KFJC tops for week ending 07/12/2000

10 Nashville Pussy High As Hell
8 Rosenman, Loenard (soundtrack) Beneath the Planet of the Apes
8 Yume Bitsu Giant Surface Music Falling...
8 Toywar Lullabies for Toywar.Com
8 Echoboy Volume One
7 Cutler, Chris & Fred Frith 2 Gentlemen in Verona
7 Spike and Princess Indie Rock Queen
7 Ely, Joe Live at Antone's
7 Walker, T-Bone Very Best of T-Bone Walker
7 Smith, Jean S/T
7 Shell Shell Is Swell
7 Clash, the London's Burning
7 Deutsch, Mark Bazantar/Sitar
6 Freeform Green Park
6 Sternklang Neolounge Ep
6 Gossip, the S/T
6 Pseudo Buddha Motive
6 Clinic Internal Wrangler
6 Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemo
6 Marclay, Christian Record Without a Cover
6 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sys Dub Voyage
6 Baron, Joey Killer Joey
6 Chocolate Watchband, the Live Kfjc 4-15-2000
6 Continuos Mode S/T
5 Mikey Wild & the Magic Lantern I Was Punk B4 U Were Punk
5 Ten in the Swear Jar Inside of the Computer Are All
5 Diaz-Infante, Ernesto Solus
5 Deckwrecka, the Deckwrecka 4
5 Fink Fresh Produce
5 Concretes, the Boyoubetterunow
5 Cortez, Diego Stuzzicadenti
5 Marcus, Hannah Black Hole Heaven
5 Radulescu, Horatio Clepsydra-Astray
5 Various [coll]: Subterranean Hitz V.3
5 Scorched Earth Policy Keep Away From the Wires
5 Sun City Girls Carnival Folklore Resurrection
5 Tarwater Animals, Suns & Atoms
5 Bonfire Madigan Saddle the Bridge
5 Checksum From the Beginning Of.....
5 Pandoras Pandoras
5 Various [coll]: Songs in the Key of Z
4 Erule Real Me, the
4 Chantigs Mission Faucet, the
4 Donna the Buffalo Positive Friction
4 Feelings, the Jammers
4 Earle, Steve Transcendental Blues
4 Bran(Anothr Plight O Medix)Pos Amantis Incongue
4 Horrors, the S/T
4 Astrid Oto Songs of Wrath and Optimism
4 Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali & Party Dust to Gold
4 Yoakam, Dwight Dwightyoakamacoustic.Net
4 Saint Andre S/T
4 Nextmen, the Buck Foolish
4 Williams, Andre Black Godfather
4 Various [coll]: Mask of the People
4 Suggs, Matt Golden Days Before They End
4 Her Space Holiday Home Is Where You Hang Yourslf
4 True Love Always Torch
4 A-Team, the Rally Round the Home Team
4 Dickle Brothers, the Dickle Brothers Vol 2
4 Moore, Rudy Ray Rally in the Valley
4 Calvin Don't Jump Crystal Clear Mississippi
4 Huevos Rancheros Muerte Del Toro
4 Various [coll]: Dj Krush
4 Maquiladora White Sands
4 Yo La Tengo And Then Nothing Turned...
4 Dj Spooky Vs. Freight Elevator Futurism Ep
4 Valentine Killers, the S/T
4 Various [coll]: New Coat of Paint
4 Mittoo, Jackie Keyboard King @ Studio One, th
4 Blacklight Braille Castle of the Northern..., the
4 Speedy J Drill
4 Von Till, Steve As the Crow Flies
4 Various [coll]: Extreme Music From Wom
4 Sanctum Answer to His Riddle (Ep), the
3 Lytton, Paul & Ken Vandermark English Suites
3 Krill Krill
3 Zyklon-B Mental Orgasm...Remixes
3 Hunter, Long John Hey Mrs. Jones
3 Disc Transfer
3 Dead Boys Lost Gems
3 Various [coll]: Ersatz Audio:The Forgo
3 Kid Koala Scratchappyland
3 Bailey, Deford Legendary Deford Bailey, the
3 Monder, Ben Excavation
3 Dreamies Auralgraphic Entertainment
3 Altered States Plays Standards
3 Lightning Bolt Conan
3 Cookin' with Kurt S/T
3 Tobin, Amon Supermodified
3 Thuja Deer Lay Down Their Bones, the
3 Apes of God, the How to Pick Up Girls
3 Dreams of the Fall S/T
3 Sick Bees My Pleasure
3 Necro Most Sadistic, the
3 No W.T.O Combo, the From the Battle in Seattle
3 Gardiner, Borris Sledgehammer
3 Various [coll]: Take Me Home
3 Yokoyama, Doug Identities
3 Girls Reunion
3 Slayer/T.S.O.L. Abolish Government
3 Blackalicious Nia
3 Causeyway, the Testimony
3 Radiogram Unbetween
3 Andrew Wk Girls Only Juice
3 International Noise Conspiracy Survival Sickness
3 Deluxx Tidy Boy & the Crazy Bastr, th
3 A.P.P.L.E All Punks Please Leave Earth
3 Fasteau, Kali & Rafael Garret Memoirs of a Dream
3 Various [coll]: Dum Dum Tv/Wire Hippo
3 Reich, Steve New York Counterpoint....
3 Smooth Quality Excrement Bird and Truck Collision
3 Anderson, Bruce (And Friends!) Brutality I I : Balkana
3 East Bionic Symphonia July 13, 1976
2 Various [coll]: Extreme America
