KFJC tops for week ending 09/10/2003

9 Phantom Limbs, the Displacement
8 Kaleidoscope Blues From Baghdad
8 Quintron Are You Ready for An Organ...
7 Friends of Dean Martinez On the Shore
7 Exploding Hearts, the Guitar Romantic
7 Coil Musick to Play in the Dark
7 Hancock, Wayne Swing Time
6 Acid Mothers Temple Univers Zen Ou Zero a Zero
6 Various [coll]: Soul Jazz Hustle! Regg
6 Supplicants, the Balance
6 Brokeback Looks at the Birds
6 South Austin Jug Band S/T
6 Coil Musick to Play in the Dark
6 Circle Sunrise
6 Muslimgauze Arabbox
6 Condor A Big One
6 Gillian Welch Soul Journey
5 Allan, Davie and the Arrows Restless in L.A.
5 Copland, Marc Trio Haunted Hearts & Other Ballads
5 Suicide Alive
5 Thornton, Clifford New Art Ens Freedom & Unity
5 Texas Thieves Forced Vacation
5 Barnes, Danny Dirt on the Angel
5 Kris Kristofferson Broken Freedom Song
5 Electric Turn to Me ______________________________
5 Boyracer To Get a Better Hold You've...
5 Waybacks, the Way Live
5 Black Box Recorder Passionoia
5 Pram Dark Island
5 Cyrille, Andrew What About?
5 Reverbaphon Medium Through Which Sound, th
5 Pinback Offcell
5 Lonesome Bob Things Change
5 Frith, Fred Guitar Solos
5 Jennings, Waylon Waylon Live
5 Sanders, Pharoah Live...
5 Monos Sunny Day in Saganomiya
5 Priests, the Streetwalker
5 Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Absinthe: La Folie Vert
5 Various [coll]: Ikebana:Merzbow's ...
5 Rapoon I Am a Foreigner
5 Jaga Jazist Animal Chin Ep
5 Blue Series Continuum Good and Evil Sessions
4 Kerouac, Jack North Point Library, Vol. 1
4 9TH Creation, the Bubble Gum
4 Spender, Stephen Poems of Stephen Spender, the
4 Scarlet's Well Alice in the Underworld
4 Styrofoam I'm What's there to Show that
4 Crank Sturgeon S/T
4 Kill Me Tomorrow Skin's Getting Weird
4 Cherrywine What I'm Talking
4 Cash, June Carter Wildwood Flower
4 Neil & Iraiza This Is not a Love Song
4 Odd Nosdam No More Wig for Ohio
4 Abilene Two Guns, Twin Arrows
4 Infrareds Recorded on Microfilm
4 Merzbow / Pan Sonic V
4 Kaito Band Red
4 Callicott, Joe Ain't a Gonna Lie to You
4 Sixteens Pre-Casio
4 Gnawa World of Gnawa
4 Various [coll]: Wire Tapper 09, the
4 Various [coll]: Currents and Direction
4 Pulse Programming Tulsan for One Second
4 Dekle, Mike Sketches
4 Sun City Girls Wah
3 Lyrics Born Callin' Out
3 Brazelton/Naphtali What Is It Like to Be a Bat?
3 Diamondheads, the Surf Guitar Instrumentals
3 Xenakis,Iannis ST/48-1,240162...
3 Talley, James Woody Guthrie and Songs...
3 Lali Puna Scary World Theory
3 Nurse with Wound She & Me Fall Together In.....
3 Hafler Trio CLEAVE:9 Great Openings
3 Brotzmann, Peter Trio Usable Past
3 Voltaire Brothers I Sing the Booty
3 Cerberus Shoal Chaiming the Knoblessone
3 Hall, Kenny & Skiffle Symphony All Day Long / All Night Long
3 Aluminum Group, the If You've Got a Lover,
3 Surf Champlers Champloo a Go Go
3 Myers, Dave and the Surftones Moment of Truth
3 Prisoner Sdtk (soundtrack) Prisoner Files Vol 1
3 Various [coll]: Masked & (soundtrack)
3 Brotzmann/Perkins Ink Is Gone, the
3 You Only Live Twi (soundtrack) You Only Live Twice
3 Trophy Husbands Walk with Evil
3 Sutekh Hands on Feet Ep
3 Various [coll]: Messthetics #6
3 Various [coll]: Angola Prison Spiritua
3 Various [coll]: Visionfest Vision Live
3 Mccombs, Cass Not the Way
3 Olsson, Bjorn Upa
3 Maquiladora What the Day Was Dreaming
3 Astatke, Mulatu Mulatu of Ethiopia
3 Paul, Gregory Group Spirit and Decibels
3 Scanner Spray
3 Dj Shadow Diminishing Returns
3 Big City Orchestra Chimpy
3 Neatbeats, the Mercurial...
3 Testors, the Complete Recordings 1976-79
3 Swann Danger Swann Danger
3 Hodges Brothers, the Bogue Chitto Flingding
3 1929 Last but not Leased
3 Webb, Michelle Screams From the Ceiling
3 F/I A Question for the Somnambu...
3 Various [coll]: Ultimate Lessons 2
3 Various [coll]: Rubble 2: Pop-Sike Pip
3 Mt. Egypt Mt. Egypt 2
3 Mt. Egypt Mt. Egypt 1
3 Whitey on the Moon U K Noam Chomsky Spring Break E P
3 Nebulas, the Nebula 89.7
3 Saxon Shore Be a Bright Blue
3 Golden Breed Glass Eye World
3 Radigue, Eliane Geelriande - Arthesis
3 Slusher, Kelly Rocks and Tears
3 Sabu and His Persussion Enseme Sorcery!
3 Various [coll]: As Far As.. a Dj Mix
3 Autechre Draft 7.30
3 El Buzzard ______________________________
3 Various [coll]: Neon Meate Dream Of...
2 Panthers Let's Get Serious
