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  Top plays at KFJC
From May 23 2007 thru May 30 2007

Plays Artist Album
7 Oliveros, Pauline Accordion & Voice
7 Panda Bear Person Pitch
6 Kirchenkampf Babel
6 Svarte Greiner Knive
6 ARC Trio Triptych Mirror
6 Cocorosie Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, The
5 Hubbard, Nathan (compositions 1998-2005
5 Vulcanus 68 S/t
5 Various Artists House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records, The
5 Various Artists Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay
5 Various Artists Crows of The World
5 Konono No. 1 Lubuaku
5 Moshe, Ras Quartet Transcendence
5 Absolute Body Control Tapes 81-89
4 Smegma 33 1/3
4 Text of Light Rotterdam
4 Various Artists Wigs On Fire
4 Various Artists Bellydance Cafe
4 Various Artists Crash of Thunder
4 Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
4 Ov Noctilucent Valleys
4 Fulks, Robbie Revenge!
4 Lichens Omns
4 Tumba Francesa Afro-Cuba
4 Black Merda Folks From Mother's Mixer, The
4 Deejay Om Reheated Naan and Curry
4 Stooges, The Weirdness, The
4 Valet Blood Is Clean
4 Index Index
4 Sinoia Caves Enchanter Persuaded, The
4 Drommer Channeling Natural Forces
4 Landing Gravitational IV
4 Cohen, Charles and Ed Wilcox Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes
4 Disco Musical Stories From India Disco Musical Stories From India
4 Cooke, Michael Quintet An Indefinite Suspension of the Possible
3 Asleep At The Wheel Re-Inventing The Wheel
3 Amnesty Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions
3 Hebden, Kieran and Reid, Steve Tongues
3 John Wiese Black Magic Pond
3 Factums Factums
3 Hototogisu / Burning Star Core Volume One
3 Zelienople Stone Academy
3 I'm From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
3 Ambarchi_muller_samartzis Strange Love
3 RM74/RLW Pirouetten
3 Fjellestad, Hans Snails R Sexy
3 Lambsbread Stereo Mars
3 Fernandes, Marcos / Fjellestad, Hans / Haco / Riis, Jakob Haco Hans Jakob Marcos
3 Stormcrow Enslaved In Darkness
3 Lambchop Damaged
3 Area C Haunt
3 White/Lichens White/Lichens
3 Various Artists Ain't It Hard! Garage & Psyche From Viva Records
3 Thee More Shallows Book of Bad Breaks
3 Butzer, Jeffrey She Traded Her Leg
3 Parker, William & Drake, Hamid Summer Snow
3 Defever, Ward / Hitako / Masters, Ian / Aya Mountain Ocean Sun
3 Detroit Cobras, The Tied & True
3 Pollard, Robert From a Compound Eye
3 Watson, Dale From The Cradle to The Grave
3 Eddie The Rat Lip-synching At Zero Gravity
3 Wax Tailor Hope and Sorrow
3 Sureshot Symphony, The Intro to an Interlude & Interlude to an Outro
3 Nautical Almanac Rejerks Vol. 4
3 Sarno, Devin & Stinson, G.E. Heart Cell Memory
3 Various Artists Sacred Steel Instrumentals
3 Book of Knots, The Traineater
3 Dj Vadim Soundcatcher, The
3 Zodiacs Gone
3 Cassette Beautiful California
3 Yamasuki Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki
3 Boston Chinks s/t
3 Ungvary, Tamas Ite, Missa Est
3 Various Artists Domestic Blend Vol. 1
3 Rio En Medio Bride of Dynamite, The
3 Cyann & Ben Sweet Beliefs
3 Keszler, Eli Eli Keszler
3 Bats'i Son Music of The Highlands of Chiapas
3 White Birch, The Come Up For Air
3 Bantam Rooster Miss Luxury
3 Harrius Enter The Cotton Ring
2 Pump Kinn Aunte Donne
2 Astatke, Mulatu Astatke, Mulatu
2 Born/Dead Endless War...Repetition
2 Kendall, David Triumph of Individuality
2 Luciano a New Day
2 Knives Ov Resistance Prisca Sapientia
2 Sun Ra Disco 3000
2 Various Artists Silber Hearts Mom
2 Earth Hibernaculum
2 Catheter Dimension 303
2 Moncur III, Grachan Exploration
2 Various Artists t.i.t.s./leopard leg
2 Various Artists Ghosting / Robedoor - Split
2 Fucking Buckaroos, The When Cops Rode Bulls
2 Mammatus Coast Explodes, The
2 Now Orchestra & Marilyn Crispell Pola
2 Hayden Shurdut/carter/siwula/krall/chang Countdown to The Universe
2 Ely, Joe Happy Songs From Rattlesnake Gulch
2 Nathan Key Principles
2 Mittoo, Jackie Jackie Mittoo Ft. Winston Wright At King Tubby's
2 Various Artists Heavenly
2 Cadence Weapon Braking Kayfabe
2 LSD March Empty Rubious Red
2 Crumb, George Lux Aeterna / Four Nocturnes / Dream Sequence
2 Brown, James Hell
2 Joe Beats Diverse Recourse
2 Lymbyc Systym Love Your Abuser
2 Dodheimsgard DHG
2 Sage Francis Human The Death Dance
