KFJC tops for week ending 07/10/2002

11 Space Machine Cosmos From Diode Latter Filtr
11 Cool Beans #14 Intoxication Compilation
11 Various [coll]: Don't Shoot the Toy..
9 Numbers S/T
9 Hayseed Dixie A Hillbilly Tribute to Mount..
8 Hot Snakes Suicide Invoice
8 Various [coll]: Turntables By the BAY3
7 Sharp, Elliot Yellowman
7 Starfuckers Infinitive Sessions
7 No Forcefield God Is An Excuse
7 Bjorgfulfsson, Heimir Circulations
7 Reactors, the Half-Life
7 Dj Format Ill Culinary Behaviour
7 Breakestra Remember Who You Are Ep
7 Arco Flute Foundation Everything After the Bomb Is..
7 Agness Radio
7 Murcof Martes
7 Kill-A-Watts Electrorock
6 Tribute to Dom Leone Guess Who this Is
6 Felipe, Dino Dino Felipe As Flim Toby
6 Vincent Gallo Recordings of Music for Film
6 Michael Andrews (soundtrack) Donnie Darko
6 Black Ice S/T
6 Jucifer I Name You Destroyer
6 Various [coll]: SHOWA/64-SOUNDS Of...
6 Autumn Fair 1986-1989
6 Mingus, Charles A Modern Jazz Symposium Of....
6 Adult Enter By Hand
6 Gossip Arkansas Heat
6 Ttc Ceci N'est Pas Un Disque
6 Various [coll]: Future World Funk 3
5 Various [coll]: Nihil
5 Gaia 13 Inside the Star Furnace
5 Parker, William Quartet Raining on the Moon
5 Shipp, Matthew Songs
5 Creation Is Crucifixion Uum
5 Stahhr Tha F.E.M.C.E.E. Rhyme Fluid
5 Roger Roger (soundtrack) Sounds Industrial
5 Bucknor, Segun Poor Man no Get Brother
5 Deerhoof C
5 Blevin Blectum Talon Slalom
5 Bevis Frond What Did for the Dinosaurs
5 Earle, Steve Sidetracks
5 Songs : Ohia Gray Tower, the
5 Vanishing, the In the Bat Haus
5 Elf Power Creatures
5 Fuxa Hide Away
5 Various [coll]: Guerrero, Tommy & Gadg
5 Tracy & the Plastics Muscler's Guide to Videonics..
5 Tanakh Villa Claustrophobia
4 Various [coll]: Ex-Models/The Seconds
4 Mion, Philippe Leone
4 Greenberger, David Duplext Planet Radio Hour, the
4 Revolutionaries, the Outlaw Dub
4 All Natural Queens Get the Money
4 Peter Thomas (soundtrack) Sound Music Album
4 Art Ensemble of Chicago Fanfare for the Warriors
4 Anomoanon Envoi Villon
4 Kill Me Tomorrow S/T
4 Kid 606 Why I Love Life
4 Stephin Merritt (soundtrack) Eban and Charley
4 Black Hawk Down (soundtrack) Black Hawk Down
4 Blau, Karl Clothes Your I's
4 Dj Shadow You Can't Go Home Again
4 Jones, Sharon & the Dap Kings Dap-Dippin' With...
4 Schnitzer, Conrad Blau
4 Antipop Consortium Arrhythmia
4 Buff Medways Tribute to the Daggermen
4 L'altra In the Afternoon
4 Plaid P-Brane
4 Boom Box 2000 ______________________________
4 Sons of the Pioneers Ultimate Collection
4 Various [coll]: Jackie-O Mofo/Vibracat
4 Aarktica ..Or You Could Go Through....
4 Dianogah Millions of Brazilians
4 Tristeza Mania Phase
4 Whitefield Brothers, the In the Raw
4 Wumpscut Wreath of Barbs
3 Kramer, Wayne & Pink Fairies Cocaine Blues
3 Blood Brothers, the March on Electric Children
3 Throw Rag "Tee-Tot"
3 Borbeto Jam All Pure
3 Mus El Naval
3 Peoples Bizarre S/T
3 Kona, Rex & His Mandarins Wild Orchids
3 Meltzer/Pollard Completed Soundtrack..., the
3 Black, Jim Splay
3 Herschel Gordon L (soundtrack) Eyepopping Sounds of
3 Heather Myles Sweet Talk & Good Lies
3 Stanley, Ralph Ralph Stanley
3 Various [coll]: Revenge of the B-Boy
3 Hakmoun, Hassan Gift, the
3 Fred Is Dead Greatest Hits
3 Pop Electronique Les Sons Electroniques De...
3 Buff Medways, the This Is this
3 At War with Shadows Healing Is not An Option
3 Various [coll]: Destination:
3 Algorithm (Seth B. and Plex) Defective Experiment
3 Ultra-Red Plan De Austeridad
3 Devine, Richard Lipswitch
3 Team Doyobi Cryptoburners
3 Sammy (soundtrack) Original Tv Soundtrack, the
3 Cattle Decapitation Human Jerky
3 Euphone Lakewood, the
3 Gravitar Now the Road of Knives
3 Nardini, Nino & Roger, Roger Jungle Obsession
3 Payton, Asie Just Do Me Right
3 Rotten Piece Astronauts in Heat
3 Live Human Live
3 Vocokesh Ispepnaibara
3 Drekka Take Care to Fall
3 Carll, Hayes Flowers and Liquor
3 Alvin, Dave & the Guilty Men Out in California
3 Ireland, Mike & Holler Try Again
3 (R) Humps (R) Humps
3 Soft Machine Backwards
