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  Top plays at KFJC
From June 6 2007 thru June 13 2007

Plays Artist Album
8 Baird, Meg Dear Companion
7 Marble Sheep Message From Oarfish
7 Various Artists Super Cool: California Soul 2
7 Spires That In The Sunset Rise This Is Fire
7 Various Artists House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records, The
7 Various Artists Kitchen Motors Family Album
7 Astatke, Mulatu Astatke, Mulatu
7 Various Artists Crows of The World
7 Draper, Linda Keepsake
6 Unsane Visqueen
6 Human Quena Orchestra, The Means Without Ends
6 Various Artists Aids Wolf Vs Athletic Automaton
6 Dorge, Pierre & New Jungle Orchestra Zig Zag Zimponi
6 Throbbing Gristle Part Two: The Endless Knot
6 Futurians Spock Ritual
6 Flue Beyond The Edge of Nowhere
6 Apparat Walls
6 Various Artists Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay
6 Kit Broken Voyage
6 Lymbyc Systym Love Your Abuser
6 Sinoia Caves Enchanter Persuaded, The
6 Operation S Is It Good
6 I Am Spoonbender Buy Hidden Persuaders
6 Lee, Okkyung Nihm
5 Mad Professor Meets Scientist At The Dub Table
5 Horton, Robert Expotition
5 Various Artists Lead Into Gold
5 Born/Dead Endless War...Repetition
5 Pope, The Sports
5 Akimbo Harshing Your Mellow
5 Oliveros, Pauline Accordion & Voice
5 Panda Bear Person Pitch
5 Kadebostan Caracas Soul EP
5 Pollard, Robert From a Compound Eye
5 Oscars Jump For Joy
5 Cyann & Ben Sweet Beliefs
4 Lucey, Chris (Jameson) Songs of Protest & Anti-Protest
4 McCormick, Matt Very Stereo
4 Horn of Dagoth Rehearsal Demo II 2007
4 Rosebuds Night of The Furies
4 Boris With Michio Kurihara Rainbow
4 Totalitar Vi Ar Eliten
4 Tobin, Amon Foley Room
4 Bang, Billy Vietnam:reflections
4 Gudrun Gut I Put a Record On
4 Jazkamer Ninguna Diversion
4 Various Artists Bellydance Cafe
4 Luciano a New Day
4 Shemale Beyond The North Wind
4 Various Artists Crash of Thunder
4 Stormcrow Enslaved In Darkness
4 Joy Wants Eternity You Who Pretend to Sleep
4 Lambchop Damaged
4 Area C Haunt
4 Mammatus Coast Explodes, The
4 Pole Steingarten
4 Black Merda Folks From Mother's Mixer, The
4 Hannant, Beaumont Sculptured
4 Ware, David S. Quartet Renunciation
4 Detroit Cobras, The Tied & True
4 Verhagen, Darrin Black Frost
4 Vertonen Facing Leinth
4 Sacramento Sacto Rock City
4 Cheveu Dog
3 Various Artists Orb, The / Rice Twins, The
3 Sholi/ Dead Science, The Kdvs Recordings 002
3 No Thanks Live Cbgb's 1983
3 Radio Nepal Radio Nepal
3 Pekler, Andrew Cue
3 Watchmaker Erased From The Memory of Man
3 Lewis, Webster In Norway The Club7 Live Tapes
3 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Minstrel In The Galaxy
3 Text of Light Rotterdam
3 Shining Path, The Shining Path, The
3 Quellet, Israel Oppressum
3 Alias Collected Remixes
3 Carter, Daniel / Padmanabha, Ravi Nivesana
3 Climax Golden Twins Climax Golden Twins
3 Hototogisu / Burning Star Core Volume One
3 Knives Ov Resistance Prisca Sapientia
3 Ambarchi_muller_samartzis Strange Love
3 Kirchenkampf Babel
3 Pink Reason Cleaning The Mirror
3 Catheter Dimension 303
3 Fulks, Robbie Revenge!
3 Ely, Joe Happy Songs From Rattlesnake Gulch
3 Mittoo, Jackie Jackie Mittoo Ft. Winston Wright At King Tubby's
3 Tumba Francesa Afro-Cuba
3 Svarte Greiner Knive
3 Deejay Om Reheated Naan and Curry
3 Normandeau, Robert Sonars
3 Chika Chika Chika Chika
3 Sachiko You Never Atone For...
3 Grails Burning Off Impurities
3 Parker, William & Drake, Hamid Summer Snow
3 Coolidge, Jake Hotbrown
3 Cocorosie Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, The
3 Kiss The Anus of a Black Cat An Interlude to The Outermost
3 Denver Gentlemen, The Introducing The Denver Gentlemen
3 Absolute Body Control Tapes 81-89
3 Various Artists Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985
3 Various Artists Domestic Blend Vol. 1
3 Crash Test Taurus Name Is an Anagram, The
3 Kashmere Stage Band Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974
3 Bantam Rooster Miss Luxury
3 Bird By Snow Industrial Collapse
3 Night Wounds Allergic to Heat
3 Aura Noir Live Nightmare On Elm Street
3 Green Chair, The Occupied Estate
3 Skerik's Syncopated Faint Septet Husky
3 Evidence Iris
3 Paradise Island Seeing Spots
2 Wagner, Rob Trio Rob Wagner Hamid Drake Nobu Ozaki
2 Smegma 33 1/3
2 Asleep At The Wheel Re-Inventing The Wheel
2 Kane, Nuru Sigil
2 Move.meant Scope of Things, The
2 Factums Factums
2 Strategy Future Rock
2 Besnard Lakes, The Are The Dark Horse
2 I'm From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
2 Splint! Moro
2 RM74/RLW Pirouetten
2 Sun Ra Disco 3000
2 Sun Ra Hiroshima
2 Sun Ra Beyond The Purple Star Zone
2 Various Artists Silber Hearts Mom
2 Various Artists Halleluwah Festival of Enthused Arts
2 Various Artists t.i.t.s./leopard leg
2 Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey
2 Monotract Trueno Oscuro
2 Lichens Omns
2 Nathan Key Principles
2 Brown, James Hell
2 Joe Beats Diverse Recourse
2 Dodheimsgard DHG
2 Blanketship & The Dollson Family Singers Music With a Message
2 Sage Francis Human The Death Dance
2 Glue Catch As Catch Can
2 Various Artists Sickness / Slogun
2 Rowan, Peter and Tony Rice Quartet
2 Dredd Foole Daze On The Mounts
2 Wolf Eyes Dog Jaw
2 Old Soul, The Old Soul, The
2 Various Artists Siked Psych : Not Not Fun Gold
2 Lusine Podgelism
2 Six Feet Under Commandment
2 Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade Catastrophic Mermaids On Parade