2 Glue Catch As Catch Can
2 Dredd Foole Daze On The Mounts
2 Wolf Eyes Dog Jaw
2 Old Soul, The Old Soul, The
2 Werder, Felix Tempest, The
2 Ware, David S. Quartet Renunciation
2 Various Artists Siked Psych : Not Not Fun Gold
2 Teodros, Gabriel Lovework
2 Mors Ontologica Dead And/or Famous
2 Inoue, Tetsuo World Receiver
2 Connect_Icut LA (An Apology)
2 Isolee Hermelin
2 Rotten Musicians Make a Face
2 Brother Ali Undisputed Truth, The
2 Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade
2 Callahan, Bill Woke On a Whaleheart
2 Black Forest / Black Sea Radiant Symmetry
2 Akchote, Noel Adult Guitar
2 Various Artists My Mind Goes High
2 Los Straitjackets Rock En Espanol Vol. 1
2 Sterling Cursed
2 Bauls of Bengal Mystic Songs From India
2 Death In June Phoenix Has Risen, The
2 High Llamas, The Can Cladders
2 Various Artists Tamburitza!
2 Silvester Anfang Satanische Vrede
2 Xiu Xiu Vs. Grouper Creepshow
2 Junior Boys So This Is Goodbye
2 Earthmonkey Be That Charge
2 Denver Gentlemen, The Introducing The Denver Gentlemen
2 Burning Star Core Amelia
2 Various Artists Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985
2 Oscars Jump For Joy
2 Belhom, Thomas Cheval Oblique
2 Nice Boys, The Nice Boys, The
2 Tarkio Omnibus
2 Poem Rocket Invasion!
2 Elastik Band, The Elastik Band, The
2 Dennis Duck Dennis Duck Goes Disco
2 ICP & Patrucco, Alessandra Circus
2 Weber, Reinhold Elektronische Musik
2 Sentence There and Back
2 Moskitoo Drape
2 Time Flys, The Energy
2 Powersolo It's Raceday...and Your Pussy Is GUT!!!
2 Tight Meat Duo Vanishing Fist
2 Kemialliset Ystavat Alkuharka
2 Porest Tourrorists
2 Rachel's Selenography
2 Kerouac, Jack Jack Kerouac Collection, the
2 Muslimgauze Iran
1 Pekler, Andrew Cue
1 Moe! Staiano's Moe!kestra 2 Rooms of Uranium In 83 Markers
1 Sinistri Impur
1 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Minstrel In The Galaxy
1 Waters, Muddy Complete Plantation Recordings, The
1 Frith, Fred Impur
1 Various Artists Lead Into Gold
1 Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten
1 Bang, Billy Vietnam:reflections
1 Giles, Michael/Muir, Jamie/Cunningham, David Ghost Dance
1 TTC 3615
1 Berio, Luciano Complete Sequenzas & Alternate Sequenzas & Solo Works
1 Nawal Aman
1 Various Artists GHQ / Ex-cocaine
1 Akimbo Harshing Your Mellow
1 Sun Ra Beyond The Purple Star Zone
1 Draper, Linda Keepsake
1 Bunny Rabbit Lovers and Crypts
1 Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey
1 Brown, James Revolution of The Mind
1 Fujii, Satoko Orchestra Kobe Kobe Yee !!
1 Taylor, Cecil / Dixon, Bill / Oxley, Tony Taylor Dixon Oxley
1 Various Artists Silber On Silber
1 Merzbow/Giffoni, Carlos/O'rourke, Jim Electric Dress
1 Moral Crayfish Month of The Dog
1 Habarigani Two
1 Deacon, Dan Spiderman of The Rings
1 Normandeau, Robert Sonars
1 Chika Chika Chika Chika
1 Blanketship & The Dollson Family Singers Music With a Message
1 Harrington, Rachel Bootlegger's Daughter, The
1 Rowan, Peter and Tony Rice Quartet
1 Lilja, Tobias Time Is On My Side
1 Grails Burning Off Impurities
1 High Priest Born Identity
1 Six Feet Under Commandment
1 Spezza Rotto Tredici Canzoni
1 Suishou No Fune Where the Spirits Are
1 Leaf Yard Leaf Yard
1 Zecharia, Zadik Kurdish Melodies On Zorna
1 Run-D.M.C. Raising Hell
1 Team Shadetek Pale Fire
1 Sun Ra Fate In a Pleasant Mood
1 Bran(...)pos Twat/face
1 Verhagen, Darrin Black Frost
1 Ostertag, Bob Getting a Head
1 Black Funeral Empire of Blood
1 Electric Family, The Mariopaint
1 Mouth of The Architect Ties That Blind, The
1 Coolidge, Jake Hotbrown
1 Robot Vs. Rabbit Dos
1 Teleseen War
1 J Dilla Ruff Draft
1 Various Artists Art of The Virtual Rhythmicon
1 Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat An Interlude to The Outermost
1 Shit and Shine Ladybird
1 NVH/Chasny Plays The Book of Revelations
1 Clinic Visitations
1 PXP Nada
1 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 2
1 Mokira Bum That Will Bring Us Together, The
1 Tyrades On Your Video
1 Circle "Tower" Featuring Verde
1 Contreras, John John Contreras/Rose McDowall/Nurse With Wound
1 Mochipet Girls Heart Breakcore
1 Vertonen Facing Leinth
1 Crash Test Taurus Name Is an Anagram, The
1 Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama, The Singing Songs of Praise
