KFJC tops for week ending 06/27/2001

8 Kid Koala Emperor's Main Course
8 Various [coll]: Turntables By the Bay
8 People Like Us A Fistful of Knuckles
7 Parker, Andrea Dark Ages, the
6 Augustus Pablo & Upsetters Divine Madness... Definitely
6 Hayseed Dixie Hillbilly Tribute to Ac/Dc
6 Various [coll]: Dj Scud/Rich Kid-Split
5 Various [coll]: Motorlab #2
5 Various [coll]: Below the Radar
5 Dry and Heavy One Punch
5 Various [coll]: Abu-Jamal, Mumia
5 Chocolate Watchband, the At the Love-In Live!
5 Russell, Tom Borderland
5 Cline, Nels Destroy All Nels Cline
5 Various [coll]: Third Eye Foundation
5 Chandra, Sheila This Sentence Is True...
4 Dropdead Vs. Pleasurehorse Deconstructed-Pleasurehorse
4 Dead Moon Trash and Burn
4 Sunroof! Reborn in Jets of Rainbow Wtr
4 Lopez, Orlando Chachaito S/T
4 La Poesie B Le Monde B
4 Mutants Fun Terminal
4 Various [coll]: Songcatch (soundtrack)
4 Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche, the Ven. Shedur:A Ghost Exorcism Ritual
