KFJC tops for week ending 07/13/2005

6 Dungen S/T
6 Barbeau, Anton & Bevis Frond King of Missouri
5 Cantrell, Laura Humming By the Flowered Vine
5 Stevens, Sufjan Illinois
5 Monolake Polygon_Cities
5 ELEKTRO4 Keystroke One
5 Preston, Billy Widest Organ in Town!
5 Zolar X Timeless
4 Sin Origin In the Presence of a Dreadmagn
4 Dutch Breaks Nou Break M'n Klomp
4 Various [coll]: Tribute to B.J. Shaver
4 Condor Do It Everywhere
4 Gang Gang Dance God's Money
4 Kirkegaard,Jacob Eidfjall
4 Love Tractor Black Hole
4 Dallas Wayne I'm Your Biggest Fan
4 Kipe, Malcolm Breakspiracy Theories
4 Fourtet Everything Ecstatic
4 Mochipet Dim Sum
4 C-Schulz 5.FLICKER Tunes
4 De Lisle, Grey Iron Flowers
4 Jah Division Dub Will Tear Us Apart
4 Speedy J Ginger
4 Electrelane Axes
4 Gasp Ocule
4 Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn Definitive Collection, the
4 Adam Carroll Far Away Blues
4 Orange Sunshine Superman Get Off the Phone and Drive
4 Obituary Slowly We Rot
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Bottlen
3 Busdriver Fear of a Black Tangent
3 Amber Asylum Garden of Love
3 Kaiser, Jeff Ockodektet/Sextet Alchemical Mass/Suite Solutio
3 Autistic Daughters Jealousy & Diamond
3 Earthmonkey Audiosapien
3 Ethel S/T
3 Various [coll]: Ghana Soundz Vol. 2
3 Kosik Kosik
3 400 Blows Angels Trumpets and Devils...
