KFJC tops for week ending 06/02/1999

10 Tortoise/The Ex In the Fishtank 5
9 Bellrays, the Let It Blast
9 Go-Betweens 78 Til 79 the Lost Album
9 Waits, Tom Mule Variations
8 Hopewell Purple Baloon
8 Insects, the Return to the Foreign Legion
8 Piano Magic Low Birth Weight
7 Calexico 98-99 Road Map
7 Rich, Robert Inner Landscapes
7 Lowercase Going Away Present, the
7 Various [coll]: Cool Beans! Comp #10
7 El Stew El Stew
7 Teriyakis Psychics to Sidekicks
6 Red Violin, the (soundtrack) Red Violin, the
6 Herearethefactsyourequested Shocks and Struts
6 Various [coll]: Doob Doob O'rama
6 Childish, Billy Hangman Communication
6 Mekons I Have Been to Heaven & Back
6 King Brothers Super X
6 Trans Am Futureworld
5 Eaglesmith, Fred 50-ODD Dollars
5 Bendian, Greg Trio Pianissimo Balance
5 Fall, the Marshall) Suite, the
5 Various [coll]: Across Uneven Terrain
5 Various [coll]: Voices in a Dark Room
5 Mocket Pro Forma
5 Irving Philharmonic Orchestra Perpetual Motion Sickness
5 Black Halos, the S/T
5 Man or Astro-Man? Eeviac
5 Poem Rocket Universe Explained in ..., the
5 Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion Of...
