KFJC tops for week ending 09/14/2005

10 Birds, the Birds Birds Birds in the World
10 Herbaliser, the Take London
9 Piano Magic Diseffected
8 Vocokesh, the Through the Smoke
7 Hop-Frog's Fatwa Silk Road, the
7 Spires that in the Sunset Rise Four Winds the Walker
7 Moggs White Belt Is not Enough, the
6 Snider, Todd That Was Me 1994-1998
6 Continental What Was Gained From What...
6 Devendra Banhart/Xiu Xiu Support Our Troops Oh!
6 Numbers We're Animals
6 Quantic Soul Orchestra, the Pushin on
6 Various [coll]: Sky Flowers & Horse Eg
6 Hell, Richard Spurts: the Richard Hell Story
6 Konono NO.1 Konono NO.1
6 Eric Malmberg Den Gatfulla Manniskan
6 Each Other S/T
6 Peppermints, the Jesus Chryst
6 Klimek Milk @ Honey
6 Metalux Victim of Space
6 Mr. Dorgon God Is Greatest
5 Arlo Guthrie Live in Sydney
5 Ohuzaru St
5 Ammoncontact New Birth
5 Darkat Omnia Ab Uno
5 Smyglyssna We Can Fix It
5 Doiron, Julie Broken Girl
5 Mai-Shi, the To Hit Armor Class Zero
5 Gravy Train!!!! Are You Wiggling?
5 Tri Cornered Tent Show Foolkiller, the
5 Slicing Grandpa Electric Shitstorm
5 Death Sentence: Panda! Puppy, Kitty, or Both
5 Vmw (Virgin Mega Whore) S/T
5 Mirah with Black Cat Orchestra To All We Stretch the Open Arm
5 Zion I True and Livin'
5 Cool Calm Pete Lost
5 Various [coll]: Cold Heat: Heavy Funk
5 Various [coll]: Brewed in Texas Vol. 2
5 Lucky Stars Stay Out Late
4 Deep Space 5 Unique, Just Like Everyone Els
4 Lord Loves a Working Man Lord Loves a Working Man
4 Archetti, Luigi/Wiget, Bo Low Tide Digitals Ll
4 Forrest, Jason Shamelessly Exciting
4 Esway, Val & El Mirage Lovers Losers Liars
4 Gonzalez, Jose Veneer
4 Draugar Weathering the Curse
4 Times New Viking Dig Yourself
4 Popol Vuh Affenstunde
4 Works, the S/T
4 Navies An Estate
4 Mr. Scruff Mrs. Cruff
4 Mumbles Book of Human Beats, a
4 Various [coll]: A Perfumed Garden VOL1
4 Sciflyer Age of Lovely, Intimate Things
4 Black Sunday Tronic Blanc
4 Fleshtones, the Beachhead
4 Fall of the Bastards Dusk of An Ancient Age
4 Lozenge Undone
4 Various [coll]: Dimension Mix
4 Unsane Blood Run
4 Baby Dee Love's Small Song
4 Brigitte Fontaine / Areski L'incendie
4 Combat Wounded Veteran This Is not An Erect All=Red,,
4 Elias, Hanin Future Noir
4 My Cat Is An Alien When the Windmill's Whirl Dies
4 Knitters, the Modern Sounds of the Kn..., th
4 Partyline Girls with Glasses
4 Mountains S/T
4 Django Twango Turn On, Tune In, Rock Out
4 Pere Ubu Terminal Tower
3 Captain Beefheart Lick Off My Decals, Baby
3 Dempster, Stuart Underground Overlays From the
3 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Geisterfaust
3 Dwight Yoakam Blame the Vain
3 Alias & Ehren Lillian
3 Two Tons of Steel Vegas
3 Summon Fallen
3 V/A (soundtrack) Wings of Desire
3 Magik Markers I Trust My Guitar, Etc.
3 Frogtoboggan Meets the Unpaid Professionals
3 Tarantula A.D. Atlantic
3 Parts and Labor ______________________________
3 Beneath the Lake Silent Uprising
3 Greenlief, Phillip Solo
3 Tamburo, Mike Beating of the Rewound Son
3 Namlook, Peter & Tetsu Inoue Time Squared
3 Vanderslice, John Pixel Revolt
3 African Brothers Mysterious Nature
3 The Ultra Boyz Get Ultra!
3 Fan Club Orchestra Japan 2001: a Space Odyssey
3 Left Hand Right Hand Legs Akimbo
3 New Pornographers, the Twin Cinema
3 Borful Tang Root
3 Oil Tasters Oil Tasters
3 Apothecary Hymns Trowel and Era
3 Various [coll]: Quad Muth/Keffer/Tusco
3 Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra ______________________________
3 Mummification Runes of Blood
3 Triangle Decimal Places
3 Fursaxa Lepidoptera
3 Velocette Sonorities By Starlight
3 Halibuts, the Live! at Toes
3 Various [coll]: Six Foot Slotherball
3 Gilmore, Jimmie Dale Come on Over
3 Lau Nau Kuutarha
3 Outre Mer (soundtrack) Outre Mer
3 7TH Plain 4 Cornered Room, the
3 Ortmann, Andy Nightmania
3 Guthrie Kennard Ranch Road 12
3 Various [coll]: Madvillain Remixes
3 Brain Donor Brain Donor
3 Kash Open
3 Experimental Audio Research Worn to a Shadow
3 Subtitle Young Dangerous Heart
3 Coaxial Phantom Syndrome, the
3 Bash Bros. Everyday
3 Autonervous Fetalities
3 Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Vo L'un Marquer Contre La Moisson
