KFJC tops for week ending 07/12/2006

earballs artist album_title
7 Nightmares On Wax In a Space Outta Sound
7 Lion Fever Haunted Water
6 Camera Obscura Let's Get Out of This Country
5 Sun City Girls Live Room
5 Radioactive Lamb Memoirs of Reverend Cowhead and Sheriff Lamb Boy, ...
5 Sibbles, Leroy / Delahaye, Noel with Jah Scully This World / Pretty Looks
5 Fiery Furnaces Bitter Tea
5 Choklate Choklate
5 Radioinactive Soundtrack to a Book
5 Wasteland October
5 Sao Paulo Underground Sauna: Um, Dois, Tres
5 Various Artists X-Rated: The Dark Files
5 Maker Shooting The Breeze
5 Critical Monkey Failure of an Intelligent Design
4 Various Artists Live Airwaves For Your Hairwaves - Live From WNUR
4 Lycia Burning Circle & Then Dust, The
4 Bottle Rockets Zoysia
4 Rakhim Untitled
4 15 Degrees Below Zero Under a Morphine Sky
4 Inside Afghanistan Inside Afghanistan
4 Manier, Charles Idol Tryouts 2
4 Xoloder Artifacts
4 Tarantism Stuck to The Bottom
4 Kaada Music For Moviebikers
4 Morgen Morgen
4 Various Artists Not Alone : Doctors Without Borders
4 Presto Inflight Instrumentals
4 Walkmen, The a Hundred Miles Off
4 Craig, Carl and The Congos With The Upsetter Congo Man
4 Clapan 21st Century Lullaby
4 Various Artists Eyelicker
4 Caribou Marino Audio
3 Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble Mon Music of Burma
3 Old Time Relijun 2012
3 Ossie All Stars Leggo Dub
3 Jones, Joe Fluxus Is Dead
3 Behrman, David Wave Train
3 Tyrades I Am Homicide
3 ? Voice of Pakistan - Vol. 4
3 Les Georges Leningrad Release The Bats
3 Press, The Press, The
3 Pon Dao Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia
3 Vainio, Mika Metri
3 Wexler, Mike And to The Disciples That Remain
3 Four Tet a Joy
3 Psalm One Death of Frequent Flyer, The
3 Boo, Mike Dunhill Drone Committee
3 Dj Enso Solos In Stereo
3 Xasthur Nocturnal Poisoning
3 Panacea Thinking Back Looking Forward
3 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Have You Seen The Other Side of The Sky?