1 Koglmann, Franz Venus In Transit
1 Onethirtyeight Bring Out Your Living
1 Various Artists Valencia, Cant D'estil - Singing Contests
1 Boards of Canada Trans Canada Highway
1 Times New Viking Busy Making Love & War
1 Bird By Snow Industrial Collapse
1 Aura Noir Live Nightmare On Elm Street
1 Mogollar Mogollar
1 Dutz, Brad When Manatees Attack
1 Doiron, Julie I Woke Myself Up
1 Various Artists A Tribute to Robert Moog
1 Various Artists Leviathan/Crebain
1 Original Space Neighbors Original Space Neighbors
1 Fountain, The (Mansell, Clint) Fountain, The
1 Birchville Cat Motel Our Love Will Destroy The World
1 Jazkamer Metal Music Machine
1 Noothgrush Erode The Person
1 Various Artists Explosivos: Deep-soul From The Latin Heart
1 Mochipet Disko Donkey
1 J Dilla Shining, The
1 Husbands, The There's Nothing I'd Like More Than to See You Dead
1 Places, The Songs For Creeps
1 New Mississippi Sheiks, The New Mississippi Sheiks, The
1 Subtle For Hero: For Fool
1 Moe! Staiano / Moe!kestra! An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein
1 Gallio / Voerkel / Frey Tiegel
1 Green, Grant Grant's First Stand
1 Various Artists Soul Sides Volume One
1 Sufjan Stevens Avalanche
1 Wolfarth, Christian Wolfarth
1 Neuburg, Amy X Residue
1 Bunkur Bludgeon
1 Herb Diamante May I Light Your Cigarette?
1 Six Organs of Admittance Sun Awakens, The
1 Various Artists Bay Area Funk Volume 2
1 Cheveu Dog
1 Evidence Iris
1 Radio Thailand Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom
1 Black Heart Procession, The Spell, The
1 Various Artists Imaginational Anthem Vol 2
1 Waldron / Stapleton / Sigmarsson / Haynes / Faulhaber Sleeping Moustache, The
1 Taylor, Hound Dog Release The Hound
1 Cut Chemist Garden b/w Storm, The
1 Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon
1 Birdy Nam Nam Birdy Nam Nam
1 Shivvers, The Shivvers, The
1 Goddakk Monument to a Ruined Age
1 Japanther Yer LIving Grave
1 Meerk Puffy Nung
1 Portland Bike Ensemble Portland Bike Ensemble
1 Gonzalez, Delia & Russom, Gavin Days of Mars, The
1 Silverman Nature of Illusion
1 Calexico Garden Ruin
1 K-Space Going Up
1 Selda (Bagcan) Vurulduk Ey Halkim Unutma Bizi
1 Tabla Beat Science Tala Matrix
1 M83 M83
1 Cowlicks, the Psychedelic Service Station
1 Blamstrain Remixed
1 Various Artists Legends of the BLUES,2
1 Shines, Johnny & Snooky Pryor Back to the Country
1 Webster, Katie No Foolin'!
1 Warrior King Hold the Faith
1 Mitchell,Roscoe Quintet Turn
1 Flinn / Noah / Perkis Square Circle
1 Sound Directions Funky Side of Life, the
1 Neung Phak Fucking U.S.A.
1 Fall, the Fall Heads Roll
1 Animal Collective Feels
1 Various Artists News & the Blues
1 Xxl !Ciautistico!
1 Sea Donkeys, the Volume 1
1 Various Artists Blow-Up
1 Pelican Start.Stop.Start.Stop.Start...
1 Radio Pyongyang Commie Funk & Agit Pop From Th
1 Fan Club Orchestra Sun Papa and the Fan Club...
1 Coe, David Allan Penitentiary Blues
1 Various Artists Music of the Beti in C
1 Modey Lemon Curious City, the
1 Doiron, Julie Broken Girl
1 Hill, Kim Right Now
1 Scorch Trio Luggumt
1 Volvox Egg,Plutopup,And You
1 Buck/Dorner/Tony, Axel Durch and Durch