5 Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth" Blackjack
4 Neurosis Times of Grace
4 Various [coll]: Blood Brothers / Miler
4 Milton/Gerth/Steer [Oh Pity Us]
4 Todd, Mia Doi Come Out of Your Mine
4 Yardbirds/Sonny Boy Williamson Complete Crawdaddy Recordings
4 El Din, Hamza A Wish
4 Father Harry Spring 1999
4 Petty Crime Slampt 53
4 King Tubby & Friends Dub Like Dirt
4 Dr Dooom First Come First Served
4 Live Human Orange Bush Monkey Flower
4 Prolapse Ghosts of Dead Aeroplane
4 Cooley, Spade Shame on You
4 Sam Gopal Escalator
4 Fair, Jad and Kramer Sound of Music, the
4 Soundtracks, Epic Everything Is Temporary
4 Bodies, the Bodies, the
4 Atman Tradition
4 Various [coll]: Seeds Turn to Flowers.
4 Various [coll]: Loopdrop/Azusa Plane
4 Devil Dub Band Devil Dub
3 Fantomas, the Fantomas, the
3 Burrowes, Roy Reggae Au Go Jazz
3 Payton, Asie Worried
3 Watson, Dale Good Luck 'n Good Truckin 2NIT
3 Ghost Snuff Box Immanence
3 Black Heart Procession 2
3 Cage, John Nova Musicha N1
3 Various [coll]: Battery Park Cologne..
3 Pawns You Talk of Sacrifice..He Knew
3 Various [coll]: Scene Through My Eyes
3 Push Button Objects 12"___________________
3 Beequeen Do Be Do: a Live Anthology
3 Bongzilla Stash
3 Thegodshatekansas Mischief Is Its Own Reward
3 Vortex Navigation Company Things Make Patterns As They..
3 Up, Bustle and Out Rustlin' Ep
3 Hamburger, Neil Left for Dead in Malaysia
3 Brain Science Presents...Secre Secrets of Space Mesa
3 Charalambides Houston
3 Slotek Hydrophonic
3 B.O.R.B. Trailer Full of Smoke
3 Sweep the Leg Johnny Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
3 Sunroof! Delicate Autobahn Construction
3 Various [coll]: Kim Fowley-Underground
3 Godspeed You Black Emporor! Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
3 We Ragazzi Suicide Sound System
3 I-Roy Welding
3 Ticklah Polydemic
3 Clone Not Feeling Quite Like Yourse
3 Hemphill, Julius Blue Boye
3 Dj Krush & Toshinori Kondo Ki-Oku
3 Fell, Simon H./Archer, Martin Pure Water Construction
3 Involution Lab Love
2 Pablo, Augustus & Jah T Like the Pipe Peter
2 Enevoldsen, Bob Quintet
2 Adult Adult
2 Karkowski, Zbigniew & Tetsuo.. World As Will
2 Various [coll]: Japan in Decline
2 Various [coll]: Park/The Grand Hotel
2 Gebbia, Smith & Powell People in Motion
2 Clusone 3 Rara Avis
2 Stratos, Demetrio Metrodora
2 Various [coll]: Bloodstns Acrs Belgium
2 Matrix Un/Self-Titled
2 Agricola, Alexander A Secret Labyrinth
2 Moore, Thurston; Parker, Evan Promise, the
2 Sonogram Heartbeat Submarines
2 Danny Breaks Dislocated Sounds
2 Ducret, Marc L'ombra Di Verdi
2 Wild Magnolias, the Life Is a Carnival
2 Various [coll]: Classitron, the
2 Wiggins, John Anagenic
2 Hatewave S/T
2 Various [coll]: Reality Part #3
2 Vainio, Mika Tekonivel Gulab Jamoon
2 Schumacher, Michael J. Fidicin Drones
2 Cul De Sac Crashes to Light Minutes to ..
2 Various [coll]: Killed By Death V 41
2 Various [coll]: Thompson, Hank and Fri
2 Various [coll]: Land O D Rising Sun V3
2 Knox, Chris Almost
2 Garmarna Vengeance
2 Gustafsson, Mats Education of Lars Jerry, the
2 Genius "Publicity"
2 Barnett, Mandy I've Got a Right to Cry
2 Parkins, Zeena/Simo, Ana Maria Opium War, the
2 High Rise Durophet
2 Drill for Absentee Circle Music
2 Brewer, Clarence King Clarentz
2 Murder Murder
2 Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Radio Favorites
2 Isotope 217 Isotope 217 Mixed By....
2 Tusken Raiders Bantha Trax VOL.2
2 Iso 68 Reihenhausmusik 3
2 Microphones, the Bass Drum Dream
2 Twilight Circus Sound System Horsie
2 Lonesome Organist Cavalcade
2 Leyland, Carl "Sonny" I'm Wise
2 Cash, June Carter Press on
2 Make-Up Born on the Floor
2 Various [coll]: Dj Spooky/Alan Licht
2 Coe, David Allan Recommended for Airplay
2 Overhang Party Overhang Party 4
2 Perrey, Jean-Jacques Good Moog
2 Badawi Heretic of Ether
2 New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars Fresh Out of the Past
2 Valvola Teenagers Film Their Own Life
2 Known in Bakersfield Retinal Ma Should Win
2 Il.Ek.Tro Two
2 Trinity & Bambino (soundtrack) Trinity & Bambino
2 Gunga Din, the Introducing the Gunga Din
2 Seven Percent Solution Gabriel's Waltz
2 Water Regions of the S W U.S.A Artificial Subterranne
1 Sensational Corner of the Market
1 Maniac High Sence Maniac High Sence
1 Long Winter's Stare Before the Dawn, So Go the ...
1 Gigante! Allesandrone
1 Jackson, John Country Blues & Ditties
1 Aphex Twin Windowlicker Ep
1 Virgin Prunes Sons Find Devils
1 Gentle Tasaday In the Mind's Eye Ofa Blind...
1 Jones, Mason & Kawabata Makoto Within a Golden Moment
1 Le Car Auto Fuel E.P.
1 Gfq ______________________________
1 Glorious Din Leading Stolen Horses
1 Guaranteed Ugly It's An Ugly Ugly World
1 Source Direct Enemy Lines
1 Dj Spooky & Totemplow Template 23 Mixes
1 Boys From Brazil (soundtrack) ______________________________
1 Deer Hunter (Soun (soundtrack) ______________________________
1 X-Ray Pop Psychedelik Dolls
1 Moebius & Plank Material
1 Poitier, Sydney Journeys Inside the Mind
1 Sherman, Ed Out of My Head
1 Add N to X Avant Hard
1 Sub Oslo Sub Oslo
1 Maneri, Joe Quartet Tenderly
1 Old Time Relijun Uterus and Fire
1 August, Lynn Creole People
1 Styles of Beyond "Many Styles"
1 Ziamulush V28
1 Hochenkeit I Love You
1 Morgion Solinari
1 Hazlewood, Lee Cowboy in Sweden
1 Arab on Radar Rough Day at the Orifice
1 Logan, Giuseppi Guiseppi Logan Quartet, the
1 Staley, Jim/Bergman/Legere Blind Pursuits
1 Tower Recordings, the Contact Low: Definition
1 Clayton, Kit Mimic & the Model #1, the
1 Anthology of World Music Vietnam
1 Ides of March, the I'm Gonna Say My Prayers
1 Stump Tone Circles
1 Pablo, Augustus Valley of Jehosaphat
1 Euphone Calendar of Unlucky Days, the
1 Realistics Realistics
1 Tear Ceremony Film Decay
1 Jimpster Messages From the Hub
1 Bradley, Dale Ann Old Southern Porches
1 Carter Family, the On Border Radio, VOL.3
1 Novotny/Vierlinger/Nagl Musik Fur Einen Kirchenraum
1 Spin 17 ______________________________
1 Schwarzwald Kuroi-Mori
1 Yaphet Kotto Killer Was in the Govt. Bl, th
1 Jones Crusher Jones Crusher
1 Charles River Valley Boys, the Comin' From the Ball
1 Lilly Brothers and Don Stover Have a Feast Here Tonight!
1 B.G.K. A Dutch Feast
1 Light Bright Highway Moon Glory and the 7TH Sun
1 Various [coll]: Four Elements
1 Robinson, Jeff Trio Getting Fixed
1 Anthology of World Music Laos
1 Starr, Edwin 25 Miles
1 Various [coll]: Misc
1 Wobbly Radio
1 Smith, Paul Devil Eat the Groundhog
1 Maya Y Cantu El Primero Conjunto Norteno
1 Mogwai Come on Die Young
1 Nutley Brass, the Play the Ramones Songbook!
1 Deerhoof Come See the Duck/Sadness of H
1 Salome Zero 2 Infinity/Rise Up
1 Tinkler, Scott Sofa King
1 Gone Orchestra, the No Price Too High
1 Ass Baboons of Venus Go Go Telescope
1 Pin Group, the S/T
1 Soft Boys, the Wading Through a Ventilator
1 Clinic Cement Mixer

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