4 Continuous Mode Disinformation Desighn
4 Various [coll]: Hot,Funky,& Sweaty
4 Continental S/T
4 Clouddead Number Five
4 Mr. Airplane Man, the Red Lite
4 Lea, Babatunde Master Drummers Vol. 4
4 Owens, Buck Young Buck
4 Channel One Maxfield Avenue Breakdown
4 Smith, Steven R. Tableland
4 Nordine, Ken A Transparent Mask
4 Various [coll]: King Funk
4 Various [coll]: Big Showdown at King..
4 Griffin, Francisca Some From the Sky
4 Various [coll]: Clicks & Cuts 2
4 Deathline Int'l Deathline Int'l
4 Braer Rabbit Circuit Trainer...
4 Art Ensemble of Chicago A.A.C.M. Great Black Music...
3 Dynamo 23/18
3 Les Sequelles (No Title)
3 Fartz, the "What's in a Name?"
3 David Candy Play Power
3 Arling Cameron Swarte Sound Shopping
3 Film School Brilliant Career
3 Juno A Future Lived in Past Tense
3 Sub Dub Original Masters 93-95
3 Isaacs, Gregory Mr. Isaacs
3 Maserati 37:29:24
3 Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge S/T
3 Thomas, Luther Realities:Old & New___
3 Spring Heel Jack Masses
3 Sun City Girls Libyan Dream
3 Crush Kill Destroy Punctuate Our Phrases
3 Various [coll]: Le Shok/Stitches
3 Holy Modal Rounders & Friends I Make a Wish for a Potato
3 Various [coll]: Duplo Remote / Com.A
3 Savage Aural Hotbed Strain and Force Handbook, the
3 Various [coll]: Sister Spit's Ramblin'
3 Alejandro Escovedo A Man Under the Influence
3 Little Fujiko S/T
3 Magic Carpathians, the Ethnocore 2: Nytu
3 Various [coll]: Rocketgirl Compilation
3 Whiskeytown Pneumonia
3 Mustafio Mustafio 2
3 Autechre Basscadet Mxs
3 Pelt / Lawler / Clark Keyhole 12 July 2000
3 Gladiators, the Trenchtown Mix Up
3 Romus, Rent Pkd Vortex Project
3 Future Pilot Aka Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea
3 Thunders, Johnny Live and Unreleased
3 Arnal, Jeff On the Way Out
3 Comets on Fire ______________________________
3 Sylvain, Sylvain Paper, Pencil & Glue
3 Haack, Bruce Electric Lucifer Book 2
2 Laster, Andy Soft Shell
2 Mateen, Sabir Tenor Rising Drums Expanding
2 Savage! (Soundtra (soundtrack) Savage!
2 Plaid ______________________________
2 Haggard, Merle Cabin in the Hills
2 Licht, Alan Plays Well
2 Erase Errata Erase Errata
2 Flatt & Scruggs Millenium Collection, the
2 Album Leaf, the One Day I'll Be on Time
2 Organized Konfusion Stress (The Extinction Agenda)
2 Hammers of Misfortune Bastard, the
2 Various [coll]: Three Owls Six Ears
2 Youngs, Richard/Simon Wickham- Lake
2 Various [coll]: Every Tone a Testimony
2 Byles, Junior Curley Locks
2 Christine 23 Onna Shiny Crystal Planet
2 Wevie Stonder Eat Your Own Ears
2 Peel Seamus Shifting Gears
2 Dj Logic Anomaly, the
2 Silva, Alan and Cel Com Orch Seasons
2 Various [coll]: Latin Beats:A Tribute
2 Re: Mnant
2 Dame Darcy W/ the Coctails Tardvark
2 Various [coll]: Tarentel/Lilienthal
2 Cathode Ray Tube Subzero Sensei
2 Detroit Escalator Co. Black Buildings Ep
2 Dj Premier Unreleased Instrumentals VOL.3
2 Ballin' the Jack Big Head, the
2 Bryars, Gavin A Man in a Room, Gambling
2 Burning Spear Traveling/Walking in Dub
2 Dry Branch Fire Squad Hand Hewn
2 Mountain Goats, the Isopanisad Radio Hour
2 Various [coll]: Support Your Local Mus
2 Gravitar Freedom's Just Another Word...
2 Prince Far I and the Arabs Message From the King
2 Ooioo Feather Float
2 Troll Que Son Los Trolls Y En Que...
2 Lovely Midget Lovely Midget
2 Antibalas' Afrobeat Orchestra Liberation Afrobeat VOL.1
2 Gasoline Fake to Fame
2 Various [coll]: Religious Music From..
2 Various [coll]: America in Decline
2 Mogwai Rock Action
2 Cherry, Don "Mu" First Part
2 Sun Ra & Intergalactic Infinty Night of the Purple Moon, the
2 Max Tundra QY20 Songs
2 Twice As Much Own Up
2 Various [coll]: House of Distraction
2 Lucky, Harell & Sharron Peas Poridge Hot E.P.
2 Trailer Park Tornados Heroes of the Hopeless
2 Aloha Wednesday Sing Songs of Freedom & Insp..
2 African Dub All Mighty, Chapter 2
2 Sorrow Let there Be Thorns
2 Hammond, John Wicked Grin
1 Brass Monkey Brass Band Live in Time and Space
1 Saperstein, Heidi Devil I Once Knew, the
1 Taylor, Otis White African
1 Association Area Loathsome Deco
1 Moss, Buddy Red River Blues
1 Antiseen Boys From Brutalsville, the
1 Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs-Wid Gatz Wake Up and Smell the Piss
1 Cale, John Sun Blindness Music
1 Sagebrush Swing Western at Heart
1 Alboth! Ecco La Fiera
1 Dechellis, Don Chamber Music
1 Various [coll]: Blues in the .........
1 Various [coll]: Gob/Agoraphobic Nosebd
1 Davis, Ben Hushed Patterns of Relief, the
1 Bhekhirst, Y. Hot in the Airport
1 Oval Ovalcommers
1 YBO2 From the Huge Higurashi Woods
1 Martin, Jimmy King of Bluegrass, the
1 Ida Braille Night, the
1 Speaker/Cranker S/T
1 Various [coll]: New York City:Global B
1 Grandaddy Crystal Lake, the
1 Faun Fables ______________________________
1 Allison, Luther Luther's Blues
1 Loopdrop Loopdrop
1 YBO2 Alienation
1 Various [coll]: Droppen the Bomb
1 Bardo Pond Slab
1 Peeps, the Peeps, the
1 Satya Sai Maitreya Kali Apache/Inca
1 Leonard, Robert Graves & His.. S/T
1 Moore, Rebecca Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
1 Ware, David S. Live in Netherlands___
1 Dynotones, the S/T
1 Various [coll]: Oxes/Arab on Radar
1 Kortatu S/T
1 Registrators Singles
1 Salim, A.K. Drum Orgy
1 Creed, Helios On Tour 1999
1 Voivod Lives
1 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Spa
1 Brighter Death Now Obsessis
1 Ratos De Porao Guerra Civil Canival
1 Father Harry Spring 2001
1 Tribes of Neurot God of the Center
1 Saboten, the Kali
1 Scientist Heavy Weight Dub Champion
1 Devl Devl
1 Dill, Stefan Flower and Song
1 Various [coll]: Polly Shang/Smack MUS7
1 Ghania, Maleem Abdelah Gnawa Music of Essaouira
1 Karate Unsolved
1 Calla Scavengers
1 Various [coll]: Naked & Alone on The..
1 Jakob Erfo
1 Nishinihon Art Rock no Shinei
1 Allen, Red Folkways Years 1964-1983, the
1 Dianogah Hannibal
1 Acid Mothers Temple and The... Absolutely Freak Out
1 Death in June Operation Hummingbird
1 Wimp, the ______________________________
1 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Il Gatto a Nove Code
1 Sandoz Lab Technicians Synaptic Acres
1 Vir Strika B/W Solaris
1 Golden Ticket, the Isodm

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