3 Deacon, Dan Acorn Master
3 Royce Tuff Love
3 I Burn Ipertermia
3 No Neck Blues Band Ever Borneo
3 Gjoll Way Though Zero
3 Bellmer Dolls Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over, The
3 Espers II
3 Legendary Pink Dots Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves
3 Baghiri, Amir Exosphere
3 Smile Like Dog Apple Juice TV
3 Amps For Christ Every Eleven Seconds
3 Various Artists J.A. 2 Da Bay
3 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Etiquette
3 Be Your Own Pet Summer Sensation
3 People Under The Stairs Stepfather
3 Dudley Perkins Expressions
3 Liars Drums Not Dead
3 Ovo Miastenia
3 Reich, Steve Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music / 4th A-chro...
3 Magic People Keen Whips I'd Wear As Rubies
3 Faulhaber, RK / Xambuca Wiping With Pride
3 Pink Mountain Pink Mountain
3 Critters Buggin Host
3 Hovercraft Akathisia
2 Odawas Aether Eater, The
2 Herb Diamante May I Light Your Cigarette?
2 Tunng Mothers Daughter and Other Songs
2 Reynols Whistling Kettle Quartet
2 Penderecki, Krzysztof Manuscript Found At Saragoss, The
2 Hayes, Billie Piano Boogie & The Blues
2 Rooks, The a Girl Like You/Empty Heart
2 Triple Burner Triple Burner
2 Wang Changcun Mountain Swallowing Sadness, The
2 Mr 76ix Hits of 76ix
2 Lauheat Lampaat Most Pollo, The
2 Roth, David Lee W/ The John Jorgenson Band Strummin' With The Devil
2 Shaw, Woody Last of The Line
2 Legendary Pink Dots Alchemical Playschool
2 Deadstring Brothers Starving Winter Report
2 Sharks With Wings Paper Legs / Sharks With Wings - Split
2 VxPxC Heaven Is For Quitters
2 Little Denise Stevenson Bay Area Funk Volume 2
2 Csokolom Dog Daze
2 Handsome Family, The Last Days of Wonder
2 Subbulakshmi, M.s. Radhamadhavam
2 McGregor, Dion Dion McGregor Dreams Again
2 Fe-mail Blixter Toad
2 Tass 2 UnterHALTUNG
2 Instruments, The Cast a Half Shadow
2 Radio Algeria Radio Algeria
2 Black Ox Orkestar Nisht Azoy
2 Radio Thailand Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom
2 Omens, The Yeah-Yeah
2 Burial Year Pestilence
2 Substance Abuse Overproof
2 Lyme Registry Lyme Registry
2 Soviet Valves Sight That Harms/gaze That Harms
2 Witch S/t
2 Feathers Feathers
2 Griswold, Eric Altona Sketches
2 Chopin, Henri Review OU
2 Battiato, Franco Fetus
2 100 Records What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
2 Left For Dead Live
2 KAS Product Try Out
2 Cham Ghetto Story
2 Bitrate Subaltern Afidavit
2 Avarus Vesikansi
2 Null,k.k./z'ev Artificial Life
2 Mason Proper There Is a Moth In Your Chest
2 Buckley, Tim Goodbye and Hello
2 Mestizo & Mike Gao Blindfaith
2 Mars Ill ProPain
2 Noxagt Noxagt
2 Aero-Mic'd I Think You're Great
2 Flying Just One Second Ago Broken Eggshell
2 Poo Poodles Here Comes The Future
2 Om Conference of The Birds
2 Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon
2 Ultralyd Chromosome Gun
2 Datach'i Shock Diamonds
2 Aurora Dark Paradise
2 Pollo Del Mar Year of The Rooster
2 Pearls and Brass Closet Full of Clothes
2 Evolution Control Committee Plagiarythm Nation
2 Taraf De Haidouks Band of Gypsies
2 Youngblood Brass Band Unlearn
2 Ellis, Don Live at Montreux
2 Tupelo Chain Sex Spot the Difference
2 Orchid Spangiafora Flee Past Ape's Elf
1 Big Bear Big Bear
1 CX Kidtronik Krak Attack
1 P:Ano Brigadoon
1 Biram, Scott H. Graveyard Shift
1 Cherry Point, The Black Witchery
1 Walker & Triple R Aufraeumen!
1 Idea Fire Company Stranded
1 Ohsees Cool Death of Island Raiders, The
1 Better to See You With, The Siberia / The Better to See You With
1 RWAKE If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You...
1 Ceschi They Hate Francisco False
1 Fovea Hex Huge
1 Kamkars, The Rough Guide to The Music of Iran
