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  Top plays at KFJC
From July 9 2008 thru July 16 2008

Plays Artist Album
12 Miss Kittin Batbox
11 Burroughs, William S. Breakthrough In Grey Room
10 Mattress Heavy Duty
9 Rollerball Ahura
8 Spire Live Fundamentals
8 Bukowski, Charles 70 Minutes In Hell
8 Minilogue Doiicie
7 Youngs, Richard and Neilson, Alex Lotus Edition Ep
7 Scsi 9 Line of Nine, The
7 Grummich, Peter Roll, The
7 Various Artists Sitar Beat Volume 2
7 Blevin Blectum Gular Flutter
7 Various Artists Unicorn Glowsticks Rave Party
7 Grouper Grouper
6 Costa, Gal Gal (1969)
6 Lau Nau Nukuu
6 J-Live Then What Happened?
6 Dj Frane Journey to The Planet of Birds
6 Unspoken Word, The Tuesday, April 19th
5 Hub, The Boundary Layer
5 Moderat Likvidation Nitad
5 Ka-spel, Edward a Long Red Ladder to The Moon/Hey Rainman
5 Flying Lotus Los Angeles
5 Warmer Milks Soft Walks
5 Marley, Bob and The Wailers Another Dance: Rarities From Studio One
5 Eat Skull Sick to Death
5 Carlos, Wendy Rediscovering Lost Scores
5 Moorer, Allison Mockingbird
5 Hiatt, John Same Old Man
5 Various Artists Nigeria Disco Funk Special
5 Gregor Samsa Rest
5 Silverman, The Blank For Your Own Message
5 Anakrid Banishment Rituals of The Disenlightened
5 Various Artists Nothing Comes Easy
5 Hafler Trio Being a Firefighter Isn't Just About Squirting Water
5 Death In June Rule of Thirds, The
5 Various Artists Indian Sonic Omnibus
5 Sword Heaven Live At Little Brothers
4 Various Artists Wierd Compilation Volume II: Analog Electronic Music 2008
4 Heavensore Asmodai
4 Julie's Haircut With Sonic Boom N-Waves/U-Waves
4 Maksymenko, Michael BusinessCide
4 P-orridge, Genesis Breyer and Thee Early Worm Early Worm
4 LSD March Constellation of Tragedy
4 Escovedo, Alejandro Real Animal
4 Tyminski, Dan Wheels
4 Various Artists Nrk Sessions
4 Various Artists Twilight Earth
4 Various Artists Idioscapes
4 Various Artists Ex-Cocaine / Yellow Swans
4 Siegel, Sabrina Grace / Precarious
4 Tenney, James Selected Works 1961-1969
4 Shearing Pinx Haruspex
4 Lumerians Lumerians
4 Nalle Sirens Wave, The
4 Burial Hex Burial Hex
4 Washburn, Abigail & The Sparrow Quartet Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet
4 Waco Brothers Waco Express
4 Akrobatik Absolute Value
4 Cosmologic Eyes In The Back of My Head
4 Dayton Sidewinders Let's Go Down to Funksville
4 Stone Baby Fully Render(ed)/cloud/s
4 Eshete, Alemayehu Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 2
4 Sutherland, Chriss Me in a "field"
4 Abe Vigoda Animal Ghosts
4 Entente Cordiale Recognition of Common Interests, The
4 Little, Booker Booker Little
3 Oppedisano, Marco Electroacoustic Compositions For Electric Guitar
3 Various Artists Suffering Bastard / Cock E.S.P.
3 Cherry, Don Live At Cafe Montmartre 1966
3 Qwel & Kip Killagain New Wine, The
3 Rose, Jack Self-Titled
3 Boxmasters, The Boxmasters, The
3 Honeybrowne Mile By Mile
3 Aufgehoben Khora
3 Troum Sen
3 MarbleBog Forestheart
3 Take Earthtones & Concrete
3 Dangers, Jack Music For Planetarium
3 Kohoutek Expansive Headache
3 Nothing People Anonymous
3 Mute Socialite More Popular Than Presidents and Generals
3 Hototogisu Under The Rose
3 Varghkoghargasmal Drowned In Lakes
3 Various Artists Plumerai / Brother Kite, The
3 Reckless Kelly Bulletproof
3 Various Artists Disco Devil
3 Nagelfar Virus West
3 Bardo Pond Batholith
3 Kalma, Ariel Le Temps Des Moissons
3 Sic Alps Strawberry Guillotine
3 Sissy Spacek Gore Jet
3 Sic Alps a Long Way Around to a Shortcut
3 Buckner, Thomas New Music For Baritone & Chamber Ensemble
3 Singular Singular
3 Brekekekexkoaxkoax I Manage to Get Out By a Secret Door
3 Reich, Steve Daniel Variations