3 Acid Mothers Temple... Born to Be Wild in the U.S.A.
3 Clayton, Kit Latke
2 Andy Laster's Lessness Window Silver Bright
2 Bare, Bobby Jr. Young Criminals' Starvation..
2 Reign of Erebus Humanracist
2 Hand Held Heart Ssysispsk
2 Quadrajets My Car, My Spaceship
2 Various [coll]: Live at the Manhole
2 Storey,Robin & Victor Nubla About Breathing
2 Moore,Tim & J.A. Deane Dillinger
2 Xiu Xiu Knife Play
2 Cul De Sac Immortality Lessons
2 Pastlife (Mind Machine) Mourn of Angels, the
2 Mayday Old Blood
2 Robinson, Jason Tandem
2 Floating Flower 1ST & 2ND
2 Various [coll]: Juice/Babe Ruth
2 Bennink, Han Nerve Beats
2 Allun Onussen
2 Xhol Caravan Motherfuckers Live
2 Various [coll]: Bananafish #16
2 Various [coll]: Silk Road, the
2 Various [coll]: Cookbook:Libro De...
2 Mum Green Grass of Tunnel
2 Various [coll]: Milkweed / Nervous Pla
2 Nashville Pussy ______________________________
2 Haggard, Merle Peer Sessions, the
2 Speedy J Bugmod
2 Dangers, Jack Tape Music
2 Khan, Shujaat Sitar
2 Various [coll]: Black Rio:Brazil Soul
2 Heasley, Tom On the Sensations of Tone
2 Shy Child Please Consider Our Time
2 Freeman, Isaac Beautiful Stars
2 Mountain Goats, the Ghana
2 Musica Elettronica Viva Leave the City
2 Emanon Emcees Like Me
2 Various [coll]: Faust Freispiel
2 Pantaleimon Trees Hold Time
2 Bevan/Smith/Looney Sale of Tickets for Money., th
2 Various [coll]: Because You're Funky
2 Dynasty Seth Misterka Presents
2 Various [coll]: Process/Dat Politics
2 Inade Crackling of the Anonymous, th
2 Cyne African Elephants
2 Flatlanders Now Again
2 Taj Mahal Travellers July 15TH. 1972
2 Magical Power Mako Cozmo Grosso
2 Algernas Tradgard Delayed
2 K.M.D. Mr. Hood
2 Skepticism Ethere
2 Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsession
2 Preston School of Industry Falling Away
1 Wallace, Roger Lowdown, the
1 Dolly Parton Halos & Horns
1 Various [coll]: Africa Raps
1 Merritt, Tift Bramble Rose
1 Lauderdale, Jim & Ralph Stanle Lost in the Lonesome Pines
1 Berne, Tim Sevens, the
1 F-Word Shut Down
1 Los Rabbis Bible Part 2, the
1 Sightings Sightings
1 Jorma Kaukonen Blue Country Heart
1 Various [coll]: Sunshine (soundtrack)
1 Popping, Elsa & Her Pixieland Delirium in Hi - Fi
1 Popp, Andre Presenting Popp!
1 Various [coll]: Bliss, Melvin/Skull...
1 Chromatics Cavecare Ep
1 Orthrelm Asristir Vieldriox
1 Harada, Marsashi,Electric Trio Obliteration at the End Of...
1 El-P Fantastic Damage
1 Various [coll]: Trojan Dub
1 Onus Boton Electric/Bugle/Loo
1 Deane, J.A. These Times
1 Shimada, Aiko Bright and Dark
1 Chatham,Rhys A Rhys Chatham Compilation
1 Johnny Irion Unity Lodge
1 Various [coll]: Man of Constant Sorrow
1 Sun Ra Nubians of Plutonia, the
1 Sun Ra Super Sonic JAZZ-21ST Century
1 Various [coll]: One Big Trip
1 Abdo, George Belly Dance! the Best of Georg
1 T Cells T Cells
1 Last Kreep, the Space Breaks
1 Tarras, Dave/Musiker, Sam Tanz!
1 Trio 3 Open Ideas
1 Edison Woods Edison Woods
1 Die Like a Dog Quartet Aoyama Crows
1 Calon, Christian Les Corps Eblouis
1 Phaser Sway
1 Compomicro-Dexall Schism Portions
1 Various [coll]: Black Army Jacket/Heml
1 Various [coll]: Histeria
1 Carn, Doug Adams Apple
1 Temple of Bon Matin We've Got the Biggest Engine
1 Wild Man's Band, the S/T
1 Murray,Sunny & Sabir Mateen We Are not at the Opera
1 Rivers, Sam Trio Firestorm
1 Moe! Staiano Lateness of Yearly Present, th
1 Omar, Ustad Mohammad Virtuoso From Afghanistan
1 Creation Is Crucifixion Destructivist (Noise Remixes)
1 Various [coll]: Surrounded By Sun
1 Bovine Over Sussex W. Solid Space Inverse Universe
1 Various [coll]: Sarah Dougher/Matthew
1 Whip Sewn in Seems
1 Various [coll]: Wuzor/Opaque Split 7"
1 Change of Time S/T
1 Climax Golden Twi (soundtrack) Session 9
1 Ursula 1000 Kinda' Kinky
1 Various [coll]: 156 Strings
1 Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra Art Forms of Dimentions Tomoro
1 Tino Corp. Tino's Breaks Vol. 1 & 2
1 Various [coll]: Gob / Sloth
1 Spazz Tasten' Spoon
1 Khaled N'ssi N'ssi

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