KFJC tops for week ending 07/21/2004

9 Bullwackie's All Stars Creation Dub
9 Mittoo, Jackie + the Soul Brot Last Train to Skaville
8 7 Year Rabbit Cycle Wind Machines
8 Langage Computer Mouse Back Riding
8 Various [coll]: Black Slavery Days
7 Various [coll]: Third Unheard
7 Edan I See Colours
7 RJD2 Exotic Talk B/W De L'alouette
7 I Remember Syria I Remember Syria
7 Greyboy Soul Mosaic
7 Bizzy Killer Fried Sharkskin
7 Rollerball Behind the Barber
6 Various [coll]: Space Is no Place V.2
6 Electrelane I Want to Be the President
6 Skrunchface Projects 3 Headed Monster
6 To Rococo Rot Hotel Morgan
6 Seiichi, Yamamato Baptism
6 Giant Haystacks We Are Being Observed
6 Hominid All Accidental, All the Time
6 Dujeous Good Green B/W City Limits
6 Metalux Waiting for Armadillo
6 L.A. Drugs L.A. Drugs
6 Caesura Wallpaper the Witness
6 Hendrix, Jimi No More a Rolling Stone
6 Mum Summer Make Good
6 Newsom, Joanna Milk-Eyed Mender, the
6 Sex Mob Dime Grind Palace
6 Mission of Burma Onoffon
5 Detachment Kit Of this Blood
5 Pyronauts, the Live From the Pit
5 Various [coll]: Davis, J-C/Mighty Dogc
5 !!! Louden Up Now
5 Various [coll]: Zod Sampler Vol. 2
5 Mathieu, Stephan (Full Swing) Edits Ort 05.1
5 Hiss Explosion 66
5 San Agustin Triangulation(Hhof & Mouth...)
5 Avengers, the American in Me, the
5 Kaiser, Henry/Smith, Wadada Le Yo Miles! Sky Garden
5 Micranots Emperor & the Assassin, the
5 Open City Birth of Cruel, the
5 Dhamaal Soundsystem Dhamaal Soundsystem
5 Friends of Dean Martinez Random Harvest
5 Tanakh Dieu Deuil
5 Hypnotech 3 Prescription Electronics
5 Au Met Life 2 Recycling
5 Saloon "(This Is) What We Call Progre
4 Hancock, Herbie Empyrean Isles
4 Sanctum Let's Eat
4 Various [coll]: Music of Japan, the
4 Humbert, Jacqueline Chanteuse
4 Jones, Glenn This Is the Wind that Blows...
4 Beequeen Gund
4 Various [coll]: Unfamiliar Ceilings
4 Topaapobwaii Topaapobwaii
4 Rose, Jack Opium Musick
4 Jones, Quincy & Bill Cosby Original Jam Sessions 1969, th
4 Yesterdays New Quintet Stevie
4 Electro Group Ummo
4 Hoffsten, Louise Knacklebrod Blues
4 Shiurba, John 5X5 1.1=M
4 Molasses Trouble at Jinx Hotel
4 High Dials, the A New Devotion
4 Les Georges Leningrad Deux Hot Dogs
4 Kopernik S/T
4 Conley, Arthur Best of Arthur Conley, the
4 Elf Power Walking with the Beggar Boys
4 Various [coll]: Elektronische Musik
4 Various [coll]: Ideal Electronics
4 Dirty Dozen Brass Band, the Funeral for a Friend
4 Black Sun Ensemble Starlight
4 Owls, the Our Hopes and Dreams
4 Dear Nora Mountain Rock
4 Electromagnetic, the Electromagnetic, the
4 User, the Abandon
3 Mentally Ill, the Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered
3 Quix*O*Tic Mortal Mirror
3 West Coast Rollers, the Fifty More Miles
3 Ill Bill What's Wrong with Bill?
3 Various [coll]: Family's Defensive...
3 Substance Abuse Profitless Thoughts
3 Miller, Jacob/Augustus Pablo Stop Them Jah
3 Combat Wounded Veteran Duck Down for the Torso
3 Berrocal, Jac Flash
3 Andrew Chalk Over the Edges
3 Owens, Isaiah You Without Sin Cast The...
3 Central Line [Coll]: British Hustle
3 Live Human Breakseven
3 Gift of Gab Rat Race B/W Real Mcs
3 Ranglin, Ernest Below the Bassline
3 Balke, Jon & Magnetic North or Kyanos
3 Mirror Eye of the Storm
3 Porest Prude Juice for the Heritage..
3 Dead Men, the ______________________________
