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  Top plays at KFJC
From May 16 2007 thru May 23 2007

Plays Artist Album
5 Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
5 LSD March Empty Rubious Red
5 Tumba Francesa Afro-Cuba
5 Various Artists Tamburitza!
4 Fjellestad, Hans Snails R Sexy
4 Earth Hibernaculum
4 Various Artists Silber On Silber
4 White/Lichens White/Lichens
4 Mittoo, Jackie Jackie Mittoo Ft. Winston Wright At King Tubby's
4 Svarte Greiner Knive
4 Joe Beats Diverse Recourse
4 Various Artists Ain't It Hard! Garage & Psyche From Viva Records
4 Various Artists My Mind Goes High
4 Sinoia Caves Enchanter Persuaded, The
4 Bauls of Bengal Mystic Songs From India
4 High Llamas, The Can Cladders
4 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 2
4 Circle "Tower" Featuring Verde
4 Cyann & Ben Sweet Beliefs
4 Times New Viking Busy Making Love & War
4 Groundation Dub Wars
4 Various Artists M L K Dub
4 Half-Pint Classics in Dub
3 Various Artists Wigs On Fire
3 I'm From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
3 Sun Ra Disco 3000
3 Fulks, Robbie Revenge!
3 Merzbow/Giffoni, Carlos/O'rourke, Jim Electric Dress
3 Harrington, Rachel Bootlegger's Daughter, The
3 Grails Burning Off Impurities
3 Ware, David S. Quartet Renunciation
3 Parker, William & Drake, Hamid Summer Snow
3 Connect_Icut LA (An Apology)
3 Konono No. 1 Lubuaku
3 Valet Blood Is Clean
3 Dj Vadim Soundcatcher, The
3 Zodiacs Gone
3 Ungvary, Tamas Ite, Missa Est
3 31 Knots Days and Nights of Everything Anywhere, The
3 Disco Musical Stories From India Disco Musical Stories From India
3 Poem Rocket Invasion!
3 Sir Coxsone Sound King of Dub Rock Part 2
3 Time Flys, The Energy
3 New Mississippi Sheiks, The New Mississippi Sheiks, The
3 Moe! Staiano / Moe!kestra! An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein
3 Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics 90 Degree Dub
3 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sysm Dub Plates Vol. 3
3 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sy.. Volcanic Dub
3 Various Artists Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessio
3 Various Artists Crooklyn Dub Outerdnat
3 Various Artists Dub for Daze Vol. 1
3 Various Artists Blow Mr. Hornsman: Ins
3 Burning Spear Living Dub Volume 3
3 Cunningham, David Secret Dub Life of the Flying
3 Prince Far I Cry Tuff, Dub Encounter Chap.
3 Zion Train Passage to Indica
2 Astatke, Mulatu Astatke, Mulatu
2 John Wiese Black Magic Pond
2 Born/Dead Endless War...Repetition
2 Factums Factums
2 Sun Ra Beyond The Purple Star Zone
2 Various Artists Silber Hearts Mom
2 Lambchop Damaged
2 Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey
2 Various Artists Miracle of Birth / Child Abuse
2 Area C Haunt
2 Brown, James Revolution of The Mind
2 Panda Bear Person Pitch
2 Now Orchestra & Marilyn Crispell Pola
2 Deacon, Dan Spiderman of The Rings
2 Lymbyc Systym Love Your Abuser
