KFJC tops for week ending 08/09/2006

roastings artist album_title
8 Biosphere Dropsonde
8 Smile Like Dog Apple Juice TV
7 Black Heart Procession, The Spell, The
7 Graves At Sea/Asunder split Graves At Sea/Asunder
7 AGF Westernization Completed
7 Erase Errata Nightlife
7 Various Artists X-Rated: The Dark Files
7 Cut Chemist Audience's Listening, The
7 Camera Obscura Let's Get Out of This Country
6 Nurse With Wound Rock 'n Roll Station
6 Onethirtyeight Sister, The
6 Excepter Alternation
6 Drop The Lime We Never Sleep
6 Various Artists Detroit Underground Vol.4
6 Shaw, Woody Last of The Line
6 Legendary Pink Dots Your Children Placate You From Premature Graves
5 Brotzmann, Peter/Zerang, Michael Live In Beirut
5 Nightwounds Rat Magic
5 Ariel Pink Haunted Graffiti 2/The Doldrums/Vital Pink
5 Munly, Jay Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
5 Lady Sovereign Size Don't Matter
5 Child Abuse Child Abuse
5 Hall, Glen / Ranaldo, Lee / Hooker, William Oasis of Whispers
5 Khan Passport
5 Machinist, The Machinist, The
5 Pyramids, The Birth/Speed/Merging
5 Korea Soundblaster Korea Soundblaster
5 Tunng Mothers Daughter and Other Songs
5 Eagle and Talon Eagle and Talon Cares
5 Bollywood Brass Band Movie Masala
5 Various Artists Zum Audio Volume 3
5 Gjoll Way Though Zero
4 Cattle Decapitation Karma.Bloody.Karma
4 Melvins Houdini Live: a Live History of Gluttony and Lust
4 Jesu Silver
4 Paik, Nam June Works 1958-1979
4 Brand / Perkis / Robair / Shiurba / Sperry Supermodel Supermodel
4 Om/Current 93 split Om/Current 93
4 Monster Under Bed Dragon Sandwich
4 Tenebre In Everthing Give Thanks
4 Contagious Orgasm + Government Alpha Heartstrings
4 Various Artists Airwaves For Your Hairwaves - Live From WNUR
4 Radioactive Lamb Memoirs of Reverend Cowhead and Sheriff Lamb Boy, ...
4 Bottle Rockets Zoysia
4 Meat Purveyors someday soon things will be much worse!
4 Phonophani Phonophani
4 Ohsees Cool Death of Island Raiders, The
4 Press, The Press, The
4 Vlor A Fire Is Meant For Burning
4 Psalm One Death of Frequent Flyer, The
4 Radioinactive Soundtrack to a Book
4 Hacienda Brothers What's Wrong With Right
4 Deadstring Brothers Starving Winter Report
4 Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Have You Seen The Other Side of The Sky?
