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  Top plays at KFJC
From July 14 2010 thru July 22 2010

Plays Artist Album
18 Various Artists Outsound New Music Summit 2010
9 Expo 70 Vanishing World Within, The
9 Orb, The Komfort
9 Meshugga Beach Party Let's Go Shleppin'
9 Various Artists Complete Goldwax Singles Volume 1 1962-1966
9 Mccann, Sean Chances Are Staying
9 Kirchen, Bill Word to The Wise
8 Pan/Tone Shame
8 Nelson, Willie Country Music
8 Prine, John In Person & On Stage
8 Cook, Elizabeth Welder
8 Various Artists Hitsville West: San Francisco's Uptown Soul
8 Various Artists New Orleans Funk
8 Various Artists Psych Funk 101
7 Actress Splazsh
7 Wild Thing Age Difference
7 Various Artists Beyond Berkeley Guitar
7 Legendary Shack Shakers Agri-dustrial
7 Fehlmann, Thomas Gute Luft
7 Cale, John Paris 1919
7 Farmer, Gary and the Trouble Makers Lovesick Blues
7 Elektro Guzzi Hexenschluss
7 Frankie & The Pool Boys Frankie & The Pool Boys
7 Sovetskaya Gone Sashweights and Bags of Birdshot
6 Wipers Outtakes
6 Tricca, Emma Minor White
6 Carolina Chocolate Drops Genuine Negro Jig
6 Yuganaut Sharks
6 Nothing People Soft Crash
6 Brainworlds Brainworlds
6 Gultskra Artikler Galaktika
6 Cline, Alex Continuation
6 Lunar Miasma Three Legged Elephant
6 Various Artists Trapez 100 12"
6 Batusis Batusis
6 Various Artists Ho! #1 Roady Music From Vietnam
6 Beach Fossils Beach Fossils
6 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) 4 Mosche Di Velluto Grigio
6 Zola Jesus Spoils, The
6 Jucifer/Show of Bedlam Jucifer/Show of Bedlam
6 McDonas, Thollem and John Dieterich All For Now
6 Various Artists Impala Eardrums: a Radium Sampler
5 Various Artists On The Powers of The Shinx
5 Dub Specialist Juck's Incorporation Vol. 1
5 Grey, Rudolph Real Evelyn McHale?, The
5 AFCGT AFCGT - Subpop
5 Watermann, John Calcutta Gas Chamber
5 Struthers, Nora Jane Nora Jane Struthers
5 Pattern Repeat 00/2
5 Costello, Donnacha Before We Say Goodbye
5 Chin Chin Sound of The Westway
5 Conrad, Tony/P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer Taking Issue
5 Watkins, Zachary James Black Spirituals
5 Hess, Luke Light In The Dark
5 Various Artists Electric Cambodia: 14 Rare Gems From Cambodia's Past
5 Gog Heavy Fierce Brightness
5 Dead Luke American Haircut
5 Williams, Hank 3 Rebel Within
5 Armaggedon Armaggedon
5 Watts Prophets, The Rappin' Black In a White World
5 Dither Dither
5 Blueness, The Blueness, The
4 Leigh, Heather Jailhouse Rock
4 Moe Lies/Eyes
4 Nerves Live! At The Pirate's Cove
4 Acephalix Aporia
4 Ulmer, James "Blood" Revealing
4 News Hot Off The Press
4 De Cylinders We Must Pay/Chart Buster
4 Curse, Charles Rain In Skull
4 A-frames 333
4 Foxtails Brigade Bread and The Bait, The
4 Various Artists Cloud Cuckooland
4 Montgomery, Gen Ken Pondfloorsample
4 Cop On Fire Cop On Fire
4 Alec Empire Hypermodern Jazz 2000.5
4 Kaito and That Was The Way
4 Rangda False Flag
4 No Balls Come Clean
4 Squim No Blade of Grass
4 Souleyman, Omar Jazeera Nights
3 Neokarma Jooklo Trio Time's Vibes
3 Mushroom Naked, Stoned & Stabbed
3 Anderson, Laurie Homeland
3 Various Artists Musics In The Margin 2: Musik Oblik
3 Philippe Petit & Friends A Scent of Garmambrosia
