KFJC tops for week ending 07/25/2001

9 Zeni Geva 10,000 Light Years
8 Perry, Lee Divine Madness... Definitely
7 Hissyfits, the Letters From Frank
7 Neotropic La Prochaine Fois
7 Incredible Bongo Band, the Bongo Rock
6 Calypso King & the Soul Inves. Soul Strike
6 Keelhaul Ii
6 Boogie Down Productions Best of B-Boy
6 Teach Me Tiger Wonderful
6 White Stripes, the Hello Operator
6 Various [coll]: Bananafish #15
6 Isaacs, Gregory Mr. Isaacs
6 Savage Aural Hotbed Strain and Force Handbook, the
5 Broken Social Scene Feel Good Lost
5 Comas, the You Got the Bumblebee
5 Various [coll]: Earth Ear Radio
5 Piano Magic Piano Magic:Mort Aux Vaches
5 Clem Snide Ghost of Fashion, the
5 Empress S/T
5 Farben Beautone
5 Asteroid # 4 King Richard's Collectibles
5 Califone Roomsound
5 Parker, William & Drake, Hamid Piercing the Veil-Vol 1
5 Various [coll]: Turntables By the Bay
5 Various [coll]: Abu-Jamal, Mumia
5 Sun City Girls Libyan Dream
5 Continental S/T
5 Hayseed Dixie Hillbilly Tribute to Ac/Dc
5 Agness Love, Alice
5 Purdie, Bernard Master Drummer Vol. 1
4 Los Olvidados Listen to This!!!
4 Dog Luddite Revolution
4 Brennan, Sudani, Khalsa Sudani
4 Reddy, Rob Sleeping Dogs Seeing By the Light of My ...
4 Harley, Rufus Pied Piper of Jazz, the
4 Spiess, Peter F. True Video
4 Bunnygrunt Standing Hampton
4 Ranelin, Phil Vibes From the Tribe
4 Hellchild S/T
4 Trailer Bride High Seas
4 Six Finger Satellite Clone Theory Ep
4 Nowottny, Marianne Manmade Girl
4 Scientist Encounters Pac Man Channel One
4 Eaglesmith, Fred & the Flying Ralph's Last Show
4 Brass Monkey Brass Band Live in Time and Space
4 Les Sequelles (No Title)
4 Laster, Andy Soft Shell
4 Taylor, Otis White African
4 Savage! (Soundtra (soundtrack) Savage!
4 Dry and Heavy One Punch
4 Mutants Fun Terminal
4 Spring Heel Jack Masses
4 Various [coll]: Every Tone a Testimony
4 Various [coll]: Blues in the .........
4 Jimmy Martin Big Rig Hits, V.1
4 Speaker/Cranker S/T
4 Various [coll]: Sister Spit's Ramblin'
4 Various [coll]: New York City:Global B
4 Various [coll]: Latin Beats:A Tribute
4 Allison, Luther Luther's Blues
4 Various [coll]: Droppen the Bomb
4 Alejandro Escovedo A Man Under the Influence
4 Hammond, John Wicked Grin
3 Cradle of Filth Bitter Suites to Succubi
3 Riley, Terry You're Nogood
3 Gayle, Charles Jazz Solo Piano
3 Love of Everything, the Bedroom E P
3 Philadelphia Experiment, the Philadelphia Experiment, the
3 Pig Destroyer Prowler in the Yard
3 Cantrell, Laura Not the Tremblin' Kind
3 Loveless, Patty Mountain Soul
3 Nik Turner Transglobalfriends&Relations
3 Swords Project, the S/T
3 High Desert Duo Inside the Landscape
3 Various [coll]: A Fault in the Nothing
3 Brume & A.M.T. 1ST Encounter
3 Peaches ______________________________
3 Velvet Sun Dreamhome
3 Various [coll]: Workers Union, the
3 Biz Markie Best of Cold Chillin'
3 Rapture, the Out of the Races and Onto...
3 Various [coll]: Vending Machine & Poun
3 Various [coll]: Trouble with Funk
3 Blake, Norman Flower From the Fields Of...
3 Land of Nod, the Chronicle Blueprint #2
3 Fartz, the "What's in a Name?"
3 Dead Moon Trash and Burn
3 Arling Cameron Swarte Sound Shopping
3 Lopez, Orlando Chachaito S/T
3 Kid Koala Emperor's Main Course
3 Cale, John Sun Blindness Music
3 Flatt & Scruggs Millenium Collection, the
3 Hammers of Misfortune Bastard, the
3 Wevie Stonder Eat Your Own Ears
3 Cherry Valence, the Cherry Valence, the
3 Silva, Alan and Cel Com Orch Seasons
3 1-SPEED Bike Droopy Butt Begone!