4 Boyracer A Punch Up The Bracket
4 Alias & Tarsier Brookland/Oaklyn
4 Csokolom Dog Daze
4 Magic People Keen Whips I'd Wear As Rubies
4 Ehlers, Ekkehard Politik Braucht Keinen Feind
4 Tono-Bungay Kluge
3 Ashtool S.o.c.g.: Vecchie Paure
3 Lucky Star Musical Club Nyota
3 Dr. Octagon Return of Dr. Octagon, The
3 Joyner, Simon Beautiful Losers
3 Combs, Cory Trio Valencia
3 Raudive Audio EP
3 True Primes We Have Won - EP
3 Om/Six Organs of Admittance split Om/Six Organs of Admittance
3 Lelasi, Giuseppe Giuseppe, Lelasi
3 Haarla-Krokfors Loco Motife Penguin Beguine
3 Fassett, Jim Symphony of The Birds
3 Vromb Emission Pilote
3 Slums 3rd Floor Second Door
3 Smith, Hobart In Sacred Trust
3 Nola,Thomas Et Son Ochestre Doctor, The
3 Soriah Chao Organica In a Minor
3 Vandermark, Ken / Nilssen-Love, Paal Seven
3 Oneida Happy New Year
3 Sun City Girls Live Room
3 Herb Diamante May I Light Your Cigarette?
3 Lycia Burning Circle & Then Dust, The
3 Ethiopians, The Original Reggae Hitsound of The Ethopians, The
3 Tyrades I Am Homicide
3 Fiery Furnaces Bitter Tea
3 Pestrepeller Isle of Dark Magick
3 Lubelski, Samara And to The Disciples That Remain
3 Boo, Mike Dunhill Drone Committee
3 Cd Radio Solos In Stereo
3 Various Artists Pilgrim: a Celebration of Kris Kristofferson, The
3 Legendary Pink Dots Alchemical Playschool
3 Wasteland October
3 Royce Tuff Love
3 Fehlman, Thomas Staedtizism 4
3 Handsome Family, The Last Days of Wonder
3 Subbulakshmi, M.s. Radhamadhavam
3 Tass 2 UnterHALTUNG
3 Lee, Shawn's Ping Pong Orchestra Strings & Things
3 Baghiri, Amir Exosphere
3 Venus Handcuffs Venus Handcuffs
3 Radio Algeria Radio Algeria
3 Black Ox Orkestar Nisht Azoy
3 Kaada Music For Moviebikers
3 Mekalek Live and Learn
3 Coldcut Sound Mirrors
3 Yokota, Susumu Will
3 Parson Sound S/T
3 Brainbombs Macht/B.L.E.E.D.
3 Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves
2 Vladimir Ussachevsky Film Music
2 Corn On Macabre 11
2 20 Dollar Whore Teenage Fucking Boredom Ep
2 Gift of Goats Gift of Goats
2 Rose For Bohdan Then Everybody Hugged, Racism Is God
2 Dabrye Two/three
2 Graves At Sea Documents of Grief
2 5ive Versus
2 Quantic ...an Announcement to Answer
2 Taddesse Andargue Ethiopiques 18
2 Uitti, Frances-marie / Griffiths, Paul There Is Still Time
2 Minott, Sugar Leave Out a Babylon
2 Chocolate Genius Inc Black Yankee Rock
2 Mv & Ee With The Bummer Road Play Ellas Mcdaniel's Who Do You Love
2 Pak Motel
2 Heptones, The Meaning of Life, The: Best of The Heptones 1966-76
2 Akir Legacy
2 Keen, Robert Earl Live At The Ryman
2 Knight, Chris Enough Rope
2 Golden Hours, The Mystery & Her Crew, The
2 Lorn Towards The Abyss of Disease
2 Animal Lp
2 Jeffery, Hilary Solo Trombone & Electronics
2 Evoken Quietus
2 Odawas Aether Eater, The
2 Old Time Relijun 2012
2 CX Kidtronik Krak Attack
2 P:Ano Brigadoon
2 Biram, Scott H. Graveyard Shift
2 Lin, Jenny Eleventh Finger, The
2 Hush Arbors Landscape of Bone
2 Eruption Eruption
2 Daedelus Daedelus Denies The Day's Demise
2 Jackson, Papa Charlie 1924-29 Mostly New to LP
2 Ssion Release The Bats
2 Isan Meet Next Life
2 Choklate Choklate
2 Fovea Hex Huge
2 Nightmares On Wax In a Space Outta Sound
2 Triple Burner Triple Burner
2 Family Underground Qbico U-Nite : Bruxelles III
2 Doomriders Black Thunder
2 Vainio, Mika Metri
2 Jordan, Kidd / Parker, William / Drake, Hamid Palm of Soul
2 Cornbread Red Strummin' With The Devil
2 Panacea Thinking Back Looking Forward
2 Baroque Bordello Abnormal Songs
2 Ton That Tiet Cyclo
2 Moebius/Mueller/Schoenecker Amalgam
2 Inside Afghanistan Inside Afghanistan
2 Field Music Field Music
2 Carbon, M.v./hans Grusel Mutual Hallucinations Vol. 1
2 Banerjee, Kanika Songs of Rabindranath
2 I Burn Ipertermia
2 Connors, Loren Night Through: Singles and Collected Works 1976-20...
2 Residual Echoes MFI-GBSP
2 Fujii, Satoko Four Live In Japan 2004
2 Instruments, The Cast a Half Shadow
2 Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck Homorobotic Adventure Squad Presents