3 Kirk, Roland I Talk with the Spirits
3 Smegma Glamour Girl 1941 Pigface Chnt
3 Lacy, Steve Reflections
3 Connors, Loren Murder of Joan of Arc, the
3 Solace Bros., the I Think of You
3 Fountain, Judson Completely in the Dark
3 Der Blutharsch Time Is Thee Enemy
3 Greene, Jackie Sweet Somewhere Bound
3 Reynols Deportation Symphony, the
3 Hair Police Mortuary Servants
3 Brainbombs ______________________________
3 Black Forest/Black Sea Forcefields & Constellations
3 Jesse Sykes & Sweet Hereafter Oh, My Girl
3 Davie Allan and the Arrows Devil's Rumble (Disc 2)
3 Surf Nation Music for Dangerous Activities
3 Various [coll]: Sastrugi
3 Murmer They Were Dreaming, They Were
3 Architecture in Helsinki Fingers Crossed
3 Gentlekin, the Gentlekin, the
3 Idiom Creak Room From Another Music
3 Tosh, Peter You Can't Fool Me Again
3 Various [coll]: Nothing but Funk V.2
3 Two Dollar Pistols 355597UP!
3 Devil Makes Three, the Devil Makes Three, the
3 Williams, Mary Lou Black Christ of the Andes
3 Vegetable Orchestra Gemise
3 Timonium Until He Finds Us
3 Pimmon I Left My Heart
3 Vulvettes, the This Is the Science...
3 Experimental Dental School Hideous Dance Attack
3 Dale Watson Dreamland
3 Narrator, the Youth City Fire
3 Abercrombie, John Class Trip
3 Aim Girl Who Fell Through The, the
3 Delisle, Grey Home Wrecker
3 Various [coll]: Studio One Ska
3 Kyriakides, Yannis/Moor, Andy Red V Green
3 Non Phixion Green Cd/Dvd, the
3 Stars Like Fleas Sun Lights Down on the Fence
2 Ranaldo, Lee Outside My Window the City Is
2 Ill Bill What's Wrong with Bill
2 Forbert, Steve Just Like There's Nothing Toit
2 Various [coll]: Everybody's Tuned To..
2 Suffrajett Suffrajett
2 Foster, Evan Instrumentals
2 Pollo Del Mar Golden State, the
2 Gathering, the For John Stevens
2 Limpe Fuchs Nur Mar Mus
2 Holy Sons I Want to Live a Peaceful Life
2 Aguilar, Gustavo Destinations
2 Call and Response Winds Take no Shape
2 Lateef, Yusef Psychicemotus
2 Kelley, Mike Silver Ball(Light & Color.....
2 Gerard, Lisa/Cassidy, Patrick Immortal Memory
2 Pimmon Mort Aux Vaches
2 Various [coll]: Kites/Prurient
2 Jeru the Damaja/Dj JS1 & Dub-L Won't Stop
2 Paradise Island Paradise Island
2 Anaksimandros, the River of Finland
2 Whip, the ______________________________
2 Fahey, John Live in Tasmania
2 Mum Nightly Cares
2 Various [coll]: Skyflakes/Clarendon Hi
2 Recoys, the Rekoys
2 Davie Allan and the Arrows Devil's Rumble (Disc 1)
2 Sharp, Elliot Velocity of Hue, the
2 Eyesores, Alec K Redfearn & Th Everyman for Himself & God...
2 Min Bul S/T
2 Preston School of Industry Monsoon
2 Carcass Nottingham Rock City 11-14-89
2 Bare, Bobby Jr. 542674THE End of Your
2 Cotton Casino We Love Cotton
2 Madvillain Madvillainy
2 Joyner, Simon Lost with the Lights on
2 Wemilere Santeria Tambours Sacres
2 Coltrane, Alice Journey in Satchidananda
2 James, Kate & Lost Country Homewrecker Heartbreaker
2 Cropknox Just Can't Live...
2 Brother Ali Champion Ep
2 Living Legends Damn It Feels Good/Whatizit?
2 Farrar, Jay Stone, Steel & Bright Lights
2 Prehn, Tom Quartet ______________________________
2 Watts, Alan Zen & Senryu
2 Parkin, Nick & Tom Gillieron Red Shift
2 Various [coll]: Mali Lolo! Stars of Ma
2 Ave Rock Ave Rock
2 Legendary Pink Dots All the King's Horses
2 Amber Smith, the From Upper Lip to Lower Hip
2 Various [coll]: Harry Smith's Antholog
