KFJC tops for week ending 06/30/1999

4 Bongzilla Stash
3 C. Brown, T. Perkis, P. Ston [Coll]: Hub, the
3 Alien Nation Return to Cybertron
2 Praxis Transmutation Live
2 Hendrix, Jimi/Band of Gypsys Live at the Fillmore East
2 Dilks, Johnny & Visitation Vly Acres of Heartache
2 Smith, Steven R. From Ashes Come
2 Dj Vadim Friction
2 Mgm Studio Orches (soundtrack) Lion's Roar:Classic Mgm Film S
2 Aoki, Tatsu & Otani, Yasuhiro Dial
2 Binary Star New Hip Hop
2 Kingsley, Gershon Music to Moog By
2 Dirty Dozen Brass Band Buck Jump
2 Blackalicious A2G
2 New Bomb Turks Beruhrer Meiner Affe
2 Black Dog, the Peel Session
2 Dr Dooom First Come First Served
2 Various [coll]: Friedman, Kinky and Fr
2 Willis, Wesley Greatest Hits, VOL.2
2 Leyland, Carl "Sonny" I'm Wise
2 Catalyst Funkiest Band You Never Heard
1 Schaeffer, Pierre L'oeuvre Musicale
1 Replikants Slickaphonics
1 Ernie Kovacs, the Record Collection
1 Id Battery Last Blue Before Black
1 Badalamenti, Ange (soundtrack) City of Lost Children, the
1 Ex, the Live at Kfjc 2/21/99
1 Ervin, Booker Lament For...
1 Floating Flower S/T
1 El Stew El Stew
1 Various [coll]: Lunapark 0,10
1 Various [coll]: Good, the Bad, The, th
1 Henry Cow Leg End
1 Various [coll]: Improvised Music Works
1 Various [coll]: Color in Absence Sound
1 Operation Re-Information Universal Standard 84000
1 Monolake Tangent
1 Various [coll]: Brume & Telepherique
1 Ghost Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet
1 Lung Leg Maid to Minx
1 Gasp Welcome to the Cosmos - Vol 11
1 Baseball Furies All-American Psycho
1 Nomads, the Big Sound 2000
1 Drunk Raised Toward
1 Pelt Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky
1 Test Test
1 Dynamix 2 Plastic Men, the
1 Shepp,Archie + El'zabar Trio Conversations
1 Third Sight Golden Shower Hour, the
1 Perry, Lee "Scratch" and the U Upsetter Shop, Vol 2; 1969, th
1 Slow Poke At Home
1 Dickel Brothers, the Volume One
1 Torpedoes Lucky You
1 Star Room Boys, the Why Do Lonely Men and Women...
1 Brainbombs Urge to Kill
1 '68 Comeback Love Always Wins
1 Pan Sonic B Ep
1 Bevis Frond, the Vavona Burr
1 No Talents, the Want Some More
1 Phoenix Thunderstone ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Merzbow/Amm
1 Bellrays, the Let It Blast
1 Calexico 98-99 Road Map
1 Maniac High Sence Maniac High Sence
1 Fantomas, the Fantomas, the
1 Various [coll]: Cool Beans! Comp #10
1 El Din, Hamza A Wish
1 Various [coll]: Doob Doob O'rama
1 Watson, Dale Good Luck 'n Good Truckin 2NIT
1 Insects, the Return to the Foreign Legion
1 Various [coll]: Across Uneven Terrain
1 Teriyakis Psychics to Sidekicks
1 Clusone 3 Rara Avis
1 Pawns You Talk of Sacrifice..He Knew
1 Morris, Lynn You'll Never Be the Sun
1 Furtado, Tony & Dirk Powell Tony Furtado & Dirk Powell
1 Various [coll]: Bloodstns Acrs Belgium
1 Push Button Objects ______________________________
1 Gentle Tasaday In the Mind's Eye Ofa Blind...
1 Agricola, Alexander A Secret Labyrinth
1 King Brothers Super X
1 Thegodshatekansas Mischief Is Its Own Reward
1 Sonogram Heartbeat Submarines
1 Cooley, Spade Shame on You
1 Wild Magnolias, the Life Is a Carnival
1 Sub Oslo Sub Oslo
1 Jorgensmann, Theo Ta Eko Mo
1 Cul De Sac Crashes to Light Minutes to ..
1 Various [coll]: Killed By Death V 41
1 August, Lynn Creole People
1 Downs, George Glass Bead Cabinet, Opus 32
1 Genius "Publicity"
1 Ziamulush V28
1 Charalambides Houston
1 Brewer, Clarence King Clarentz
1 Uncle Tupelo No Depression
1 Sonar Cosmic Rays
1 Involution Lab Love
1 Devil Dub Band Devil Dub
1 Various [coll]: Halleluja, Anyway
1 Water Regions of the S W U.S.A Artificial Subterranne

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