KFJC tops for week ending 08/16/2000

11 Sonic Youth Nyc Ghosts & Flowers
10 Various [coll]: Live From the Afterwor
10 Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom S/T
10 Angel' in Heavy Syrup Live at Kfjc 5/26/95
10 Live Human Elefish Jellyphant
8 Whatnauts, the Reaching for the Stars
8 Mice Parade Collaborations
7 Reijseger, Ernst/Purves,Alan Cellotape & Scotchtape
7 Ladytron Commodore Rock
7 Kirby Grips, the Cherry Stem Concertos, the
7 Senor Coconut El Baile Aleman
7 Sub Oslo Dubs in the Key of Life
6 Tenor, Jimi Out of Nowhere
6 Mazarin Chasing the Girl
6 John Doe Thing, the Freedom Is...
6 Dj Cam Loa Project Vol. 2
6 Sparrow Orange Beauty of Strangeness, the
6 Ely, Joe Live at Antone's
6 Minmae Lucy in the Sky with Dna Helix
6 Datach'i We Are Always Well Thank You
6 Foreign Terrain Lp 1
5 Bonefish Sam & His Power Orch Fake Fun
5 Anderson, Fred - Quartet Volume Two
5 Toe Variant
5 Deathreat Self Titled
5 L'altra Music of a Sinking Occasion
5 Kojak Crash Motherfucker
5 Mcrae, Carmen & Betty Carter Carmen Mcrae-Betty Carter Duet
5 Kid 606 Soccergirl Ep, the
5 Sternklang Neolounge Ep
5 Donna the Buffalo Positive Friction
5 Yume Bitsu Giant Surface Music Falling...
5 Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemo
5 Chocolate Watchband, the Live Kfjc 4-15-2000
5 Sound Screaming Zenith
5 Einsturzende Neubauten Silence Is Sexy
4 Cattle Decapitation Homovore
4 Noonday Underground Self-Assembly
4 Various [coll]: More Music, Less Parki
4 Williams, John Jaws : Original Soundtrack
4 Quasimoto Unseen, the
4 Bass Communion V Muslimgauze Self Titled
4 Earthlings? Human Beans
4 Gladiators Back to Roots
4 Trans Am You Can Always Get What You Wt
4 Jet Black Crayon Low Frequency Speaker Test
4 Moore, Rudy Ray Hully Gully Fever
4 Simmons, Sonny Manhattan Egos
4 Spleen Little Scratches
4 Kaminumada Yohji Katana
4 Girlboy Girl Fresco
4 African Disciples Place Called Earth
4 Chantigs Mission Faucet, the
4 Feelings, the Jammers
4 Earle, Steve Transcendental Blues
4 Cowboy Nation Journey Out of Time, a
4 Astrid Oto Songs of Wrath and Optimism
4 Gossip, the S/T
4 Pseudo Buddha Motive
4 Altered States Plays Standards
4 Clinic Internal Wrangler
4 Continuous Mode S/T
3 Miss Murgatroid & Petra Haden Live Kfjc July 7, 1999
3 Lustmord Purifying Fire
3 Spring Heel Jack Oddities
3 Cex Get Your Badass on
3 Free Radicals Our Lady of Eternal Sunny...
3 Bantam Rooster Big Mess
3 Rhonedakk, Psychatrone Soundtracks By Psychatrone...
3 Volapuk Polyglot
3 Dark Funeral Teach Children to Worship...
3 Cim Service Pack
3 Dymaxion Objects May Be Closer
3 Parker, William & Little Huey Mayor of Punkville
3 Alphonso, Roland Something Special:Ska Hot Shot
3 Brown, Dennis No Man Is An Island
3 Various [coll]: Locust - Well I'll Be
3 Saint Low Saint Low
3 False Prophets Blind Roaches & Fat Vultures:
3 Weston, Matt Vacuums
3 Rotters, the Pull It and Yell
3 Inti-Illimani Best of Inti-Illimani, the
3 Salome' A. M.
3 Fink Fresh Produce
3 Krill Krill
3 Walker, T-Bone Very Best of T-Bone Walker
3 Yoakam, Dwight Dwightyoakamacoustic.Net
3 Kid Koala Scratchappyland
3 Acid Mothers Temple &Melting.. Ivan Piskov's Wild Gals a Gogo
3 Cookin' with Kurt S/T
3 Intveld, James Somewhere Down the Road
3 Greif, Randy Alice in Wonderland Part 3
3 Various [coll]: Dum Dum Tv/Wire Hippo
3 Discover Indonesia Discover Indonesia -From 20CDS
3 Smooth Quality Excrement Bird and Truck Collision
2 Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Night Tide
2 Alvin, Dave Public Domain
2 Mercyful Fate Shadow Nights
2 Allison, Reid Sucka Free
2 Various [coll]: Best of Broadside
2 Scat Rag Boosters Slickat
2 Dickey, Whit Quartet Big Top
2 Tone Language Patience Is the Key
2 Gimmik Random Access
2 Dee Surreal Bast Within, the
2 Morning 40 Federation You My Brother
2 Ardoin, Chris & Double Clutch' Best Kept Secret
2 Witches & Devils At the Empty Bottle
2 Hooker, William/ Marclay/ Ran. Bouquet