2 Eddie The Rat Lip-synching At Zero Gravity
2 Bran(...)pos Twat/face
2 Sterling Cursed
2 Robot Vs. Rabbit Dos
2 Teleseen War
2 Various Artists Sacred Steel Instrumentals
2 High Llamas, The Can Cladders
2 Silvester Anfang Satanische Vrede
2 Shit and Shine Ladybird
2 Cassette Beautiful California
2 Earthmonkey Be That Charge
2 Cohen, Charles and Ed Wilcox Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes
2 Rio En Medio Bride of Dynamite, The
2 Stars of The Lid and Their Refinement of The Decline
2 Poem Rocket Invasion!
2 Times New Viking Busy Making Love & War
2 Various Artists How Low Can You Go?
2 Moskitoo Drape
2 Time Flys, The Energy
2 Powersolo It's Raceday...and Your Pussy Is GUT!!!
2 Tight Meat Duo Vanishing Fist
2 Kemialliset Ystavat Alkuharka
2 New Mississippi Sheiks, The New Mississippi Sheiks, The
2 Anvil Salute New Crusaders of The 11th Commandment
2 Tyvek Mary Ellen Claims / Honda
2 RWAKE If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die
2 Various Artists Preachin' the Gospel
2 Palestine, Charlemagne Schlongo!!!Da Luv Drone
2 Death Sentence: Panda! Puppy, Kitty, or Both
2 Parker, William Quartet Sound Unity
2 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural History
2 Hawkwind Space Ritual
2 Various Artists Big Monster Bash
2 Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum At the Bottom of the Hill
