KFJC tops for week ending 08/12/1998

12 Stock, Hausen & Walkman Ventilating Deer
11 Vvv Endless
11 Jerry Goldsmith (soundtrack) In Like Flint/Our Man Flint
11 Bailterspace Photon
10 Ex-Girl Heppoco Pou
9 Ohta San Ohta San
9 Bailey, Derek/Xiao-Fen, Min Viper (Bai Ha She)
9 Skalp Registratur/Ambivalenz
8 Coil Summer Solstice
8 Lurie, John Fishing with John
8 50 Million Broad Side of a Barn
8 Creed, Helios Activated Condition
7 Jones, Sharon You Better Think Twice/
7 Humphrey,Bobbi Blue Breakbeats
7 Fifty Foot Hose Sing Like Scaffold
7 Fielding, Jamie Extinkt
7 Koray, Erkin Elektronik Turkuler
7 Body Lovers, the Number One of Three
7 Azusa Plane, the America Is Dreaming of Uni...
7 Mourning Reign, the S/T
7 Psychic Tv Themes 2: a Prayer for Derek
6 Coil Solstice
6 William Carlos Williams Collection Plate
6 Job Party at Ilan's
6 Pole ______________________________
6 Brinkmann, Thomas Six Frauleins
6 Pollard, Robert Waved Out
6 Monorchid, the Who Put Out the Fire?
6 Kreamy 'lectric Santa 4
6 Various [coll]: Jump, Jive & Harmonize
6 Wicker Man, the (soundtrack) Wicker Man, the
5 Burger, Andreas Transducer, the
5 Makers, the Psychopathia Sexualis
5 Murder City Devil, the Dancing Shoes
5 Wells, Junior Blues Hit Bit Town
5 Cloud People Sweet Young Beeper
5 Replikants This Is Our Message
5 Gayle, Charles Quartet Daily Bread
5 Formanek, Michael Am I Bothering You?
5 Lesiman (soundtrack) Future Sound of Lesiman, the
5 Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
5 Jazz Finger Little Girl on the Plane, the
5 Masterminds "The Ante"
5 Haynes, Phil Live Insurgency
5 Sugarman Three Sugars Boogaloo
5 Hood Rustic Houses&Forlorn Valleys
5 Evora, Cesaria Miss Perfumado
5 Phoenix Orion Zimulated Experiencez
5 Pelt For Michael Hannas
5 Fowley, Kim Michigan Babylon
5 Omit Quad
4 Parton, Dolly Hungry Again
4 Krontjong Devils, the On Tour
4 P.F. Commando Manipulerade Mongon
4 Basinski, William Shortwavemusic
4 Slaves Slaves
4 Colon on the Cob Colon on the Cob
4 Condeucent Earth Broadcast
4 Holy Modal Rounders Indian War Whoop
4 Sons of Negus, the Freedom Sounds, the
4 Esplendor Geometrico Syncrotron
4 Adamson, Barry As Above, So Below
4 Titans, the Wild Guy
4 Paddington Breaks Smart but Casual
4 Rotten Piece Self Titled
4 Cage, John Variations I V
4 Lewis, Johnny Quartet Shuckin' N' Jivin'
4 Dying Ground Dying Ground
4 Ribot, Marc Y Los Cubanos Postizos
4 Detroit Cobras, the Mink Rat or Rabbit
4 Various [coll]: 'lectric Lardass
4 Yoshide, Otomo Sound Factory (1997)
4 Big Sandy Dedicated to You
4 Andy, Horace Mr. Basie
4 Nomeansno Dance of the Headless Bourgeoi
4 Various [coll]: Page, Betty
4 Cordelia's Dad Spine
4 Brighter Death Now Pain in Progress
4 Electric Frankenstein Sick Songs
4 Various [coll]: Moka Only / Sixtoo
4 Various [coll]: Frog Peak Collaboratio
4 Faust Faust Wakes Nosferatu
4 Vincent, Jade Experiment S/T
4 Bobby Teens Bobby Teens
4 Don Caballero What Burns Never Returns
4 Stillpoint Maps Without Edges
4 Mandroid Electro Freaks Rehab Clinic
4 Kyaw Naing, Yaw Pat Waing - Drum Circle of Bur
4 Ryme Tyme ______________________________
4 Piano Magic ______________________________
4 Bishop, Alan (Alvarius B) Alvarius B.
4 Species Being Yonilicious
3 Electroscope ______________________________
3 Oblivian, Greg & the Tip-Tops S/T
3 Dawkins, Jimmy Fast Fingers
3 Young, Mighty Joe Blues with a Touch of Soul
3 Aube Deglaze
3 Whitman, Keith Attention: Cats
3 Alternative T V Image Has Cracked, the
3 Various [coll]: Put Out C-Out
3 Sprinkle Genies Bored Local and Drunk
3 Aaly Trio & Ken Vandermark Hidden in the Stomach
3 Myer Pressure Drop
3 Johansson, Olov Storsvarten
3 Various [coll]: GRIEF/16
3 Throbbing Gristle Kreeme Horn
3 Rhodes, Kimmie Jackalopes, Moons & Angels
3 Trevino, Justin Texas Honkytonk
3 Reatards, the Teenage Hate
3 Williams, Andre Silky
3 Various [coll]: Untouchables/Upsetters
3 Hemphill, Julius/Smith, Warren Chile New York
3 This Kind of Punishment S/T
3 Vote Robot Vote Robot
3 Sacred Hoop Retired
3 Men's Recovery Project Golden Triumph of Naked..., th
3 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Holocost 2000/SESSO in Confes.
