KFJC tops for week ending 06/14/2006

scooby snacks artist album_title
9 Escovedo, Alejandro Boxing Mirror, The
8 Mission of Burma Obliterati, The
8 Kalma, Ariel Osmose
7 Foster, Josephine Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
7 Colin Potter Not Alone : Doctors Without Borders
7 La Vere, Amy This World Is Not My Home
7 Caribou Marino Audio
6   Heartworn Highways
6 Morgen Morgen
6 Be Your Own Pet Summer Sensation
6 Alvin, Dave West of the West
6 Ovo Miastenia
6 Clapan 21st Century Lullaby
6 Pink Mountain Pink Mountain
5 Xoloder Artifacts
5 Pickerel, Mark & His Praying Hands Snake In The Radio
5 Rother, Michael Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music/third A-chro...
5 Olausson, Jacob Moonlight Farm
5 Fe-mail Blixter Toad
5 Feathers Feathers
5 Bozulich, Carla Evangelista
5 Thee More Shallows Monkey Vs. Shark
5 Hella Homeboy
5 Rowan, Peter Crucial Country
5 Lion Fever Haunted Water
5 Kristofferson, Kris This Old Road
5 Miller, Jessie Lee Now You're Gonna Be Loved
5 Nomo New Tones
5 Frisell, Bill East West
5 Mono You Are There
5 Zebra Attack Hypersonic Disorientation
5 Genders There's Something In The Treats
4 Smith, Jan 29 Dances
4 Sao Paulo Underground Sauna: Um, Dois, Tres
4 McGregor, Dion Dion McGregor Dreams Again
4 H4 Heidisieck, Bernard Review OU
4 Walker, Scott Drift, The
4 Avarus Vesikansi
4 Null,k.k./z'ev Artificial Life
4 Mason Proper There Is a Moth In Your Chest
4 Liars Drums Not Dead
4 Frith, Fred Clearing
4 Major Stars Synoptikon
4 Evergreen Dazed AM Sounds of Evergreen Dazed, The
4 Metallic Falcons Desert Doughnuts
4 Charming Hostess Punch
4 Sun Ra Janus
4 Matmos Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of a Beast, The
4 Russell, Alice Fly In The Hand
4 Akbayram, Edip Akbayram, Edip
4 Model 500 Sonic Sunset
4 Fry, Mark Dreaming With Alice
4 Red Bacteria Vacuum Roller Coaster
4 Todd, Mia Doi La Ninja: Amor and Other Dreams of Manzanita
4 Drunk Tableside Manners
4 Wright, Peter Pariahs Sing Om
4 Nicky Click You're Already a Member
4 Starship Beer Nut Music As Free As the Sq...
3 Manier, Charles Idol Tryouts 2
3 Honeybrowne Let's Step Outside
3 Dawson, Kimya Remember That I Love You
3 Marshall, Faye Z
3 Garrie, Nick Nightmare of J B Stanislas, The
3 Princess Princess
3 Arastoo Three
3 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Etiquette
3 Sparks, Tim Tanz
3 Clementi, Aldo Punctum Contra Punctum
3 Dudley Perkins Expressions
3 Witnesses, The We're Taking Over
3 Sixteens Fendi
3 Noxagt Noxagt
3 Taylor, Hound Dog Release The Hound
3 Bird Show Lightning Ghosts
3 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti House Arrest
3 Valley of Ashes Cavehill Hunters' Attrition
3 El Perro Del Mar El Perro Del Mar
3 Poo Poodles Here Comes The Future
3 Spiegel, Laurie Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music / 4th A-chro...
3 Watson, Dale Whiskey Or God
3 Charalambides A Vintage Burden
3 Cruevo Cruevo - Brainoil
3 Rose, Jack Kensington Blues
3 Wright, Betty Clean Up Woman and Many More Golden Classics
3 Gasman, The Eyelicker
3 Ultralyd Chromosome Gun
3 Plastic People of The Universe Ach to Statu Hanobeni
3 Plastic Crimewave Solo
3 Boris Pink
3 Pousseur, Henri Acousmatrix 4 - Henri Pousseur
3 CocoRosie Noah's Ark