3 Isobella Surrogate Emotions of The...
3 Shadow Ring, the I'm Some Songs
3 Blacworld Subduing Demons in Ykshire PT2
3 Brazda Brothers, the Brazda Brothers, the
3 Ah Cama-Sotz La Procesion De La Sangre
3 Connect_Icut Moss
3 Various [coll]: Electric Gypsyland
3 Altered States Plays Standards
3 Various [coll]: New Groove, the
2 Texas Terri Bomb! Your Lips...My Ass!
2 Exillon Prequiem
2 James Mc Murtry Childish Things
2 Drawn and Quartered Return of the Black Death
2 Blood Ritual Black Grimoire
2 Anderson,Fred/Drake/Parker Blue Winter
2 Flaherty/Corsano Duo Last Eyes
2 D.S.B. Pure Cultivation
2 Some Girls Dna Will Have Its Say, the
2 Appreciation Healing the Fatherwound (Cd)
2 Beatrik Requiem of December
2 Mass, the Pefect Picture of Wisdom...
2 Kronos Quartet + Asha Bhosle You've Stolen My Heart
2 Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson (Sndtrk) Children of Nature
2 Quintron & Miss Pussycat Swamp Tech
2 I Self Divine Ice Cold
2 Back Door Men, the Sodra Esplanaden #4
2 Moondoc, Jemeel Live at the Vision Vest 2001
2 Vegas Martyrs Choking Doberman
2 Exias-J Electric Conception "Avant-Gar
2 Spider Compass Good Crime Band Organ Winding Sheet Music
2 Skarp Requiem
2 Sadies, the J'ai Esaye De Ne Pas
2 Eats Tapes Sticky Buttons
2 Number None Urmerica
2 Sparks, Tim Neshama
2 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Indon-S
2 Hill, Kim Right Now
2 Die Welttraumforscher 21 Weltraum - Standards
2 Happy Couple, the Four Seasons Ep, the
2 Submission Hold What Holds the Elephant Back
2 Various [coll]: Messthetics #2
2 Winter of Apokalypse Solitary Winter Night
2 Marley, Damian "Jr Gong" Halfway Tree
2 Chicharones, the When Pigs Fly
2 Various [coll]: Close, The/Rosebuds
2 Chrystal Belle Scrodd Inevitable Chrystal Belle Sc..
2 Johannsson, Johann Englaborn
2 Smegma W/ Steve Mackay Thirty Years of Service...
2 Brigman, George Jungle Rot
2 Mesinai, Raz Cyborg Acoustics
2 Gonzalez, Dennis New Dallasang Desert Wind, the
2 Z'ev Face the Wound
2 Xbxrx Sixth in Sixes
2 Insieme Musica Diversa S/T
2 King Cobra, the Mini Cd (W/ Temporary Tattoo)
2 Coughs Fright Makes Right
2 Uzrujan ...Thirteen Days Forth And...
2 Threnos S/T
2 Acid Mothers Temple&Melting... Born to Be Wild in the USA2000
2 Six Eye Columbia Judy at Carnegie Hall
2 A-Sides, the Hello, Hello
2 Various [coll]: Mile
2 Quinoline Yellow Dol-Goy Assist
2 Koushik Be with
2 KID606 Resilience
2 Los Camperos De Valles El Ave De Mi Sonar
2 Hamburger, Neil Great Moments at Di Presa's
2 Various [coll]: Afro Baby
2 Scarling Crispin Glover
2 Rauhaun Orkesteri Sylissain Oot
2 Los Mocosos American Us
2 Hezekiah Soul Music
2 Tussle Here It Comes!
2 Boom Bap Project Reprogram
2 Hukkelberg, Hanne Little Things
2 Broken Bones Time for Anger,Not Justice
2 Currituck Co. Ghost Man on Second
2 Ambarchi, Oren Grapes From the Estate
2 Global Communication Pentamerous Metamorphosis
2 Various [coll]: Funkmode
2 Classical M Complete Recordings, the
2 Plungers, the Surf Americana
2 Mass Producers Performances for Large...
2 Zipper Spy Icky Beats
2 Dalachinsky, Steve Incomplete Directions
2 Iceburn Collective Meditavolutions
2 Ut In Gut's House
2 Various [coll]: Word Up
2 Quine, Robert & Fred Maher Basic
2 Material Memory Serves
2 Delta 5 See the Whirl
1 Various [coll]: Extreme Music From Wom
1 Las Vegas Club, the Starships & Aliens
1 Riley, Terry & Scodanibbio Diamond Fiddle Language
1 Fog 10TH Avenue Freakout
1 Ehlers, Ekkehard Ekkerhard Ehlers Plays
1 David Allen Coe Penitentiary Blues