2 King Tubbys Meets Larry Marsha I Admire You in Dub
2 Cora, Tom It's a Brand New Day
2 Various [coll]: Third Organ/Diesel Gui
2 Ohr Music Friction Burns
2 Louis Logic Loud Mouth
2 Mayhem Grand Declaration of War
2 Lytton, Paul & Ken Vandermark English Suites
2 Eddie Haskells, the Bad Reputation
2 Spike and Princess Indie Rock Queen
2 Cortez, Diego Stuzzicadenti
2 Horrors, the S/T
2 Akchote, Noel Alike Joseph
2 Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali & Party Dust to Gold
2 Mental Insect Two-Headed Fly
2 Toywar Lullabies for Toywar.Com
2 Saint Andre S/T
2 Bloggs Music for Multiples
2 Disc Transfer
2 Nextmen, the Buck Foolish
2 Guerrero, Tommy A Little Bit of Somethin'
2 Bailey, Deford Legendary Deford Bailey, the
2 Various [coll]: Mask of the People
2 Dreamies Auralgraphic Entertainment
2 Suggs, Matt Golden Days Before They End
2 True Love Always Torch
2 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sys Dub Voyage
2 Accelera Deck Conviction & Crack
2 Anderson, Bruce (And Friends!) Brutality I I : Balkana
2 Climax Golden Twins Live VOL.4
1 Low / Spring Heel Jack Bombscare
1 Sumnar, Trent & the New Row. Trent Sumnar & the New Row Mob
1 Leroi Brothers Kings of the Catnap
1 La Beef, Sleepy Tomorrow Never Comes
1 Devil in a Woodpile Division Street
1 Penny, Hank Crazy Rhythm
1 Thompson, Hank Seven Decades
1 Mc Wilson, Christy Lucky One, the
1 Magnolia Sisters Chers Amis
1 Sparks, Scottie Scottie Sparks
1 Le Spunk Spunkium
1 Staff Party Staff Party
1 P C P Roadblock S/T
1 Mirra, Helen Field Geometry
1 Cusack, Peter/Collins, Nicolas A Host, of Golden Daffodils
1 Sun City Girls Dreamy Draw, the
1 Bumpy Knuckles Industry Shakedown
1 Steward Last Wasps of Summer, the
1 Various [coll]: Raum/Gilbert
1 Fotraque S/T
1 Hayward, Charles Hayward, Charles
1 Rune Self Titled
1 Sikhara Without Limbs
1 [coll]: Servitude/Ebola Servitude/Ebola
1 Bird of Ill Omen Self, Dare You Still Breathe?
1 Jones and Leva Vertie's Dream
1 Lofty Pillars, the When We Were Lost
1 Feldman, Lee Man in a Jupiter Hat, the
1 Artimus Pyle S/T
1 Opprobrium Discerning Forces
1 Various [coll]: Knit Classics Sampler
1 Krzisnik, Borut Stories From Magatrea
1 Eskelin, Ellery Ramifications
1 764-HERO Weekends of Sound
1 Bundy, Alex Selections June 2000
1 Pierce, Billie & Dede Gulf Coast Blues
1 Mikey Wild & the Magic Lantern I Was Punk B4 U Were Punk
1 Beneath the Plane (soundtrack) Beneath the Planet of the Apes
1 Erule Real Me, the
1 Ten in the Swear Jar Inside of the Computer Are All
1 Envy/This Machine Kills ______________________________
1 Lonesome River Band Talkin' to Myself
1 Infesticons,The Gun Hill Road
1 Deckwrecka, the Deckwrecka 4
1 Concretes, the Boyoubetterunow
1 Marcus, Hannah Black Hole Heaven
1 Sludge ______________________________
1 Eed Morphic Resonance
1 Smith, Jean S/T
1 Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver Just Over in Heaven
1 Thee Nullify Family Around the World in 30 Days
1 Radulescu, Horatio Clepsydra-Astray
1 Speed, Chris-Trio Iffy
1 Dead Boys Lost Gems
1 Williams, Andre Black Godfather
1 Court and Spark, the Ventura
1 Various [coll]: State of the Heirloom
1 Her Space Holiday Home Is Where You Hang Yourslf
1 Chomsky, Noam Case Studies in Hypocrisy
1 Tobin, Amon Supermodified
1 Murder City Devils, the In Name and Blood
1 Thuja Deer Lay Down Their Bones, the
1 Garcia, Jerry, David Grisman.. Pizza Tapes, the
1 Knife in the Water Red River
1 Clash, the London's Burning
1 Chicago Underground Duo Synesthesia
1 Blackalicious Nia
1 Rockin' Lloyd Tripp & the Zipg Ride that Rocket
1 Various [coll]: Be a Caveman
1 Kenton, Stan New Concepts of Artistry
1 Greif, Randy Alice in Wonderland Part 4
1 Fetish Object
1 Deutsch, Mark Bazantar/Sitar
1 Sanctum Answer to His Riddle (Ep), the
1 Toto La Momposina Carmelina
1 Lustmord Monstrous Soul, the
1 Final Urge/Fail

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