3 Swagger Jack Feral Blood of Swagger Jack, The
3 Muddy World Finery of The Storm
3 Face Place Hey Hey Sauerkraut Balls
3 Lambchop Decline of Country & Western Civilization Part II,...
3 Celestine Between Bedtime and Sunrise
3 Yume Bitsu Wabi Morning: Two Morning Expressions
3 Pollo Del Mar Year of The Rooster
3 Meerk Puffy Nung
3 This Heat Made Available - Peel Sessions
3 Noto - (Nicolai, Carsten) Endless Loop Edition
3 Temple of Bon Matin Thunder Feedback Confusion
2 Banjo & Sullivan Ultimate Collection 1972-1978, The
2 Magik Markers Penegyric to The Things I Don't Understand
2 Espers II
2 Radio Thailand Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom
2 Burial Year Pestilence
2 Substance Abuse Overproof
2 Eddie K Gurpology 101
2 Lyme Registry Lyme Registry
2 Ministry Rio Grande Blood
2 Witch S/t
2 Kalas S/t
2 K.K. Rampage Sides E & F:  Start Stroking (Liz Armstrong) B/w P...
2 Battiato, Franco Fetus
2 Fire If You Could Understand Me
2 Unearthly Trance Record of Shadows Infinite
2 KAS Product Try Out
2 Carter, Tom Glyph
2 Presto Inflight Instrumentals
2 Spaceheads W/max Eastley Time of The Ancient Astronaut
2 Acre Fakenham
2 McMillen, Shawn David Catfish
2 Love of Everything Superior Mold and Die
2 Mimir Mimir
2 Craig, Carl and The Congos With The Upsetter Congo Man
2 Coachwhips Double Death
2 Faunts High Expectations / Low Results
2 Pajo Pajo
2 Vannier, Jean-Claude l'enfant assassin des mouches
2 Nice Nice Fall
2 SevenLiesAboutGirls I Think I'll Call You Kittenhead
2 Hebden, Kieran & Reid, Steve Exchange Session Vol. 2, The
2 Chance, James & The Contortions White Cannibal
2 Aero-Mic'd I Think You're Great
2 Loscil Plume
2 Mori, Ikue Myrninerest
2 Paik Monster of The Absolute
2 Snowglobe Oxytocin
2 Flying Just One Second Ago Broken Eggshell
2 Nathanson, Roy Sotto Voce
2 Capstan Shafts, The Euridice Proudhon
2 Cut Chemist Garden b/w Storm, The
2 Sailor Winters Red At Morn
2 Phobia Cruel
2 Mp Three, The Sleep Cells
2 Om Conference of The Birds
2 Ex-Models Featuring Kid Millions Chrome Panthers
2 Sykdom Mjollnir
2 Raydar Ellis Graffiti Rock
2 Ta'Raach Keepintime 3/3
2 Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon
2 Hudson, Keith Playing It Cool
2 Cigarettes Gimme Cigarette
2 First Nation Coronation
2 Mouthus Mouthus
2 Messiaen, Olivier Messiaen Par Lui-meme (Messiaen Plays Messiaen)
2 Badawi Jerusalem Under Fire
2 Bad Dudes Bad Dudes
2 Gold Devil Music / GOLD Split
2 Flaherty, Paul / Corsano, Chris Beloved Music, The
2 National Eye Roomful of Lions
2 Hawnay Troof Dollar and Deed
2 Partch, Harry Historic Speech-music Recordings
2 Vonnegut, Kurt Jr. Slaughterhouse Five
2 Motorhead No Remorse
2 Super Noise Penis S/T
2 Brotzmann, Caspar Mute Massaker
2 Burning Witch Towers...
2 High Rise Psychedelic Freaks '84-'85
1 Abuse Sleepfields
1 Owen Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers
1 Flat Earth Society / Lost, The Waleeco / Space Kids
1 Omens, The Yeah-Yeah
1 Anarchy Jerks Anarchy In The P.R.C.
1 Gonzalez, Dennis/Komunyakaa,Yusef Herido
1 Soviet Valves Sight That Harms/gaze That Harms
1 Irie Dole J.A. 2 Da Bay
1 Arliken, Hans/Muller, Gunter/Gerber, Mich Zeitzeichen
1 Griswold, Eric Altona Sketches
1 100 Records What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
