KFJC tops for week ending 09/13/2006

tortugas artist album_title
10 Plumerai Res Cogitans
10 Shogun Kunitoki Tasankokaiku
9 Comets On Fire Avatar
7 Black Happy Day In The Garden of Ghostflowers
7 Sonic Youth Rather Ripped
7 Radio Birdman Zeno Beach
7 Holland, Jolie Springtime Can Kill You
7 Biosphere Dropsonde
7 El Din, Hamza Al Oud
6 Made Out of Babies Coward
6 Friedberger,Matt Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School
6 My Cat Is An Alien From The Earth to The Spheres, Vol. 6
6 Plaid & Jaroc, Bob Greedy Baby
6 Urfaust II: Verraterischer, Nichtswurdiger Geist
6 Desormais Dead Letters to Lost Friends
6 Broadcast Future Crayon, The
6 Brokesch, Susanne Emerald Stars
6 Kiefer, Christian / Kraus, Sharron Black Dove, The
6 Anoice Remmings
6 Current 93 Black Ships Ate The Sky
5 Rube Waddell Greatest Hits
5 Milky Wimpshake Lovers Not Fighters
5 Johnson, Nathan With The Cinematic Underground Brick soundtrack
5 Humcrush Hornswoggle
5 John Tejada But Then Again
5 Deb Players House of Deb
5 Eastern Fox Squirrels Eastern Fox Squirrels
5 DJ Slip She's a Time Traveller
5 Erkin Koray Tutkusu
5 Sufjan Stevens Avalanche
5 Bassholes Broke Chamber Music
5 Behold...The Arctopus Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
5 Slayer Christ Illusion
5 Brightblack Morning Light Brightblack Morning Light
5 Snider, Todd Devil You Know, The
5 Nomeansno Ausfahrt
5 Various Artists End Times Festival 2006
5 Marsen Jules Les Fleurs
5 Nurse With Wound Rock 'n Roll Station
5 Cut Chemist Audience's Listening, The
5 Husbands, The Daniel
5 Khan Passport
5 Ambre Le Mensonge
5 Phonophani Phonophani
5 Autonervous Autonervous
5 Black Heart Procession, The Spell, The
4 Anvil Salute New Crusaders of The 11th Commandment
4 White, Alex, Miss and The Red Orchestra Miss Alex White and The Red Orchestra
4 Burch, Paul East to West
4 Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory Tree Colored See...
4 Takeovers, The Turn to Red
4 Guzman, Viviana Planet Flute
4 AGF Westernization Completed
4 Dagons, The Reverse
4 Bird By Snow Antlers and The Sun and All The Things That Grow O...
4 Quantic ...an Announcement to Answer
4 Machinist, The Machinist, The
4 Smith, Barton Reelizations One & Two : The Sound of Barton Smith
4 Ufomammut Snailking
4 Bunalim Bunalim
4 Baseball Furies Let It Be
4 Krs One Life
4 Field Music Field Music
3 Caceres, Juan Pablo Orquestra
3 Muldrow, Georgia Anne Olesi: Fragments of an Earth
3 Supersystem Million Microphones, a
3 Prior, Maddy & Tabor, June Silly Sisters
3 Frequency Frequency
3 Davka Lavy's Dream
3 Nurse With Wound/xambuca Salt Marie Citar
3 Hospitals, The Rich People
3 Espvall, Helena Nimis & Arx
3 Malcolm, Greg Hung
3 Various Artists Soul Sides Volume One
3 Big City Orchestra Comp Traz Ju05-Fe06
3 Mackay, Steve Michigan and Arcturus
3 Williams, Doug & Telisha Rope Around My Heart
3 Various Artists African Underground Hip-hop Vol. 1
3 Flying Luttenbachers Cataclysm
3 Toure, Ali Farka Savane
3 Various Artists Enter: Unschooled Records Compilation V1.0
3 Landau Epic Compromise, The
3 Birchville Cat Motel Curved Surface Destroyer
3 Ike Yard 1980-82 Collected
3 Moller, Polly Diogenes
3 Eaglesmith, Fred Milly's Cafe
3 Cantilo, Miguel Y Grupo Sur Miguel Cantilo Y Grupo Sur
3 Melvins Houdini Live: a Live History of Gluttony and Lust
3 Lady Sovereign Size Don't Matter
3 Wishniaks Teenline No. 105
3 Neuburg, Amy X Residue
3 Prince Po Holla B/w Mecheti Lightspeed
3 Various Artists String of Artifacts
3 Larkin, Kenny Presents Art of Dance - The Chronicles
3 Erase Errata Nightlife
3 True Primes We Have Won - EP
3 Om Om/Current 93
3 Banton, Buju Mr. Mention
3 Keen, Robert Earl Live At The Ryman
3 Lorn Towards The Abyss of Disease
3 Lin, Jenny Eleventh Finger, The
3 Daedelus Daedelus Denies The Day's Demise
3 Six Organs of Admittance Sun Awakens, The
3 Bollywood Brass Band Movie Masala
3 Heil, Johannes Freaks R Us
3 Coldcut Sound Mirrors
3 Medeski, Martin & Wood Note Bleu-best of The Blue Note Years 1998-2005
3 Cabaret Voltaire Red Mecca
3 Joy Division Closer
2 Wailer, Bunny Protest
2 Irr. App. (Ext.) Perekluchenie
2 Cadence Weapon Sharks + Remixes
2 Darc Mind Symptomatic of a Greater Ill
2 Russell, Arthur Spring Field
2 Forrest, Jason Lady Fantasy EP
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Non-cognitive Aspects of The City
