KFJC tops for week ending 06/06/2001

11 Chandra, Sheila This Sentence Is True...
10 Various [coll]: Latin Beats:A Tribute
10 Chocolate Watchband, the At the Love-In Live!
8 YBO2 Alienation
7 Dynotones, the S/T
7 Whiskeytown Pneumonia
7 Cline, Nels Destroy All Nels Cline
7 Starfish Pool Illusions of Move-Chapter Red
6 Dj Logic Anomaly, the
6 Various [coll]: New York City:Global B
6 Dame Darcy W/ the Coctails Tardvark
6 Detroit Escalator Co. Black Buildings Ep
6 Various [coll]: Droppen the Bomb
6 Dread, Mikey-Show African Anthem: Dubwise
6 Swollen Members Lady Venom / New Details
6 P.S. I Love You Ps. I Love You
6 Various [coll]: King Funk
6 Mountain Goats, the Isopanisad Radio Hour
6 Various [coll]: Clicks & Cuts 2
6 Gasoline Fake to Fame
6 Ex, the Dizzy Spells
6 Various [coll]: Urban Revolutions
5 Hayseed Dixie Hillbilly Tribute to Ac/Dc
5 Various [coll]: Sister Spit's Ramblin'
5 Re: Mnant
5 Clouddead Number Five
5 Allison, Luther Luther's Blues
5 Cathode Ray Tube Subzero Sensei
5 Peeps, the Peeps, the
5 Alejandro Escovedo A Man Under the Influence
5 Ballin' the Jack Big Head, the
5 Buck Owens/Emmylou Harris Buck Collection V3
5 Cannibal Ox Vein
5 Moore, Rebecca Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
5 Nordine, Ken A Transparent Mask
5 Astroglides, the Penetrate With...
5 El Ray El Frank Francesco D'angelo
5 Various [coll]: Support Your Local Mus
5 Mustafio Mustafio 2
5 Calla Scavengers
5 Tortoise Standards
5 Thunders, Johnny Live and Unreleased
4 Silva, Alan and Cel Com Orch Seasons
4 Agness Love, Alice
4 Faun Fables ______________________________
4 Various [coll]: Tarentel/Lilienthal
4 Loopdrop Loopdrop
4 Bardo Pond Slab
4 Jedi Mind Tricks Retaliation
4 Channel One Maxfield Avenue Breakdown
4 Magic Carpathians, the Ethnocore 2: Nytu
4 Low & Dirty Three Fishtank Session
4 Satan's Cheerleaders Paint It Black, You Devil
4 Russell, Tom Borderland
4 Registrators Singles
4 Various [coll]: 1ST Annual Sacred...
4 Autechre Basscadet Mxs
4 Pelt / Lawler / Clark Keyhole 12 July 2000
4 Gladiators, the Trenchtown Mix Up
4 Antibalas' Afrobeat Orchestra Liberation Afrobeat VOL.1
4 Goblin (soundtrack) Suspiria
4 Warlocks, the S/T
4 Coil Astral Disaster
4 Screaming Lord Sutch Monster Rock
4 Bardo Pond Dilate
4 Allen, Red Folkways Years 1964-1983, the
4 Country Gentlemen, the On the Road (And More)
4 Buckwheat Zydeco Down Home Live!
4 Breakestra Live Mix Part 2, the
4 Caretaker, the Selected Memories From the Ha
4 Sound Track ______________________________
4 Sylvain Sylvain Paper, Pencil & Glue
3 1-SPEED Bike Droopy Butt Begone!
