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  Top plays at KFJC
From July 18 2007 thru July 25 2007

Plays Artist Album
7 Caitlin, Tim / John Mueller Plates and Wires
7 Worker Bee Divorce Your Legs
7 Lietterschpich I Cum Blood In The Think Tank
7 Ab Ovo Mouvements
6 Saints Saints
6 Bishop, Sir Richard While My Guitar Violently Bleeds
6 Sixteens Into The Gold Wave of Future Non Rip-off
6 Black Ice Myopia
6 Coltrane, Alice a Monastic Trio
6 McCormick, Matt Very Stereo
6 Kolner Saxophon Mafia Go Commercial...
6 Mcdonas, Thollem Solo Piano
6 Part, Arvo Tabula Rasa
6 Exploding Hearts, The Shattered
5 Deadbeat Journeyman's Annual
5 Gravy Train!!!! All The Sweet Stuff
5 Earthless Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky
5 Forward Energy Trio I: At The Yellow Room
5 Plants Photosynthesis
5 Rothkamm Fb03
5 Epsilons Killed 'em Deader 'n a Six Card Poker Hand
5 Asbestosdeath Defection Unclean
5 People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz Perpetuum Mobile
5 Dinosaur Jr. Beyond
5 Spires That In The Sunset Rise This Is Fire
5 Cappelli, Marco Extreme Guitar Project: Music From Downtown Nyc
5 Les Georges Leningrad Tomlab Alphabet Singles Series, The
5 Vainio, Mika / Chicksonspeed Flame On
5 Tobin, Amon Foley Room
5 Nawal Aman
5 Odawas Raven and The White Night
5 Green Chair, The Occupied Estate
4 Music Lovers, The Music Lovers' Guide For Young People, The
4 Sudden Infant Invocation of The Aural Slave Gods
4 Coolidge, Jake Hot Brown II:reverse Migration
4 Dali, Salvador & Igor Wakhevitch "Entre Dieu"
4 Junior Boys Dead Horse Ep, The
4 Stumps, The Black Wood, The
4 Budos Band, The Budos Band II, The
4 Rep, Mike and The Quotas Mama Was a Schitzo Daddy Was a Vegetable Man
4 Various Artists Searchin' For Shakes-Swedish Beat 1965-1968
4 Cline, Nels Singers Draw Breath
4 Parker, Jeff Relatives, The
4 GRAF+ZYX Early Recording 77-83
4 Medusa's Spell Mercurial Behavior
4 Hentai Toy Factory, The
4 Abdul-Malik, Ahmed East Meets West
4 Mansbestfriend Poly.sci.187
4 Swann Danger Deep North
4 Maps We Can Create
4 Pg Six Slightly Sorry
4 Various Artists Super Cool: California Soul 2
4 Motoro Faam Fragments
4 Goslings, The Spaceheater/Perfect Interior
4 Dead C, The Future Artists
4 Lewis, Webster In Norway The Club7 Live Tapes
4 Rosebuds Night of The Furies
4 Kane, Nuru Sigil
4 Frith, Fred Happy End Problem, The
4 Soft Machine Middle Earth Masters
4 Expo70 Exquisite Lust
4 Sacramento Sacto Rock City
3 Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor, The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor, The
3 Brothers (Soderqvist, Johan) Brothers
3 Pulse Emitter Progression to Desolation
3 Farina, Mimi & Richard Complete Vanguard Recordings, The
3 Eyes Like Saucers Still Living In The Desert
3 Atkinson, Wendy Pink Noise
3 Various Artists Healing The Divide
3 Tam Tam
3 Capleton Prophecy
3 Yung Mars Yung Mars Album, The
3 Proem a Permanent Solution
3 Rollo Pinhole
3 White Mice Assphixxxeatateshun
3 Sproule, Devon Keep Your Silver Shined
3 Schaefer, Janek Wow
3 Young Gods, The Super Ready / Fragmente
3 Marduk Rom 5:12
3 Neurosis Given to The Rising
3 Various Artists Orb, The / Rice Twins, The
3 Surfites, The Big Pounder
3 Manak, Jonny and The Depressives Rebound Town
3 Human Quena Orchestra, The Means Without Ends
3 Marble Sheep Message From Oarfish
3 Various Artists Aids Wolf Vs Athletic Automaton
3 Mad Professor Meets Scientist At The Dub Table
3 Baird, Meg Dear Companion
3 Dorge, Pierre & New Jungle Orchestra Zig Zag Zimponi
3 Futurians Spock Ritual
3 Weasel Walter Early Recordings 1988-1991
3 Various Artists Messthetics #103
3 Terminal Sound System Compressor
3 Various Artists Corwood Variations, The
3 Frasca, Dominic Deviations
3 Alias Collected Remixes
3 TTC 3615
3 Blackshaw, James Cloud of Unknowing, The
3 E.P.A. Black Ice
3 Various Artists Classic Canadian Songs
3 Various Artists At The Crossroads
3 Trappe, Jochen Blackout Barbados
3 Substance & Vainqueur Reverberation/reverberate
3 Unborn Unicorn Unborn Unicorn
3 Splint! Moro
3 Farmacia Crucial Sky In The Land of Premonitions At Lorenzo's Weekend
3 Kadebostan Caracas Soul EP
3 16 Bitch Pile-Up Bury Me Deep
3 Dying Californian, The Coarsegold
3 Various Artists Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label
3 Dub Gabriel Bass Jihad
3 Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet Husky
2 Various Artists Yonkers, Michael / Little Claw
2 Howard, Noah Black Ark, The
2 Dj Mayonnaise Still Alive
2 Von Spar 1. Xaxapoya 2. Dead Voices In The Temple of Error
2 Ticklejunk All Stars, The Future Funk Sessions