2 Avengers Died for Your Sins
2 Various Artists Can You Hear Me
2 Optical 8 Bug
1 Neurosis Given to The Rising
1 Various Artists Armpit and Pumice
1 Tidawt Agamgam
1 Skin Area New Skin
1 Air Conditioning Dead Rails
1 Ettrick Sudden Arrhythmic Death
1 Pump Kinn Aunte Donne
1 Hubbard, Nathan (compositions 1998-2005
1 Filmic Peacock People
1 Berg Sans Nipple Along The Quai
1 Waters, Muddy Complete Plantation Recordings, The
1 Amnesty Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions
1 Frith, Fred Impur
1 Blues Control Blues Control
1 Jayne Insane, Dr. and The Gutbucket Philharmoniks Strange and Incredible World Of, The
1 Wooden Wand & The Omen Bones Band Horus of The Horizon
1 Redfearn, Alec K. and The Eyesores Blind Spot, The
1 Giles, Michael/Muir, Jamie/Cunningham, David Ghost Dance
1 Cap D Return of The Renegade
1 TTC 3615
1 Aemae Maw
1 Nawal Aman
1 Bone Awl Not For Our Feet
1 Zelienople Stone Academy
1 Various Artists At The Crossroads
1 Epo-555 Mafia
1 Unborn Unicorn Unborn Unicorn
1 Greene, Jessy a Demon & Her Lovers
1 Various Artists GHQ / Ex-cocaine
1 Various Artists Mae Shi/ Rapider Than Hosepower
1 Lambsbread Stereo Mars
1 Moncur III, Grachan Exploration
1 Resplendent Am I Free? I Am Free.
1 Ov Noctilucent Valleys
1 Various Artists Ghosting / Robedoor - Split
1 Bunny Rabbit Lovers and Crypts
1 Rosenqvist, Rutger / Zuydervelt, Dag Vintermusik
1 Ildjarn Nocturnal Visions
1 Fucking Buckaroos, The When Cops Rode Bulls
1 Sparkle Girl / Slicing Grandpa Noise Brawls In Bathroom Stalls
1 Various Artists Silber On Silber
1 Now Orchestra & Marilyn Crispell Pola
1 Prurient Black Vase
1 Moral Crayfish Month of The Dog
1 Habarigani Two
1 Hayden Shurdut/carter/siwula/krall/chang Countdown to The Universe
1 Various Artists Heavenly
1 Cadence Weapon Braking Kayfabe
1 Sharrock, Sonny / Brotzman, Peter Fragments
1 LSD March Empty Rubious Red
1 Ambarchi, Oren Lost Like a Star
1 Thee More Shallows Book of Bad Breaks
1 Butzer, Jeffrey She Traded Her Leg
1 Harrington, Rachel Bootlegger's Daughter, The
1 Various Artists Tomorrow No One Will Be Safe
1 Lilja, Tobias Time Is On My Side
1 Xbxrx Wars
1 Mors Ontologica Dead And/or Famous
1 Stooges, The Weirdness, The
1 Connect_Icut LA (An Apology)
1 Spezza Rotto Tredici Canzoni
1 Rotten Musicians Make a Face
1 Praxinoscope Praxinoscope
1 Sarno, Devin & Stinson, G.E. Heart Cell Memory
1 J Dilla Ruff Draft
1 Various Artists Tamburitza!
1 Drommer Channeling Natural Forces
1 Various Artists Smoke, Alex / Fidan, Tolga
1 Stott, Andy Merciless
1 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 2
1 Various Artists American Primitive Vol. 1
1 Junior Boys So This Is Goodbye
1 Pantaleimon Cloudburst
1 Various Artists Endless Blockade, The / Hatred Surge
1 Ungvary, Tamas Ite, Missa Est
1 Sperry, Matthew Solo Bass Vol. 1
1 Mochipet Girls Heart Breakcore
1 Cooke, Michael Quintet An Indefinite Suspension of the Possible
1 Hicks, Kelli Shay Buck Again
1 Tarkio Omnibus
1 Various Artists Bipolar Bear / The Pope - Split
1 Dessa Falsehopes
1 Various Artists Resonance : Steel Pan In The 21st Century
1 Rockmore, Clara Lost Theremin Album
1 Raison D'etre Metamorphyses
1 Bug, Steve Bugnology 2
1 Vampire Can't Key Cutter
1 Uton Highway Nation
1 Jamal, Khan Creative Arts Ensemble, The Drumdance to The Motherland
1 5ive Telestic Disfracture, The
1 Celtic Frost Monothiest
