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  Top plays at KFJC
From July 15 2009 thru July 23 2009

Plays Artist Album
9 Amber Asylum Bitter River
8 Units, The History of The Units : The Early Years 1977-1983
8 Various Artists Kompakt Total 4
8 Mingus, Charles Mingus Ah Um (Legacy Edition)
7 Various Artists Before We Melt
7 Dave Aju Crazy Place
7 Soo, Betty Heat Sin Water Skin
7 Miss Kittin and The Hacker Two
7 Echospace Coldest Season, The
6 Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada Coconut Rock
6 Saucy Jacks, The Blown Like a Kiss/Everywhere You Go
6 Lazarus Trickster
6 Various Artists Soul Side of The Street, The
6 Expo 70 Psychosis
6 Los Straitjackets Further Adventures of Los Straitjackets, The
6 Various Artists Outsound New Music Summit 2009
6 Various Artists Gebbia, Gianni / Miss Massive Snowflake
6 Sonic Youth Eternal, The
6 Von Himmel Space Communion
6 Big Blood Already Gone I
6 Terauchi, Takeshi & "Blue Jeans" Let's Go Eleki Bushi
6 Various Artists Well Hung - Funk Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hunga
6 Various Artists Acid Dreams
5 Strings of Consciousness and Angel Strings of Consciousness and Angel
5 Home Blitz Weird Wings
5 Taiga Remains Wax Canopy
5 Ferraro, James Clear
5 Pendle Coven Self Assessment
5 Paper Tiger False Hopes
5 T.I.T.S. Second Base
5 808 State Prebuild
5 Death ...For The Whole World to See
5 Customers Howling At The Moon
5 M. Kourie Dreams Of, The
5 Salazar, Santiago Arcade
5 Pink Noise, The Dream Code
5 Zentner, Si Plays Music From "Warning Shot"
5 Ashby, Dorothy In a Minor Groove
5 So Cow So Cow
5 Gel Abril Miranda
5 Zips, The Zips, The
5 Black Dice Repo
5 Acid Mother's Temple and The Melting Paraiso Ufo Lord of The Underground:Visnu and The Magis Elixir
5 Aardvarck Cult Copy
4 Anima Sound Sturmischer Himmel
4 Black Pus Down Down Da Drain/Bark of The Tree
4 Various Artists Rocky Mountain Low
4 Eto, Kimio & Shank, Bud Koto & Flute
4 Mighty Tiger Western Theater
4 Cowlicks, The Hey Hey We're The Cowlicks
4 Troum Objectlessness
4 Bunnybrains What Makes You Think You Can Save Yourself (from Yourself)
4 Sophia Deconstruction of The World
4 Dimmer Remissions
4 Various Artists Sebastian - Original Soundtrack
4 Thrillers, The Tropic of Cancer, The
4 Headdress Lunes
4 Various Artists North Pole Record Number 13
4 Concrete Rubber Band Risen Savior
4 Ancient Astronauts We Are to Answer
4 Balky Mule, The Length of The Rail, The
4 Wilkes, Corey & Abstrakt Pulse Cries From Tha Ghetto
4 Aggrovators, The @ King Tubby's Studio
4 Papercuts You Can Have What You Want
4 Cheveu My Answer Is Yes! "But What's The Question?"
3 Various Artists Panama! 2
3 Language of Light/ Cortez Language of Light/ Cortez
3 Frisell, Bill All Hat
3 Pig Heart Transplant Nature/Nurture
3 Fresh Meat Leather Daddy 7"
3 U.S. Girls Introducing
3 Fear Falls Burning Frenzy of The Absolute
3 Marble Sheep Holiday / Crocodile
3 Memes I Will Catch You
3 Belleville Outfit, The Time to Stand