3 Brotzmann, Peter/Uuskyla, Peeter Born Broke
3 Ya Ho Wa 13 Feather of Wisdom, The
3 Woods Family Creeps Woods Family Creeps
3 Antioche Kirm La Lueur
3 Broken Penis Orchestra, The Organ Failure
3 Argumentix + Mattress Echo Scratch Finale
3 Sic Alps U.S. EZ
3 Felipe, Dino No Fun Demos
2 Sandell, Sten Trio / Butcher, John Strokes
2 Warren, Dennis Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble Horizon Event
2 Abazagorath Spirit of Hate For Mankind
2 Various Artists Octis / Child Abuse
2 Nordvargr Nordvargr
2 Meelkop,Roel/Ielasi, Giuseppe/Selzer, Howard/De Waard, Frans Zondag
2 Kudo, Reiko Licking Up Dust
2 Kubisch, Christina Five Electrical Walks
2 Death Unit Infinite Death
2 Various Artists USA/USB
2 Dilloway, Aaron Infinite Lucifer
2 Illusion of Safety Sedation & Quell
2 Truth Universal Self-Determination
2 Bulbs Light Ships
2 Parallel Worlds Obsessive Surrealism
2 Menche, Daniel Concrushing Beasts
2 A Tomato a Day Moon is Green, The
2 Object Object
2 Ikuo, Akai Language Without Words
2 Lee, Arthur Unissued 1965 Demos
2 Tammar Tammar
2 Ackerman, Blaster Al I Am Drunk
2 Various Artists Living Is Hard
2 Various Artists International Blast Fighter Comp
2 Various Artists Gay Beast / Twin
2 Lexie Mountain Boys, The Sacred Vacation
2 Stein, Norbert Graffiti Suite
2 Sumatran Folk Cinema Sumatran Folk Cinema
2 No Neck Blues Band Dutch Money
2 Giants of Gender, The Giants of Gender, The
2 Toral, Rafael Space Solo 1
2 Crash Normal Heavy Listening
2 Meth Teeth Bus Rides
2 Mann, Chris and The Use Chris Mann and The Use
2 Blanketship Teen Sounds
2 Radigue, Eliane Jetsun Mila
2 Jeck, Philip Sand.
2 Kolkhoze Printanium Kolkhoznitsa
2 Various Artists Voices In The Wilderness
1 Reynolds, Jenny Next To You
1 Back Porch Mary Time of The Broken Heart
1 Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers Miles From Home
1 Earle, Justin Townes Good Life, The
1 Hacienda Brothers Arizona Motel
1 Frith, Fred & Zorn, John Art of Memory II, The
1 Harley, Rufus Re-creation of The Gods
1 Various Artists Ibara: River Crossing
1 Various Artists Kompakt Total 1
1 Venetian Snares Detrimentalist
1 Franov, Alexander Khali
1 Bone Awl I Must Take From The Earth
1 Ahmed, Ilyas Vertigo of Dawn, The
1 Various Artists Radio Myanmar (Burma)
1 Long Legged Woman Long Legged Woman
1 Uw Hypotheekadvies Nature Or Nuture
1 Saariaho, Kaija Graal Theatre / Solar / Lichtbogen
1 Monkey Power Trio Things Get Ugly
1 Monkey Power Trio eMPTy
1 Ateleia and Benjamin Curtis Baghdad Batterie
1 Hip-Cops/Gate Hip-Cops/Gate
1 El'zabar, Kahil Ritual Trio & Sanders, Pharoah Ooh, Live!
1 Various Artists Quintana Roo/Family Underground
1 King Darves Sun Splits For...the Blind Swimmer, The
1 Seazer, J.A. Saraba Hakobune Soundtrack
1 Free Spirits Presents Acknowledgement For JC
1 Intelligence Debt & Esp
1 Suite Crude Revue Space Age Gutbucket Afrodelic Jazzploitation
1 Billy Bao Fuck Separation
1 Akeikoi From Connexion Binkafo
1 Money, Peter Blue Square
1 Rabbits Sloth Vs. Bees
1 Black Mayonnaise Unseen Collaborator
1 Prolyphic & Reanimator Ugly Truth, The
1 Various Artists Soul Messages From Dimona
1 Oliveiri, Chad Pathetique
1 Osso Exotico + Z'ev Osso Exotico + Z'ev
1 Cloudland Canyon/Lichens Exterminating Angel
1 Futterman, Joel/Alvin Fielder/Ike Levin Trio Traveling Thru Now
1 Various Artists Lichens / Lexie Mountain
1 Various Artists Nothing Much
1 Pure Sound Acts of New Noise
1 So So Many White Tigers So So Many White Tigers
1 Le Forte Four / Chip Chapman L.A.F.M.S.: The Lowest Form of Music 1
1 Occasional Detroit Best In Abstrakt Ent., The
1 Johnson, James P. Parlor Piano Solos From Rare Piano Rolls
1 16-17 Gyatso


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