1 Various Artists But Then Again
1 Daniel Popsicle ( Plonsey, Dan ) Music of El Cerrito Volume 8
1 Maria Oh Victoria!
1 AGF Westernization Completed
1 Anoice Remmings
1 Various Artists Graves At Sea/Asunder
1 Paik, Nam June Works 1958-1979
1 Lindsay, Jacob / Looney, Scott / Robair, Gino Yellowcake
1 M.O.T.O. Raw Power
1 Ufomammut Snailking
1 Herb Diamante May I Light Your Cigarette?
1 Doomriders Black Thunder
1 Autonervous Autonervous
1 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Etiquette
1 Sixteens Fendi
1 Salvatore, K. Ashmadai
1 Various Artists Film Classics, Take 2
1 Gubaidulina, Sofia Am Rande Des Abgrunds / De Profundis / Quaternion / In Croce
1 Various Artists Rough Guide to The Music of Balkan Gypsies
1 Boats, The Tomorrow Time
1 Various Artists Good For What Ails You
1 Volcano The Bear Classic Erasmus Fusion
1 Grouper Way Their Crept
1 Nilssen-Love, Paal Twenty Seven Years Later
1 Grizzly Bear Horn of Plenty
1 Rusted Shut Rehab
1 Stoltz, Kelley Crockodials
1 Le Volume Courbe I Killed My Best Friend
1 Cat Power Greatest, the
1 F/I Blanga
1 Murcof Remembranza
1 Maclise, Angus Brain Damage in Oklahoma City
1 Various Artists Good Time Blues
1 Various Artists Legends of the BLUES,2
1 Various Artists Black Top Blues-A-Rama
1 Taylor, Eddie I Feel So Bad
1 Watson, Johnny "Guitar" Three Hours Past Midnight
1 Samartzis, Philip Soft and Loud
1 Various Artists Rca Nashville Disc 1
1 Various Artists Tuva
1 Black Jetts, the Right on Sound
1 Runzelstirn & Gurlgelstock Runzelstock & Gurgelstirn Lp
1 Orbital Blue Album
1 Mcgregor, Freddie Big Ship
1 Cline, Nels Singers Giant Pin, the
1 Jahcoozi Black Barbie
1 Eye Contact Embracing the Tide
1 Yokota, Susumu Symbol
1 Skarp Requiem
1 Knitters, the Modern Sounds of the Kn..., Th
1 Jauniaux, Catherine Fluvial
1 Various Artists Come Here, Sandy
1 Worm Is Green Automagic
1 Various Artists Goodbye, Babylon (4-6)
1 Various Artists Goodbye, Babylon (1-3)
1 Jane Berserker
1 Bhattacharya, Debashish 3: Calcutta Slide-Guitar
1 Current 93 Lashtal
1 Fuchs, Wolfgang Six Fuchs
1 Jan Dukes De Grey Sorcerers
1 Gauthier, Mary Mercy Now
1 Sacchi, Franca En
1 Bevis Frond, the Bevis Through the Looking...
1 Phantom Limbs, the Random Hymns
1 Candies, the Dense Waves Make Your Eyes...
1 Boggs, Dock Country Blues
1 Various Artists Swing Vol 1
1 Various Artists When Malindy Sings
1 Smugglers, the Mutiny in Stereo
1 Various Artists Small Combos, the
1 Gargantula Infinitasm
1 Charming Hostess Sarajevo Blues
1 Eskelin, Ellery Ten
1 Shesus Ruined It for You
1 Antony & the Johnsons S/T
1 Laswell, Bill Version 2 Version Dub Trans...
1 Various Artists Rough Guide to Fado
1 Marclay, Christian Djtrio
1 Various Artists Laughing in Rhythm
1 Various Artists Jugs, Washboards & Kaz
1 Various Artists Jazz Masters, the
1 Various Artists Jazz Arranger Vol 1
1 Various Artists Hot Swing Fiddle Class
1 Various Artists How Blue Can You Get?
1 Cramps, the How to Make a Monster CD1
1 Secret Chiefs 3 Book of Horizons
1 Various Artists Blue Note Revisited
1 Melvins / Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
1 Heliumvola Liod
1 Asunder A Clarion Call
1 Fennesz Venice
1 Brown, Junior Down Home Chrome
1 Pan Sonic Kesto
1 Avengers American in Me, the
1 Various Artists Kfjc Surfbattle
1 Coltrane, Alice Journey in Satchidananda
1 Free Zone Appleby 2002 S/T
1 Hall, Terry & Mushtaq Hour of Two Lights, the
