KFJC tops for week ending 08/04/1999

14 Faust Ravvivando
13 Frosted Ambassador, the S/T
11 Live Human Monostereosis
11 Dead Moon Destination X
10 Neckbones, the Lights Are Getting Dim, the
9 Kinski Spacelaunch for Frenchie
9 Crescent Collected Songs
9 Pollard , Robert Kid Marine
8 Dunlavy John Merkel Is a Miracle
8 Knight, Gladys & (soundtrack) Claudine
8 Like a Tim I'm Serious
8 Ghosts of the Canal Sessions From the Flats
8 Echoboy Scene 30
7 Soul Ecstacy (soundtrack) Citroens 'n' Sitars
7 Vandermark Five, the Simpatico
7 Sprinkle Genies, the Dylan Agrees with Me Now
7 Guitar Wolf Jet Generation
7 Mythos S/T
7 Switch Trout,The Psycho Action
7 Six Organs of Admittance Dust and Chimes
7 Half Film Road to the Crater, the
7 Angels of Light, the New Mother
7 Couch Fantasy
6 O'brien, Ian Gigantic Days
6 Allen, Daevid - Univ. of Error Money Doesn't Make It
6 Parker, Evan/ E-A Ensemble Drawn Inward
6 Clinic Second Line, the
6 Various [coll]: Crooklyn Dub Outerdnat
6 Twine Reference
6 Rachel's Selenography
6 Raison D'etre Collective Archive
6 Null 0.0004
6 Bevis Frond, the Vavona Burr
6 No Talents, the Want Some More
5 Various [coll]: Rare L.A. Tracks
5 Kosugi, Takehisa Violin Solo 1980 N.Y.C.
5 Ireland, David/Jupiter-Larsen David Ireland/Gx Jupiter-Larsn
5 Various [coll]: Biosphere/Deathprod
5 Paladins Slippin' in
5 Sprague Brothers Let the Chicks Fall Where...
5 Centimeters, the Facts of Destiny, the
5 Ranaldo, Lee Dirty Windows
5 Jang, Jon Self Portrait
5 Idyll Swords S/T
5 Replikants Slickaphonics
5 Human Instinct, the Stoned Guitar
5 Swell Maps International Rescue
5 Azalia Snail Soft Bloom
5 Lung Leg Maid to Minx
5 Nomads, the Big Sound 2000
5 Deadly Snakes, the Love Undone
5 New Bomb Turks Beruhrer Meiner Affe
5 Sonar Cosmic Rays
4 Hot Club of Cowtown Tall Tales
4 Nelson, Willie Night and Day
4 Smash Your Face Loose Times, Light Times
4 Vote Robot Versions
4 Eskelin,Ellery & Han Bennink Dissonant Characters
4 Hear ...Or What?
4 Various [coll]: Spectrum (soundtrack)
4 Constant Pain Million Miles
4 Terry, Sonny & Brownie Mcgee Backwater Blues
4 Various [coll]: Tarwater Remix Ep
4 Reigle, Robert Marriage of Heaven and Ear, Th
4 Tight Bros Runnin Thru My Bones
4 Dred, Mike/Green, Peter Virtual Farmer
4 Spaceheads W/ Max Eastley Universal Head Expansion Vol 1
4 Big Youth Leroy Smart
4 Faye, Francis Sings Folk Songs
4 U.S. Maple Talker
4 Smith, Steven R. From Ashes Come
4 Seki Before the Last Song at Wou...
4 Immense Spotaneous Combustion
4 Operation Re-Information Universal Standard 84000
4 Ghost Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet
4 Maniacs, the Ain't Nolegend
4 Various [coll]: Harlem Shuffle
4 Ancient Chinese Secret Caveat Emptor
4 Dirty Dozen Brass Band Buck Jump
4 '68 Comeback Love Always Wins
4 Lovett, Lyle Texas Jewboys
3 Satyricon Intermezzo I I
3 Isis Red Sea, the
3 Terzakis, Dimitri Chamber Works
3 Shaver Electric Shaver
3 Bailey, Derek & Evan Parker Arch Duo
3 Brown, Charles In a Grand Style
3 Williams, Andre & the Sadies Red Dirt
3 Dj Format "English Lesson"
3 Various [coll]: Gogogoairheart/Syncopa
3 Flower Traveling Band From Pussies to Death In....
3 Kaiser, Jeff Ganz Andere
3 Thomas, David & Pale Orchestra Mirror Man
3 Microcosmos Pilgrimage
3 Bulgarian Voices/Moscow 3/HUUN Mountain Tale
3 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Thriller Collection, the
3 Seks Bomba Operation B.O.M.B.A.
3 Teagarden, Jack Jazz Great
3 Various Artists Rft
3 Six Finger Satellite ______________________________
3 Cathars Amorpheus
3 Huon Epic
3 Dilks, Johnny & Visitation Vly Acres of Heartache
3 El Stew El Stew
3 Dj Vadim Friction
3 Various [coll]: Wizard Women of the no
3 Various [coll]: Good Old Days Of, the
3 Fred Is Dead Mosaic
3 Asian American Jazz Orchestra Big Bands Behind Barbed Wire
3 Baseball Furies All-American Psycho
3 Drunk Raised Toward
3 Sun Barrow Sun Barrow
3 Bergheim 34 Sechstrack
3 Slow Poke At Home
3 Various [coll]: Funkstorung: Additiona
3 Counts, the What's Up Front that Counts
3 Star Room Boys, the Why Do Lonely Men and Women...
3 Brainbombs Urge to Kill
3 Various [coll]: Merzbow/Amm
3 Olo Olrizedcoloralbum, the
