KFJC tops for week ending 06/17/1998

18 Hendrix , Jimi Experience B B C Sessions
11 Hodell, Ake 220 Volt Buddha
11 Mazinga Phaser Crusing Thru the Neo Glories..
11 Omit Quad
9 Galas, Diamanda Malediction and Prayer
8 Duster Apex, Trance-Like
8 Add N to X On the Wires of Our Nerves
8 Delarosa Sleep Method Suite
8 Juneau Juneau
8 Other Side, the Don't Look Back Behind D Shack
8 Pere Ubu Pennsylvania
8 Jackson, Mike/Sou (soundtrack) Revenge of Mister Mopoji, the
7 Captain Howdy, the Money Feeds My Music Machine
7 Cline, Nels & Sarno, Devin Rise Pumpkin Rise
7 Damon & Naomi Playback Singers
7 Fair, Jad & David 26 Monster Songs for Children
7 Various [coll]: A Guide for the Perp.
7 Calexico Black Light, the
7 Tipsy Flying Monkey Fist
7 Tortoise Tnt
7 Fuzzhead Fuzzhead Got Marbles Inside
7 Grassy Knoll, the I I I
6 Dynamix Dynamix
6 Cheater Slicks Skidmarks
6 Couch Etwas Benutzen
6 I-F Fucking Consumer
6 Various [coll]: Noothgrush / Gasp
6 Various [coll]: Loose and Juicy
6 Various [coll]: From Beyond, Vol. 4
6 F.X. Randomiz Goflex
6 White Winged Moth Ribbon Arcade
6 Various [coll]: Orchestral Party Act 2
6 Supergenius Star Wars Breakbeats
6 Culture Production Something
5 Dirtbombs, the Tina Louise
5 Bishop, Alan (Alvarius B) Alvarius B.
5 Bali Girls A House Wife's High
5 Dickey, Whit Trio Transonic
5 Species Being Yonilicious
5 No Neck Blues Band Hsalvatore (Four Impossible..)
5 Various [coll]: Dylan Group Reinterprd
5 Mr Lif Elektro / the Nothing
5 Kable Tardy All the Time
5 Sleep Jerusalem
5 Mix Master Mike Valuemeal 12 Inch Combo Deluxe
5 Gay Barbarians and Or..., the Bohemian Vendetta
5 Bassholes Long Way Blues 1996-1998
5 Ether Hush
5 Savage Aural Hotbed Gomi Daiko
5 Celebrities at Their Worst Celebrities at Their Worst!
5 Breut, Francois Francois Breut
5 Mekons Me
5 Hopper, Hugh 1984
4 Nile Amongs Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
4 Ghastly Ones, the A-Haunting We Will Go-Go
4 Staked Plain Staked Plain
4 Thee Headcoats Jimmy Reed Experience, the
4 Various [coll]: Del-Tinos & Hesitation
4 Jhno Kwno
4 Toral, Rafael Chasing Sonic Booms
4 Hanson, Sten Sonosopher Retrospective, the
4 Hahn, Jerry Hahn, Jerry and His Quintet
4 Slim, Magic and the Teardrops Black Tornado
4 Mannequin Lung Art of Travel, the
4 Brother Jt and Vibrolux Dosed and Confused
4 Thomas, Peter Futuremuzik
4 Buzzoven ...At a Loss
4 Walser, Don Down at the Sky-Vue Drive-In
4 Humpers, the Euphoria, Confusion...
4 Songs:Ohia Impala
4 Mazurek, Robert & Chicago Und. Playground
4 Jazz Jamaica Double Barrel
4 Earth Crisis Oath that Keeps Me Free, the
4 Galbraith, Alistair Mirrorwork
4 N R G Ensemble Bejazzo Gets a Facelift
4 E S P Easside Percussion
4 Various [coll]: Connected E.P.
4 Various [coll]: Pell Mell/Acme Rocket
4 Sum 1
4 Sun City Girls Dulce
4 Saddar Bazaar Sarmadi Express
3 7000 Dying Rats Fanning the Flames of Fire
3 U Yee Nwe Sandaya: the Spellbinding Pian
3 Carter, James In Carterian Fashion
3 Jim Campilongo Band, the Table for One
3 Various [coll]: Dj Andy Smith
3 Bareminimum Can't Cure the Nailbiters
3 Terrifying Experience, the Search for Omega Minus
3 Danielson Tri-Danielson
3 Unfolkus Unfolkus
3 Shipp, Matthew Trio Multiplication Table, the
3 Rocket 455 Sees All-Knows All-Tells All
3 Lahawns, the Live at Winkles
3 Sick Bees Sick Bees
3 Bishop, Sir Richard Salvadore Kali
3 Parker, Bill Legendary Bill Parker's...
3 Negativland Happy Heroes
3 H.S.O. H.S.Overload Ep
3 Mung Rectal Toolkit Ep
3 Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Continuum, the
3 Users, the "Friendly"
3 Califone Califone
3 Eskimo Some Prefer Cakes
3 V. Majestic V. Majestic
3 Various [coll]: Does Time Affect Memry
3 Arab on Radar Swimming with a Hard on
3 Hellbillys Cavalcade of Perversions
3 Rrope Mahoganny
3 Total To Fall Like Cherry Blossoms
3 Hovercraft S/T
3 Velez, Glen Rhythms of the Chakras
3 Karp Karp
3 Various [coll]: Worm 7
