KFJC tops for week ending 05/20/1998

10 Montgomery, Roy And Now the Rain Sounds Like..
10 Grassy Knoll, the I I I
9 Pere Ubu Pennsylvania
9 Fuzzhead Fuzzhead Got Marbles Inside
8 Hopper, Hugh 1984
7 Eskimo (Soundtrac (soundtrack) Some Prefer Cakes
7 Gay Barbarians and Or..., the Bohemian Vendetta
7 Rrope Mahoganny
7 Jackson, Mike/Sou (soundtrack) Revenge of Mister Mopoji, the
6 Fushitsusha Gold Blood
6 Sono-Bomber Songs From the Socket
6 Users, the "Friendly"
6 Mix Master Mike Valuemeal 12 Inch Combo Deluxe
6 Various [coll]: Break the Rules #8
6 New Bomb Turks At Rope's End
6 Gas Huffer Just Beautiful Music
6 Grimble Grumble S/T
6 Cline, Nels Trio Sad
5 Earth Crisis Oath that Keeps Me Free, the
5 Califone Califone
5 V. Majestic V. Majestic
5 Galbraith, Alistair Mirrorwork
5 Hovercraft S/T
5 Bittova, Iva ______________________________
5 Windy & Carl Depths
5 Drunk To Corner Wounds
5 Red Aunts Ghetto Blaster
5 Asha Vida Nature's Clumsy Hand
5 Matmos Quasi-Objects
5 Ranaldo, Lee Amarillo Ramp (For Robert Smi)
5 Donkey Pmp in the Yrd,Dmp in the Bckt
5 Swollen Members "S&M on the Rocks
5 U-Ziq Brace Yourself
5 Breut, Francois Francois Breut
5 White Out Red Shift
4 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Continuum, the
4 Yockamo All-Stars Dew Drop Out
4 Jazz Jamaica Double Barrel
4 Jones, Mason Live in Japan
4 Smith, Wadada Leo & Smith, H.. Condor, Autumn Wind
4 E S P Easside Percussion
4 Bassholes Long Way Blues 1996-1998
4 Ether Hush
4 Gasoline Gasoline
4 Various [coll]: Orchestral Party Act 2
4 Celebrities at Their Worst Celebrities at Their Worst!
4 Various [coll]: Puro Eskanol - Vol 2
4 Lenz, Kim and Her Jaguars Lenz, Kim and Her Jaguars
4 Royal Trux Accelerator
4 Shabaam Sahdeeq "Sound Clash"
4 Head and the Hares Head and the Hares
4 Ali Khan, Badar Lost in Qawwali
4 Yeshua Da Poed "The Head Bop"
4 Headhunters 00STRAIGHT From the Ga
4 Village of Savoonga Score
4 Baronics, Les Exposition
4 Various [coll]: God's of Darkness
4 Cannanes,The Arty Barbecue
4 Adkins, Hasil What the Hell Was I Thinking
4 Supergenius Star Wars Breakbeats
4 Kneecappers Urban Kill
4 Various [coll]: Pelt/Harry Pussy
4 Leadbelly Shout on
4 Fahey, John America
4 Lord Runningclam Fun for the Whole Family
3 Mung Rectal Toolkit Ep
3 Hellbillys Cavalcade of Perversions
3 Various [coll]: Secret Museum of Manki
3 N R G Ensemble Bejazzo Gets a Facelift
3 Edwards, David "Honeyboy" World Don't Owe Me Nothin', Th
3 Noggin Spaceneedle
3 Column One Labyrinth/Two Flowers for the
3 Karp Karp
3 Twinkeyz, the Aliens in Our Midst
3 Chaino Africana and Beyond
3 Liquid Liquid ______________________________
3 Grier, David Panorama
3 Ui Lifelike
3 Solarus Crystallized
3 People Like Us Hate People Like You
3 Faust Faust Wakes Nosferatu
3 Ugly Duckling Fresh Mode
3 Fetisch Park Alluvial
3 Various [coll]: Foxtrot
3 Da Great Deity Dah To Take Hip Hop Back
3 Dirty Three Ocean Songs
3 Planet Seven Pleasrurecraft Recovery Theme
3 Day Called Zero, a S/T
3 Cadillac Angels Rest Stop Dance Party!
3 Masonna Psychetronics Erectile
3 Azusa Plane, the Jacques Offenbach's Opera Ef..
3 Necessary Evils, the ______________________________
3 W.A.C.O. (Wild Acoustic Chambe Darling Clementine
3 Iao Core Armadillidium Vulgare
2 Discordance Axis 2.1
2 Mazurek, Robert & Chicago Und. Playground
2 Spector, Dave-Lynn, Lenny Blues Spoken Here
2 Machine that Flashes Resensitized
2 Carter Family, the Last Sessions
2 Total To Fall Like Cherry Blossoms
2 Third Eye Foundation There's no End in Sight
2 Velez, Glen Rhythms of the Chakras
2 In Cold Blood Hell on Earth
2 Allin, G.G. & the Murder Junki Terror in America
2 Tipsy Flying Monkey Fist
2 Tortoise Tnt
