KFJC tops for week ending 08/24/2005

9 Lozenge Undone
7 Oil Tasters Oil Tasters
7 Various [coll]: Messthetics #2
7 Lau Nau Kuutarha
7 KID606 Resilience
7 Isobella Surrogate Emotions of The...
7 Kraftwerk Minimum-Maximum
6 Psychatrone Rhonedakk Disturbs the Air
6 Borful Tang Root
6 Death Sentence: Panda! Puppy, Kitty, or Both
6 Airport Girl Salinger Wrote
6 Bittova, Iva Elida
6 Piano Magic Diseffected
6 Brain Donor Brain Donor
6 Hacke, Alexander Sanctuary
6 Cantrell, Laura Humming By the Flowered Vine
6 400 Blows Angels Trumpets and Devils...
5 Afx Analogue Bubblebath 4
5 Marley, Damian "Jr Gong" Halfway Tree
5 Various [coll]: Dimension Mix
5 Fursaxa Lepidoptera
5 Baby Dee Love's Small Song
5 Maclise Angus Cloud Doctrine, the
5 Peppermints, the Jesus Chryst
5 Elias, Hanin Future Noir
5 Mirah with Black Cat Orchestra To All We Stretch the Open Arm
5 Los Mocosos American Us
5 Cool Calm Pete Lost
5 Boom Bap Project Reprogram
5 Coaxial Phantom Syndrome, the
5 Partyline Girls with Glasses
5 Various [coll]: Cold Heat: Heavy Funk
5 Lucky Stars Stay Out Late
5 Tullycraft Disenchanted Hearts Unite
5 Classical M Complete Recordings, the
5 Angie Reed Presents the Best of Barbara..
5 Johnson, Johnnie Johnnie Be Eighty & Still Bad
4 Various [coll]: Knormalities Vol 3
4 Romanos, George Two Little Blue Horses
4 Gravy Train Are You Wiggling?
4 Chronomad Sokut
4 Gustafsson,Mats/Sonic Youth Hidros 3
4 Oliveros, Pauline Tara's Room
4 Triangle Decimal Places
4 [Coll]: Total Freak Out Total Freak Out
4 Bey, Faruk Z W/ Northwoods Imp Auzur
4 Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Come on Over
4 Outre Mer (soundtrack) Outre Mer
4 Combat Wounded Veteran This Is not An Erect All=Red,,
4 Guthrie Kennard Ranch Road 12
4 A-Sides, the Hello, Hello
4 Zion I True and Livin'
4 Vocokesh, the Through the Smoke
4 My Cat Is An Alien When the Windmill's Whirl Dies
4 Blacworld Subduing Demons in Ykshire PT2
4 Conure 49 Minutes,Unit Release
4 Various [coll]: Soul Gospel
4 Amber Asylum Garden of Love
4 Jarboe Mystery of Faith
4 3PUEN She-A-Robot
4 Blendcrafters Melody
4 Jauniaux, Catherine Fluvial
4 Various [coll]: Tribute to B.J. Shaver
4 Various [coll]: Tibetan Buddhist Rites
4 Monster Movie Transistor
4 Devine, Richard Cautella
4 Campbell, Martin New York Dub
4 Track Star Lion Destroyed the Whole World
4 Sean Singers Ruin Perfectly Good...
3 Presence, the Common Man's Anthems
3 Vex'd Degenerate
3 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Indon-S