1 Various Artists Let there Be Doom I I
1 Rachel's Systems/Layers
1 Toadliquor Hortator's Lament, the
1 Ginsberg, Allen In Wuppertal
1 Flasket Brinner Disc 4 Swedish Radio Rec. 1970-1975
1 Kristofferson, Kris Essential Kris Kristofferson
1 Ms. John Soda While Talking
1 Beaton Family of Mabou, the Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano
1 Mountain Goats, the We Shall All Be Healed
1 Grossi, Pietro Musicautomatica
1 Bobbyteens, the Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
1 Hospitals, the S/T
1 Monolake Momentum
1 Jackson, Wanda 2 Records
1 Chenier, Clifton Best of Clifton Chenier
1 Various Artists Arktinen Hysteria
1 Electrocute A Tribute to Your Taste
1 Rich Kids Ghosts of Princes in Towers
1 Styrofoam I'm What's there to Show that
1 Texas Thieves Forced Vacation
1 Black Box Recorder Passionoia
1 Pram Dark Island
1 Prisoner (soundtrack) Prisoner File #3
1 1929 Last but not Leased
1 Various Artists We Still Kill the Old
1 Vanishing, the Songs for Psychotic Children
1 Various Artists Lost Legends of Surf 2
1 Jaga Jazist Animal Chin Ep
1 Supersilent 6
1 Various Artists Funky Music Is the Way
1 Various Artists Ambient Cookbook Ii
1 Spiders From Mars Spiders From Mars
1 Reed, Lou Sally Can't Dance
1 Carney, Ralph This Is!
1 Various Artists Rough Guide to the Mus
1 Dwelling Lacuna We Buy Junk and Sell Antiques
1 Crenshaw, Marshall Downtown
1 Napalm Death/Godstomper Bought..Enslaved..Crushed
1 Cheer-Accident Variations on a Goddam Old Man
1 Various Artists Land Where the Blues..
1 Amon Duul 2 Wolf City
1 Various Artists Bristol Sessions, V.1
1 E S G Step Off
1 Roxy Music For Your Pleasure
1 Theoretical Girls 1978-1981
1 Mono Under the Pipal Tree
1 High on Fire Surrounded By Thieves
1 Veruschka Secret, the
1 Marumari Remixes, the
1 Subtonix Tarantism
1 Hayseed Dixie A Hillbilly Tribute to Mount..
1 Herschel Gordon L (soundtrack) Eyepopping Sounds of
1 Dj Shadow You Can't Go Home Again
1 Golliwogs, the Pre-Creedence
1 Khan, Shujaat Sitar
1 Fall, the This Nation's Saving Grace
1 Client/Server End of
1 Le Tigre Remix 12"
1 Boards of Canada Geogaddi
1 Sea of Tombs S/T
1 Godflesh Hymns
1 Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Walk Alone
1 Weird Little Boy Weird Little Boy
1 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Grand Opening and Closing!
1 Karloff, Boris Tales of the Frightened
1 Various Artists Under the Moroccan Sky
1 Ziakas Theory of Everything, the
1 Various Artists Reefer Songs
1 Various Artists Jazz Women
1 Mutabaruka Check It!
1 Deadly Ones, the It's Monster Surfing Time
1 Torme, Mel and Rob Mcconnell And the Boss Brass
1 Burmese Burmese
1 Rapture, the Out of the Races and Onto...
1 Scientist Encounters Pac Man Channel One
1 Various Artists Trouble with Funk
1 Mutants Fun Terminal
1 Moss, Buddy Red River Blues
1 Trummerflora No Stars Please
1 Ooioo Feather Float
1 Various Artists Carolina Blues Guitar
1 Coil Astral Disaster
1 Sadies, the Tremendous Efforts
1 Aphex Twin Surfing on Sine Waves
1 Operator Generator S/T
1 Angels of Light, the How I Loved You
1 Pan Sonic Aaltopiiri
1 Hall of Fame S/T
1 Whodads Bongo Festeris
1 Walker, Phillip Blues
1 Coin Architects of Character
1 Chavis, Boozoo Johnny Billy Goat
1 Various Artists Woman Duets of South..
1 Various Artists Sounds of the Geograph
1 Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones Eat Shit!