2 Normandeau, Robert Sonars
2 Sage Francis Human The Death Dance
2 Xbxrx Wars
2 Old Soul, The Old Soul, The
2 Various Artists Siked Psych : Not Not Fun Gold
2 High Priest Born Identity
2 Stooges, The Weirdness, The
2 Detroit Cobras, The Tied & True
2 Rotten Musicians Make a Face
2 Brother Ali Undisputed Truth, The
2 Watson, Dale From The Cradle to The Grave
2 Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade
2 Zecharia, Zadik Kurdish Melodies On Zorna
2 Callahan, Bill Woke On a Whaleheart
2 Zoffy Zoffy Live!
2 Los Straitjackets Rock En Espanol Vol. 1
2 Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch" Conduction 50
2 Nautical Almanac Rejerks Vol. 4
2 Teleseen War
2 Sarno, Devin & Stinson, G.E. Heart Cell Memory
2 Various Artists Sacred Steel Instrumentals
2 Alumbrados A Generation of Vipers
2 Cocorosie Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, The
2 Silvester Anfang Satanische Vrede
2 Spontaneous Music Ensemble Quintessence
2 Tyrades On Your Video
2 Moshe, Ras Quartet Transcendence
2 Hay, Emily / Dutz, Brad / Peet, Wayne Emily Hay / Brad Dutz / Wayne Peet
2 Oscars Jump For Joy
2 Belhom, Thomas Cheval Oblique
2 Nice Boys, The Nice Boys, The
2 Tinariwen Aman Iman
2 Bats'i Son Music of The Highlands of Chiapas
2 Onethirtyeight Bring Out Your Living
2 Various Artists Valencia, Cant D'estil - Singing Contests
2 Kashmere Stage Band Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
2 ICP & Patrucco, Alessandra Circus
2 Sentence There and Back
2 Powersolo It's Raceday...and Your Pussy Is GUT!!!
2 Birchville Cat Motel Our Love Will Destroy The World
2 Cheveu Dog
2 King Tubby Meets the Upsetter
2 Various Artists Black Slavery Days
2 Various Artists Trust.Belief.Love.Resp
2 Dub Congress Down in Santa Cruz
2 Dubblestandart Streets of Dub
2 Dub Syndicate Murder Tone
2 Various Artists Ethio Jazz
2 Yabby You Dub It to the Top 1976-1979
2 Various Artists Chainstore Massacre
2 Orchestra Baobab Pirates Choice
2 Gibbs, Joe African Dub Allmighty CH.3
2 Scientist Scientist Wins the World Cup
2 Degenerate Art Ensemble Rinko
2 Black Foundation, the In Dub
2 Levy, Barrington Prison Oval Rock
2 Dread, Mikey African Anthem Revisited
2 Barrett, Aston "Familyman' Familyman in Dub
2 King Tubby & Friends Dub Like Dirt
2 Scientist Rids the World of the Devil...
2 Nosferatu (soundtrack) (Played By Popol Vu)Fantome De
2 Skatalites, the ...Meet King Tubby
2 Various Artists Closed on Acct of Rabi
2 Laswell, Bill / Scott, Style Dub Meltdown
2 Delgado, Junior Dance a Dub
2 Various Artists Axiom Dub
2 Qaballah Dub in Fusion
2 Tortoise "Gamera"
2 Dub Specialist 17 Dub Shots From Studio One
2 Various Artists Apollo 2
2 Dread, Mikey Dub Party
2 Black Uhuru Strong Dub
2 Irie, Tippa Rebel on the Roots Corner
2 Sun Ra Space Is the Place
2 Various Artists Ambient Dub Vol. 3
2 Spence, Joseph Happy All the Time
2 Various Artists Pay It All Back, Vol. 4