3 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc B
3 Hill, Kim Right Now
3 Khan & Gill-Mann ______________________________
3 Waldteufel Heimliches Deutschland
3 Ddm Snow on the Tv
3 Fall of the Bastards Dusk of An Ancient Age
3 Glandien,Lutz Lost in Rooms
3 Tri Cornered Tent Show Foolkiller, the
3 Death in Vegas Satan's Circus
3 Apsci See That? Featuring Mr Lif
3 Johannsson, Johann Englaborn
3 Unsane Blood Run
3 Kondo, Toshinori Fukyo
3 Z'ev Face the Wound
3 Insieme Musica Diversa S/T
3 King Cobra, the Mini Cd (W/ Temporary Tattoo)
3 Dead Texan, the Dead Texan, the
3 Business Lady Skull Bashing
3 Various [coll]: Feel My China Vol. 1
3 Various [coll]: Afro Baby
3 Vmw Vmw
3 Kash Open
3 Giant Panda Fly School Reunion
3 Subtitle Young Dangerous Heart
3 Klimek Milk @ Honey
3 Metalux Victim of Space
3 Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Vo L'un Marquer Contre La Moisson
3 Various [coll]: Mzansi Music
3 Oxley, Tony/B.I.M.P. Quartet Floating Phantoms
3 Sidesaddle & Co. Queen for a Day
3 Stands, the All Years Leaving
3 Oneida Wedding, the
3 Growing Dry Drunk on a Woman
3 Connect_Icut Moss
3 Emanon Waiting Room, the
3 Various [coll]: Funkmode
3 Stevens, Sufjan Illinois
3 Electronicat Voodoo Man
3 Kaiser, Jeff Ockodektet/Sextet Alchemical Mass/Suite Solutio
3 Besombes, Philippe Libra
3 My Sexual Dad Shark
3 Mummers Skeleton Species (Ey Pe)
3 Quad S/T
3 Dungen S/T
3 Planet The, the You Absorb My Vision
3 Black Cat Orchestra Long Shadows at Noon
3 Madagascar Forced March
3 Various [coll]: Classic Bluegrass
3 Lavette, Bettye Some of Her Best Songs 62-03
3 Hototogisu S/T
3 Cubik and Origami Cubik and Origami (Promo)
3 Various [coll]: Yo Yo a Go Go 1999
3 Various [coll]: Next Impressions
3 Plungers, the Surf Americana
3 Serfs, the Cruisin' the Creek
3 Various [coll]: Future World Funk 3
3 Up, Bustle and Out One Colour Reflects Another
3 Dj Food Refried Food Pts 3 & 4
3 Doctor Rockit Ready to Rockit
2 Number None Urmerica
2 Die Blutleuchte Rus
2 Justice Yeldman & the Dynamic Live
2 Sexteto Electronico Moderno Sounds From the Elegant World
2 Los Hermanos Resurrection
2 Apothecary Hymns Trowel and Era
2 Die Welttraumforscher 21 Weltraum - Standards
2 Happy Couple, the Four Seasons Ep, the
2 Submission Hold What Holds the Elephant Back
2 Winter of Apokalypse Solitary Winter Night
2 Various [coll]: Quad Muth/Keffer/Tusco
2 Chicharones, the When Pigs Fly
2 Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra ______________________________