3 Grandaddy Crystal Lake, the
3 Detroit Escalator Co. Black Buildings Ep
3 Peeps, the Peeps, the
3 Lea, Babatunde Master Drummers Vol. 4
3 Lucinda Williams Essence
3 El Ray El Frank Francesco D'angelo
3 Dynotones, the S/T
3 African Dub All Mighty, Chapter 2
3 Vote Robot H.Waiian Blue
3 Criswell Legendary Criswell Predicts Yo
3 Le Gooster W/ Dj Cam Elements E.P.
3 Art Ensemble of Chicago A.A.C.M. Great Black Music...
2 Bley,Paul;Koglmann,Franz Annette
2 Von Schirach, Otto 8000 Bc
2 Fiji Mermaid 5-SONG Cd
2 Various [coll]: Garth Knox: Works for
2 Deceased Behind the Mourner's Veil
2 Eyesores, the Psycho Goth Kings
2 Various [coll]: Matter Dominate Spirit
2 Vu, Cuong Pure
2 Khan No Comprendo
2 Wolf Eyes S/T
2 Various [coll]: Jazz Bizniz 2
2 Bows Blush
2 Vincent, Rhonda Storm Still Rages, the
2 American Analog Set, the Through the 90S : Singles and
2 Gray / Mazzacane Connors This Past Spring
2 Allen, A.A. Crying Demons
2 Third Sight Zodiac Killer
2 Bitches Brew Gooey Dewey
2 Osbourne, Johnny Never Can Stop Fighting
2 Whitford Orson_Welles:Planetdvrngrobots
2 Redcoats, the Meet the Readcoats Finally
2 Cannibal Ox Cold Vein, the
2 Diaz-Infante / Forsyth Wires and Wooden Boxes
2 Dynamo 23/18
2 Mateen, Sabir Tenor Rising Drums Expanding
2 Various [coll]: Motorlab #2
2 Dropdead Vs. Pleasurehorse Deconstructed-Pleasurehorse
2 Sunroof! Reborn in Jets of Rainbow Wtr
2 Film School Brilliant Career
2 Various [coll]: Below the Radar
2 Plaid ______________________________
2 Sub Dub Original Masters 93-95
2 Maserati 37:29:24
2 Various [coll]: Songcatch (soundtrack)
2 Haggard, Merle Cabin in the Hills
2 Antiseen Boys From Brutalsville, the
2 Sagebrush Swing Western at Heart
2 Various [coll]: Hot,Funky,& Sweaty
2 Various [coll]: Three Owls Six Ears
2 Byles, Junior Curley Locks
2 Crush Kill Destroy Punctuate Our Phrases
2 Various [coll]: Le Shok/Stitches
2 Oval Ovalcommers
2 Holy Modal Rounders & Friends I Make a Wish for a Potato
2 Storm Bugs Let's Go Outside and Get It Ov
2 People Like Us A Fistful of Knuckles
2 Dj Logic Anomaly, the
2 Re: Mnant
2 Dame Darcy W/ the Coctails Tardvark
2 Various [coll]: Total Shutdown/Boxleit
2 Faun Fables Songs From "Mother Twilight'
2 Phantom Limbs, the Hot Knives and Hornets
2 Mr. Airplane Man, the Red Lite
2 Various [coll]: Tarentel/Lilienthal
2 Trummerflora No Stars Please
2 YBO2 Alienation
2 Bardo Pond Slab
2 Dj Premier Unreleased Instrumentals VOL.3
2 Ballin' the Jack Big Head, the
2 Free Music Quintet Free Music 1 and 2
2 Mountain Goats, the Isopanisad Radio Hour
2 Faun Fables Mother Twilight
2 Death in June Operation Hummingbird
2 Arnal, Jeff On the Way Out
2 Zinn, Howard Stories Hollywood Never Tells
2 Deathline Int'l Deathline Int'l
2 Lusine Icl Slipthrough Ep
1 Various [coll]: Down From the Mountain
1 Brown, Clarence Gatemouth Back to Bugalusa
1 Swaggerts Whole Story, the
1 Various [coll]: Freeways
1 Various [coll]: Roots of Dub Funk
1 Blowfly Zodiac
1 Mascaro, Michael Mutts
1 Vic Chesnutt Left to His Own Devices
1 Manson Family Family Jams, the
1 Leafcutter John Concourse E.E.P.
1 Griz Other Planets
1 Marumari Supermogadon
1 D-Styles Return to Planetary Deterio...
1 Burmese Burmese
1 Dropdead S/T
1 Dunlavy Alison Effect, the
1 Tomasic, Philip Figure
1 O9 Tacklebox
1 Slave Concept, the
1 Bach, Jean Jean Sans Le Playback
1 David Candy Play Power
1 Saperstein, Heidi Devil I Once Knew, the
1 Squarepusher ______________________________
1 Mortician Domain of Death
1 Moss, Buddy Red River Blues
1 Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche, the Ven. Shedur:A Ghost Exorcism Ritual
1 Hawd Gankstuh Rappuhs-Wid Gatz Wake Up and Smell the Piss
1 Licht, Alan Plays Well
1 Erase Errata Erase Errata
1 Album Leaf, the One Day I'll Be on Time
1 Continuous Mode Disinformation Desighn
1 Organized Konfusion Stress (The Extinction Agenda)
1 Various [coll]: Gob/Agoraphobic Nosebd
1 Christine 23 Onna Shiny Crystal Planet
1 Davis, Ben Hushed Patterns of Relief, the
1 YBO2 From the Huge Higurashi Woods
1 Olneyville Sound System Because We're All in this Tog
1 Ida Braille Night, the
1 Various [coll]: Duplo Remote / Com.A
1 Peel Seamus Shifting Gears
1 Parker, Andrea Dark Ages, the
1 Cathode Ray Tube Subzero Sensei
1 Smith, Steven R. Tableland
1 Terminal 4 Terminal 4
1 Scorces Scorces
1 Magic Carpathians, the Ethnocore 2: Nytu
1 Low & Dirty Three Fishtank Session
1 Astroglides, the Penetrate With...
1 Planet of the Ape (soundtrack) By Jerry Goldsmith
1 Various [coll]: Industry Wannabes & Ra
1 Subtonix Trophy / Today's Modern Woman
1 Sorrow Let there Be Thorns
1 Chandra, Sheila This Sentence Is True...
1 Comets on Fire ______________________________
1 The Sex Machines Demo (Rock and Roll Id

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