1 Johnson, Johnnie Johnnie Be Eighty & Still Bad
1 Smog A River Ain't Too Much to Love
1 Acid Mothers Temple Magical Power From Mars
1 UB40 Present Arms
1 Sissy Spacek Sississpsskssissrs
1 Yo La Tengo Prisoners of Love:A Smattering
1 Boris Dronevil
1 Decemberists, the Picaresque
1 Jan Dukes De Grey Sorcerers
1 Invisible Cities S/T
1 Prefuse 73 Ft.Ghostface,El-P Hideyaface
1 Specs One Return of the Artist
1 Duran Duran Duran Very Pleasure
1 Kwisp Teriyaki Vest Odyssey
1 Postal Service, the Give Up
1 Parton, Dolly Live and Well
1 Master Musicians of Bukkake Visible Sign O Invisible Order
1 Antony & the Johnsons S/T
1 Starvations, the One Way to Remind/Give Me the
1 Sun City Girls Flute and Mask
1 Earle, Steve Revolution Starts Now, the
1 Van Ronk, Dave ...And the Tin Pan Bended,...
1 Various Artists 600% Dynamite
1 Jones, Quincy & Bill Cosby Original Jam Sessions 1969, th
1 Brother Ali Champion Ep
1 Lifesmyth Music for the Third Ear
1 Shimada, Aiko Like Hannah
1 Xiu Xiu Fabulous Muscles
1 Hawk, Gerald Honey Guide Bird, the
1 Neung Phak (Monopause) S/T
1 Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Res. Radio
1 Tuxedomoon What Use?
1 Willis, Wesley Greatest Hits
1 Various Artists Wonder of Stevie, the
1 Muslimgauze Iranair Inflight Magazine
1 Kowald/Masaoka/Robair Illuminations
1 Hala Strana S/T
1 Ene Remixes
1 Ugly Duckling Taste the Secret
1 Squire Walking Down the King's Road
1 Various Artists Vgm Mix Tape #8
1 Various Artists Orange Twin Sampler
1 Various Artists Nice Up the Dance
1 Nordine, Ken/Shure, Robert Wink
1 Bill & Audrey Looking Back to See
1 Muller Gunter/Yoshihide, Otomo Time Travel
1 Dj Shadow Diminishing Returns
1 Youngman, Henny 128 Greatest Jokes
1 Woodbury, Woody Laughing Room
1 Swann Danger Swann Danger
1 1929 Last but not Leased
1 Martin, Steve Let's Get Small
1 Mofos Supercharged on Alcohol
1 Barnes & Barnes Voobaha
1 Capricorns, the In the Zone
1 Yes Album
1 Xtc Oranges & Lemons
1 Winter, Johnny Still Alive & Well
1 Troy, Doris Doris Troy
1 Charalambides In Cr Ea Se
1 Psyche Unveiling the Secret
1 Presley, Elvis Essential
1 Monroe, Bill Rca Country Legends
1 Soledad Brothers Steal Your Soul and Dare Your
1 Numan, Gary Pleasure Principle, The
1 New York Dolls, the In Too Much Too Soon
1 Melton, Barry Songs of the Next Great Depres
1 Hawkwind Astounding Sounds, Amazing Mus
1 Hawkwind Xenon Codex, the
1 Manzarek, Ray Whole Thing Started with R & R
1 Fall, the Frenz Experiment, the
1 Depeche Mode Catching Up with
1 Davis, Jimmy Country Music Hall of Fame
1 Cooder, Ry Ry Cooder
1 Clark, Gene Two Sides to Every Story
1 Kang, Eyvind Live Low to the Earth, In...
1 Animals, the Winds of Change
1 Bongzilla Gateway
1 Baldry, Long John It Ain't Easy
1 Various Artists Ultra Lounge Vegas...
1 Tarentel Ephemera
1 Marad, Iomos L.I.F.E. B/W Free
1 Space Machine Cosmos From Diode Latter Filtr
1 Jones, Sharon & the Dap Kings Dap-Dippin' With...
1 Ttc Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque
1 Fleetwood Mac Penguin
1 Hillage, Steve Motivation Radio
1 Jam, the In the City
1 Jefferson Airplane 2400 Fulton Street
1 6955 [Self-Titled]