3 Quad S/T
3 Angie Reed Presents the Best of Barbara..
3 Monade A Few Steps More
3 Planet The, the You Absorb My Vision
3 Madagascar Forced March
3 Chthonic Force Agathodaemon
3 Lavette, Bettye Some of Her Best Songs 62-03
3 Johnnie Johnson Johnnie Be Eighty & Still Bad
3 Adrienne Young & Little Sadie Art of Virtue
3 Edan Beauty and the Beat
3 Dat Politics Go Pets Go
3 Devine, Richard Cautella
3 Kletka Red Highjacking
3 Yuma Nora Jewels in the Snakepit
3 A-Ux Duotone
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Sudan
3 Friends Fragile
3 Deerhoof Green Cosmos
3 Kill Memory Crash American Automatic
3 Jeck, Philip & Janek Schaeffer Songs for Europe
3 Prefuse 73 Surrounded By Silence
3 Helium Vola Special Edition
3 Worm Is Green Automagic
3 Eastern Parallel Ep
3 Hannant, Beaumont Notions of Tonality
3 Insomniac Muse, the
3 Cadeaux Physical City
3 Green Milk From Planet Orange Citycallsrevolution
3 Douglas, Dave A Thousand Evenings
3 Adamson, Stuart I've Got Lonesome
3 Catfight! Frustrated
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Sahara
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Afro-Pe
3 Smog A River Ain't Too Much to Love
3 Ignatius Gossamer
3 Loudon Wainwright 3 Here Come the Choppers
3 Hopped Up! Get Gone
3 Ball, Marcia Down the Road
3 Poe, Edgar Allen Pit & the Pendulum
3 Heads, the Relaxing with
3 Premature Ejaculation Assertive Discipline
3 Loop Heaven's End
3 Pitch Shifter Industrial
3 Helmet Strap It on
2 Nile Annihilation of the Wicked
2 Electronicat Voodoo Man
2 Besombes, Philippe Libra
2 My Sexual Dad Shark
2 Triosk, with Jan Jelinek 1+3+1
2 Mcgregor, Chris Brotherhood of Breath
2 Ramjac Corporation Analogue City
2 Howling Hex All Night Fox
2 Get Hustle, the Mad Power
2 Metzger, Paul Three Improvisations on Mod...
2 Various [coll]: Classic Bluegrass
2 Heikki 2
2 Hi-Tech Roots Dynamic Berlin Dub
2 Rose, Jon Fleisch
2 Various [coll]: Monster Dudes/Lowbelly
2 Asva Futurists Against the Ocean
2 Hafler Trio Exactly As I Say.
2 Cubik and Origami Cubik and Origami (Promo)
2 Made Out of Babies Trophy
2 Various [coll]: Sexual Life Of..., the
2 Apse S/T
2 Anderegg, Brendon Falling Air
2 Blackalicious Rhythm Sticks
2 Various [coll]: Childish Music
2 Grand Buffet Five Years of Fireworks
2 Bernstein, Steve Diaspora Hollywood
2 A-Lines, the ______________________________
2 Orbit Service Twilight
2 Pelican March Into the Sea
2 Orthrelm Ov
2 Nadler,Marissa Saga of Mayflower May, the
2 Cruz, Celia Rough Guide to Celia Cruz, the
2 Jelinek, Jan Loop Finding Jazz Records
2 Patricia Vonne Guitars & Castanets
2 Mr. Oizo Stunt
2 Nass Marrakech Sabil a Salaam
2 General Patton Vs X-Ecutioners General Patton Vs X-Ecutioners
2 Uz Jsme Doma Rybi Tuk
2 Nurse with Wound Large Ladies W/Cakeintheoven
2 Rich, Robert Echo of Small Things
2 Gold Sparkle Trio Thunder Reminded Me
2 Experimental Dental School 2 1/2 Creatures
2 Moderat Auf Kosten Der Gesuntheit
2 Edwards, John & Mark Sanders Nisus Duets
2 Lair of the Minotaur Carnage
2 Davis, Devin Lonely People of the World ...
2 Foxx, Redd Strictly for Adults
2 Kuriyama Jun Nagai Seiji
2 Schutze, Paul Rapture of Metals, the
2 Blanche If We Can't Trust the Doctors
2 Of Montreal Sunlandic Twins, the
2 Various [coll]: House Full of Friends
2 Kash Beauty Is Everywhere + S/T
2 Electric Prunes, the Rewired
2 Red Sparowes At the Soundless Dawn
2 Afrirampo Afrirampo (Self-Release)
2 Afrirampo Afrirampo
2 Accused, the 'more Fun than An Open Casket
2 Lords of the New Church, the Black Album
2 Various [coll]: Jack the Tab
2 Union Carbide Productions Financially Dissatisfied
2 Various [coll]: Kill Rock Stars
2 Slayer Hell Awaits
2 Bolt Thrower Realm of Chaos
2 Dinosaur ______________________________
2 Blast Take the Manic Ride
1 Various [coll]: Brewed in Texas Vol. 2
1 Lucky Stars Stay Out Late
1 Fjellestad,Kowald, Reason,Robi Dual Resonance
1 Global Communication Pentamerous Metamorphosis
1 Orange Cake Mix Observations of Tomorrow and T
1 Various [coll]: Testbild / Rochester,A
1 Tullycraft Disenchanted Hearts Unite
1 Jarboe Mystery of Faith
1 Silk Saw Preparing Wars
1 Link Bekka Pittsburg Warhola
1 Thanksgiving "In the World", the
1 Mummers Skeleton Species (Ey Pe)
1 Tarantism Tyrantisism
1 Harper, Billy Capra Black
1 Grimes, Henry Trio Live at the Kerava Jazz Fest
1 Tietchens, Asmus/Myers, David Flussdichte
1 Stitches, the You Better Shut Up and Listen
1 Mugstar Flavin Hot Rod
1 3PUEN She-A-Robot
1 Kiani, Majid Iran, Volume 2
1 Black Cat Orchestra Long Shadows at Noon
1 Hannibal Children of the Fire
1 Lucier,Alvin Iam Sitting in a Room
1 Totem Totem
1 Blendcrafters Melody
1 Neptune Intimate Lightning
1 The Mae Shi Heartbeeps
1 Various [coll]: Yo Yo a Go Go 1999
1 Monster Movie Transistor
1 Blood of Abraham Tion
1 Nakatani, Tatsuya Green Report 12
1 Alexander, Aaron Midrash Mish Mosh
1 Hrsta Stem Sten in Electro
1 Rhys, Gruff Yr Atal Genhedlaeth
1 Campbell, Cornell My Destination
1 Nobody And Everything Else
1 Satoko Fujii Orchestra Blueprint
1 Asano, Koji Takoyakikun
1 Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Vintage Slide Collections...
