KFJC tops for week ending 06/02/2004

10 Rachel's Systems/Layers
9 Neither/Neither World Live Tracks and Rarities
9 Tracy & the Plastics Culture for Pigeon
8 Delisle, Grey Home Wrecker
8 Mittoo, Jackie + the Soul Brot Last Train to Skaville
8 Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose
8 Rich, Robert Calling Down the Sky
7 Chance, James Sax Education
7 Various [coll]: Gibbs, Joe Productions
7 Kammerflimmer Kollektief Cicadidae
7 Electromagnetic, the Electromagnetic, the
7 Espers Espers
6 Farrar, Jay Stone, Steel & Bright Lights
6 Various [coll]: Studio One Ska
6 Linval Thompson Linval Thompson
6 Brother Ah Key to Nowhere
6 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92
6 Skalpel S/T
6 Brute Force Brute Force
6 Deerhoof Milk Man
6 Numbers In My Mind All the Time
6 Cash, Johnny My Mother's Hymn Book
5 Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver A School of Bluegrass
5 Yahowa 13 Penetration: An Aquarian Symph
5 Kinski Don't Climb on & Take the Holy
5 Owls, the Our Hopes and Dreams
5 Dear Nora Mountain Rock
5 Gravy Train Hello Doctor
5 Broken Spindles Fulfilled/Complete
5 Various [coll]: Anticon Label Sampler
5 Gurf Morlix Cut 'n' Shoot
5 King Wilkie Broke
5 Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Horses
5 Villian Accelerate Maid of Gold
4 Rob, Brown Round the Bend
4 Parkin, Nick & Tom Gillieron Red Shift
4 Various [coll]: Mali Lolo! Stars of Ma
4 Rollerball Behind the Barber
4 James Mc Murtry & Heartless... Live in Aught-Three
4 Hypnotech 3 Prescription Electronics
4 Sunburned Hand of the Man, the Trickle-Down Theory Of..., the
4 Branca, Glenn Lesson No. 1
4 Allison Moorer Duel, the
4 Wailing Souls at Channel One 7'S, 12'S, and Versions
4 Dj Signify Sleep no More
4 Din-St Yamu D'-Din
4 Mad Professor Dub Me Crazy!!
4 Bullwackie's All Stars Natures Dub
4 Hi-Tech Roots Dynamics 90 Degree Dub
4 Staton, Candi Candi Staton
4 Banhart, Devendra Rejoicing in the Hands
4 Lifesmyth Music for the Third Ear
4 Various [coll]: Wide Hive Remixed
4 Mirah C'mon Miracle
4 Jon Langford All the Fame of Lofty Deeds
4 Cocorosie La Maison De Mon Reve
4 Amber Smith, the From Upper Lip to Lower Hip
4 Birchville Cat Motel/Russell S/T
4 Flies Inside the Sun Burning Glass
4 Various [coll]: Wolf Eyes/Black Dice (
4 Sciflyer Fair Weather Karma
4 Cosmos, the Sort Of. not Really.
3 Mission of Burma Onoffon
3 John and the Sisters John and the Sisters
3 Skepticism Farmakon
3 Tanakh Dieu Deuil
3 Black Sun Ensemble Starlight
3 Noxagt Iron Point, the
3 Various [coll]: Myth Lives On, the
3 Viento De Agua Unplugged Materia Prima
3 Kang, Eyvind Virginal Co-Ordinates
3 Dopestyle 1231 Size Double D
3 Various [coll]: Cajun Champs
3 Trashmen, the Tube City
3 Eyedea & Abilities E & a
3 Various [coll]: Split Series 9-16
3 Brown, Barry Steppin Up Dub Wise
3 Babbletron ______________________________
3 Landing Seasons
3 Lee, Bunny Et Al Randy's Vintage Dub Selection
3 Beck, Thavius Decomposition
3 Various [coll]: Lttr #2
3 Khan, Ali Akbar W/Swapan Chaud Swara Samrat