2 Honsinger / Kondo / Kowald / Toyozumi What Are You Talking About?
2 Duncan, John & Von Hausswolff, Carl Michael Our Telluric Conversation
2 Baier, Sibylle Colour Green
2 Mapstation Distance Told Me Things to Be Said
2 Ratkje, Maja Stalker
2 Walkmen, The a Hundred Miles Off
2 Mullen, Geoff Thirty-six Trillion Manifestations
2 Hail Social Warning Sign
2 Heil, Johannes Freaks R Us
2 Islands Return to The Sea
2 Ohm Oz
2 Swingin' Machine, the Hang It Out to Dry
2 Ex, the Hands Up! You're Free
2 Antonio Russolo Futurism and Dada Revi
2 Dead C. Dr 503
2 Handful of Dust Concord
2 Mirrors Those Were Different T
1 Half-handed Cloud What's The Remedy?
1 Dixon, Bill Berlin Abbozzi
1 Sunray Ocean EP
1 Mr. Perfect Reggae Hits 34
1 Tear It Up Tear It Up
1 Bird By Snow Antlers and The Sun and All The Things That Grow O...
1 By-Products of America Maybe Use My Knife
1 Warbler Warbler
1 Boy Named Thor, a Way Things Change Vol. 1
1 Farina Confession T V
1 Banton, Buju Mr. Mention
1 Thee Scarcity of Tanks Nz Metals
1 Intelligence Icky Baby
1 Raccoo-oo-oon Mythos Folkways Vol No. 1
1 Nubian Mindz Typewriter EP
1 Baseball Furies Let It Be
1 Goodiepal Narc Beacon
1 Ambre Le Mensonge
1 Bethlehem Dark Metal
1 Nai Htaw Paing Ensemble Mon Music of Burma
1 Big Bear Big Bear
1 Epsilons Epsilons
1 Dick, Robert/schlicht, Ursel Photosphere
1 Cherry Point, The Black Witchery
1 Baczkowski, Steve / Padmanabha, Ravi Tongue Rust and Lead Moth
1 Milton Boothe Safe Travel
1 Fine, Mile Free Jazz Ensemble Lucid Anarchists (meat With Two Potatoes)
1 Walker & Triple R Aufraeumen!
1 Siberia Siberia / The Better to See You With
1   Voice of Pakistan - Vol. 4
1 RWAKE If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You...
1 Glinn, Lillian Glinn, Lillian - Glover, Mae (1929-1931)
1 White, Beverly Piano Boogie & The Blues
1 Ceschi They Hate Francisco False
1 Michael Columbia Stay Hard
1 Rooks, The a Girl Like You/Empty Heart
1 Flute, Tube & Singer Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast Cambodia
1 Afsharnia, Abdolnaghi Rough Guide to The Music of Iran
1 De Dionyso, Arrington Breath of Fire
1 Higgins, Gary Red Hash
1 Mr 76ix Hits of 76ix
1 Von Hausswolf, C.M. Operations of Spirit Communication
1 Blanc, Michel Le Passage Eclair
1 Sleeparchive Infrared Glow
1 Four Tet a Joy
1 George Steeltoe Ensemble Church of Yuh
1 Mouthus Heat Retention Records #7
1 VxPxC Heaven Is For Quitters
1 15 Degrees Below Zero Under a Morphine Sky
1 Mccoury Band, Del Promised Land
1 Frizzell, John/Les Paul & Mary Ford Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
1 Owen Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers
1 Hubback, Steve & Nilssen-Love, Paal Steve Hubback & Paal Nilssen-Love
1 Alberto Iglesias Constant Gardener
1 Punctual Trio Grammar
1 Sao Paulo Underground Sauna: Um, Dois, Tres
1 Holbrooke, Joseph Trio Moat Recordings, The
1 Broken Penis Orchestra, The Radio Friendly Correction For Radio Friends
1 El Din, Hamza Al Oud
1 No Neck Blues Band Ever Borneo
1 Menche, Daniel Scattered Remains: Early Rarities
1 Tarantism Stuck to The Bottom
1 Amps For Christ Every Eleven Seconds
1 Frustration Frustration
1 Typical Cats Civil Service
1 Buzzcocks Flat-pack Philosophy
1 Magical Power Mako Corridor of Labyrinth
1 Bitrate Subaltern Afidavit
1 Sybarite Dolorous Echo
1 Faulhaber, RK / Xambuca Wiping With Pride
1 Blau, Karl Beneath Waves
1 Plastic Cloud, the S/T
1 Theoretical Girls 1978-1981
1 Faith, Percy Greatest Hits
1 Anton Maiden Anton Maiden
1 Red Decade Cleveland Confidential
1 Red Transistor No Title
1 Tinguely, Jean Jean Tinguely
1 Hanatarash Hanatarash 3
1 Bilders Max Quitz
1 Bad Livers, the No Title
1 Ascension White Trash Muthers
1 Skullflower Ruins
1 Puddle, the Into the Moon
1 Leaving Trains, the Loser Illusion Pt. O

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