3 Boxmasters, The Modbilly
3 Expo 70 Live In The Pit On KFJC
3 Kiasmos / Rival Consoles 65 / Milo
3 New Black, The White Album, The
3 PRE Hope Freaks
3 Douglas, Dave & Brass Ecstacy Spirit Moves
3 Chen Santa Maria & Luuse Chen Santa Maria & Luuse
3 Group Doueh Treeg Salaam
3 Webb, Tommy Heartland
3 Melchior, Dan und das Menace Thankyou Very Much
3 Watts Ensemble Crime & Time
3 Various Artists Classic African-American Ballads
3 Zola Jesus Tsar Bomba
3 Deathspell Omega Manifestations 2002
3 Cardoso, Elizete Cancao Do Amor Demais
3 Le Chien Perdu Wasteland Journey, The
3 Maher Shalal Hash Baz Live 1984-85
3 Koletzki, Oliver This Is So Fuckin' Oldschool
3 Cudamani Cudamani
3 Sly and Robbie Master of Ceremony "Dub"
3 Forward Energy Configurations 2002
3 Khorshid, Omar and His Magic Guitar Belly Dance
3 Sunburned Hand of The Man Fire Escape
3 Inner Space, The Agilok & Blubbo
3 39 Clocks Zoned
3 Vagabond Opera Zeitgeist Beckons, The
3 Various Artists Thai Funk
3 Tyvek s/t
3 Uton Alitaju Ylimina
3 Blackshaw, James Glass Bead Game, The
3 Various Artists Okkulte Stimmen-mediale Musik
3 Americans In France Pretzelvania
3 Jacuzzi Boys I Fought a Crocodile
3 Pink Mountain Self Titled
3 Various Artists Soul Power: Funky Kingston 2
3 Saint Just Saint Just
3 Asano, Koji Rabbit Room Reservation Center
2 Lehn, Thomas Schmickler, Markus Kolner Kranz
2 Kubin, Felix Tetchy Teenage Tapes, The
2 Al Qaeda Devenez Heureux
2 Pistil Cosmos, The a Long Figure In a Dreamlike Place
2 Radio Free Clear Light Heart of The Music Box, The
2 Berman, Josh Old Idea
2 De Joode, Wilbert OLO Contrabass Solo
2 Frith, Fred & Roger, Danielle Pas De Deux
2 Candelabra Artifiction
2 Rantouls, The Little Green Hat
2 Stranger Son of WB Engine
2 Mueller, Jon Physical Changes
2 Various Artists Searching For The Now 1
2 Broken Consort, a Box of Birch
2 Hood, Patterson Murdering Oscar
2 Lazarus, Damian Smoke The Monster Out
2 Albright, Charles I'm On Drugs
2 Ielasi, Giuseppe Aix
2 Rozenhall Rozenhall
2 Pillow Talk Downtown Unga Wunga
2 Sangare, Oumou Seya
2 Brotzmann/ Nilssen-love/ Gustafsson Fat Is Gone, The
2 Sprung Aus Den Wolken Faux Pas 1
2 Novalima Coba Coba Remixed
2 Various Artists Motown Flies Jamacia Vol. 2
2 Baby Grandmothers Baby Grandmothers
2 Rootz Underground Rootz Underground Movement
2 BirchVille Cat Motel With Lee Ranaldo Live At Tonic, NYC
2 Steel An' Skin Steel An' Skin
2 Various Artists Voetsek / Mind of Asian
2 Zaimph Undetermined Dyad, The
2 M.E.S.S. Weekend Ritual Massacre
2 Various Artists Speech Organs, The
2 Madera Limpia La Corona
2 Various Artists Chicago Blues Harmonica Project - More Rare Gems
2 Kuupuu Tinakenkalurtta
2 Emeralds Allegory of Allergies
2 Souleyman, Omar Dabke 2020
2 Various Artists Mystery Brinkman/Pleasurehorse
2 Goat Family, The All We Need
2 Various Artists Strike100 CD
2 Immortal Technique 3rd World, The
2 Bright Duplex Strawberry Trust
2 Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound When Sweet Sleep Returned