2 Infesticons,The Gun Hill Road
2 Cowboy Nation Journey Out of Time, a
2 Eed Morphic Resonance
2 Mental Insect Two-Headed Fly
2 Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver Just Over in Heaven
2 Guerrero, Tommy A Little Bit of Somethin'
2 Court and Spark, the Ventura
2 Acid Mothers Temple &Melting.. Ivan Piskov's Wild Gals a Gogo
2 Either/Orchestra More Beautiful than Death
2 Chomsky, Noam Case Studies in Hypocrisy
2 Psychatrone Paranoid Lsd Trip
2 Murder City Devils, the In Name and Blood
2 Robair, Gino New Dimensions in Styrofoam
2 Harvey Milk Courtesy and Good Will Toward.
2 Crabstick Discoverooster
2 Pucho & His Latin Soul Brother How'm I Doin?
2 Marumari Wolves Hollow, the
2 Garcia, Jerry, David Grisman.. Pizza Tapes, the
2 Knife in the Water Red River
2 George, Sonny Truckin' Country
2 James Intveld Somewhere Down the Road
2 Youngblood Brass Band Word on the Street
2 Bruno, Franklin Kiss Without Makeup
2 Belfour, Robert What's Wrong with You
2 Seldom Scene Scene It All
2 Bibey, Alan In the Blue Room
2 Hogan, Kelly & Pine Valley... (Beneath the Country Underdog)
2 Condo, Ray & His Ricochets High & Wild
2 Beans Nude Paper
2 Paranda Africa in Central America
2 Various [coll]: Feel Like Jumping
2 Chicago Underground Duo Synesthesia
2 T-Model (James) Ford She Ain't None of Your'n
2 Front Range Silent Ground
2 Five Deez Dope
2 Cohen, Greg Way Low
2 Ex-Girl Big When Far, Small When Close
2 Bottledog A?Majestic?Bottledog!Demo?
2 New Bomb Turks Big Combo, the
2 Various [coll]: Salsa Africa
2 Acrid Eighty-Sixed
2 Bovine Customline
2 Supersoul Soma-Rasa 1
2 Various [coll]: Rachel's/Matmos
2 Calexico Descamino
2 Sanders/Drake/Rudolf Spirits
2 Noisegate Suspended Animation Ambient V1
2 Discipline 4 Moogs Single
2 Kubin, Felix Jane B. Ertrinkt Mit Den Pferd
2 Various [coll]: Clit Stop
2 Gibson, Jon Two Solo Pieces
2 Grossman, Richard Trio Where the Sky Ended
2 Creatures, the U.S. Retrace ('98-'99 B-Sides)
1 764-HERO Weekends of Sound
1 Salome' A. M.
1 Mayhem Grand Declaration of War
1 Envy/This Machine Kills ______________________________
1 Eddie Haskells, the Bad Reputation
1 Lonesome River Band Talkin' to Myself
1 Machetazo Carne De Cementerio
1 Sludge ______________________________
1 Akchote, Noel Alike Joseph
1 Bloggs Music for Multiples
1 Speed, Chris-Trio Iffy
1 Various [coll]: State of the Heirloom
1 Super Noise Penis S/T
1 Nabatov, Simon Trio Sneak Preview
1 Strauman, Ed & Slovak Radio Listen with Your Feet
1 Hot Shots, the Wise Up, Watchout
1 Le Shok We Are Electrocution
1 Pintscher, Matthias Funf Orchesterstucke
1 Jackman, David Gun, Machine, Vickers, .303
1 Kataklysm Prophecy(...), the
1 Melford, Myra-Crush Dance Beyond the Color
1 Amazing Crowns, the Royal
1 Allen, Tony No Accomodation for Lagos
1 Various [coll]: Killed By 7"
1 Romus, Rent Life's Blood Trio Blood Motions
1 Saint Andre Exalting the Grid
1 Morlix, Gurf Toad of Titicaca
1 Ex-Husbands ...All Gussied Up
1 Stuckey, Dave Get a Load of this
1 Lindgren, Erik Scores!
1 Leonardson, Eric Radio Reverie in the Waiting..
1 Incantation Infernal Storm, the
1 Father Harry Spring 2000
1 Mccoury, Ronnie Heartbreak Town
1 Bangs Sweet Revenge
1 Deceased Supernatural Addiction
1 My Sin Beyond Good and Evil
1 Valdes, Carlos Patato - the Legend of Cuban P
1 Optiganally Yours Exclusively Talentmaker!
1 Ass Baboons of Venus Phuket Ala Bum Bum
1 Rockin' Lloyd Tripp & the Zipg Ride that Rocket
1 Sound Pipe Afro El Azul
1 Mimir Mimir 2
1 Buck, Joe Remember the Alimony
1 Donner Party, the Complete Recordings 1987-1989
1 Sonic Sum Sanity Annex, the
1 Lypid Stratospheric
1 Bassholes Secret Strength of ..., the
1 Dj Food Kaleidoscope
1 Patchen, Kenneth Reads His Poetry with Jazz
1 Various [coll]: Shinin', the
1 Trinity Shanty Town Determination
1 Crispus Attacks Destroy the Teacher
1 Boom Bip & Doseone ______________________________
1 Carter, Bo 1931-1940
1 Night of Serious Drinking, a One After Another
1 Various [coll]: Winter Waves (Promo)
1 Hancock, Herbie Thrust
1 Davis, Betty They Say I'm Different
1 Deception Bay My Color Flag
1 Gorgoroth Incipit Satan

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