3 Lynne, Shelby Tears, Lies & Alibis
3 Four Tet Love Cry/Our Bells
3 Various Artists Souls On Board / Meltaot
3 Lumerians Burning Mirrors
3 Lackner, David Repeaters, The
3 Rosaly, Frank Milkwork
3 Haladyna, Jeremy Mayan Cycle, The
3 Smith Westerns Smith Westerns
3 Orca Team Early Demos
3 Various Artists Stranglers, The
3 Gratkowski, Frank / Drake, Hamid Frank Gratkowski / Hamid Drake
3 Shepp, Archie Phat Jam In Milano
3 Doomed Doomed to Death and Damned In Hell
3 Trees Freed of This Flesh
3 Brown, Djinji Sirround Sound
3 Coleman, Steve Harvesting Semblances and Affinities
3 Chickens, The Chicken Shit
3 Chants R & B Chants R & B
3 Ellen Allien Pump
3 Figiel, Piotr Organy Hammonda
3 Awakening, The Hear, Sense, and Feel
3 Lazy Smoke Corridor of Faces
3 Twin Sister Color Your Life
3 Weaver, Jane Fallen By Watch Bird, The
3 Privacy Songs
3 Thelema Trio Neither From Nor Towards
3 Golia, Vinnie & Kowald, Peter Mythology
3 Flaherty, Paul & Bill Nace an Airless Field
3 Bored Self Titled EP 'Take It Out On You' & More
3 Thompson, Chester Powerhouse
3 Ferraro, James Kfc City 3099
3 Jay Electronica What The F*ck Is a
3 Climax Golden Twins Eerie Fragrance
3 Ayers, Kevin Baby Come Home
3 White, Roland Trying to Get to You
2 Pink Floyd Flowers & Vegetables
2 Peace, The Black Power
2 Scout Niblett Calcination of Scout Niblett, The
2 Rustangs Garage Club
2 Moon Duo Killing Time EP
2 Coleman, George Bongo Joe
2 Various Artists Trayjen/Nefarion
2 Sylford Walker Nutin Na Gwan
2 Anthony B Rise Up
2 Alpha Blondy Rasta Poue
2 Various Artists Thompson, Linval and Friends
2 Doyle, Arthur Ghosts II With Rudolph Grey
2 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult Nocturnal March
2 Various Artists Scandal In a Brixton Market
2 Ideal Bread Transmit
2 Johnson, Elvis Lectro Scaep
2 Leandre, Joelle & Akosh S. KOR
2 Fine, Milo & Paul Metzger & Davu Seru Medusa's Lair
2 Bait and Switch What Is Known
2 Joey Negro and The Sunburst Band Man of War
2 Adasiewicz, Jason Rolldown Varmint
2 Various Artists Auteur Labels: Object Music 1978-1981
2 We Like Cats Proper Eats
2 RM74 Reflex
2 Three Souls In My Mind Three Souls In My Mind
2 Purricane Purricane
2 Yona, Yair Remember
2 Thou Summit
2 Profanatica Enemy of Virtue, The
2 Worm Ouroboros Worm Ouroboros
2 Lopez, Francisco Francisco Lopez's Absolute Noise Ensemble
2 Mitchell, Roscoe and Sound Ensemble Snurdy McGurdy and Her Dancin' Shoes
2 Konitz, Lee; Cheek, Chris; Furic-Leibovici, Stephane Jugendstil II
2 Blaq Mummy Live Live Live Live
2 Hoke, Russell Haunted Brain
2 Black Oak Arkansas Knowbody Else '69, The
2 Various Artists Perspectives Musicales
2 Mokele Mbembe Mokele Mbembe
2 Scarub & Very Classic EP, The
2 Crazy Horse Gone Dead Train The Best of 1971-1989
2 Antena Camino Del Sol
2 Shitstorm Paranoid Existence
2 Various Artists Los Angeles 2/10
2 Schmidt, Irmin Filmmusik Anthology - Volume 4 & 5
2 Gabriel, Russ Voltage Control
2 Pummeler Jungle Olympics
2 Hooker, William Trio Yearn For Certainty
2 Bey, Faruq Z. W/ Northwoods Improvisers Emerging Field
2 Kihnoua Unauthorized Caprices
2 TG Les Adieux
2 Various Artists End of The City
2 Various Artists Three Score & Ten : A Voice to The People
2 Leroy Smart Get Smart