2 Rebel, The Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable
2 Freestyle Fellowship To Whom It May Concern...
2 Zangeneh, Pari Iranian Folk Songs
2 Sila and The Afrofunk Experience Black President
2 Pretty Mess, a We Are The Damaged Youth
2 Allin. GG and The Jabbers For Those Who Take It Raw
2 Elfin Saddle Ringing For The Begin Again
2 Balozu Pilni Pagalmi Esi Sveiks
2 Mazurek, Rob Quintet Sound Is
2 Sexy Kids Sisters Are Forever
2 Nadja Trembled
2 Beraki, Tsehaytu Selam
1 Various Artists Mash Mansum
1 Connors, Loren Curse of The Midnight Mary, The
1 Silla Electrica Hundir
1 Rusted Shut Dead
1 Massgrave/Stormcrow Massgrave/Stormcrow
1 Roder, Klaus Kristallisationen
1 Smith, Warren & Composers Workshop Ensemble Old News Borrowed Blues
1 Butcher, John Group somethingtobesaid
1 Skipper Cold Pizza 'n' Pop
1 Road Race Adventures of Rocketboy and Egypt, The
1 Lucky Dragons Dark Falcon
1 Plankton Wat Alchemy of Darkness
1 Emergency String Xtet Meirdians
1 Various Artists Virgin Passwords
1 Various Artists D;O;UXF?
1 F You Are an E.P. / Mess You Up
1 GOL / Avram, Ann-Maria / Dumitrescu, Iancu Musique Directe
1 Static Static Psychic Eyes
1 +dog+ Hot Borders
1 Open City Session For "NYC, Inherit Our Grief"
1 Paul, Ashley Dol
1 Various Artists Subcutaneous Sound 2007
1 Infinity Window Arificial Midnight
1 Mutating Meltdown Fantasy
1 Tractor Beams, The No Plans
1 Oscillating Innards California
1 Various Artists Grouper/Pumice
1 Zashiki-warashi Mail Wars
1 Various Artists Songs of The Golden Trapperkeeper, The
1 Chiesa, David Phonemes
1 Outhead Quiet Sounds For Comfortable People
1 Spirit Moves Us, The Spirit Moves Us, The
1 Swift Machine Swift Machine
1 Tarab Take All The Ships From The Harbour and Sail Them Straight I
1 DJ Female Convict Scorpion Clash-Ups
1 Ulysses Siren Above The Ashes
1 Wrekmeister Harmonies Recordings Made In Public Spaces Volume 1
1 AEthenor Faking Gold & Murder
1 Dryer, Tony Jacob Felix Heule Jacob Lindsay Idea of West
1 My-g Database
1 Various Artists Marvellous Boy: Calypso From West Africa
1 Borbetomagus Snuff Jazz
1 Terminal 23 Melting of Ice, The
1 Muscletusk Muscletusk
1 Marley, Bob B Is For Bob
1 Moslang, Robert LAT NC
1 Butcher, John/Gino Robair/Matthew Sperry 12 Milagritos
1 Exusamwa Please Allow Me to Induce Myself
1 Benadon, Fernando Intuitivo
1 Cooper, Clare Gut
1 Mokira Persona
1 Rogerson, Diana & Liles, Andrew No Birds Do Sing
1 Fushitsusha Untitled (2)
1 Various Artists Untitled
1 Innes, Gary How's The Craic?
1 Black Motor Vaarat Vastukset
1 Hall of Fame Live At The Mercury Paw
1 D-Sisive Let The Children Die
1 Hexlove Pija Z Bogiem
1 Various Artists Yeh, C. Spencer / Sick Llama
1 Muslims (soft Pack) Muslims, The
1 Miss Massive Snowflake Queen's Headache
1 Purple Duck Duckside of The Moon
1 Talibam! With Daniel Carter New Nixon Tapes, The
1 Onserud, Hal Hal 2008
1 Silentist Silentist
1 Various Artists Kites/Earth Crown
1 Shoemaker, Matt Erosion of The Analogous Eye
1 Rice Corpse Mrs. Rice
1 Various Artists Knot Sound In Space
1 Red Horse Red Horse
1 Bee Mask Hyperborean Trenchtown
1 Bushman's Revenge You Lost Me At Hello
1 Satoh, Masahiko & Soundbreakers Amalgamation
1 O Voids, The O Voids, The
1 Aluk Todolo Finsternis
1 Gog Mist From The Random More
1 Art Brut Art Brut vs. Satan
1 Sperm Shh!
1 Forms of Things Unknown Black Trenchcoats & Swastikas 'n Shit
1 Crowley. Aleister Voice of The Great Beast
1 Raxinasky Anti-apopathodiaphulatophobicoustical Days, The
1 Various Artists Deep Wireless 5
1 Various Artists I Got Two Wings
1 Dragging an Ox Through Water Rebukes!
1 Castro, Nick and The Young Elders a Day Without Disaster
1 Thee Oh Sees Zork's Tape Bruise
1 Svarte Greiner Kappe
1 Akritas First Drop of My Life, The/Pan
1 Cause Co-Motion Because Because Because EP
1 Thou Tyrant
1 Various Artists Laudanum/Stormcrow
1 Draper, Linda Bridge and Tunnel
1 Charlton, John and Joe+N Opposite Ends of 90
1 Chopin, Henri Le Courpsbis & Co
1 Ras Michael & the Sons of Negu Kibir


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