3 Grandaddy Crystal Lake, the
3 Trummerflora No Stars Please
3 Ladd, Mike Vernacular Homicide
3 Gravitar Edifier
3 Lacy, Steve Morning Joy
3 Various [coll]: Third Eye Foundation
3 Samadha Trio ______________________________
3 Dry Branch Fire Squad Hand Hewn
3 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Aus
3 A Brighter Death Now Obsessis
3 Lee and Junior Dreader Lock
3 Tribes of Neurot God of the Center
3 Ooioo Feather Float
3 Various [coll]: Where Birdmen Flew..
3 Scientist Heavy Weight Dub Champion
3 Clayton, Kit Lateral Forces
3 Mogwai Rock Action
3 Various [coll]: Funk Soul Sisters
3 Hamburger, Neil Great Phone Calls
3 Karate Unsolved
3 Twice As Much Own Up
3 Trans Megetti, the Fading Left to Completely on
3 Thinking Fellers UL282 Bob Dinners & Larry Noodles...
3 West Coast Pop Art Experimenta Part One
3 New Year, the Newness Ends
3 Kosmik Kommando Laptop Dancing
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Marrabe
3 Various [coll]: Heavy Flute
3 Masters of Illusions Bay-Bronx Bridge, the
3 Matmos A Chance to Cut Is a Cha...
3 Brume Krieg
3 Fisk, Steve 999 Levels of Undo
3 Mizutani, Kiyoshi Bird Songs
3 Shaver Earth Rolls On, the
3 Vir Strika B/W Solaris
2 Speaker/Cranker S/T
2 Phantom Limbs, the Hot Knives and Hornets
2 Leonard, Robert Graves & His.. S/T
2 Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity... Strange Strings
2 Smith, Steven R. Tableland
2 Little Fujiko S/T
2 Rollerball Trail of the Butter Yeti
2 Nunn, Tom Burning Palms
2 Kaiser, Jeff Excerpts From the Prince
2 Voivod Lives
2 Prince Far I and the Arabs Message From the King
2 Father Harry Spring 2001
2 Griffin, Francisca Some From the Sky
2 Troll Que Son Los Trolls Y En Que...
2 Saboten, the Kali
2 Romus, Rent Pkd Vortex Project
2 Various [coll]: Polly Shang/Smack MUS7
2 Ghania, Maleem Abdelah Gnawa Music of Essaouira
2 Father Harry Winter 2000
2 Bodies in the Basement Never Enough
2 Neil Michael Hagerty S/T
2 Jakob Erfo
2 Glass Candy&The Shattrd Theatr Smashed Candy
2 Lowsunday Elesgiem
2 Thundering Lizards Eyeball Sandwich
2 Couch Profane
2 Greg Trooper Straight Down Rain
2 Avengers V I Real Cool Hits
2 Delay, Vladislav Huone
2 R.L. Burnside Mississippi Hill Country Blues
2 Acid Mothers Temple and The... Absolutely Freak Out
2 Labradford Fixed::Context
2 Various [coll]: Invasion Funk Masters
2 Ripoff Artist, the Why Do Birds Sing?
2 Edge of Motion Rage
2 U.S. Maple Acre Thrills
2 Celebrities at Their Worst! Vol. 2.9: Bitch, Bitch, Bitch!
2 Shepp, Archie Blase
2 Galbraith, Alastair Orbital
2 Space Dust No Kissing in Public
2 Takemura, Nobukazu Hoshi no Koe
2 Campbell, Roy Pyramid Trio Ethnic Stew and Brew
2 Hood Home Is Where It Hurts
2 Artemiy Artemiev Forgotten Themes
2 Adult. Resuscitation
2 Various [coll]: De Babalon/Kid 606
2 Mercury Program, the All the Suits Began To...
2 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Il Gatto a Nove Code
2 Hazard Wood
2 Sandoz Lab Technicians Synaptic Acres
2 Haack, Bruce Electric Lucifer Book 2
1 Ida Braille Night, the
1 People Like Us A Fistful of Knuckles
1 Peel Seamus Shifting Gears
1 Various [coll]: Total Shutdown/Boxleit
1 Mr. Airplane Man, the Red Lite
1 Howe Confluence
1 Satya Sai Maitreya Kali Apache/Inca
1 Lea, Babatunde Master Drummers Vol. 4
1 Madlib Madlib Invasion
1 Okros Ensemble, the I Left My Sweet Homeland
1 Scorces Scorces
1 Sun Ra & His Astro Intergalact Discipline 27-11
1 Ware, David S. ______________________________
1 Free Music Quintet Free Music 1 and 2
1 Bang, Billy/Charles, Denis Bangception
1 D M B Q Annular Music
1 Various [coll]: Oxes/Arab on Radar
1 Bryars, Gavin A Man in a Room, Gambling
1 Marclay, Moore, Renaldo Fuck Shit Up
1 Burning Spear Traveling/Walking in Dub
1 Various [coll]: Big Showdown at King..
1 Gravitar Freedom's Just Another Word...
1 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Spa
1 Beige Rhythm!, The; the Message?
1 Young, Claude Pattern Buffer 05
1 Cherry, Don "Mu" First Part
1 Sun Ra & Intergalactic Infinty Night of the Purple Moon, the
1 Max Tundra QY20 Songs
1 Danny Frankel W/ Kid Congo... Jupiter, Now
1 Various [coll]: House of Distraction
1 Mc Clennan, Tommy Cotton Patch Blues 1939-1942
1 Various [coll]: Carolina Blues Guitar
1 Various [coll]: Naked & Alone on The..
1 Defiled Ugliness Revealed
1 Bullet Proof Space Travelers Built to Last
1 Lucky, Harell & Sharron Peas Poridge Hot E.P.
1 Various [coll]: Cruel Face/Dudman
1 Fasteau, Kali (& Friends) Vivid
1 Satlah Satlah
1 Lloyd, Demarnia Trace
1 Sapera Snake Charmers of India
1 Botkin, Perry Combines 3
1 Various [coll]: G B V: Suitcase Vol. 4
1 Various [coll]: G B V: Suitcase Vol. 2
1 Various [coll]: G B V: Suitcase Vol. 1
1 Nishinihon Art Rock no Shinei
1 Paul Newman Re-Issue, Re-Package, Re-....
1 Dianogah Hannibal
1 Electric Deluxe Electric Deluxe
1 Starlite Desperation, the Go Kill Mice
1 Beathovan Funky DEVASTATION(PT.1)
1 Okara Months Like Years
1 Magazine Maybe Its Right 2B Nervous Now
1 Earth Trumpet Self Titled
1 Bonnie 'prince' Billy Ease Down the Road
1 Various [coll]: Substancia 2
1 Thinking Fellers Union Local 2 Kids Are in the Mud, the
1 White Stripes, the Big Three Killed My Baby, the
1 I.K.U. Original Soundtrack
1 Black Dice Cold Hands
1 Mice Parade Mokoondi
1 Flaherty/Colbourne/Scholz Cydonia
1 Need New Body Need New Body
1 Bran (...) Pos, the World of Many Dans Ep, the
1 Various [coll]: London Musician's Coll
1 Todd, Mia Doi Zeroone
1 Kozelek, Mark What's Next to the Moon
1 Segundo, Compay Las Flores De La Vida
1 Lalo Schifrin Brazilian Jazz
1 Lot Six, the Code Mode, the
1 Berne, Tim Shell Game, the
1 Tipsy Uh-Oh!
1 Various [coll]: Studio One - Nice Up
1 Spanic Boys Torture
1 Various [coll]: Si-Con
1 Sadies, the Tremendous Efforts
1 King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy In the Jaws of Tiger
1 Ditchdiggers, the Light and Salvation
1 Potter, James 13 Drones
1 Suicide Zero Hour Ep
1 Wimp, the ______________________________
1 Astoveboat New Bedford
1 Hazard Field/Bridge
1 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Giu La Testa
1 Creed, Helios On Tour 1999

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