1 De Dionyso, Arrington Breath of Fire
1 Rauhan Orkesteri and Family Underground Qbico U-Nite : Bruxelles III
1 Vlor A Fire Is Meant For Burning
1 Von Hausswolf, C.M. Operations of Spirit Communication
1 Jordan, Kidd / Parker, William / Drake, Hamid Palm of Soul
1 Sleeparchive Infrared Glow
1 Eagle and Talon Eagle and Talon Cares
1 Flynt, Henry & The Insurrections "I Don't Wanna"
1 Harris, Emmylou Pilgrim: a Celebration of Kris Kristofferson, The
1 Hacienda Brothers What's Wrong With Right
1 Midnite & I Grade Jah Grid
1 ground monkeys Heat Retention Records #7
1 Boyracer A Punch Up The Bracket
1 Mccoury Band, Del Promised Land
1 Marley's Ghost Spooked
1 Frizzell, Johndee Carsteneson Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
1 Baroque Bordello Abnormal Songs
1 Hubback, Steve & Nilssen-Love, Paal Steve Hubback & Paal Nilssen-Love
1 Alias & Tarsier Brookland/Oaklyn
1 Ton That Tiet Cyclo
1 Moebius/Mueller/Schoenecker Amalgam
1 Banjo & Sullivan Ultimate Collection 1972-1978, The
1 Akita, Masami/merzbow Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music/third A-chro...
1 Dawson, Kimya Remember That I Love You
1 Hinson, Micah P. Dream Brother
1 Magik Markers Penegyric to The Things I Don't Understand
1 Fehlman, Thomas Staedtizism 4
1 Slicing Grandpa 4-track Album, The
1 Broken Penis Orchestra, The Radio Friendly Correction For Radio Friends
1 Khan, Bismillah / Jog, V.g. Shehnai & Violin
1 Van Zandt, Townes Heartworn Highways
1 Neuhas, Max Four Realizations of Stockhausen's Zyklus
1 Hay, Emily / Fernandes, Marcos We Are.
1 Berio, Luciano Laborintus 2
1 Stabs, The Six Foot Rodent
1 Brain Failure Anarchy In The P.R.C.
1 Gonzalez, Dennis/Komunyakaa,Yusef Herido
1 Eddie K Gurpology 101
1 Carr, Nord, Hofmann, Maddox Biosphere
1 Kalas S/t
1 Arliken, Hans/Muller, Gunter/Gerber, Mich Zeitzeichen
1 K.K. Rampage Sides E & F:  Start Stroking (Liz Armstrong) B/w P...
1 Unknown Soldier Gone But Not Forgotten Ep
1 Shadow Huntaz Valley of The Shadow
1 Baier, Sibylle Colour Green
1 Walker, Scott Drift, The
1 Ruhr Hunter Record of Shadows Infinite
1 Mission of Burma Obliterati, The
1 Carter, Tom Glyph
1 I Will Kill You Fucker Educated Guidance
1 Bozulich, Carla Evangelista
1 Sparks, Tim Tanz
1 Patton, John Minor Swing
1 Waldron / Stapleton / Sigmarsson / Haynes / Faulha... Sleeping Moustache, The
1 Thee More Shallows Monkey Vs. Shark
1 Love of Everything Superior Mold and Die
1 Hella Homeboy
1 Mimir Mimir
1 Rowan, Peter Crucial Country
1 Lekman, Jens When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog
1 Mekalek Live and Learn
1 Coachwhips Double Death
1 Miller, Jessie Lee Now You're Gonna Be Loved
1 Liebig, Steuart/Stigtette Delta
1 Witnesses, The We're Taking Over
1 Cote, Michel F. Six Silk Purses
1 Chance, James & The Contortions White Cannibal
1 Hill, Zach and Barr, Mick Shred Earthship
1 Metallic Falcons Desert Doughnuts
1 El Perro Del Mar El Perro Del Mar
1 Sun Ra Janus
1 Fry, Mark Dreaming With Alice
1 Yokota, Susumu Will
1 Karnats, Philip E. Pleasesuite
1 Kalma, Ariel Osmose
1 Hawnay Troof Dollar and Deed
1 AFX Smojphace EP
1 Skeriks Syncopated Taint Septe Skeriks Syncopated Taint Septe
1 Schifrin, Lalo    (soundtrack) Bullitt
1 Asylum Street Spankers Spanker Madness
1 British Standard Unit Hybrid Kids
1 Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band, the Vol. 2: the Outro
1 Polkacide Polkacide
1 Cooke, Sam ...With His Soul Stirrers
1 New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars S/T
1 Lane, Fred Car Radio Jerome
1 Dr. John Mos' Scocious
1 Booga Booga Booga Booga
1 Shankar, Anoushka Anourag

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