2 Guerrilla Hi Fi Echo Springs
2 Cross, Sandra Country Life
1 TTC 3615
1 Kendall, David Triumph of Individuality
1 Hototogisu / Burning Star Core Volume One
1 Various Artists Bellydance Cafe
1 Various Artists Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay
1 Luciano a New Day
1 Miller, Blake Together With Cats
1 Knives Ov Resistance Prisca Sapientia
1 Various Artists GHQ / Ex-cocaine
1 Pope, The Sports
1 Various Artists Crows of The World
1 Kirchenkampf Babel
1 Fernandes, Marcos / Fjellestad, Hans / Haco / Riis, Jakob Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
1 Stormcrow Enslaved In Darkness
1 Moncur III, Grachan Exploration
1 Bramnk, Falter Minimal Romance
1 Various Artists t.i.t.s./leopard leg
1 Rosenqvist, Rutger / Zuydervelt, Dag Vintermusik
1 Ildjarn Nocturnal Visions
1 Fucking Buckaroos, The When Cops Rode Bulls
1 Taylor, Cecil / Dixon, Bill / Oxley, Tony Taylor Dixon Oxley
1 Mammatus Coast Explodes, The
1 Nathan Key Principles
1 Various Artists Heavenly
1 Cadence Weapon Braking Kayfabe
1 Black Merda Folks From Mother's Mixer, The
1 Brown, James Hell
1 Deejay Om Reheated Naan and Curry
1 ARC Trio Triptych Mirror
1 to Live and Shave In La 2 300 Dollar Silk Shirt, The
1 Chika Chika Chika Chika
1 Thee More Shallows Book of Bad Breaks
1 Glue Catch As Catch Can
1 Rowan, Peter and Tony Rice Quartet
1 Wolf Eyes Dog Jaw
1 Werder, Felix Tempest, The
1 Teodros, Gabriel Lovework
1 Six Feet Under Commandment
1 Pollard, Robert From a Compound Eye
1 Suishou No Fune Where the Spirits Are
1 Blow, The Poor Aim : Love Songs
1 Sun Ra Fate In a Pleasant Mood
1 Various Artists Psychedelic Phinland
1 Bran(...)pos Twat/face
1 Black Forest / Black Sea Radiant Symmetry
1 Akchote, Noel Adult Guitar
1 Black Funeral Empire of Blood
1 Index Index
1 Blood On The Wall Awesomer
1 Mouth of The Architect Ties That Blind, The
1 Sterling Cursed
1 Rose, Biff Thorn In Mrs. Rose's Side/Children of LIght, The
1 Robot Vs. Rabbit Dos
1 Los Llamarada Exploding Now, The
1 Drommer Channeling Natural Forces
1 Xiu Xiu Vs. Grouper Creepshow
1 Shit and Shine Ladybird
1 When Trippy Happy
1 Various Artists Smoke, Alex / Fidan, Tolga
1 Clinic Visitations
1 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 1
1 Mokira Bum That Will Bring Us Together, The
1 Za Siodma Gora This Is My Dream
1 Draheim, Charlie Possession
1 RLW Views
1 Earthmonkey Be That Charge
1 Denver Gentlemen, The Introducing The Denver Gentlemen
1 Wilderness Pangs Indivisible Squalor of Wilderness Pangs, The
1 Sapat Mortise and Tenon
1 Absolute Body Control Tapes 81-89
1 Various Artists Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985
1 Boston Chinks s/t
1 Plastic Little Crambodia
1 El-P I'll Sleep When You're Dead
1 Various Artists Domestic Blend Vol. 1
1 Forward Energy Trio FE3 Oakland
1 Crash Test Taurus Name Is an Anagram, The
1 Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama, The Singing Songs of Praise
