo Alice's Restaurant
1 Bongzilla Gateway
1 Berry, Chuck Golden Decade
1 Beach Boys, the Made in the U.S.A.
1 Lo-Hi Say It More
1 Willis, Chuck Back to the Blues
1 Lost Weekend Harbor Lights & Cowboy Blues
1 Sahara Hotnights Jennie Bomb
1 Ladytron Light & Magic
1 Various Artists Alcohol Eps, the
1 Blevin Blectum Talon Slalom
1 Herschel Gordon L (soundtrack) Eyepopping Sounds of
1 Shriekback Nemesis
1 Chatham, Rhys A Rhys Chatham Compilation
1 Faithfull, Marianne Blazing Away
1 Fall, the Perverted By Language
1 Payton, Asie Just Do Me Right
1 Dylan, Bob Greatest Hits
1 Compomicro-Dexall Schism Portions
1 Hollies, the Very Best of the Hollies, the
1 Japan Obscure Alternatives
1 Various Artists American Polka:Old Tun
1 Jones, Tom At the Talk of the Town
1 Shimada, Aiko Blue Marble
1 Drake, Fred Twice Shy
1 Lost Kids Belle Isle Is on Fire
1 Various Artists Funky 16 Corners
1 Lovage Music to Make Love to Your...
1 Isaacs, Gregory Happy Mothers Day
1 Sounds of American Doomsday... Church Universal & Triumphant
1 Hood Cold House
1 Yokota, Susumu Grinning Cat
1 Gallo, Vincent When
1 Ball, David Amigo
1 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Grand Opening and Closing!