1 Davis, Reverend Gary Twelve Gates to the City
1 Various Artists American Graffiti Rev.
1 Various Artists Living in the Streets
1 Various Artists Slurped Too!
1 Various Artists Legends of Reggae VL.1
1 Various Artists Beat Generation Vol. 2
1 Various Artists Beat Generation V1, the
1 Williams, Hank Jr. Almeria Club
1 Centimeters Lifetime Achievement Awards
1 Various Artists Kfjc Cart Archives #16
1 Monolake Gravity
1 King Crimson Compact King Crimson, The
1 Hedwig & the Angr (soundtrack) Hedwig & the Angry Inch
1 Various Artists Braindance
1 Murvin, Junior Police & Thieves
1 Various Artists Natural Funky
1 Doors, the (No Title)
1 Singh, Dev & Gaynor Jenkins Reason I Like You, the
1 Mutabaruka Check It!
1 Locklin, Hank Generations in Song
1 Various Artists Input 64
1 Cash, Johnny Classic Cash/Hall of Fame
1 Wellington, Valerie Million Dollar Secret
1 Pop, Iggy Soldier
1 Captain Beefheart Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
1 Various Artists Abu-Jamal, Mumia
1 Parker, Andrea Dark Ages, the
1 Allison, Luther Luther's Blues
1 Various Artists America in Decline
1 Fahey, John Old Girlfriends and Other...
1 Smith, Steven R Slate Branches
1 Cash, Johnny E.P. Collection...Plus, the
1 Various Artists Ballads and Breakdowns
1 Portuondo, Omara Buena Vista Social Club...
1 Prine, John John Prine Live
1 Clements, Vassar Vassar Clements
1 Hawk, Gerald King of the River Canoe
1 Vaughan, Stevie Ray & Double.. Live Alive
1 Marclay, Christian & Yoshihide Moving Parts
1 Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrect #3
1 Thornton, Big Mama Stronger than Dirt
1 Spring Heel Jack Disappeared
1 Redding, Otis Tell the Truth
1 Volapuk Polyglot
1 Sun City Girls Dreamy Draw, the
1 Various Artists Bless My Bones
1 Robinson, Fenton Somebody Loan Me a Dime
1 Wonder, Stevie Hotter than July
1 Goodman, Steve Somebody Else's Troubles
1 Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection
1 Ray, Eddie Blues at Midnight
1 Rufus and Chaka Khan Live
1 Various Artists Electronic Toys 2
1 BR5-49 Tangled in the Pines
1 Meters, the Meters Jam, the
1 K.M.D. Mr. Hood
1 Smith, Wayne Wicked Inna Dancehall
1 Stepford Husbands, the Seems Like Years
1 Mingus, Charles Oh Yeah
1 Various Artists Future, Jazz
1 Franklin, Aretha Live at Fillmore West
1 Burgess, Sonny with Dave Alvin Tennessee Border
1 Louvin Brothers Tragic Songs of Life
1 Pleaseeasaur As Seen on T.V.
1 Buzzcocks Modern
1 Le Tigre S/T
1 Causey Way, the With Loving and Open Arms
1 Pena, Paco Arte Y Pasion
1 Howard, Noah At Judson Hall
1 Hancock, Wayne Wild, Free and Reckless
1 Nerves, the New Animal
1 Various Artists Caribbean Sampler
1 Franklin, Aretha Delta Meets Detroit, the
1 Mancham, Raksha Sbas Yul
1 Various Artists Knormalities
1 Biafra, Jello If Evolution Is Outlawed...
1 Gillespie, Dizzy Dizziest
1 Purple Rose of Ca (soundtrack) Purple Rose of Cairo, the