2 Mouthus ______________________________
1 Acid Mothers Temple & the Melt Mantra of Love
1 Allen, Red Keep on Going (The Rebel &...)
1 Mother Truckers One Road E.P.
1 O,Keefe, Pat/Stanyek, Jason... Tunnel
1 Saafir Boxcar Sessions
1 Tamion 12 Inch Let's Suffer
1 Vesna Snow Sences
1 Mind in a Box Lost Alone
1 Esmerine If Only a Sweet Surrender...
1 Q-Unique One Shot
1 Diamondd & the Psychotic Neuro Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop
1 Hyla, Lee Trans
1 Black Eyes Cough
1 Comets on Fire Bong Voyage
1 Arora, Kush Underwater Jihad
1 Artanker Convoy Ocean Parkway
1 Him Lila
1 Killawatts, the Microwave My Heart
1 Watts, Trevor & Weston,Veryan 6 Dialogues
1 Carlos,Don and Junior Reid Firehouse Clash
1 Deerhoof My Pal Foot Foot
1 Various [coll]: Deerhoof/Kit
1 Various [coll]: Msbr/Government Alpha
1 Rhodes, Kimmie Lost and Found
1 Various [coll]: Defiant Trespass/Cold
1 Q and not U Book of Flags
1 Delire Diaspora
1 Matthew Herbert Big Band Process, the Parts, the Ma, th
1 Grubbs, David A Guess at the Riddle
1 Growing Sky Runs Into the Sea, the
1 Mammals, the Rock that Babe
1 Soft Machine Live in Paris
1 Various [coll]: Fourtet/Hella
1 Mutts, the ______________________________
1 Crispus Attucks ! Yo Peho !
1 Yau, R.H.Y. Coagulation: Selected Works
1 20 Miles Life Doesn't Rhyme
1 Doctor Rockit Vinyl Resting Place, the
1 Various [coll]: Kfjc Surfbattle
1 Preacher Boy Demanding to Be Next
1 Iron Lung Life. Iron Lung. Death
1 Free Zone Appleby 2002 S/T
1 University of Errors Jet Propelled Photographs
1 Dj Rupture Vs. Mutamassik Shotgun Wedding Vol. 1
1 Paintbox Cry of the Sheeps
1 Babelis Project Electronic Music Trio Improv
1 Hall, Terry & Mushtaq Hour of Two Lights, the
1 Labbe, Pierre Ensemble Risque Et Pendule
1 Songs: Ohia Magnolia Electric Co., the
1 Japanther Operating Manual for Life...
1 Lambchop Awcmonnoyoucmon
1 Ahmed, Mahmoud Ere Mela Mela
1 Rob, Brown Round the Bend
1 John and the Sisters John and the Sisters
1 Ulver Nattens Madigral
1 Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver A School of Bluegrass
1 Oneida Caesar's Column
1 Sunburned Hand of the Man, the Trickle-Down Theory Of..., the
1 Yahowa 13 Penetration: An Aquarian Symph
1 Brokaw, Chris My Confidante Plus 3
1 Los Sonadores Vida
1 Roch, Ernan Voces Con Las Frescas
1 Arovane Minth
1 Electric Eye, the Electric Wisdom
1 Branca, Glenn Lesson No. 1
1 Brother Ah Key to Nowhere
1 Various [coll]: Myth Lives On, the
1 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92
1 09 Church of the Ghetto P.C.
1 Skalpel S/T
1 Brute Force Brute Force
1 Various [coll]: Derblutharsch/Zetazero
1 Wailing Souls at Channel One 7'S, 12'S, and Versions
1 Neither/Neither World Live Tracks and Rarities
1 Blockhead Music By Cavelight
1 Clogs Lullabye for Sue
1 Moe!Kestra! Two Forms of Multitudes:
1 Galas, Diamanda La Serpenta Canta
1 Various [coll]: Champeta Criolla VOL.2
1 Einsturzende Neubauten Perpetuum Mobile
1 Forcefield Lord of the Rings Modulator
1 Espers Espers
1 Monostereo, the Will Be in Room 63
1 Grails Burden of Hope, the
1 Haco, Sakamoto Hiromichi Ash in the Rainbow
1 Summer at Shatter Creek Summer at Shatter Creek
1 Kirchin, Basil Quantum: a Jounrey Through Sou
1 Birge/Gorge/Shiroc Defense De/La Nuit Du Phoque/J

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