1 Chao Hits the Mess
1 Carlton & His Shoes Love Me Forever
1 Old Time Relijun Witchcraft Rebellion
1 Smith, Bessie Complete Recordings Vol 2, the
1 Dogbowl Fantastic Carburetor Man
1 Mira Apart
1 Twerk Humantics
1 Calypso King & the Soul Inves. Soul Strike
1 Cash, Johnny Classic Cash/Hall of Fame
1 Wolf Eyes S/T
1 Toots & the Maytals Reggae Got Soul
1 Toots & the Maytals Knock Out!
1 Slave Concept, the
1 Eaglesmith, Fred & the Flying Ralph's Last Show
1 Isaacs, Gregory Mr. Isaacs
1 Various Artists Western Swing Vol 5
1 Dj Logic Anomaly, the
1 Okros Ensemble, the I Left My Sweet Homeland
1 Coil Astral Disaster
1 Bardo Pond Dilate
1 Takemura, Nobukazu Hoshi no Koe
1 Various Artists Studio One - Nice Up
1 Black Dice #3
1 Sun Ra Lanquidity
1 Jimenez, Flaco Flaco's Amigos
1 Flossie and the Unicorns Animal's Clubhouse, the
1 Shepp, Archie Four for Trane
1 Riders in the Sky Riders Go Commercial
1 Toussaint, Allen Toussaint
1 Deltron 3030 Deltron 3030
1 Various Artists Early Mandolin Classic
1 High Llamas Buzzle Bee
1 Quintron Unmasked Organ Light-Year...
1 Rutles, the (soundtrack) Rutles (Soundtrack), the
1 Bromberg, David / Band Reckless Abandon
1 Exhumed Dead Heavy, Dead Evil
1 Bromberg, David Sideman Serenade
1 Quasimoto Unseen, the
1 Bass Communion V Muslimgauze S/T
1 Brown, Dennis No Man Is An Island
1 Robinson, Fenton Somebody Loan Me a Dime
1 Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemo
1 Meyers, Augie Live at the Longneck
1 Various Artists Feel Like Jumping
1 Ohio Players Rattlesnake
1 Ellis, Alton & Hortense Willow Tree
1 Various Artists Original Club Ska
1 Various Artists Fire Down Below
1 Morton, Jelly Roll Giants of Jazz
1 Mingus, Charles Jazz Workshop
1 Miller, Glenn Sun Valley Serenade/Orch Wives
1 Nighthawk, Robert Live on Maxwell Street
1 I Am Spoonbender Sender/Receiver
1 Roden, Steve In Be Tween Noise
1 Acid Mothers Temple Pataphisical Freak Out Mu
1 Love As Laughter Destination 2000
1 Various Artists Devil with the Devil
1 Polkacide 2/4 Hardcore
1 Oneida Enemy Hogs
1 Moreno, Jose "El Patrullero" El Fidelero Del Valle
1 Big Lou, Accordion Princess Polka Casserole
1 Brave Combo Polkasonic
1 Lipscomb, Mance Live! at the Cabale
1 Boothe, Ken A Man and His Hits
1 Mcauliffe, Leon Leon Mcauliffe
1 Operation Re-Information Universal Standard 84000
1 Jimenez, Santiago, Jr El Corrido De Esequiel Hernand
1 Nosferatu (soundtrack) (Played By Popol Vu)Fantome De
1 Ratos De Porao Carniceria Tropical
1 Model 500 Classics
1 Drumhead Drumhead
1 Black Tape for a Blue Girl As One Aflame Laid Bare By Desire
1 Cigar Store Indians El Baile De La Cobra
1 Various Artists Yo Yo a Go Go
1 Szabo, Gabor Jazz Raga
1 Goodman, Benny Live at Carnegie Hall
1 Abu-Jamal, Mumia All Things Censored V1
1 Piazzolla, Astor Tango: Zero Hour
1 Fear Have Another Beer with Fear
1 Getz, Stan Dynasty
1 Memphis Slim Parisian Blues
1 Bley, Paul/Di Castri, Furio/Oxley, Tony Chaos
1 Johnston, Phillip Music for Films
1 Various Artists It's Only Four Dollars
1 Los Cincos Five Deadly Sins, the
1 Various Artists World Library of Folk
1 Holmes Brothers, the Where Its at
1 Various Artists Legends of the Ukulele
1 Makers, the Psychopathia Sexualis
1 Buzzoven ...At a Loss
1 Joanna, Connor Fight
1 Galbraith, Alistair Mirrorwork
1 Faust Faust Wakes Nosferatu
1 Various Artists Foxtrot
1 Yeshua Da Poed "The Head Bop"
1 Lenoir, J.B. Tay May Club, the
1 Duster Stratosphere
1 Pre Fix
1 Kweskin, Jim & the Jug Band Jug Band Blues
1 Plastics
1 Various Artists Vage Geluiden
1 Beequeen Surrough Gate, the
1 Tango Kings, the Tango Kings, the
1 Johnson, Robert Complete Recordings, the
1 Conjunto Bernal "16 Early Tejano Classics"
1 Marshall, Brian Texas Polish Roots
1 Fahey, John/Cul De Sac Epiphany of Glenn Jones, the
1 Gas Modern
1 Hammond, John Frogs for Snakes
1 Schlammpeitziger Freundlichbaracudamelodieliedgut
1 Dr. Octagon "Blue Flowers" Remix
1 Szabo, Gabor Sorcerer, the
1 Various Artists Rhythm and Blues Beat
1 Duskin, Big Joe Cincinnati Stomp
1 Various Artists Dixon, Willie
1 Takemitsu, Toru (soundtrack) Film Music Of, the
1 Company Flow Funcrusher Plus
1 Ass Baboons of Venus Spanking the Species
1 Moviola Glen Echo Autoharp
1 Valentine Six Valentine Six
1 Evolution Control Committe, Th Double the Phat & Still Tastel
1 Various Artists Alms
1 Collins, Albert and The....... Live in Japan
1 V-3 Launchpad Explosion
1 Tarnation Mirador
1 Newby, Kenneth Sirens
1 Dissecting Table Human Breeding
1 Charles, Ray Crying Time
1 Rube Waddell Hobo Train
1 Bush Tetras Tetrafied
1 Butterfield, Paul North South