3 Adams, Ryan Love Is Hell
3 Bad Fathers and Tack Fu Evolution Is Outdated
3 Scott,Raymond Microphone Music
3 Various [coll]: Xasthur/Acid Enema
3 Darling Kandie People Next Door
3 Collins, Lyn Check Me Out If You Don't Know
3 Encore Layover
3 Library Science High Life Honey
3 Black-Eyed Snakes, the Rise Up!
3 Snowdrops, the Mad World
3 Green Milk Planet Orange Hes Crying, Look
3 Guitar Wolf Kaminari One
3 Various [coll]: China
3 Connie Acher & Blind Drnk John For the Love of It
3 Azeem & Variable Unit Mayhem Mystics
3 Various [coll]: Dub Solidarity Part 1
3 User, the Abandon
3 J.D. Robb Rhythmania: Electronic Music..
3 Various [coll]: Anti-Ny
3 Fontanelle Style Drift
3 Belkings, Los Instrumental Waves 66-73
3 Various [coll]: Kill Bill (soundtrack)
2 Prehn, Tom Quartet ______________________________
2 Watts, Alan Zen & Senryu
2 Oneida Caesar's Column
2 Kak S/T
2 Brokaw, Chris My Confidante Plus 3
2 Los Sonadores Vida
2 Ave Rock Ave Rock
2 Electric Eye, the Electric Wisdom
2 Russell, Arthur World of Arthur Russell, the
2 Buckethead Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
2 Sun Ra Sun Song
2 Larsen Musm
2 All Night Radio Split Stereo Frequency
2 Passage Creature in the Classroom
2 Hieroglyphics Make Your Move
2 Kid Icarus Maps of the Saints
2 Various [coll]: Coachwhips/Trin Tran
2 Blockhead Music By Cavelight
2 Various [coll]: Quisqueya En El Hudson
2 Amy Farris Anyway
2 Kyriakides, Yannis/Moor, Andy Red V Green
2 Moe!Kestra! Two Forms of Multitudes:
2 Liebman, David Big Band Beyond the Line
2 Galas, Diamanda La Serpenta Canta
2 Sharkey Fuzz
2 Various [coll]: Lemme Take You...
2 Kakalla Voice of Twilight, the
2 Thumbtack Smoothie Homestyle
2 Rondellus Sabbatum
2 Various [coll]: Intransive Recordings
2 Various [coll]: Industrial Fist
2 Various [coll]: MD8
2 Various [coll]: Haemorrhage/Impaled
2 Sh'mantra Formula Orange
2 Laminar Nozzle
2 Various [coll]: Nuyorican Funk Experie
2 Physics 1999-11-21
2 Sixteens Casio
2 Various [coll]: Ovo/K.K.Null
2 Hair Police Obedience Cuts
2 Psychic Paramount, the Live 2002, the Franco-Italian
2 Wickham-Smith, Simon Rapt
2 Woven Hand Blush
2 Flesh Eaters, the Miss Muerte
2 Dynasty Dynasty
2 Capital D & the Molemen Writer's Block (The Movie)
2 Tangle Eye Alan Lomax's Southern Journey
2 Nomads, the In a House of Cards
2 Al-'ajami, Hasan Singing of Sanaa, the
2 Mindflayer Its Always 1999
2 Watchers To the Rooftops
2 Rucker, Ricci & Mike Boo Scetch Book
2 Kid 606 Kill Sound Before Sound Kills.
2 Liars There's Always Room...
2 Chromatics Plaster Hounds
2 Minus Story Captain Is Dead, Let The.., th
2 Watson, Doc & Frosty Morn 'round the Table Again
2 Califone Heron King Blues
2 Explosions in the Sky Earth Is not a Cold Dead, the
2 Johnny and the Hurricanes Legends Collection Vol 1
2 Scientist Kills the Millennium Bug
2 Coachwhips Bangers Vs. Fuckers
2 Mt Vernon Astral Temple Musick that Destroys Itself
2 Astral Orchids
2 Stereolab Margerine Eclipse
2 Kristofferson, Kris Essential Kris Kristofferson
1 Mathieu/Mens/Schaefer/Timeblin Quality Hotel