1 Quintron Unmasked Organ Light-Year...
1 Nile Black Seeds of Vcengeance
1 Smith, Byther Tell Me How You Like It
1 Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden Live Kfjc July 7, 1999
1 Rogers, Roy Slidewinder
1 Jet Black Crayon Low Frequency Speaker Test
1 Ardoin, Chris & Double Clutch' Best Kept Secret
1 Various Artists Best of Chess R&B, the
1 Queen Ida and Her Zydeco Band Caught in the Act
1 Various Artists Rachel's/Matmos
1 Various Artists Barefoot Bill's Hard L
1 Morton, Jelly Roll Pearls, the
1 Come on Come on Story, the
1 Angel in Heavy Syrup Iv
1 Slow Poisoners, the Great Spiders & Diamond Powder
1 Vandermark's, Ken Sound in A.. Desgn in Delmark
1 Screamers Demos 1977-78
1 Polkacide 2/4 Hardcore
1 Kerouac, Jack Jack Kerouac Reads on the Road
1 Various Artists Gasp/Suffering Luna
1 Various Artists M L K Dub
1 Bongzilla Stash
1 Cooley, Spade Shame on You
1 Hunter, Alberta Legendary Alberta Hunter, the
1 Alphane Moon Echoing Grove, the
1 Blonde Redhead In An Expression of The...
1 Various Artists Close & Brent/Petterst
1 Musslewhite, Charlie Signature
1 Wailers, the Tall Cool One
1 Mice Parade True Meaning of Boodleybaye,Th
1 Mc Dowell, Mississippi Fred Somebody Keeps Callin' Me
1 Supersilent 1-3
1 Salant, Norman Saxaphone Variations
1 Young, Mighty Joe Blues with a Touch of Soul
1 Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
1 Sparrows, the That Kind of Girl
1 Southern Culture on the Skids S/T
1 Jetzmann/Liquidski Go Home, Dotty Harmony
1 Miranda July Binet-Simon Test, the
1 Various Artists Ruckus Juice & Chitt 2
1 Various Artists Ruckus Juice & Chit...
1 Various Artists High Society
1 Nariz, Wazmo Tele-Tele-Telephone
1 Various Artists We'll Sail Out Far...
1 Various Artists Utom:Summoning the ...
1 Various Artists Cajun String Bands: The 1930s
1 X Ray Pop' Baby Speedock Freak's Army
1 Miller, Eddie Lecture on Nothing
1 Montefiori, Federico/Francesco Montefiori Cocktail
1 Goldberg, Barry And... Two Jews Blues
1 Scott, Raymond Soothing Sounds for Baby Vol 2
1 Operation Re-Information Ctrl
1 Ass Baboons of Venus Spanking the Species
1 Ardoin, Chris & Double Clutc.. Gon' Be Jus' Fine
1 Burger/Ink (Las Vegas)
1 Scott, Raymond Soothing Sounds for Baby Vol 1
1 Collins, Albert Cold Snap
1 Various Artists 15 Piano Blues & Boogi
1 Tipsy Trip Tease
1 Miss Murgatroid Myoclyonic Melodies
1 Various Artists Twist
1 Dirty Three Horse Strories
1 Plug Uglies, the
1 Various Artists Twentieth Anniversary
1 Various Artists Trumpet Royalty
1 Various Artists Legends of Guitar/Jazz
1 Various Artists Laffs From the Hip
1 Various Artists Great Trumpets
1 Various Artists Rock Don't Run
1 Hemphill, Julius/Wadud, Abdul Oakland Duets
1 Crosby, Bing Crooner, the
1 Delafose, Geno That's What I'm Talking About
1 Various Artists Singing... Saddle, V1.
1 Ardoin, Alphonse and Fontenot, La Musique Creole
1 Nathanson, Roy/Coleman, Antho Lobster and Friend
1 Various Artists Some Got Their Head...
1 Various Artists Pebbles
1 Optic Eye Light Side of the Sun
1 Calloway, Cab Hi De Ho Man
1 Kirkland, Eddie Where You Get Your Sugar
1 White, James Off White
1 Verbal Abuse Just An American Band