3 Twinkeyz, the Aliens in Our Midst
3 Vandermark Five, the Target or Flag
3 Funkstorung Sonderdienste
3 Gas Huffer Just Beautiful Music
3 Lenz, Kim and Her Jaguars Lenz, Kim and Her Jaguars
3 Bittova, Iva ______________________________
3 Planet Seven Pleasrurecraft Recovery Theme
3 Cline, Nels Trio Sad
3 U-Ziq Brace Yourself
3 Trio Hurricane Live at Fire in the Valley
3 Mcalister, Charlie Mississippi Luau
3 Doyle, Arthur Do the Breakdown
2 Cheater Slicks Skidmarks
2 House Band, the October Songs
2 Cuarteto Coculense Cuarteto Coculense
2 Various [coll]: Big Youth/Jah Whosh
2 To Live and Shave in Los Ang.. Ride a Cock Over Horse
2 Ill Ease Live at the Gate
2 Monkey Power Trio Sound of no Hands Clapping
2 Prison Rape Scenes Licked By the Mother Tongue
2 Cron Scalable Architectures
2 Lucky Thirteens Skylark / Fuck Off
2 Lenola Swerving Corpse, the
2 Voivod Phobos
2 Washington, Salim & R B a Love in Exile
2 Hasidic New Wave Psycho-Semitic
2 Lipscomb, Mance Captain, Captain!
2 Jimenez, Santiago Jr. Purely Instumental
2 History of Luminous Motion, Th Stasis Versus Motion
2 Vendettas, the Vendettas, the
2 Chopin, Henri Les Mirifliques Tundras
2 Various [coll]: Secret Museum of Man..
2 Phoenix Thunderstone Picnic with the Dead
2 Fela Anikulapo Kuti Music Is the Weapon...Future
2 Texas Rubies Working Girl Blues
2 Yockamo All-Stars Dew Drop Out
2 Sono-Bomber Songs From the Socket
2 Spector, Dave-Lynn, Lenny Blues Spoken Here
2 Scorched Earth Policy Tactics of the Lie
2 Jones, Mason Live in Japan
2 Carter Family, the Longing for Old Virginia
2 Fuller, Jesse San Francisco Bay Blues
2 Montgomery, Roy And Now the Rain Sounds Like..
2 Third Eye Foundation There's no End in Sight
2 Column One Labyrinth/Two Flowers for the
2 Gasoline Gasoline
2 Lhasa Cement Plant I Am Providence
2 Royal Trux Accelerator
2 Necessary Evils Stay Away From Me
2 Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique Undergreound Fossils
2 Shabaam Sahdeeq "Sound Clash"
2 Ui Lifelike
2 Mortician Zombie Apocalypse
2 Optical Bounce
2 Conjunto Cespedes Flores
2 Various [coll]: Pelt/Harry Pussy
2 Landed "
2 W.A.C.O. (Wild Acoustic Chambe Darling Clementine
2 Iao Core Armadillidium Vulgare
2 New Oral Exciter Your Lifestyle Has a Shelf Lif
2 Other Dimensions in Music Now!
1 Lesser Elements of Pessimism
1 Global Holocaust No More!
1 Sharpeville Sharpeville
1 Lunkheads Swingin' Sinners
1 Stanley Gospel Tradition Songs About Our Savior
1 TD5 Liquid Paper
1 Snyder, Doug/Bob Thompson Daily Dance
1 Obituary Dead
1 Insect, the Detroit Sessions, the
1 Dynamo Voraus/Aussen Vor
1 Miranda July Binet-Simon Test, the
1 Unlimited Tradition She's Gone
1 Frigg A-Go-Go Frigg-A-Licious
1 Outhouse Process of Elimination
1 Masters, Sammy Everybody Digs Sammy Masters
1 Various [coll]: Toy Bizarre/S.C. Party
1 Machine that Flashes Resensitized
1 Various [coll]: Break the Rules #8
1 Various [coll]: Secret Museum of Manki
1 Smith, Wadada Leo & Smith, H.. Condor, Autumn Wind
1 Noggin Spaceneedle
1 In Cold Blood Hell on Earth
1 Chaino Africana and Beyond
1 Allin, G.G. & the Murder Junki Terror in America
1 Third Time Out Live at the Mac
1 Gayle, Charles Solo in Japan
1 Di'jital Automatic Activity
1 New Bomb Turks At Rope's End
1 Prescott, Jean Prairie Flowers
1 Munde, Alan and Joe Carr Welcome to West Texas
1 V-3 'pimping in the 90'S' (Acti...
1 Various [coll]: Foxtrot
1 Bone Sharks Pray for Surf
1 Baronics, Les Exposition
1 Bukowski, Charles Poems and Insults
1 Waters, Patty College Tour
1 Masonna Psychetronics Erectile
1 Volkaert, "Papa Bear" Redd Telewacker
1 Necessary Evils, the ______________________________
1 Across 110TH Stre (soundtrack) Across 110TH Street
1 Brass Knuckles for Tough Guys Noise Man Kills Him
1 Bugger Sod Sampler
1 Secret Chiefs 3 Hurqalya
1 Snow, Mark (soundtrack) X-Files Fight the Future, the

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