3 Pawns You Talk of Sacrifice..He Knew
3 Various [coll]: Voices in a Dark Room
3 Catalyst Funkiest Band You Never Heard
3 Hassell, Jon Fascinoma
2 Holy Modal Rounders Too Much Fun!
2 Third Electric
2 Goldmark, Joe "Doc" All Hat-No Cattle
2 Hallucinator Red Angel
2 Mcwhorter, Frankie Texas Sandman
2 Mc Phee,Joe/Bishop, Jeb Brass City, the
2 Kid 606 Ruin It, Ruin Them, Ruin Yo...
2 Yat-Kha Dalai Beldiri
2 Toure, Ali Farka Niafunke'
2 Various [coll]: Cuba
2 Burning Spear ______________________________
2 Kristian, David Beneath the Valley of The...
2 Smokehouse Band BLUEGRASS-20 Years of Feedback
2 2 Lone Swordsmen Stay Down
2 Cadillac Hitmen Tri-State Killing Spree
2 Vaz Hey One Cell
2 U R Swarm, the
2 Floating Flower S/T
2 Various [coll]: What Is Eternal
2 Gopalnath/Newton/Srinivasan Southern Brothers
2 Lion's Roar:Mgmm (soundtrack) Lion's Roar:Classic Mgm Film S
2 Henry Cow Leg End
2 I-F Theme From Pack
2 Plaid Peel Session
2 Monolake Tangent
2 Shortwave Channel, the Bright Lights They Hurt
2 Various [coll]: Gasp/Volume 11
2 Various [coll]: Roy Rogers Disc Two
2 Operator, the Root
2 Bran Flakes, the Won't Somebody Come Anyd Play
2 Williams, Big Joe and Friends Going Back to Crawford
2 Get Wet Untitled
2 Torpedoes Lucky You
2 Naquil ______________________________
2 Eddie the Rat S/T
2 Random Too Stoned to Sneeze Without
2 Phoenix Thunderstone ______________________________
2 Bellrays, the Let It Blast
2 Parker, Andrea Unknown, the
1 Mayhem Mediolanum Capta Est
1 Anderson, Fred Quartet Volume 1
1 Various [coll]: Urko/Suffer
1 Longview High Lonesome
1 Mortician Chainsaw Dismemberment
1 Body Haters 34:13
1 Barrett, Aston "Familyman' Familyman in Dub
1 Sound Providers "Dope Transmission"
1 Lewis, Laurie & Her Bluegrass Pals
1 Aguilar, Gustavo Dreaming with Serpents
1 Maus Und Stolle Extra Vergine
1 Reklaw, Derf From the Nile
1 Watson, Doc & Richard Third Generation Blues
1 Throw Rag Beast in Me, the
1 Holman, Bill In a Jazz Orbit
1 Blake, Ran Something to Live for
1 Subramaniam, L & Coryell,Larry From the Ashes
1 Lombardo, Dave and Friends Vivaldi : the Meeting
1 E*Vax Glacier
1 Kid 606 Gq on the Eq
1 Brown, James (Sou (soundtrack) Black Caesar
1 Decrepit Tired of Licking Blood From a
1 Mccoury, Del & Band Family, the
1 Fields, Lee Let's Get a Groove on
1 Various [coll]: Improvised Music Works
1 Various [coll]: Suck It and See
1 I-F Man From Pack, the
1 Os Mutantes Best of Os Mutantes, the
1 Aoki, Tatsu & Otani, Yasuhiro Dial
1 Ielasi, Giuseppe/Rinaldi, Re.. May 16TH
1 Various [coll]: Caribbean Voyage...
1 Various [coll]: Brume & Telepherique
1 Il.Ek.Tro Il. Ek. Tro
1 Baseball Astrologer, the Famine of the Soul
1 Ferrer, Ibrahim Ibrahim Ferrer
1 Patton, Charlie Immortal Chrlie Patton #2, the
1 To Rococo Rot Amateur View, the
1 Concrete Sox 99 New E.P., the
1 Sur Drone S/T
1 Various [coll]: Roy Rogers Disc One
1 Binary Star New Hip Hop
1 Rosenberg 7 R7
1 Pelt Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky
1 Test Test
1 Moura, Paulo & Os Batutas Pixinguinha
1 Shepp,Archie + El'zabar Trio Conversations
1 Third Sight Golden Shower Hour, the
1 Perry, Lee "Scratch" and the U Upsetter Shop, Vol 2; 1969, th
1 Kingsley, Gershon Music to Moog By
1 Red Krayola, the Fingerpainting
1 Critchlow, Slim Crooked Trail to Holbrook, the
1 Dickel Brothers, the Volume One
1 Neptunes, the People of Earth, We Are...
1 Monster Pete & the Chiefs Serpentine
1 Blackalicious A2G
1 Lightning Bolt Fleeing the Valley Of...
1 Pan Sonic B Ep
1 Black Dog, the Peel Session
1 Palo/Ona Star of the Sea
1 Klak Tambourines
1 Jackson, John Front Porch Blues
1 Milton/Gerth/Steer [Oh Pity Us]
1 Yardbirds/Sonny Boy Williamson Complete Crawdaddy Recordings
1 Watson, Dale Good Luck 'n Good Truckin 2NIT
1 Insects, the Return to the Foreign Legion
1 Cooley, Spade Shame on You
1 Wild Magnolias, the Life Is a Carnival
1 Red Elvises I Wanna See You Belly Dance
1 Wills, Mick Fern Hill
1 Planet of the Ape (soundtrack) By Jerry Goldsmith
1 Kirk, Roland Man Who Cried Fire, the
1 Alien Nation Return to Cybertron
1 Clinic Cement Mixer

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