1 Cooke, Michael Quintet An Indefinite Suspension of the Possible
1 Assholes, The Johnny and The Big Prairie Fire
1 Tarkio Omnibus
1 Mouse On Mars Varcharz
1 Hudson, Keith Flesh of My Skin Blood of My Blood
1 Dennis Duck Dennis Duck Goes Disco
1 White Birch, The Come Up For Air
1 Weber, Reinhold Elektronische Musik
1 Bantam Rooster Miss Luxury
1 Various Artists Kompakt Total 6
1 Robinson, Wanda Black Ivory
1 Zom Zoms Yellow Rainbow
1 Hella There's No 666 In Outer Space
1 Various Artists Good God! a Gospel Funk Hymnal
1 Sleep On The Sidewalk Morning Birds / In The Water
1 Tunnel, The Tunnel, The
1 Levy, Barrington Skylarking
1 Isaacs, Gregory Extra Classic
1 Vu, Cuong Come Play With Me
1 Club D'Elf Now I Understand
1 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 9
1 Various Artists Eccentric Soul - Mighty Mike Lenaburg
1 Grizzly Bear Yellow House
1 Harrius Enter The Cotton Ring
1 Various Artists But Then Again
1 Various Artists London Is The Place For Me - 4
1 Golding Institute, The Final Relaxation-Your Ticket to Death Through Hypnotic...
1 Ras Clifton Queen of The Universe / Look Over Yonder
1 Tyvek Mary Ellen Claims / Honda
1 Pestrepeller Isle of Dark Magick
1 Six Organs of Admittance Sun Awakens, The
1 Psalm One Death of Frequent Flyer, The
1 Olausson, Jacob Moonlight Farm
1 Kaada Music For Moviebikers
1 Evidence Iris
1 Waldron / Stapleton / Sigmarsson / Haynes / Faulhaber Sleeping Moustache, The
1 Mugison Mugimama! Is This Monkey Music
1 Sun Ra Janus
1 Toft, Sten Ove Sinners' Virtue
1 Bad Dudes Bad Dudes
1 Various Artists Tibetan & Bhutanese Instrumental and Folk Music Vol 2
1 Creation Rebel Historic Moments Vol. 1
1 Silverman Nature of Illusion
1 Curwin, Julian Tango Saloon, The
1 Shamma, Naseer Le Luth De Bagdad
1 Arora, Kush Bhang Ragga:Danchall Bhangra I
1 Nilssen-Love, Paal Twenty Seven Years Later
1 Ugly Beats, the Bring on the Beats
1 Ghostigital In Cod We Trust
1 Rose, Ethan Ceiling Songs
1 Capote Album, the
1 Veronica Lipgloss & the Evil.. Witch's Dagger, the
1 Gossip, the Standing in the Way of Control
1 Tabla Beat Science Tala Matrix
1 Xambuca Gestalt Screams from Imaginary People
1 Various Artists Hillbilly, VOL.1
1 East West Blast Test Popular Music for Unpopular...
1 Tsahar/Cooper-Moore/Drake Lost Brother
1 Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet
1 Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Government Magic
1 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Crime and Dissonance
1 Messer Chups Crazy Price
1 Bubonic Plague No Bosses no Bullshit
1 Various Artists Imaginational Anthem
1 Degenerate Art Ensemble Bastress, the
1 Sun Ra Arkestra Friendly Galaxy
1 Orbital Blue Album
1 Jarrett, Wayne Chipin
1 Sun Ra and His Intergalactic.. Sleeping Beauty
1 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 8
1 Duplex Ablum
1 Quintron & Miss Pussycat Swamp Tech
1 Various Artists A Perfumed Garden VOL1
1 Glatter, Curtis/Hubbard,Nathan Rivulet
1 Dub Trio Exploring the Dangers of
1 Kraftwerk Minimum-Maximum
1 Various Artists Soul Gospel
1 Mice Parade Bem-Vinda Vontade
1 Desert Sessions 9 & 10 I See You Hearin Me/I Heart Di
1 Various Artists Tibetan Buddhist Rites
1 Orthrelm Ov
1 Campbell, Martin New York Dub
1 General Patton Vs X-Ecutioners General Patton Vs X-Ecutioners
1 Various Artists Goodbye, Babylon (1-3)
1 Various Artists Gossip,The/Tracy+The P
1 Various Artists Amaterasu
1 Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Res El Saturn 1975
1 Sun Ra Astro Black
1 Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Res It's After the End of the Worl