1 Various Artists Assassins of Silence
1 Greinke, Jeff Land
1 Spectrasonic "Flytrap"
1 Dread, Mikey Beyond World War 111
1 Berigan, Bunny Vol. 1-1937
1 Kimbrough, Junior All Night Long
1 Television Television
1 Swans White Light From the Mouth..
1 S.E.T.I. Knowledge
1 Various Artists Hillbilly Fever! VOL.4
1 Various Artists Hillbilly Fever! VOL.1
1 Pooh Sticks Optimistic Fool
1 Miller, Glenn Chattanooga Choo Choo #1 Hits
1 Sonic Youth N-One
1 Eklund, Jason Lost Causeway
1 Silencers, the Rock N' Roll Enforcers
1 Bolt Thrower For Victory
1 Band of Susans Here Come Success
1 Tom Robinson Band Power in the Darkness
1 Public Image Ltd. Metal Box
1 Burnside, R.L. Too Bad Jim
1 Poison 13 Poison 13
1 Jackals
1 Marsalis, Wynton Thick in the South
1 Fahey, John Return of the Repressed
1 Holiday, Billie Legacy, 1935-1958, the
1 Hawkins, Erskine Tuxedo Junction
1 Herman, Woody Blues on Parade
1 Cole, Nat King Trio Hit that Jive Jack
1 Dolphy, Eric Vintage Dolphy
1 Dorsey Brothers Best of the Big Bands
1 Spider Babies Spider Babies
1 Neon Judgement Games of Love
1 Marble Sheep Whirl Live
1 Johnston, Daniel Fun
1 Slim, Memphis Live at the Hot Club
1 Various Artists No New York
1 De La Soul De La Soul Is Dead
1 Mold Sonic Youth at Disney World
1 Kina, Shoukichi Asia Classics 2: Peppermint Tea House
1 Godhead Silo Scientific Supercake
1 Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes
1 Laibach Life Is Life
1 Jean Paul Sartre Experience Size of Flood, the
1 James Village Fire
1 Ism Consatantinople
1 Impatient Youth (I).Y. Don't Listen
1 Guana Batz Rough Edges
1 Bilders Max Quitz
1 Galas, Diamanda Litanies of Satan, the
1 Fuzzbox Love Is the Slug
1 Rishell, Paul Swear to Tell the Truth
1 Various Artists Conjunto! Texas-Mexican Border Music, Vol. 5 (Polkas De Oro)
1 Squatweiler Full Bladder
1 Greif, Randy Alice in Wonderland Part 3
1 Orb, the Live '93
1 Guitar Wolf Wolf Rock
1 D.I. What Good Is Grief to a God
1 Dead Kennedys Moon Over Marin
1 Dead Boys We Have Come for Your Children
1 Brotherlove King Acid
1 Splintered Judas Cradle
1 Bajourou Big String Theory
1 Garbarek, Jan Ragas & Sagas
1 Real Kids Growin' Up Wrong
1 Big Wheeler Big Wheeler's Bone Orchard
1 Armstrong, Louis You're Drivin' Me Crazy
1 Jazz Butcher Bath of Bacon
1 Various Artists Blues Masters, Vol 8
1 Clock Dva Man-Amplified
1 Ciccone Youth Whitey Album, the
1 Spectors, the Oh How to Do Now
1 Band of Susans Word and the Flesh, the
1 Smack Dab Queen Crab
1 Aints, the Autocannibalism
1 Marsalis, Wyton Citi Movement (Griot New York)
1 Cash, Johnny Essential Johnny Cash - Disc 2
1 Basie, Count Super Chief
1 Avarus Jattilaisrotta
1 Masonna Psychetronics Erectile
1 Benue's, the Rise Up Africa
1 Mutilators Hot Rod Whore
1 U-Roy Jah Son of Africa
1 Scott, Raymond Project, the Volume One: Powerhouse
1 Eye Hate God In the Name of Suffering
1 Boiled in Lead Old Lead
1 Dr. John & Chris Barber On a Mardi Gras Day
1 Le Tigre Feminist Sweepstakes
1 Vibracathedral Orchestra My Gate's Open, Tremble By...
1 Ill Bill Anatomy of a School Shooting
1 Galas, Diamanda Plague Mass
1 Attrition Recollection 84-89


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