3 La Morte Accarezz (soundtrack) La Morte Accarezza
3 Aloe and Exile P.S.I.
3 Various [coll]: Ain Soph/Sigullum S
3 Illusion of Safety Kapotte Muziek By...
3 Subsonics Follow Me Down
3 Ullmann, Gebhard Ta Lam
3 Dubadelic Bass Invaders
3 Edwards, Don My Hero Gene Autry
3 Telepherique/Ultramilkmaids ______________________________
3 Styrenes We Care So You Don't Have to
3 Sun Ra Nothing Is
3 Franco, Jess Manacoa Experience, the
3 Zoviet France Digilogue
3 Various [coll]: Red Blood Cells
3 Riley, Steve & the Mamou Playb Bayou Ruler
3 Various [coll]: Selector Dub Narcotic
3 Hawking, Stephen W. A Brief History of Time
3 Various [coll]: Mogwai
3 Taxi Driver (Soun (soundtrack) Taxi Driver
3 San Agustin ______________________________
3 Carter, James In Carterian Fashion
3 Current 93 A Gothic Love Song
3 Various [coll]: Vision Volume One
3 Varis, Tapani Jews Harp
2 Wier Laptop
2 Dynamo Aufenthalt
2 V/Vm :&: Cv[Ev] Chart Runners
2 Jennings, Waylon Folk-Country
2 Winners of the World's Worst.. Winners of the Worlds' Worst..
2 Shaver Victory
2 Rudimentary Peni Echoes of Anguish
2 Miss High Heel Split Wax Cylinder"Beast 661"
2 Penis Flytrap Tales of Terror
2 Maeror Tri (...) Hypnotikum I
2 Kamikaze Welt Two Berlins Ep, the
2 Musica Transonic Incubation
2 Pioneers,The Greatest Hits
2 Zece Prajini's Brass Band Prajini's Peasant Brass Band
2 Various [coll]: Crimson Curse/Festival
2 Tsahar, Assif Ein Sof
2 Opeye Moss 'comes Silk
2 Our Glassie Azoth Euterpe Sequence
2 Fischoff, Dave Winston Park
2 Food Brain Social Gathering
2 All Scars Where Are the Humans
2 K.M.D. Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares
2 Skynet Nova Solis
2 Hillbilly Hellcats Our Brand
2 Jumpin' Jimes They Rock They Roll They Swing
2 Virginia Squires Best of the Virginia Squires
2 C.C.C.C. Rocket Shrine
2 Frontier 4
2 Slayer Diabolus in Musica
2 Weird Lovemakers, the Flu Shot
2 High Speed & the Afflicted Man Get Stoned Ezy
2 60HZ ______________________________
2 Jennings, Waylon Closing in on the Fire
2 Various [coll]: Mo'plen 2000
2 Last Tango in Par (soundtrack) Last Tango in Paris
2 Various [coll]: Stanley, Ralph & Fds 2
2 Various [coll]: Cash & Nelson
2 Various [coll]: Song of the Crooked...
2 Delafose, Geno & French Rockin La Chanson Perdue
2 Jones and Leva Journey Home
2 Hot Rod Lincoln Blue Cafe
2 Highway 13 Been Up to the Devils Business
2 Boxer (Soundtrack (soundtrack) Boxer, the
2 Dj Charlie Chase Presents Harlem World Cold Crush Bros.
2 Snow, Mark (soundtrack) X-Files Fight the Future, the
2 Frank Sinatra Only the Lonelyu
1 Various [coll]: Sons and Daughters, th
1 Fields of Shit Self Titled
1 Deep Reduction ______________________________
1 Bright, Jeff and the Sunshine She's a Nail in My Heart
1 Blowtops, the ______________________________
1 Black Dice ______________________________
1 Sadistik Exekution K.A.O.S.
1 Various [coll]: Feel Lucky Skunk
1 Various [coll]: Wandering Eyes
1 To Live and Shave in L.A. Tonal Harmony W/Silver Apples
1 Ike & the Capers Four Alley Cats
1 Horton Brothers, the Roll Back the Rug, It's....
1 In/ Humanity History Behind the Mystery
1 Country Gentlemen Early Rebel Recordings, the
1 Carmin, Jenks "Tex" Chippeha!
1 Blackhouse Pro-Life
1 Strangulated Beatoffs S/T
1 Exhumed/No Comply Instruments of Hell...
1 Various [coll]: Killout Trash/Dj Scud
1 68 Comeback A Bridge Too Fuckin' Far
1 Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver Gospel Radio Gems
1 Koner, Thomas Kaamos
1 Valium Aggelein Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond
1 Evolution Control Committee Rocked By Rape
1 Turner, Othar Everybody Hollerin' Goat
1 Various [coll]: Brandsdal, Kjetil D
1 Witchman Heavy Traffic
1 Plastikman Consumed
1 Nighthawk, Robert Bluebird Recordings 37,38, the
1 Kids, the Kids, the
1 Conte, Paolo Best of Conte Paolo, the
1 Null Ecstacy of Zero-G Sex
1 Henry, Joseph Who's the King
1 Morris, Joe, Vandermark, Ken Like Rays
1 Jetzmann/Liquidski Go Home, Dotty Harmony
1 Donahue, Jerry Telecasting Recast
1 New Albanian Riots Cream of the Stars, the
1 Lesser Elements of Pessimism
1 Dynamix Dynamix
1 Nile Amongs Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
1 Dirtbombs, the Tina Louise
1 Captain Howdy, the Money Feeds My Music Machine
1 Various [coll]: From Beyond, Vol. 4
1 K - Salvatore Four Impossible Puns
1 Rachell, Yank Mandolin Blues
1 Ativin German Water

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