2 Dragon Univeral Radio
2 German Oak S/t
2 Brainbombs I Need Speed / End Up Dead
2 Uton Mystery Revolution
2 J Dilla Shining Ep, The
2 Zeitgeist / Miller, Scott / Costaglioli, Philippe Shape Shifting
2 Konitz, Lee / Talmor, Ohad String Project Inventions
2 Nola, Thomas Et Son Orchestre So Long, Lale Andersen
2 Metalux & Wiese, John Exoteric
2 Beirut Gulag Orkestar
2 Brenmar Someday & Elissa P. Prize Pig
2 Ras Clifton Queen of The Universe / Look Over Yonder
2 Ruby Dee & The Snakehandlers North of Bakersfield
2 Ashtool S.o.c.g.: Vecchie Paure
2 Munly, Jay Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
2 Schneider, Guido Focus On
2 Ammoncontact With Voices
2 Saros Five Pointed Tongue
2 Onethirtyeight Sister, The
2 Kalsoum, Oum Les Grands Compositeurs (vol. 2)
2 M.O.T.O. Raw Power
2 Henry, Pierre Le Voyage
2 !!! Dis-Ease, The
2 I Wayne Lave Ground
2 20 Dollar Whore Teenage Fucking Boredom Ep
2 Blacc, Aloe Shine Through
2 5ive Versus
2 By-Products of America Maybe Use My Knife
2 Pumice White
2 Corker Conboy Radiant Idiot
2 Lelasi, Giuseppe Giuseppe, Lelasi
2 Boy Named Thor, a Way Things Change Vol. 1
2 Fassett, Jim Symphony of The Birds
2 Vromb Emission Pilote
2 Pak Motel
2 Mr. Lif Mo' Mega
2 Akir Legacy
2 Thee Scarcity of Tanks Nz Metals
2 Knight, Chris Enough Rope
2 Drop The Lime We Never Sleep
2 Smith, Hobart In Sacred Trust
2 Korea Soundblaster Korea Soundblaster
2 Soriah Chao Organica In a Minor
2 Goodiepal Narc Beacon
2 Epsilons Epsilons
2 Tommy McCook Safe Travel
2 Miss TK and The Revenge XOXO
2 Partch, Harry Bewitched, The
2 Lonberg-Holm, Fred Quartet Bridges Freeze Before Roads
2 Beatles, the Rock & Roll Music
2 Fushitsusha Time Is Nigh, the
2 Part, Arvo Litany
2 King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic
2 Venom Black Metal
2 Wedding Present, the Bbc Sessions, the
1 Spice, Richie Warrior Remix
1 Oh No Exodus Into Unknown Rhythms
1 Fucked Up Triumph of Life
1 Merzbow Minazo
1 Cambodia Weight of Ages
1 Mezei, Szilard Draught
1 Fyah, Lutan Time and Place
1 Dark Throne Panzerfaust
1 Skin, Flesh, & Bones Out On a Funky Trip
1 Kommunity FK Vision and The Voice, The
1 Bruno Spoerri Gluckskugel
1 Jah Cure Toe 2 Toe Vol. IX
1 Bulteau, Michel Rincures
1 Vertonen Stations
1 Evolutionary Jass Band Change of Scene
1 Tosches, Nick Fuckthelivingfuckthedead
1 Capleton Reign of Fire
1 Nightwounds Rat Magic
1 Ariel Pink Haunted Graffiti 2/The Doldrums/Vital Pink
1 Black Star Musical Club Nyota
1 Dixon, Bill Berlin Abbozzi
1 Ovo Ovo / Cock E.S.P. Split 7
1 Chicago Afrobeat Project Chicago Afrobeat Project
1 Sunray Ocean EP
1 King, J.D. & The Coachmen American Mercury
1 Jesu Silver
1 Graves At Sea Graves At Sea/asunder