1 Sun Ra Heliocentric Worlds VOL.3
1 Sun Ra Standards
1 Smog A River Ain't Too Much to Love
1 Various Artists Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz
1 Wainwright, Loudon Iii Here Come the Choppers
1 Acid Mothers Temple Magical Power From Mars
1 Solid Eye Voyage to See What's on Bottom
1 UB40 Present Arms
1 Guapo Black Oni
1 Sissy Spacek Sississpsskssissrs
1 Various Rough Guide to Sufi Music
1 Shoghaken Ensemble Armenian Lullabies
1 Zzzz Palm Reader
1 Jan Dukes De Grey Sorcerers
1 Tower Recordings the Galaxies Incredible Sensua, th
1 Isis Panopticon
1 Kaada/Patton Romances
1 Newsom, Joanna Yarn and Glue
1 Ursula 1000 Ursadelic
1 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Black Earth
1 Various Artists Country Standards From
1 Flat Earth Society Isms
1 So Percussion So Percussion
1 Maphis, Joe Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
1 Slow Poisoners, the Melodrama
1 Dunn's, Trevor Trio Convulsa.. Sister Phantom Owl Fish
1 Antibalas Who Is this America?
1 Shankar Eternal Light
1 Melvins / Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
1 Mono Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky
1 Various Artists 600% Dynamite
1 Various Artists Roots of Dub Funk 2
1 Gerard, Lisa/Cassidy, Patrick Immortal Memory
1 Noxagt Iron Point, the
1 Sun Ra Solar-Myth Approach Vol. 2
1 Sun Ra Sun Song
1 Kang, Eyvind Virginal Co-Ordinates
1 Sun Ra Nuits Dea La Fondation Maeght
1 Mad Professor Dub Me Crazy!!
1 King Tubby King Tubby Upset the Upsetter
1 Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate Time Boom Be Devil Dead
1 Staton, Candi Candi Staton
1 Various Artists Dub Solidarity Part 1
1 Kid 606 Kill Sound Before Sound Kills.
1 Scientist Kills the Millennium Bug
1 Kill Me Tomorrow Garbageman & the Prostitu, the
1 Meat Beat Manifesto In Dub
1 Nice Nice Chrome
1 Sly & Robbie Meet Mad Professo Dub Revolutionaries, the
1 Swingers, the Witch Doctor Blues
1 Deutsch Nepal City of Stone, the
1 Tomahawk Mit Gas
1 Cash, Johnny Sun Years, the
1 Yosihmi and Yuka Flower with no Color
1 Electrocute A Tribute to Your Taste
1 Various Artists Ethiopian Modern Instro Hits
1 Various Artists Texas Piano Styles
1 Jungle Brothers Done By the Forces of Nature
1 Exploding Hearts, the Guitar Romantic
1 Cash, June Carter Wildwood Flower
1 Nurse with Wound She & Me Fall Together In.....
1 Ngema, Nbongeni Sarafina
1 Sly & Robbie Sly & Robbie Meet Bunny Lee @
1 Various Artists Homeland 2
1 Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java
1 Astatke, Mulatu Mulatu of Ethiopia
1 Various Artists Rubble 1: Pscdlc Snarl
1 Various Artists British Invasion V.1
1 Sun Ra Fate in a Pleasant Mood/When..
1 Kinks, the Greatest Hits
1 Clash, the On Broadway 2
1 Bowie, David Station to Station
1 Bowie, David Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust
1 Kaada Thank You for Giving Me Your
1 Rundgren, Todd & Utopia Utopia
1 Various Artists Trojan Dub Box Set V2
1 Sun Ra Arkestra Mayan Temples
1 Leaves, the Hey Joe
1 Hot Rize In Concert
1 Collins, Paul (Beat) Beat, the
1 Clash, the Black Market Clash
1 African Roots ACT.3 Strictly Dubwise
1 Dub Inna De Cave Vol. 1 Cave Crew
1 Various Artists Land Where the Blues..
1 Various Artists Dub Tribunl
1 Ruins Tzomborgha
1 J.V.C. Force Doin' Damage
1 Sun Ra Space Is the Place
1 Phantomsmasher S/T
1 Sun Ra Arkestra & Salah Ragab In Egypt
1 Dalek Frm Filty Tongue of Gods/Griot
1 Various Artists 300% Dynamite
1 Revolutionaries, the Outlaw Dub
1 Gallagher, Rory Calling Card
1 Golliwogs, the Pre-Creedence
1 Sun Ra Nubians of Plutonia, the
1 Sun Ra Super Sonic JAZZ-21ST Century
1 Freeman, Isaac Beautiful Stars
1 King Tubby Dub Organiser, the
1 Twinkle Brothers, the Dub Massacre
1 Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Res Black Myth / Out in Space
1 Fantomas Melvins Big Band Millennium Monsterwork
1 Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra Art Forms of Dimentions Tomoro