1 Various [coll]: Music of the Beti in C
1 Schwartz, Damian Arena En Los Zapatos
1 Modey Lemon Curious City, the
1 Boduf Songs Boduf Songs
1 Feldman, Morton Straights of Magellan and More
1 Schwabinggrad Ballett S/T
1 Dorge, Pierre, New Jungle Orch Giraf
1 Minotaur Shock Maritime
1 Spearman,Glenn First and Last
1 Murray, Sunny Perles Noires
1 Various [coll]: Ho-Ag/Laughinglight
1 Various [coll]: Psf/Alchemy 20TH Anniv
1 Aemae Helical Word, the
1 Mecha Fixes Clocks Orbiting with Screwdrivers
1 Rhodri Davies / Ingar Zach Ieirll
1 Dj Joe L Roots 45
1 Frozen Rabbit 26,000
1 Various [coll]: Knormalities Vol 3
1 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc C
1 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc B
1 Various [coll]: Arhoolie 40TH - Disc a
1 Psychatrone Rhonedakk Disturbs the Air
1 Chronomad Sokut
1 Afx Analogue Bubblebath 4
1 Crowley, Aleister Hastings Archives, the
1 Gustafsson,Mats/Sonic Youth Hidros 3
1 Death in Vegas Satan's Circus
1 Apsci See That? Featuring Mr Lif
1 Airport Girl Salinger Wrote
1 Morris, Chris Blue Jam
1 Tuxedo Killers M.Night Shyamalan's...
1 Ullmann/Dahlgren/Herbert BASSX3
1 Bittova, Iva Elida
1 Various [coll]: Total Freak Out
1 Last Exit Koln
1 Kondo, Toshinori Fukyo
1 Sirone Live
1 Various [coll]: Octave One
1 Acid Scout Balance
1 Shaw, Virgil Quad Circle
1 Angus Maclise Cloud Doctrine, the
1 Thuja Pine Cone Temples
1 George & Caplin Electronic Eulogy
1 Business Lady Skull Bashing
1 Various [coll]: Feel My China Vol. 1
1 Nar, Hiroshi & Nishinihon Live Recorded at Mushroom 2001
1 Bonobo Live Sessions
1 Entertainment S/T
1 Prurient Baron's Chamber, the
1 Volvox Egg,Plutopup,And You
1 Giant Panda Fly School Reunion
1 Boom Bap Project, the Rock the Spot
1 Exile W/Slum Village Time Has Come
1 Moore Brothers, the Now Is the Time for Love
1 Sachiko M Bar Sachiko
1 Susanna & the Magical Orchstra List of Lights & Buoys
1 Caroliner Transcontinental Pinecone Coll
1 Schmidt, Charlie Xanthe Terra
1 Necrophagist Epitaph
1 Brumit, Jon Vendetta Retreat
1 Lumper/Splitter S/T
1 Psi Artificially Retarded Soul Car
1 Various [coll]: War of the Planets
1 Various [coll]: Mzansi Music
1 Houle, Marc Restore
1 Fjellestad,Kowald, Reason,Robi Dual Resonance
1 Conure 49 Minutes,Unit Release
1 Zuccheri, Marino Parete 1967 Per Emilio Vedova
1 Da Beatminerz Fully Loaded W/Statik
1 Emanon Waiting Room, the
1 Various [coll]: Soul Gospel
1 Tullycraft Disenchanted Hearts Unite
1 Cantrell, Laura Humming By the Flowered Vine
1 Desert Sessions 9 & 10 I See You Hearin Me/I Heart Di
1 Tp Ochestre Poly-Rhythmo Kings of Benin: Urban Groove
1 Run Return Animals Are Beautiful People
1 Shepp, Archie Things Have Got to Change
1 Shoup, Wally Trio Blue Purge
1 Various [coll]: Tibetan Buddhist Rites
1 Planesmistakenforstars Fuck with Fire
1 They Found My Naked Corpse Fae Delta India Echo
1 Underground Resistance Turning Point, the
1 Parker & Lily Low Lows, the
1 Various [coll]: Next Impressions
1 Janes, Liz Poison and Snakes
1 Units, the High Pressure Days
1 Various [coll]: Creative Musicians: a
1 Mutants Fun Terminal
1 Innerzone Orchestra Programmed
1 Various [coll]: Hub, the
1 Jackson, Ronald Shannon Barbeque Dog
1 Bailey/Metheny/Bendian/Wertico Sign of 4, the
1 Various [coll]: Jazz Dance Classics V1
1 Sylvian, David Gone to Earth
1 Sonic Youth Daydream Nation
1 Trance Mission Meanwhile
1 Landed S/T
1 Crazy Backwards Alphabet "..."
1 Zappa, Frank & Ensemble Modern Yellow Shark, the

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