2 Stuart, Marty Compadres: an Anthology of Duets
2 Enema Syringe Bogens Massage Institut
2 Loto Ball Show Loto Ball Show
2 Fridge Sun, The
2 Raccoo-oo-oon Behold Secret Kingdom
2 Lair of The Minotaur Ultimate Destroyer, The
2 Various Artists 030303 Volume 2
2 Various Artists Jah Life Smashing Superstars
2 Lifesavas Gutterfly
2 Various Artists Artdontsleep Presents From LA With Love
2 Scheinman, Jenny 12 Songs
2 Times New Viking Paisley Reich, The
2 Hala Strana Heave The Gambrel Roof
2 LaVere, Amy Anchors & Anvils
2 Lesbians On Ecstasy We Know You Know
2 Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb
2 Bender ...bender
2 Mr. V Welcome Home
2 Nicky Click I'm On My Cell Phone
2 Vomitory Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize
2 Bugs, The Bugs, The
2 Nedelle Locksmith Cometh, The
2 Facepilot Incomplete Transmission
2 Murray, David & The Gwo-ka Masters Featuring Pharoah Sanders Gwotet
2 Barbara a Blessing From The Angel of Death
2 Torn, David Prezens
2 Sholi/ Dead Science, The Kdvs Recordings 002
2 Anvil Salute All The Animals of The Forest
2 Dungen Tio Bitar
2 Tsunoda, Toshiya Scenery of Decalcomania
2 Skin Area New Skin
2 Inaba, Shuji Yoenzange
2 Throbbing Gristle Part Two: The Endless Knot
2 Wagner, Rob Trio Rob Wagner Hamid Drake Nobu Ozaki
2 Fruupp Modern Masquerades
2 Various Artists Kitchen Motors Family Album
2 La Otracina Tonal Ellipse of The One
2 Various Artists Tenth Annual Activating The Medium Festival, The
2 Move.meant Scope of Things, The
2 Dagha Object In Motion
2 Cap D Return of The Renegade
2 Factums ......factums......
2 Madagascar Goodbye East Goodbye West
2 Epo-555 Mafia
2 Shemale Beyond The North Wind
2 Lacy, Steve, Roswell Rudd Quartet Early and Late
2 Parenthetical Girls Safe As Houses
2 Fucking Champs, The VI
2 All Smiles Ten Readings of a Warning
2 Genetti, Carol / Smith, Damon / Lonborg-Holm, Fred Sense of Hearing
2 Hannant, Beaumont Sculptured
2 Operation S Is It Good
2 Various Artists Teen Dance Music From China and Malaysia
2 Architect Lower Lip Interface
2 I Am Spoonbender Buy Hidden Persuaders
2 Fischer, William S. Circles
1 Marble Sheep and The Run-down Sun's Children First Anniversary Live
1 Astral Transmitter
1 Jel Greenball II
1 Smith, E. Doctor Drummstick 2, The
1 Burmese White
1 Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet & Ne Zhdali Pollo d'Oro
1 Ladysmith Naughty Boys Ngilangazelela Lelo Khaya
1 Mophono Tighten Up Remix
1 Various Artists War II (The Turd Hunt Continues)
1 Coltrane, Alice Alice Coltrane: The Impulse Story
1 Takayanagi, Masayuki and New Direction Unit Eclipse
1 Ethiopian Quintet Afro-latin Soul
1 Orb, The Aftermath / From a Distance
1 Various Artists mythical beast / Pocahaunted
1 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum In Glorious Times
1 Crumer Future With No Chance
1 Fennesz Live In Japan
1 Various Artists Yokomono 03
1 Sean Bike Messengers Aren't As Cool As They Think They Are
1 Middian Age Eternal
1 Zorn, John Moonchild
1 Pines, The Sparrows In The Bell
1 Napalm Death Punishment In Capitals
1 Big Blood Big Blood Bank - An Imaginary Compilation
1 Unsane Visqueen
1 Tidawt Agamgam
1 Caribou Start Breaking My Heart / Up In Flames
1 No Thanks Live Cbgb's 1983
1 Dead Hippies, The Dead Hippies, The
1 Sandoz God Bless The Conspiracy
1 Meisha For Sayas
1 Fernandez, Agusti Trio w/ William Parker & Susie Ibarra One Night At The Joan Miro Foundation-July 16th, 1998
1 Out of Context One Inch Equals 25 Miles
1 Horton, Robert Winter Suite
1 Horn of Dagoth Rehearsal Demo II 2007
1 M Shanghai String Band From The Air
1 Various Artists House That Trane Built: The Story of Impulse Records, The
1 Horton, Robert Expotition
1 Waters, Muddy Complete Plantation Recordings, The
1 Freedom Freedom At Last
1 Asleep At The Wheel Re-Inventing The Wheel
1 Various Artists Good God!: Heavy Funk Covers of James Brown From All Over...
1 Big A Little a gAame
1 Jayne Insane, Dr. and The Gutbucket Philharmoniks Strange and Incredible World Of, The
1 Wooden Wand & The Omen Bones Band Horus of The Horizon
1 Secret Mommy Plays
1 Pask, Andrew / Besser, Jonathan Griffith Park
1 Jazkamer Ninguna Diversion
1 Aemae Maw
1 Like a Tim Angst
1 Nono, Luigi 20 Jahre Inventionen V
1 Various Artists Awon Ojise Olorun
1 Yikes Secrets to The Superflipping EP
1 Moral Crayfish Month of The Dog
1 Oh Sees, The Sucks Blood
1 Parts & Labor Escapers One
1 Melvins, (The) (A) Senile Animal
1 Inca Ore With Lemon Bear's Orchestra Birds In The Bushes, The


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