1 Buckminster Fuzeboard How to Make C60 BR24 in Under
1 Fela Anikulapo Kuti Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsens
1 Gadget Black Acura
1 Kent, Willie Make Room for the Blues
1 Lucas, Robert Usin' Man Blues
1 Little Milton Strugglin' Lady
1 Johnson, Johnnie Johnnie B. Bad
1 Little Milton Chicago Golden Years
1 Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
1 Quinn, Frank If You Are Irish
1 Bishop, Alan (Alvarius B) Alvarius B.
1 Dupree, Jack Forever and Ever
1 Delay, Paul - Band, the Paulzilla
1 Collins, Albert Complete Imperial Recordi, the
1 Clarke, William Serious Intentions
1 Charles, Ray Birth of Soul Vol 2, the
1 Various Artists Resonance Vol. 6 No. 1
1 Lil' Ed & the Blues Imperials Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits
1 Lenoir, J.B. Natural Man
1 Various Artists Electric Ladyland Iv
1 John Lee Hooker Complete 50'S Chess Rcrdgs, th
1 New Order Ceremony
1 Various Artists Great Jewish Music: Serge Ga...
1 Perry, Lee Arkology
1 Rich, Robert Numena
1 Youngs, Richard Advent
1 Starlite Desperation, the Our Product
1 Guitar Slim Things that I Used to Do, the
1 Fuller, Jesse Frisco Bound
1 Fuller, Blind Boy Truckin' My Blues Away
1 Frost, Frank Hey Boss Man
1 Strange Creek Singers Strange Creek Singers
1 Dead Fish Fuck Silence at the Eye of the Scrm
1 Davis, Blind John Stomping on a Saturday Night
1 Pin Group, the S/T
1 Various Artists Shake Your Congas
1 Sta-Prest Let's Be Friendly with Our Fri
1 Legendary Pink Dots It's Raining in Heaven
1 Sun City Girls Dante's Disneyland Inferno
1 Ramani, Dr. N./ Sankaran, ... Lotus Signatures
1 Heptones, the Sea of Love
1 Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth" Pressure Cooker
1 Bonner, Weldon "Juke Boy" Texas Blues Troubadour, the
1 Tipsy Trip Tease
1 Muppet Movie (soundtrack) Soundtrack
1 Black Vial, the Frozen Morning
1 Various Artists Eh, Pisano!
1 Various Artists Jazz Dance Classics V4
1 Phono-Comb Fresh Gasoline
1 Dawkins, Jimmy Blisterstring
1 Various Artists Axiom Dub
1 La Peste La Peste
1 Various Artists Objects D'art
1 Dorsey, Jimmy Radio Years Vol. 12 1939/40
1 Chandra, Sheila Abonecronedrone
1 Various Artists Absolute
1 Reverend Horton Heat Smoke 'em If You Got 'em
1 Either/Orchestra Across the Omniverse
1 Various Artists Music and Rhythm
1 Roots, the "Section"
1 Various Artists Life at the Top
1 Sun City Girls 330,003 Crossdressers From ...
1 Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island
1 Like Swimming Like Swimming
1 Various Artists Elephant Table Album
1 Junk Genius
1 Various Artists Cocktail Mix Vol. #2
1 Various Artists Howardian/Nikki Light
1 Piazzolla, Astor Hemisphere
1 Harris, Peppermint Texas on My Mind
1 Gerrard, Lisa Mirror Pool, the
1 Rothman, SandyPottier, Steve Bluegrass Guitar Duets
1 Surf Trio, the Curse of the Surf Trio