2 Doctor Alimantado Born For a Purpose / Sons of Thunder
2 San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra (SFCCO) Restless Dreams
2 Various Artists Absolute Belter
2 Numinous Eye Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est
2 Jackson, Michael Gregory Clarity
2 Monoshock Runnin' Ape-Like From The Backwards Superman: 1989-1995
2 Tame One When Rappers Attack
2 Blanc, Hue Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
2 Viosac Dawning Luminosity
2 Earth Surfers Ryders of The Wyld Wave
2 Ajilvsga Little Earth
2 DEL Grim Ace
2 Century Plants Frozen Generation
2 Eaton, Cleveland Plenty Good Eaton
2 Sissy Spacek 15-Tet Oakland
2 Ulher, Birgit & Gregory Buttner Tehricks
2 Jay, Abner True Story of Abner Jay, The
2 Joyner, Simon Out Into The Snow
2 Various Artists Kid Icarus/das Black Milk
1 Birthday Party a Fuckin' Rotten Business This!
1 Lone Ranger Badda Dan Dem
1 Aswad Not Satisfied
1 D.O.B. Busy Signal
1 Mighty Baby Live In The Attic
1 Fasteau, Kali Z. Animal Grace
1 Smith, Leo Spirit Catcher
1 Internal Improv [small]
1 Walker, Peter Rainy Day Raga
1 Various Artists Shrine Afrobeat, The
1 Wounded Lion Creatures In The Cave 7"
1 Baudrillard, Jean Reading of Jean Baudrillard
1 Emanuel, Elijah Tres Sangres
1 San Marcos, Gil Domes
1 Palace of Worms Forgotten,the
1 Dead As Dreams Their Steps Become Unbearable
1 Psykofuk Psykofuk
1 Male German For Shark
1 Husere Grav Husere Grav
1 Various Artists Sudden Infant/Sixes
1 Drugs Dragons Drugs Dragons
1 M + M Transoceanic 1
1 Various Artists Ondes Martenot Jeanne Loriod
1 Coltrane, Andrew Live At Children's Hospital
1 Selda '71
1 At Jennie Richie Vaudview Over For Blackened Tea and Hashishans
1 Garbage & The Flowers, The Alamo Rose / River of Sem 7"
1 Havohej Hornbook Seytan
1 Nevai, Nondor Diabolical Interventions
1 Procession of Vultures Procession of Vultures
1 Elhadji Baay Faal
1 Samiyam Return
1 Dunmall, Paul / Corsano, Chris Identical Sunsets
1 Various Artists Los Angeles 3/10
1 Jane Austen Jane Austen
1 Ccr Headcleaner Ccr Headcleaner
1 Sewer Goddess Veil of Dejection
1 Allein Luddite Allein Luddite
1 Rlw Herzanblutanteil
1 King Tubby Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena
1 Annapurna Illusion Fifth Veda, The
1 Bassett, Marcia and Graf, Jenny Peradam
1 Various Artists Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands
1 Shoes Eccentric Breaks & Beats
1 Beausoleil, Bobby Lucifer Rising Suite, The
1 Various Artists Auteur Labels: Les Disques Du Crepuscule 1980-1985
1 Orcutt, Bill A New Way to Pay Old Debts
1 Immortal Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism
1 Music From The Film Bit/Crushface
1 Various Artists Boltthrower/Napalm Death
1 Sollubi At War With Decency
1 K11 Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.
1 White, Ralph Atavistic Waltz, The
1 Various Artists Hatesville!
1 Scott-Heron, Gil Me and The Devil
1 Frank Alpine Night Tripper
1 Rot Shit You're Welcome
1 Kim Phuc Wormwood Star
1 Ic Rex Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia
1 Amm Sounding Music
1 Diaz-Infante/Mota/Robair/Rodrigues Our Faceless Empire
1 Black Arrows of Filth & Impurity 1984 (Eternal)


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