2 Chrystal Belle Scrodd Inevitable Chrystal Belle Sc..
2 Mummification Runes of Blood
2 Smegma W/ Steve Mackay Thirty Years of Service...
2 My Little Red Toe Pure Music
2 Flinn-Eisenbeil-Wren Keep the Meter Running
2 Ullmann/Dahlgren/Herbert BASSX3
2 Punks, the Thank You for the Alternative
2 Fontaine, Brigitte & Areski L'incendie
2 Velocette Sonorities By Starlight
2 Grubbs, David/Akchote' Noel Coxcomb/Aux Noctambules, the
2 Gonzalez, Dennis New Dallasang Desert Wind, the
2 Various [coll]: Six Foot Slotherball
2 Various [coll]: Octave One
2 7TH Plain 4 Cornered Room, the
2 Ortmann,Andy Nightmania
2 Threnos St
2 Acid Mothers Temple&Melting... Born to Be Wild in the USA2000
2 George & Caplin Electronic Eulogy
2 Six Eye Columbia Judy at Carnegie Hall
2 Various [coll]: Mile
2 Ishikawa, Chu Ductile
2 Bonobo Live Sessions
2 Prurient Baron's Chamber, the
2 Rauhaun Orkesteri Sylissain Oot
2 Susanna & the Magical Orchstra List of Lights & Buoys
2 Tussle Here It Comes!
2 Bash Bros. Everyday
2 Hukkelberg, Hanne Little Things
2 Autonervous Fetalities
2 Yuppie Pricks, the Brokers Banquet
2 Shadow Ring, the I'm Some Songs
2 Various [coll]: War of the Planets
2 Mountains S/T
2 Various [coll]: Brewed in Texas Vol. 2
2 Fonn Field 831
2 Stabler, Gerhard Vocal Works
2 Fjellestad,Kowald, Reason,Robi Dual Resonance
2 Brazda Brothers, the Brazda Brothers, the
2 Tarentel Home Ruckus
2 T.E.F./Bastard Noise Astronomical Sound Images
2 Stockhausen, Karlheinz Tierkreis/Zodiac
2 Hop Frog Drum Jester Devotional
2 Birds, the Let's Do the Velvets
2 Ah Cama-Sotz La Procesion De La Sangre
2 Nile Annihilation of the Wicked
2 Various [coll]: Electric Gypsyland
2 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Bottlen
2 Busdriver Fear of a Black Tangent
2 Horsflesh Insectual
2 Underground Resistance Death Star
2 Tarantism Tyrantisism
2 Sin Origin In the Presence of a Dreadmagn
2 Various [coll]: Ghana Soundz Vol. 2
2 Mcgregor, Chris Brotherhood of Breath
2 Dutch Breaks Nou Break M'n Klomp
2 Various [coll]: Smm Vol. 1
2 Tp Ochestre Poly-Rhythmo Kings of Benin: Urban Groove
2 Negativland No Business
2 Tietchens, Asmus/Myers, David Flussdichte
2 Stitches, the You Better Shut Up and Listen
2 Howling Hex All Night Fox
2 Morrison, Bill Baloon Man, the
2 Mugstar Flavin Hot Rod
2 Fat Day Unf! Unf!
2 Monade A Few Steps More
2 Kiani, Majid Iran, Volume 2
2 Buck/Dorner/Tony, Axel Durch and Durch
2 Totem Totem
2 Barbeau, Anton & Bevis Frond King of Missouri
2 Heikki 2
2 Hi-Tech Roots Dynamic Berlin Dub
2 Run Return Animals Are Beautiful People
2 Young, Adrienne & Little Sadie Art of Virtue
2 Love Tractor Black Hole
2 Anderegg, Brendon Falling Air
2 Underground Resistance Turning Point, the
2 Dallas Wayne I'm Your Biggest Fan
2 Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Vintage Slide Collections...