2 Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique Undergreound Fossils
2 Various [coll]: Connected E.P.
2 Tomorrowland S/T
2 Mortician Zombie Apocalypse
2 Armitage Shanks Cacophony Now
2 Peter Thomas (Sou (soundtrack) 100% Cotton
2 V-3 'pimping in the 90'S' (Acti...
2 Post Prandials Jamaica
2 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Honky Reduction
2 Octagon Man Vidd
2 Shifts Grond
2 Pauline Oliveros Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop
2 Rhythm & Sound Ruff Way
2 Shellac Terraform
2 Ultra Bide Super Milk
2 Yak Brigade Albania Tonight
2 Residents, the Live at the Fillmore
2 T.H.C. When I Sleep
2 Metal Eater Virus
2 Speaking Canaries Life-Like Homes
2 Hellbox Mood Ring
2 Various [coll]: Horse Whi (soundtrack)
2 King of Hawaii Henry, Call Home
2 Bone Sharks Pray for Surf
2 Trans Am Surveillance, the
2 Various [coll]: Technology Doesn't Sto
2 Various [coll]: Live at the Cultural..
2 Unspoken Heard Cosmology the E.P.
2 Dub Syndicate Fear of a Green Planet
2 Dj Grazhoppa Milky
2 Panasonic/Alan Vega ______________________________
2 Proud, Pip/Alastair Galbraith Me & Gus
2 Abou-Khalil, Rabih Odd Times
2 Various [coll]: Pell Mell/Acme Rocket
2 Gluestick Frame Dragging
2 Mcalister, Charlie Mississippi Luau
2 Volkaert, "Papa Bear" Redd Telewacker
2 Fasteau, Kali Comraderie
2 Across 110TH Stre (soundtrack) Across 110TH Street
2 Saddar Bazaar Sarmadi Express
2 Landed "
2 Id Battery Unique Ancient Tavern
2 Secret Chiefs 3 Hurqalya
2 Frosty Drive-Thru Lover
1 B.O.R.G. Planet Assault
1 Scorched Earth Policy Tactics of the Lie
1 Los Huevos Los Huevos
1 Various [coll]: Toy Bizarre/S.C. Party
1 Carter Family, the Longing for Old Virginia
1 Fuller, Jesse San Francisco Bay Blues
1 Savage Aural Hotbed Gomi Daiko
1 Vandermark Five, the Target or Flag
1 Gayle, Charles Solo in Japan
1 Lhasa Cement Plant I Am Providence
1 Funkstorung Sonderdienste
1 Jay Scheib/Rebecca Myers Bad Marriage Mantra
1 Prescott, Jean Prairie Flowers
1 Munde, Alan and Joe Carr Welcome to West Texas
1 Salamander Crossing Bottleneck Dreams
1 T-Model Ford For the Love of Jesus - Ch. 2
1 Fang Hair of the Dog
1 Weakener, the What Do You Know About It
1 Pussy Galore Live in the Red
1 Puissance Back in Control
1 Resineaters ______________________________
1 Danny Breaks Solar Jive Modes
1 E Zezi Pummarola Black
1 Tonalamotl Tonalamotl
1 Drill for Absentee ______________________________
1 Mitchell, Waddie Waddie Mitchell Live
1 Ridis S/T
1 Yuko NEXUS6 Bit Diary
1 Timotheous Groove Timotheous Groove
1 Barbarella (Sound (soundtrack) Barbarella
1 Ducret, Marc Un Certain Malaise
1 Celtic Fiddle Festival Encore
1 Shanachie Shanachie "Wax" Irish
1 Madsen, Gunnar Spinning World
1 Father Harry Spring 1998
1 Mel-Tones, Los Surfin' Before Sunrise
1 Fushitsusha S/T (The First Release)
1 Mainline Uri
1 Various [coll]: Road to the Western...
1 Chocolate Weasel Spaghettification
1 Rapoon Fires of the Borderlands, the
1 Various [coll]: Resonance Vol. 6 No. 1
1 Miranda, Marlui I H U 2 Kewere: Rezar : Prayer
1 Ware, Bill & the Club Bird.... Vibes
1 Hieroglyphics "The Last One (Go the Lenght)"
1 X-Ecutioners "Raida's Theme"
1 Ayers, Roy (soundtrack) Coffy
1 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Blacknuss
1 Trio Hurricane Live at Fire in the Valley
1 Waters, Patty College Tour
1 Conjunto Cespedes Flores
1 Phantom Plays the Eyes
1 Bluiett Baritone Saxophone Grp Live at the Knitting Factory
1 Doyle, Arthur Do the Breakdown
1 Gas Zauberberg
1 Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys Noise Man Kills Him
1 Bugger Sod Sampler
1 Sick Bees ______________________________

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