1 Vladimir Ussachevsky Film Music
1 Fe-mail Voluptuous Vultures
1 Breuker, Willem Kollektief / Beths, Vera / Mondria... Gershwin / Breuker / Morricone / Schlippenbach
1 A Challenge of Honour A Challenge of Honour Vs Praetorio : Hadrian's Wal...
1 Corn On Macabre 11
1 Jah Mason Reggae Hits 34
1 Tear It Up Tear It Up
1 Gift of Goats Gift of Goats
1 Dr. Octagon Return of Dr. Octagon, The
1 Dabrye Two/three
1 Joyner, Simon Beautiful Losers
1 Child Abuse Child Abuse
1 Graves At Sea Documents of Grief
1 Etenesh Wassie Ethiopiques 18
1 Excepter Alternation
1 Hall, Glen / Ranaldo, Lee / Hooker, William Oasis of Whispers
1 Uitti, Frances-marie / Griffiths, Paul There Is Still Time
1 Minott, Sugar Leave Out a Babylon
1 Archie Bronson Outfit Derdang Derdang
1 Six Organs of Admittance Om/six Organs of Admittance
1 Farina Confession T V
1 Haarla-Krokfors Loco Motife Penguin Beguine
1 Tenebre In Everthing Give Thanks
1 Mv & Ee With The Bummer Road Play Ellas Mcdaniel's Who Do You Love
1 Rebeli Swirling Echoes : Obscure Greek Bands From The 70'...
1 Raccoo-oo-oon Mythos Folkways Vol No. 1
1 Rebel, The Prawns
1 Evoken Quietus
1 Bethlehem Dark Metal
1 Herb Diamante May I Light Your Cigarette?
1 Hush Arbors Landscape of Bone
1 Eruption Eruption
1 Pestrepeller Isle of Dark Magick
1 Micose and the Mau Maus Zum Audio Volume 3
1 Pissed Jeans Don't Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear
1 Connors, Loren Night Through: Singles and Collected Works 1976-20...
1 Residual Echoes MFI-GBSP
1 Lee, Shawn's Ping Pong Orchestra Strings & Things
1 Venus Handcuffs Venus Handcuffs
1 Frustration Frustration
1 Khan, Ustad Hafizullah Khalifa Kirana Gharana
1 Ratkje, Maja Stalker
1 Blau, Karl Beneath Waves
1 Cutler, Ivor Dandruff
1 Parker, Evan & Peter Brotzmann Bishop's Move, the
1 Ora After Rainfall
1 Beck/Hession/Thomas Three B's, the
1 Monty Python Final Rip Off, the
1 Killing Joke Burning Ambitions
1 Parker, Graham Heat Treatment
1 Nelson, Bill Love that Whirls, the
1 Harper, Roy When An Old Cricketer Leaves..
1 Captain Beefheart Clear Spot
1 Amon Duul 2 Phallus Dei
1 Pimmon Assembler
1 Fall, the This Nation's Saving Grace
1 Dury, Ian and the Blockheads Jukeboxdury
1 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks
1 Sparks Kimono My House
1 Bailey/Stevens/Watts Dynamics of the Impromptu
1 Bryars, Gavin Jesus' Blood Never Failed...
1 Wire Pink Flag
1 Takayanagi, Masayuki/New Di... April Is the Cruellest Month
1 This Heat Health and Efficiency
1 Braxton/Parker/Rutherford Trio (London) 1993
1 Radio Stars Chiswick Chartbusters
1 Amm Ammusic
1 Amon Duul 2 Supernatural F.Tales 4

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