1 Sun Ra & the Blues Project Batman & Robin
1 Mabrak Drum Talk
1 Mad Professor Psychadelic Dub Dub
1 Wobble, Jah and Laswell, Bill Radioaxiom
1 Various Artists Select Cuts From Blood
1 Revolutionaries Dub Plate Specials
1 Su Ra Cosmos
1 Sun Ra & His Myth Science Ark Cosmic Tone for Mental Therapy
1 Various Artists Darker than Blue
1 Sun-Ra Monorails and Satellites
1 Sun Ra / Henry Dumas Ark and the Ankh, the
1 Various Artists Select Cuts Chapter 2
1 Sun Ra & His Solar-Myth Arkest Solar Myth Approach (Vol 1, th
1 Thompson, Linval I Love Marijuana
1 Scientist Scientist Meets Roots Radics
1 Various Artists Rhythm Room Blues
1 Sensational Get on My Page
1 Tarentel Order of Things, the
1 Fantomas Directors Cut, the
1 Various Artists Early Black Swing
1 Temple of Sound +Rizwan-Muazzm People's Colony No. 1
1 Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Ark It Is Forbidden
1 Below the Sea Loss of Our Winter, the
1 Various Artists Roots of Dub Funk
1 Pablo, Augustus Original Rockers
1 Goodman, Steve Essential...Steve Goodman, the
1 Walker, Jerry Jeff Viva Terlingua!
1 Jones, George Best OF...(1955-1967), the
1 Lynn, Loretta Greatest Hits
1 Sun City Girls Libyan Dream
1 Various Artists Latin Beats:A Tribute
1 Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity... Strange Strings
1 Sun Ra & His Astro Intergalact Discipline 27-11
1 Sun Ra & Intergalactic Infinty Night of the Purple Moon, the
1 Black Dice Cold Hands
1 Maldoror She
1 Def, Eddie Inner Scratch Demons
1 Ex-Girl Back to Mono Kero
1 Fahey, John Old Girlfriends and Other...
1 Black Dice #3
1 Sun Ra Pathways to Unknown Worlds
1 Sun Ra Cymbals & Crystal Spears
1 Sun Ra Lanquidity
1 Mainer, J. E. & His... Old Time Mountain Music
1 D-Styles & Dj Flare Pharoahs of Funk
1 Turner, Ike & the Kings Of.... I'm Tore Up
1 Tarantel From Bone to Satellite
1 Friedman, Kinky Sold American
1 Tampa Red Guitar Wizard, the
1 Laika & the Cosmonauts In Absurdistan
1 Otaku Bitwise Operators
1 Brown, Greg One More Goodnight Kiss
1 Carter Family, the Country Music Hall of Fame
1 Various Artists Super Bad Is Back
1 Roomful of Blues Let's Have a Party
1 Robertson, Sherman and The.... Married Blues
1 Sub Oslo Dubs in the Key of Life
1 Williams, Marion Gospel Now
1 Turner, Ike and Tina Gospel According to Ike &, the
1 Various Artists Code 4109
1 Swamp Dogg Best of Swamp Dogg, the
1 Staple Singers, the City in the Sky
1 Professor Longhair Rock 'n' Roll Gumbo
1 International Noise Conspiracy Survival Sickness
1 Eek-A-Mouse Wa-Do-Dem
1 Various Artists Pay It All Back V3
1 Steel Pulse Victims
1 Innasense United
1 Cocoa Tea Rocking Dolly
1 African Head Charge Songs of Praise
1 Nascimento, Milton Miagre Dos Peixes
1 Green, Al Soul Survivor
1 Franklin, Aretha Aretha Sings the Blues
1 Sun Ra Life Is Splendid: Ann ARBOR'72