1 Waits, Tom Nighthawks at the Diner
1 Virgin Prunes Our Love Will Last Forever...
1 Tortoise "Gamera"
1 Entheogens Gnostic Mass, the
1 Namlook/Rehberg Putney 2, the
1 Twenty Second Sect, the Get that Charge
1 Various Artists Golden Throats Vol. 3
1 Zorn, John Art of Memory, the
1 Throbbing Gristle Greatest Hits
1 Bellson, Louie Big Band London Scene
1 Eskelin, Ellery Jazz Trash
1 Tad God's Balls
1 Surf Trio, the Almost Summer
1 Sun City Girls Piasa-Devourer of Men
1 Bishop, Alan (Alvarius B) Alvarius B.
1 Space Needle Voyager
1 Skinny Puppy Rabies
1 Sugarsmack Spanish Riffs
1 Davis, Miles Relaxing with the Miles Davis.
1 Autechre Amber
1 Polkacide Polkacide
1 Kazamaki, Takashi / Kalle Laar Floating Frames
1 Various Artists Vinyl Dogs Vol. 1
1 Air Liquide Increased Difficulty Of..., th
1 Ophelias, the Oriental Head
1 Hession/Wilkinson/Fell Foom! Foom!
1 Ed Wood (soundtrack) Ed Wood
1 Various Artists Sun Records Collection
1 Social Unrest Rat in a Maze
1 Negative Trend We Don't Play...
1 Henderson, Duke Get Your Kicks
1 Various Artists Dr. Demento's Delights
1 De La Soul De La Soul Is Dead
1 Visotzky, D.M./Widmer, Jacques Last Leaf, the
1 Kina, Shoukichi Asia Classics 2: Peppermint Tea House
1 Lawndale Sasquatch Rock
1 Lanegan, Mark Winding Sheet
1 Komar, Tennie & the Silencers Future Stories
1 Slapp Happy Acnalbasac Noom
1 Laughner, Peter Take The Guitar Player For a Ride
1 Advocates of Das Bang "..."
1 Southern Culture on the Skids Peckin' Party
1 Jazz Butcher, the A Scandal in Bohemia
1 Null, K.K./James Plotkin Auroura
1 Green Pajamas Book of Hours
1 Frank Chickens Yellow Toast
1 Fear Record, the
1 Fad Gadget Gag
1 Ferguson, H-Bomb Wiggin' Out
1 D.R.I. Crossover
1 Descendents, the Bonus Fat
1 Sun City Girls Kaliflower
1 Zappa, Frank & Ensemble Modern Yellow Shark, the
1 Phiar, Liz Carnivore
1 Ranks, Shabba Rough & Ready Vol .2
1 Clark, Anne Wallies
1 King Crimson Starless and Bible Black
1 King, B.B. King of the Blues
1 Dead Can Dance Into the Labyrinth
1 Buddy Love "..."
1 Blood on the Saddle Poison Love
1 Anderson, Laurie Big Science
1 Anderson, Laurie Selections From U.S. Live
1 Toure, Ali Farka Source, the
1 Various Artists D.I.Y.:The Modern World
1 Various Artists D.I.Y.:Teenage Kicks
1 Owens, Buck Buck Owens Coll. 3
1 Varttina Seleniko
1 Suns of Arqa Cradle
1 Birdsongs of the Mesozoic Pyroclastics
1 Fathers and Sons Fathers and Sons
1 Jordan, Marlon Undaunted, the
1 Various Artists Less Rock, More Talk
1 Lazy Cowgirls, the How It Looks-How It Is
1 Rachell, Yank Mandolin Blues
1 Crash Worship Espontaneo
1 Sun City Girls Dulce
1 Memphis Goons, the Teenage B B Q
1 Peaches Fatherfucker
1 Leadbelly Shout on
1 Japanther Dump the Body in Rikki Lake
1 Little My Grain
1 Morris, Lawrence D. "Butch" Conduction #70: Tit for Tat
1 Dead Can Dance A Passage in Time


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