1 Various [coll]: Come Here, Sandy
1 Various [coll]: B.'s L.C./R.W.
1 Laghonia Etcetera
1 Black Boned Angel Supereclipse
1 Various [coll]: Time and Relative Dim
1 Various [coll]: Boozoo Hoodoo!
1 Tiptons, the Tsunami
1 Various [coll]: Lekman + El Perro Del
1 Kat Cosm Knightboat
1 Macromantics Four Facets/Conspiracy Remix
1 Of Montreal Gladiator Nightstick Collectio
1 Husky Rescue Sleep Tight, Tiger
1 Ams Uno If It's O.K.?
1 White Mice Mouse of Mendes
1 Rother, Anthony Art Is a Technology
1 Golia, Vinny Compositions for Large Ensmble
1 Group 1850 Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth
1 Ranking Dread Dread in Dub
1 Uzzel-Edwards, Charles Octopus
1 Namlook, Pete/Move D Exploring the Psychedelic...
1 Minch/Gore Beyond Necropsy Pizza Party/Great Cock Rock
1 Lackluster Showcase Ep
1 Skozey Fetisch From Among the Pale Adjust...
1 Segel, Jonathan Amnesia/Glass Box
1 Mazing Vids Are You Ready for Insects?
1 Necks, the (soundtrack) Boys, the
1 Dj Hell My Muscle
1 Various [coll]: Bobbito: Earthtones
1 Page One Rock a Dub
1 White, Sarah Bluebird
1 Maurizio Ploy
1 Jones, Chris Boxing 1-12
1 Custer, Beth Ensemble Respect As a Religion
1 Kenney Fresno, Brian F Is for Fresno
1 Homler/Liebig Duo Kelpland Serenades
1 Comstock, Frank Music From Outer Space
1 Parkins, Zeena Nightmare Alley
1 Various [coll]: Classic Southern Gospe
1 Various [coll]: Opus One Number 1
1 Vibracathedral Orchestra Live 9/11/03 Wfmu Jersey City
1 Minott, Sugar Showcase
1 Attack, the Complete Recordings From, the
1 Yellow Swans Live in the Police State...
1 Jaga Jazzist Day
1 Namlook, Pete + Burhan Ocal Sultan
1 Various [coll]: Be Arisionable
1 Various [coll]: Navies/A Day in B&W
1 Various [coll]: Papa Don't Lay that S.
1 Fantomas Suspended Animation
1 Aspera Sugar and Feathered
1 Corpus Callosum Machine Under Its Own Spell
1 Earthless Sonic Prayer
1 Delgado, Junior Caution
1 A Frames Black Forest
1 Basho-Junghans, Steffen 7BOOKS
1 Miasma & the Carousel Of...... Perils
1 Polyphony Without Introduction....
1 Various [coll]: Haters/Mr.Natural/Bass
1 Barnes, Jamie Honey From the Ribcage
1 Niblett, Scout Kidnapped By Neptune
1 Fontaine, Brigitte Rue Saint Louis En 'ile
1 Jesus with Me ______________________________
1 Quiet American Kagbeni Variations
1 Architecture in Helsinki In Case We Die
1 Buck 65 This Right Here Is Buck 65
1 A Hawk & a Hacksaw Darkness at Noon
1 Maria S/T
1 Girth Living in Truth
1 Stares, the Spine to Sea
1 Temper Temper Self-Titled
1 Jane Berserker
1 Schuller, John Lesser Angel of Failure
1 Re: Alms
1 Blueprint 1988
1 L.J.'s, the S/T
1 Price, Connie & the Keystones Wildflowers
1 Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver Thank God
1 Nurse W/Wound/Irr. App. (Ext.) Mute Bell Extinction Process
1 Infidel?/Castro! Bioentropic Damage Fractal
1 Recchion, Tom I Love My Organ
1 Craig, Carl Just Another Day
1 Born to Kill More Like A...Cacophony
1 Anaphylaxis Noise for Lovers
1 International Male, the Eurobeast
1 Barnacled Table No. 12
1 Kills, the No Wow
1 Bhattacharya, Debashish 3: Calcutta Slide-Guitar
1 Panicsville Sterile
1 Gogol Bordello East Infection
1 Various [coll]: From Earth to SPH..V.3
1 Vromb Rayons
1 Various [coll]: Sitar Beat, Vol. 2
1 Les Femmes De Toutan Songs of Rejoicing
1 Psychic Paramount, the Gamelan Into the Mink Super...
1 Electroputas Piano Blooms
1 Francisco Lopez Turnoff
1 Various Rough Guide to Sufi Music
1 Rosenvinge, Christina Foreign Land
1 High Tension Wires Send a Message
1 Sun Ra Spaceship Lullaby
1 Yo La Tengo Prisoners of Love:A Smattering
1 Davis, J.C. A New Day!
1 Flow Dynamics Live in the Mix
1 Traveling Bell Scatter Ways
1 White Hole Pink Album
1 Mirah Advisory Committee
1 Caine, Uri and La Gaia Scienza Love Fugue: Robert Schumann
1 Tejada, John Logic Memory Center
1 Reijseger, Ernst/Tenore... Colla Voche
1 Mccombs, Cass A
1 Janes, Liz Poison and Snakes
1 Stevens, Wallace Reading His Poems
1 Hospitals, the Hospitals, the
1 Amm Fine
1 Masskontroll Will You Ever Learn
1 Crash Worship Espontaneo
1 Noggin Spaceneedle
1 Various [coll]: Punk and Disorderly
1 Various [coll]: Lonely Is An Eyesore
1 Various [coll]: Bullshit Detector
1 Screaming Trees Buzz Factory
1 Carcass Reek of Putrifaction
1 Mussolini Headkick Blood on the Flag
1 God Within S/T
1 Lush Sear
1 Katharsis Suspension of Belief
1 Jody Foster's Army Live 1984 Tour
1 Head of David White Elephant
1 Dirt Drill the Minx
1 Andreas Ammer & F.M. Einheit Radio Inferno
1 Black Flag My War
1 Alien Sex Fiend Too Much Acid?
1 De Ridder, Willem Snuff

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