2 Nadler, Marissa Saga of Mayflower May, the
2 Eastern Parallel Ep
2 Django Twango Turn On, Tune In, Rock Out
2 Staton, Candi Candi Staton
2 Senor Coconut El Baile Aleman
2 Various [coll]: From Beyond - Volume 1
2 Cujo ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Unreleased-Choose Your
2 Various [coll]: Explorations Into D...
2 Various [coll]: Big Noise, a Mambo Inn
2 Trance Mission Meanwhile
1 Brave Combo No, No, No, Cha, Cha, Cha
1 Zap Mama Adventures in Afropea
1 The Sadies J'ai Esaye De Ne Pas
1 The New Pornographers Twin Cinema
1 Terminal 11 Illegal Nervous Habits
1 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc D
1 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc C
1 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc a
1 Shorter, Alan Tes Esat
1 Slicing Grandpa Electric Shitstorm
1 Various [coll]: Close, The/Rosebuds
1 Narita, Munehiro S/T
1 Brigman, George Jungle Rot
1 Mesinai, Raz Cyborg Acoustics
1 Baczkowski/Corsano/Flaherty Dim Bulb, the
1 Last Exit Koln
1 Sirone Live
1 Xbxrx Sixth in Sixes
1 Glatter, Curtis/Hubbard,Nathan Rivulet
1 Uzrujan ...Thirteen Days Forth And...
1 Lee Miller Futility of Language, the
1 Each Other S/T
1 Scorch Trio Luggumt
1 Thuja Pine Cone Temples
1 Quinoline Yellow Dol-Goy Assist
1 Koushik Be with
1 Various [coll]: Madvillain Remixes
1 Kohn Koen
1 Nar, Hiroshi & Nishinihon Live Recorded at Mushroom 2001
1 Scarling Crispin Glover
1 Volvox Egg,Plutopup,And You
1 Dilloway,A. W/The Cherry Point Fencing (Split)
1 Hezekiah Soul Music
1 Moore Brothers, the Now Is the Time for Love
1 Knitters, the Modern Sounds of the Kn..., th
1 Broken Bones Time for Anger,Not Justice
1 Schmidt, Charlie Xanthe Terra
1 Mr. Dorgon God Is Greatest
1 Necrophagist Epitaph
1 Lumper/Splitter S/T
1 Psi Artificially Retarded Soul Car
1 Houle, Marc Restore
1 Ambarchi, Oren Grapes From the Estate
1 Global Communication Pentamerous Metamorphosis
1 Kylesa To Walk a Middle Course
1 Ry Cooder Chavez Ravine
1 Sun Ra and Arkestra Cosmo Sun Connection
1 Da Beatminerz Fully Loaded W/Statik
1 Various [coll]: Full Swing Edits
1 Mice Parade Bem-Vinda Vontade
1 Silk Saw Preparing Wars
1 Shitmat Lesser Spotted Burberry Ep, th
1 Link Bekka Pittsburg Warhola
1 Autistic Daughters Jealousy & Diamond
1 Thanksgiving "In the World", the
1 Vetiver Between
1 Desert Sessions 9 & 10 I See You Hearin Me/I Heart Di
1 Harper, Billy Capra Black
1 Ramjac Corporation Analogue City
1 Grimes, Henry Trio Live at the Kerava Jazz Fest
1 Mise En Abyme Jesquibel
1 Metzger, Paul Three Improvisations on Mod...
1 Chthonic Force Agathodaemon
1 Lucier, Alvin Iam Sitting in a Room
1 Shepp, Archie Things Have Got to Change
1 Mummers Wasp Tones for Earwigs
1 Hafler Trio Exactly As I Say.
1 Various [coll]: Never Enough Time...
1 Neptune Intimate Lightning
1 Made Out of Babies Trophy
1 Condor Do It Everywhere
1 Dat Politics Go Pets Go
1 Nakatani, Tatsuya Green Report 12
1 Johnson, Merline Yas Yas Girl, the
1 Satoko Fujii Orchestra Blueprint
1 Asano, Koji Takoyakikun
1 Of Montreal Gladiator Nightstick Collectio
1 Mr. Oizo Stunt
1 Preston, Billy Widest Organ in Town!
1 Braxton, Anthony Anthony Braxton
1 Rice, Boyd ...Recorded Dec. 75 Jan. 76
1 My Robot Friend Hot Action
1 Foetus Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel
1 Poe, Edgar Allen Pit & the Pendulum
1 Various [coll]: Creative Musicians: a
1 Gotan Project La Revancha Del Tango
1 Various [coll]: Darker than Blue
1 Various [coll]: It's All Becoming...Cl
1 Various [coll]: Bombay 2: (soundtrack)
1 Cinematic Orchestra, the Motion
1 Innerzone Orchestra Programmed
1 Holy Modal Rounders Last Round
1 Phonopsychograph Ancient Termites
1 Phillips, U. Utah/Ani Defranco Past Didn't Go Anywhere, the
1 Various [coll]: Jazz Dance Classics V1
1 Various [coll]: Brazilian Thoroughfare
1 Various [coll]: Source Lab
1 Coyle, James/Sharpe, Mal On the Loose
1 Koray, Erkin Electric Turk
1 Lounge Lizards Voice of Chunks
1 Various [coll]: Grand Slam

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