1 Cropknox Just Can't Live...
1 Paintbox Cry of the Sheeps
1 Babelis Project Electronic Music Trio Improv
1 Living Legends Damn It Feels Good/Whatizit?
1 Joyner, Simon & Fallen Men To Almost no One
1 Aim Girl Who Fell Through The, the
1 Lambchop Awcmonnoyoucmon
1 Ulver Nattens Madigral
1 Arovane Minth
1 Wyatt, Robert Cuckooland
1 Sun Ra Hours After
1 Bhagavan Das Now
1 Various [coll]: Music From the Morning
1 Dusk Monsoon Dusk Monsoon
1 Jutek, Kaneko/Takahisa, Kikuka Wedged Night
1 Various [coll]: Corrupted/Cripplebasta
1 Funeral Shock ______________________________
1 Gladiators, the Strong to Survive
1 Walter,Drumm,Lonberg-Holm Eruption
1 Slicker We All Have a Plan
1 Edwards, Don Last of the Troubadours
1 Automato Automato
1 Various [coll]: Diggin' for Gold
1 Absolut Null Punkt(Anp) Live in Japan
1 Point Line Plane Curse Chorus Curse/Sh...Boom
1 Toadliquor Hortator's Lament, the
1 Therios Ii
1 Scott-Heron, Gil Free Will
1 Kyriakides, Yannis A Conspiracy Cantata
1 Get Hustle Live at the Little Fawn
1 Sounds Like Braille Right Out of Left Field,...
1 Miller, Bill Best of Bill Miller
1 Various [coll]: Industrial Nation V.2
1 Delgado, Junior Original Guerilla Music
1 Einsturzende Neubauten Perpetuum Mobile
1 Shimada, Aiko Like Hannah
1 Cooper-Moore, T.Abbs, C.Taylor Triptych Myth
1 Kahn, Jason/Mueller, Jon Papercuts
1 Ginsberg, Allen In Wuppertal
1 Disrhythmia Prestet
1 Kline, Phil Unsilent Night
1 Schaefer, Janek Skate
1 Roosevelt Franklin Insomnia 411
1 Reynols Jaz Ronco Japi Javas VOL3
1 Forcefield Lord of the Rings Modulator
1 Andriessen, Louis Gigantic Dancing Human Machine
1 Bro. Danielson Kid, the
1 Merle Haggard It's All in the Game
1 Various [coll]: Toe 2 Toe
1 Various [coll]: Voices of the Dead
1 Wayne Butane Sucks Bigtime
1 Davis, Greg Curling Pond Woods
1 Weston, Veryan Tesselations
1 Various [coll]: Hits and Misses
1 Nagisa Ni Te Feel
1 Johnny and the Hurricanes Legends Collection Vol 2
1 Dub Diablo Peaches Vs. Hives
1 Cerberus Shoal/Magic Carpathia Life and Times of ...
1 Kraftwerk Tour De France 03
1 Wyatt, Robert Solar Flares Burn for You
1 Rebel Powers Not One Star Will Stand the Nt
1 Irmler, Hans Joachim Life Like
1 Verdure Cross & Satellite Station
1 Motor Freeze
1 Flasket Brinner Disc 2 Swedish Radio Rec. 1970-1975
1 Choates, Harry Fiddle King of Cajun Swing
1 Keith, Rodd Ecstacy to Frenzy
1 Various [coll]: Improv's New Waves
1 Jucifer War Bird
1 Various [coll]: Subtitle /Free Moral a
1 Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep
1 Russell, Arthur Calling Out of Context
1 Wolf, Jonathan & Andrew Broder Hymie's Basement
1 Mylab Mylab
1 Spider Compass Good Crime Band Callispian Fallopian...
1 Abecedarians, the Resin
1 Various [coll]: Crickets & Fireflies
1 Various [coll]: Grazing Th Trash
1 Red Elvises I Wanna See You Belly Dance
1 Wright, Frank - Trio ______________________________
1 Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Pl... Savvy Show Stoppers

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