1 Cham Ghetto Story
1 Chowning,  John John Chowning
1 I Will Kill You Fucker Educated Guidance
1 Djll, Tom Bellerophone
1 Waldron / Stapleton / Sigmarsson / Haynes / Faulha... Sleeping Moustache, The
1 People Under The Stairs Stepfather
1 Gospel Moon Is a Dead World, The
1 Buckley, Tim Goodbye and Hello
1 Lekman, Jens When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
1 Maker Shooting The Breeze
1 Redfearn, Alec K. and The Eyesores Smother Party, The
1 Grupo Naidy Arriba Suena Marimba : Currulao Marimba Music From...
1 Strugglers, The You Win
1 Super Numeri Welcome Table, The
1 Razors and Lasers Fractaldactyl EP
1 At Jennie Richie Bicycle Considered, The
1 Think About Life Think About Life
1 Von Harmonson, Noel Born On The 4th of July
1 Paraphrase Pre-emptive Denial
1 Fat Worm of Error Pregnant Babies Pregnant With Pregnant Babies
1 Moshe, Ras Live Spirits, Vol 3 & 4
1 Hubback, Steve Ambiance De La Cave a Vin
1 Penuckle Sun Beckons, The
1 Atmosphere Fun EP (Happy Clown Bad Dub 8), The
1 Weegs, The Million Sounds Of Black, The
1 Nostalgia 77 Octet, The Seven's & Eight's
1 Pissed Jeans Shallow
1 Werqu, Asnaqetch Lady With The Krar - Ethiopiques 16, The
1 Nathan and The Zydeco Cha Chas Hang It High, Hang It Low
1 Salvatore, K. Ashmadai
1 Ramon Sender Worldfood
1 Fields, Lee & Sugarman & Co. Stand Up
1 Battletorn Burn Fast
1 People Under The Stairs Tuxedo Rap!!!
1 Hill, Andrew Time Lines
1 Kid606 Kid606 / Kid Commando Split Div/Orce Series 4
1 Bloodlet Shell
1 Reason of Insanity Otophobia/ Reason of Insanity
1 Litterthugz (Doug Surreal & Mike The 2600 King) T.A.B.L.A.M.F.C.B.
1 Lark Daddy ELEVEN PHASES Detroit Compilation
1 Spank Rock YoYoYoYoYo
1 One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, The Live At Vpro Radio
1 Nabatov, Simon Octet a Few Incidences
1 7 Year Rabbit Cycle Ache Horns
1 Tivol Interstellar Overbike
1 Sultan Orhan
1 Paavoharju Yha Hamaraa
1 AMK & Kitten On The Keys Since You Went Away
1 By The End of Tonight A Tribute to Tigers
1 Riley, Terry Rainbow In Curved Air
1 Mekalek With Percee P and Fedd Hill
1 Datach'i Shock Diamonds
1 Once 11 Smile Hunter
1 Goddakk Monument to a Ruined Age
1 Torres, Juan El Organo Melodico Vol 2/8
1 Violent Onsen Geisha Midnight Gambler, The
1 Trovesi, Gianluigi / Coscia, Gianni Round About Weill
1 Klucevsek, Guy Flying Vegetables of The Apocalypse
1 Saft, Jamie Trio Astaroth
1 Sisa Orgia
1 Ligeti, Lukas Mystery System
1 Berrocal, Jac Fatal Encounters
1 Mountain High Co-op Shmo-op
1 AFX Smojphace EP
1 Nordine, Ken How Are Things In Your Town?
1 Duplex Late Night Driving
1 Partch, Harry Delusion of The Fury
1 Critical Monkey Failure of an Intelligent Design
1 Troum Darve Sh
1 Hafler Trio, the La Chanson Dada
1 Upsetter, the Produced & Directed By
1 Deathreat S/T
1 Scratch Orchestra, the London 1969
1 Volume 11 Gasp/Volume 11
1 Upside Down Cross Witchcraft
1 Toadliquor Enlightenment
1 King Tubby's Yabby You
1 Gocher, Charles & Scott Colbur Pint Sized Spartacus
1 Davis Redford Triad Mystical Path of the #86, the
1 O'rourke, Jim Dutch Harbor: the Sea.
1 You Fantastic Riddler E P
1 Ascension Broadcast
1 Sufi Mind Game Shango
1 Cosmonauts Hail Satan Mortuary Sorcery

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