1 Bishop, Elvin Big Fun
1 Fennesz Instrument
1 Dj Shadow Endtroducing...
1 Carlisle, Cliff Blues Yodeler and Steel Guitar
1 L.C."Good Rockin" Robinson Mojo in My Hand
1 Volcanos, the Surf Quake
1 Various Artists Arrhythmia 3
1 Go Nuts Donut Prince and The..., the
1 Huebner, Louise Seduction Through Witchcraft
1 Kang, Eyvind 7 Nades
1 Various Artists Shots in the Dark
1 Various Artists Women of Blue Chicago
1 Denny, Martin Exotica/Exotica 2
1 Drasnin, Robert Voodoo!
1 Arnaz, Desi Babalu
1 Magnificent Escapades, the A Narrow Escape
1 Mainliner Mellow Out
1 Teengenerate Flying Over You
1 Melt-Banana Scratch or Stitch
1 Roedelius, Hans Joachim Durch Die Wuste
1 Various Artists Elephant Table Album
1 Skavoovie and the Epitones Fat Footin
1 Tiny Tim & Brave Combo Girl
1 Various Artists Core
1 Various Artists Continental Club
1 Lovett, Lyle Pontiac
1 Various Artists Pebbles Vol 10
1 Various Artists Flashback Greats O 60S
1 Various Artists England's Greatst Hits
1 Windy & Carl Portal
1 Yard Trauma Lose Your Head
1 Gerrard, Lisa Mirror Pool, the
1 Lightwave Mindus Subterraneus
1 Harvey, Mick Intoxicated Man
1 White Heaven Out
1 Joykiller, the S/T
1 Waits, Tom Rain Dogs
1 Can Delay 1968
1 Tortoise "Gamera"
1 Lebaron, Anne Musical Railism Of...
1 Walser, Don & Pure Texas Band Archive Series Vol. 2
1 Hanna-Barbera Cla (soundtrack) S/T
1 Tuxedomoon Half-Mute
1 Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats
1 Starjets Starjets
1 Stain, Steve Brain Feels no Pain, the
1 Slits, the Cut
1 Various Artists Legends of Accordian
1 Baker, Chet Let's Get Lost
1 Chokebore Anything Near Water
1 Shaggs, the Philosophy of the World
1 Austin, Patti Live at the Bottom Line
1 Fall-Outs Sleep
1 Roach/Reyes/Saiz Suspended Memories
1 Lavey, Anton Satanic Mass, the
1 Donaldson, Lou Alligator Bogalo
1 Exquisite Corpse Un Fold
1 Delerium Semantic Spaces
1 Various Artists Ram Jam a Gwaan
1 Mission of Burma Signals, Calls, and Marches
1 Namlook, Pete & Dr. Atmo Silence
1 Meat Puppets Up on the Sun
1 Malarians, the Know
1 Magnolias For Rent
1 Lyres On Fyre
1 Lurkers Fulham Fallout
1 Lee, Lovie Good Candy
1 Crime San Francisco's Doomed
1 Hellbillys Land of Demons
1 Longshoremen Walk the Plank
1 Inflatable Boy Clams
1 Johnston, Daniel Hi How Are You
1 Half Japanese Music to Strip By
1 Culturcide
1 Brown, Roy Good Rockin' Tonight
1 Nailbomb Point Blank
1 Minutemen Double Nickles
1 Earwig S/T
1 D.R.I. Crossover
1 Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience or Give...
1 Virginia Dare Six Songs
1 Big City Orchestra Beatlerape
1 Lang, K.D. (Sound (soundtrack) Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
1 Splintered Judas Cradle
1 Clawhammer F.U.B.A.R.
1 Optical 8 S/T
1 Various Artists Dave Tarras Yiddish American Klezmer Music
1 Free Kitten Oh, Bondage Up Yours
1 Entombed Hollowman
1 Various Artists Blues Masters, Vol 14
1 Blowzabella Pingha Frenzy
1 Black Flag Wasted Again
1 Birthday Party, the A Collection . . .
1 Bevis Frond Ear Song
1 Booker T. and the M.G.'s Best of Booker T. and the M.G'
1 Crumb,R.& Cheap Suit Serenader Singin' in the Bathtub
1 Owens, Buck Buck Owens Coll. 1
1 Thompson, Richard Strict Tempo
1 Spiritualized Medication
1 Southern Culture on the Skids Too Much Pork for Just One
1 Dinosaur Jr. Out there
1 Dirty Dozen Brass Band Jelly
1 Andrews, Barry Town and Country
1 Davenport, Lester When the Blues Hit You
1 Various Artists Blues Masters, Vol 2
1 James, Etta/Eddie "Cleanhead" Blues in the Night
1 Cyann & Ben Happy Like An Autumn Tree
1 Miranda July 10 Million Hours a Mile
1 Dismember Pieces
1 Gray Matter Thog
1 Vnvnation Futureperfect
1 Cliff, Jimmy Harder They Come, the
1 !!! ("Chk Chk Chk") Me & Giuliani Down By the Scho
1 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 4
1 Coltrane, John Concert in Japan
1 Ramone, Joey Don't Worry About Me
1 Helmet Meantime
1 Lost Sounds Rat Brains & Microchips
1 Bevis Frond, the A Gathering of Fronds
1 Rocket From the Tombs Day the Earth Met...
1 Optiganally Yours Spotlight on Optiganally Yours
1 Deceased Luck of the Corpse
1 Burning Spear Rocking Time
1 Various Artists Ska Bonanza
1 Boiled in Lead Old Lead
1 Styrenes It's Artastic! -Cleveland '75-
1 Russell, Bruce Project for a Revolution in Ny
1 Kenton, S. Plays Graettinger,B City of Glass
1 They Might Be Giants Miscellaneous T
1 Joy Division Substance
1 Chomsky, Noam Class War:The Attack on Work..
1 Bley, Carla Very Big Carla Bley Band, the
1 Nation of Ulysses 13-POINT Program to Destroy Ar
1 Boiled in Lead Orb


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