2 Duo-Tones Plugged in & Live
2 Beck/Hession/Thomas Three B's, the
2 Lancaster, Byard Its not Up to Us
2 Crisis We Are All Jews & Germans
2 Rucker, Paul History of An Apology
2 Eno, Brian 28 Days Later
2 Various [coll]: Carol Ann/Noothgrush (
2 Rockers, the Live at Kfjc
2 Mc Shan Best of Cold Chillin', the
2 Various [coll]: California Doo Wop Sou
2 Nite-Liters, the Nite-Liters, the
2 Rotters, the What We Do Is Stupid
2 Menace G.L.C.-The Menace Final Vinyl
2 Point Line Plane Point Line Plane
2 Monster Movie Last Night Something Happened
2 Lively Ones, the Hang Five!!!
2 Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian
2 Givens, Daniel Ideas of Space, the
2 Mouldycliff, Phil & Potter, C Shellfish in Kettleblack
2 Black Jetts, the S/T
2 Various [coll]: Messthetics #7
2 Donkey Big Sur
2 Lali Puna Left Handed
2 Ruins March-October 1997
2 Gibson Brothers Bona Fide
2 Clickits Clickits Ep
2 Nymphomatriarch Nymphomatriarch
2 Bolcom, William Piano Music By George Gershwin
2 Reynols Live in Ohio
2 Broadcast Pendulum
2 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Midnight Radio
2 Friends Forever Killball
2 Various [coll]: Cubalive
2 Jazz Liberatorz What's Real
2 Casual Me-O-Mi-O
2 Nudge Elaborate Devices for Filterin
2 Cobra Killer Heavy Rotation
2 Various [coll]: Creative Musicians: a
2 Shepp, Archie Live at the Panafrican Festiva
2 Clang Quartet Separation of Church &...., th
2 Various [coll]: Teutonik Disaster
2 Semi;Official Crime
2 Five Deez Stupid
2 Styles of Beyond Mr. Brown
2 Various [coll]: Rather See You Dead
2 People Like Us / Wobbly / Matm Wide Open Spaces
2 Fog Ether Teeth
2 Audrey Auld Losing Faith
2 Born/Dead Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us
2 Sunn O))) White 1
2 Sandman Long Ride Home, the
2 Brown, Kenny Stringray
2 Various [coll]: Neuton Fut. Classics 2
2 Various [coll]: Return of Fight Club
2 Saxon Shore Four Months of Darkness
2 Uter Vibrato
2 Witchcraft By a Picture ______________________________
2 Mutilators Hot Rod Whore
2 15 60 75 Jimmy Bell's Still in Town
2 Guidibrallan T-Doja
2 Numbers Ee-Uh!
1 Caroline Herring Wellspring
1 Bill & Audrey Looking Back to See
1 Graham Lindsey Famous Anonymous Wilderness
1 Sam Bush & David Grisman Hold On, We're Strummin'
1 Mccoury, Del Band (The) It's Just the Night
1 Bill Chambers Sleeping with the Blues
1 Process 23 :Premonitions
1 Various [coll]: Tight Bros / Inside
1 Christ on a Crutch Spread Your Filth / Shit Edge
1 Baybar Boys, Los Cielito Azul
1 Love Joys, the Lovers Rock
1 Pomerance, Erica You Used to Think
1 Johnson, Syl Is It Because I'm Black
1 Sentinals, the Sunset Beach
1 Bradshaw, Tiny Best of the King Years
1 Diaz-Infante, Ernesto S/T
1 Prisoner (soundtrack) Prisoner File #3
1 Sand Pebbles (soundtrack) Sand Pebbles
1 Royals Royals Pick Up the Pieces, the
1 Dead Meadow Shivering Kings and Others
1 Ontayso Score of An Imaginary Iceland
1 Various [coll]: Stabbed in the Face
1 Onry Ozzborn Grey Area, the
1 Cobra High Sunset in the Eye of The...
1 Clearwater, Eddy Rock 'n' Roll City
1 Wollscheid, Achim 60 X X
1 Viaticum ______________________________
1 Scardey Cat Youngs and Wickham-Smith
1 Tsurubami Kaina
1 Clientele,The Violet Hour, the
1 Continental Four-Letter Words
1 Treasure Dub Vol 2. Dub Series
1 Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java
1 Rico and His Band Get Up Your Foot
1 Jolly Brothers, the Concious Man
1 Cohen-Salal Flutes Libres & Capt Tarthopom
1 Oren Ambarchi Oren Ambarchi
1 Purposes Cross Forms of Things Unknown
1 C-Rayz Walz Essence, the
1 Deathreat Consider It War
1 Last Days of May Inner System Blues
1 Serengeti Dirty Flamingo
1 Rip Off Artist, the In Through the Out Door
1 Fushitsusha 1978
1 Starvations, the Get Well Soon
1 Burks, Michael I Smell Smoke
1 Ball, Marcia So Many Rivers
1 Sparks, Larry Coldest Part of Winter, the
1 Starvations, the Church of the Double Cross
1 Jet Black Crayon Mean Streets
1 Mofos Supercharged on Alcohol
1 Triple Threat Many Styles
1 Parmerud, Ake Jeu D'ombres
1 Burning Spear Freeman
1 Various [coll]: We Still Kill the Old
1 No Neck Blues Band Intonomancy
1 House, Tom Long Time Home From Here
1 Teledubgnosis Magnetic Learning Center
1 Various [coll]: A Gift From a Garden
1 Escovedo, Alejandro Gravity
1 Various [coll]: Ducks & Drakes of Guap

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