1 Sorensen, Gert A Drummer's Tale: Episode Two
1 Cheater Slicks Refried Dreams
1 Hot Rize Untold Stories
1 Pena, Paco Arte Y Pasion
1 Bullwackie's All Stars Mango Walk
1 Paraphrase Please Advise
1 Clark, Guy Texas Cooking
1 Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, the Circuit Rider
1 Louvin Brothers, the Radio Favorites '51-'57
1 Dilks, Johnny & Visitation Vly Acres of Heartache
1 Jackson, John Front Porch Blues
1 Fantomas, the Fantomas, the
1 Twilight Circus Sound System Horsie
1 Wailer, Bunny Dubd'sco Volumes 1 & 2
1 Lo Hi Kind of Like a Feel Good Thing
1 Tone Float Musik Von Tone Float
1 Various Artists Sound of Music
1 Abu-Jamal, Mumia All Things Censored V1
1 Johnson, Linton Kwesi Independant Intavenshan
1 Sun Ra Celebration for the Comet Koho
1 Deerhoof Man, the King, the Girl, the
1 Godspeed You Black Emperor! F#A#8
1 Sun Ra Of Mythic Worlds
1 Sun Ra Strange Celestial Road
1 Sun Ra We Are in the Future
1 Sun Ra Reflections in Blue
1 Sun Ra Out there a Minute
1 Dubadelic Bass Invaders
1 Stillpoint Maps Without Edges
1 Jennings, Waylon Closing in on the Fire
1 Sun Ra Nothing Is
1 Species Being Yonilicious
1 Matmos Quasi-Objects
1 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sy. Dub Plate Selection
1 Mad Professor Under the Spell of Dub
1 Lawson, Curtis Putting My Love on the Line
1 Beequeen Surrough Gate, the
1 Johnson, Jimmy Bar Room Preachers
1 James, Homesick Homesick James Ain't Sick No..
1 Jah Shaka Dub Salute 5
1 Youngs, Richard Advent
1 Riley, Winston Techniques in Dub
1 Mayfield, Curtis Super Fly
1 Schlammpeitziger Freundlichbaracudamelodieliedgut
1 Guitar Shorty On the Rampage
1 Zipper Spy Watch Your Damage
1 Pharaohs, the In the Basement
1 Camerata... and Angaatanamu Amazonica
1 Toledo Fishnets and Cigarette
1 Dixon, Willie Big Three Trio, the
1 Various Artists Zydeco Live
1 Sun Ra Angels and Demons at Play
1 Greene, Richard & the Grass Sales Tax Toddle
1 Mad Professor Dub You Crazy with Love
1 Soil Bleeds Black, the Kingdom & It's Fey, the
1 Cheatham, Jeannie & Jimmy Sweet Baby Blues
1 Dieng, Aiyb Rhythmagick
1 Burford, Mojo Mojo Burford's Chicago Summit
1 Various Artists Let's Talk About Girls
1 Broonzy, Big Bill Good Time Tonight
1 Tipsy Trip Tease
1 Bland, Bobby Best of Bobby Bland, the
1 Linus Pauling Quartet S/T
1 U.S. Bombs Garibaldi Guard
1 Jessamine Long Arm of Coincidence, the
1 Various Artists Sun Ra - the Singles
1 Various Artists Lousiniana Cajun Class
1 Carlisle, Cliff Blues Yodeler and Steel Guitar
1 Kallick, Kathy Call Me a Taxi
1 Susan & the Surftones Thunderbeach
1 Soft Machine Spaced
1 Dragstrip Reaction Time
1 Scenic Acquatica
1 Huebner, Louise Seduction Through Witchcraft
1 Gits, the Kings and Queens
1 Gillock, Jon/Bride, Kathleen Organ and Harp
1 Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth...
1 Sun Ra Blue Delight
1 Sun Ra Out there a Minute
1 Sun Ra A Night in East Berlin
1 Sun Ra My Brother the Wind
1 Cosby, Bill and Friends Where You Lay Your Head
1 Various Artists Absolute
1 Tehom Despiritualization of Nature
1 Arnaz, Desi Babalu
1 Dub Narcotic Sound System Boot Party
1 Various Artists Rockabilly Psychosis..
1 Various Artists Twenty Two High Ballin
1 Various Artists Nettwerk Vol I
1 Parsons, Gram & the Fallen... Gram Parsons & the Fallen...
1 Various Artists Steel Guitar Masters
1 Sun Ra Cosmic Equation
1 Bush Chemists, the Light Up Your Spliff
1 Dj Spooky Songs of a Dead Dreamer
1 Various Artists Wild Paarty Sound
1 Possession African Dub Off World One
1 Addy, Mustapha Tettey Come and Drum: Master Drummer
1 Haggard, Merle 1996
1 Dub Nation One Great World
1 Full Moon Scientist Shrub-A-Dub
1 Various Artists Cocktail Mix Vol. #2
1 Chrome, Cheetah/Mike Hudson
1 Carter, John Night Fire
1 Carter, John Variations
1 Carter, John Dauwhe
1 Acama: Tibetan Temple Bells S/T
1 Zukie, Tappa In Dub
1 Various Artists Fatman Presents Twin S
1 2BADCARD Hustling Ability
1 Cage, John Meets Sun Ra
1 Verlaines, the Hallelujah All the Way Home
1 Jammin' Unit Jammin'unit Discovers Chem.Dub
1 Austin Lounge Lizards Small Minds
1 Dub Syndicate Tunes From the Missing Channel
1 'til Tuesday Voices Carry
1 Throwing Muses Hunkpapa
1 Various Artists Surf Guitars Rumble
1 Dj Krush Krush
1 Cultural Roots Hell a Go Pop
1 Carlos, Don Day to Day Living
1 Captain Sinbad Seven Voyages Of...., the
1 Campell, Cornell Money
1 Chandra, Sheila Roots and Wings
1 Niney the Observer Observer Attack Dub
1 Bandez, Annie Short, Sweet & Dread
1 Various Artists Gospel Warriors
1 Various Artists Memphis Blues Carava.
1 Hudson, Keith Pick a Dub
1 Fahey, John Return of the Repressed
1 Kofi Wishing Well
1 Swingin' Neckbreakers I'm in Love with Me
1 Sun Ra A Quiet Place in the Universe
1 Lavey, Anton Satanic Mass, the
1 African Head Charge Environmental Studies
1 African Head Charge Off the Beaten Track
1 Various Artists Okeh Ellington, the
1 Nixon, Mojo and Roper, Skid Frenzy
1 Olivia Tremor Control California Demise
1 Automaton Dub Terror Exhaust
1 Beenie Man Dis Unu Fi Hear
1 Birmingham Sunlights For Old Time Sake
1 Minutemen What It Makes a Man Start Fire
1 Diddley, Bo Chess Box, the
1 Kina, Shoukichi Asia Classics 2: Peppermint Tea House
1 Lmnop Elemen Opee Elpee
1 Lloyd Richard Alchemy
1 Lewis, Lew Save The Wail
1 Les Pirates Le Rock Des Annees 60
1 Knitters, the Poor Little Critter On The Roa
1 Hazardous Dub Co Dangerous Dub, Vol 1
1 Null, K.K./James Plotkin Auroura
1 Rebel, Tony/Silk, Garnett A Dancehall Conference
1 Happy Flowers Lasterday I Was Been Bad
1 Various Artists Rock Instrumentals V5
1 Various Artists Conjunto
1 Sun Ra Magic City, the
1 Sun Ra Atlantis
1 Swamp Zombies Spunk!
1 Mad Professor Dub Maniacs on the Rampage
1 Carter, John Shadows on a Wall
1 Dub Syndicate Echomania
1 Peeni Waali Peeni Waali
1 Sun Ra Other Planes of there
1 Cooke Sam and the Soul Stripp Gospel Soul Vol 1, the
1 Sun Ra Somewhere Else
1 Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares Melody, Rhythm and Harmony
1 Flores, Rosie Once More with Feeling
1 Chelsea "..."
1 Shannon, Sharon S/T
1 Haza, Ofra Kirya
1 Brown, James Soul Syndrome
1 Beat Farmers, the Loud, Plowed, & Live
1 Southern Sons, the Deep South Gospel
1 Various Artists Polaris Story, the
1 Hemi S/T
1 Waits, Tom Frank's Wild Years
1 Ultra 5, the House O' Fun
1 Various Artists Blues Masters, Vol 8
1 Buzzcocks, the Singles Going Steady
1 Big Star #1 Record/Radio City
1 Boiled in Lead From the Ladle to the Grave
1 Sleepyhead Punk Rock City Usa
1 Carter, John Fields
1 Therefore Khrom
1 Cowlicks, the Cowlicks, The
1 Orb, the U.F. Orb
1 Original Sins, the Out there
1 Poole, Rod Trio Iasis
1 Mutilators Hot Rod Whore
1 Smokin' Dave and Primo Dopes Huh?
1 Various Artists Great Blues Guitarist
1 Devil Dub Band Devil Dub
1 Harris, Emmylou At the Ryman
1 Miller, Jacob Who Say Jah no Dread
1 Various Artists Memento
1 Russell, Bruce Project for a Revolution in Ny
1 Jarrett, Winston Kingston Vibrations
1 Joy Division Substance
1 Television Power Electric Television Power Electric
1 Bragg, Billy Internationale, the


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