KFJC tops for week ending 09/16/1998

12 Rich, Robert Seven Veils
10 Big City Orchestra Collected Works of Od Mcub, Th
9 Kaiser, Henry & Wadada Leo... Yo Miles!
9 Make-Up In Mass Mind
9 Various [coll]: It's Only Four Dollars
9 Brown, Junior Long Walk Back
9 Job Party at Ilan's
8 Deerhoof Man, the King, the Girl, the
8 Various [coll]: Tribute to Grant Green
8 Pole ______________________________
8 God Is My Co-Pilot Je Suis Trop Content
7 Nord Sud Fragments De Routes
7 Non Phixion 12"
7 Six Finger Satellite Law of Ruins
7 Factory Press, the Smky Ends of a Brnt Ot Day, th
7 Makers, the Psychopathia Sexualis
7 Fifty Foot Hose Sing Like Scaffold
7 Lesiman (soundtrack) Future Sound of Lesiman, the
6 Various [coll]: This Is Ovenguard VOL2
6 Ceebrolistics A Day of the People in Between
6 Mix Master Mike Anti-Theft Device
6 Various [coll]: Our Heat (Your Moistu)
6 Bailterspace Photon
6 Body Lovers, the Number One of Three
6 Williams, Lucinda Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
6 Byron, Don Nu Blaxploitation
5 String Trio of New York Faze Phour
5 Animal Pharm Brink E.P., the
5 Underground Resistance Crime Report
5 Helias, Mark Fictionary
5 Slicker Confidence.In.Duber
5 Tunic All Alright
5 Various [coll]: Best of G (soundtrack)
5 Megaptera Curse of the Scarecrow, the
5 Pluramon Render Bandits
5 Pram North Pole Radio Station
5 Various [coll]: L.S.D.
5 Spaceboy Getting Warm on the Trail of H
5 Autechre LP5
5 Acme Rocket Quartet Ultra-High-Frequency
5 Goblin (soundtrack) Profondo Rosso
5 Ruins Vrresto
5 Vvv Endless
5 Stock, Hausen & Walkman Ventilating Deer
5 Wells, Junior Blues Hit Bit Town
5 Vincent, Jade Experiment S/T
5 Love & Death Can-Opened Mind
4 Jupiter 88 ______________________________
4 Pyro Propaganda
4 Bosch, Jimmy Soneando Trombon
4 T-Love Feat. this Kid Named... Return of the B-Girl Ep
4 Various [coll]: Next Stop (soundtrack)
4 Klangstabil Sieg Der Monochronostin
4 Various [coll]: Rules of the Game
4 Impact All Stars Dub From Randy's 1972-1975
4 Watson, Dale Truckin' Sessions, the
4 Hot Club of Cowtown Swingin' Stampede
4 Amps for Christ Songs From Mt. Ion
4 Caroliner S/T
4 Piano Magic Fun of the Century, the
4 Supersilent 1-3
4 Destroy All Monsters S/T
4 Various [coll]: Killed By Death #14
4 Ordo Equilibrio Conquest, Love & Self Persever
4 Proud, Pip One of These Days
4 Caustic Window Compilation
4 Sonic's Rendezvous Sweet Nothing
4 World Standard Country Gazette
4 Various [coll]: Get It!, the
4 Joe's All Stars Brixton Cat
4 Les Thugs Nineteen Something
4 Deadbolt Zulu Death Mask
4 Brotzmann Chicago Octet/Tentet Brotzmann Chicago Octet/Tentet
4 Make-Up U R My Intended
4 Various [coll]: Legends of the Ukulele
4 Electroscope ______________________________
4 Skalp Registratur/Ambivalenz
4 Esplendor Geometrico Syncrotron
4 Blowtops, the ______________________________
4 50 Million Broad Side of a Barn
4 Lewis, Johnny Quartet Shuckin' N' Jivin'
4 Williams, Andre Silky
4 Maeror Tri (...) Hypnotikum I
4 Detroit Cobras, the Mink Rat or Rabbit
4 Masterminds "The Ante"
4 Various [coll]: Jump, Jive & Harmonize
3 Irr.App.(Ext.) An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured
3 Passarani 2099 3RD Quadrant, the
3 Equus (soundtrack) Equus
3 Irma La Douce (soundtrack) Irma La Douce
3 Fang Amercain Nightmare
3 Hancock, Herbie Sextant
3 Confront James Black Bomb Mountain
3 Cowboy Nation Cowboy Nation
3 Conn, Bobby Rise Up!
3 Various [coll]: Mo' Plen 3000
3 Ultrasound Yerida
3 Bonnie Prince Billy S/T
3 United Schach Corporation S/T
3 Mojack Homebrew
3 Various [coll]: Ba Da Boom GRAMOPHONE3
3 8PDAN ______________________________
3 Various [coll]: Bluesville Years Vol 9
3 Bembo, Alberto Io E Mara
3 Musica Para Hacer La Digestio'n
3 Rimbaud, Robin Garden Is Full of Metal, the
3 Accident Clearinghouse Saginaw Sweetheart
3 Lonesome River Band Finding the Way
3 Streetwalkin' Cheetahs,The Cherry Bomb
3 St 37 Spaceage
3 Taraf De Haidouks Dumbala Dumba
3 Log,Bob I I I
3 Godspeed You Black Emperor! F#A#8
3 Sexmob Din of Inequity
3 Ex-Girl Heppoco Pou
3 P.F. Commando Manipulerade Mongon
3 Lurie, John (Soun (soundtrack) Fishing with John
3 Colon on the Cob Colon on the Cob
3 Murder City Devil, the Dancing Shoes
3 William Carlos Williams Collection Plate
3 Jones, Sharon You Better Think Twice/
3 Adamson, Barry As Above, So Below
3 Aube Deglaze
3 Whitman, Keith Attention: Cats
3 Titans, the Wild Guy
3 Deep Reduction ______________________________
3 Koray, Erkin Elektronik Turkuler
3 Bright, Jeff and the Sunshine She's a Nail in My Heart
3 Sprinkle Genies Bored Local and Drunk
3 Gayle, Charles Quartet Daily Bread
3 Brinkmann, Thomas Six Frauleins
3 Azusa Plane, the America Is Dreaming of Uni...
3 Monorchid, the Who Put Out the Fire?
3 Various [coll]: 'lectric Lardass
3 Various [coll]: Takoma Blues
3 Ativin German Water
3 Russell, Bruce Project for a Revolution in Ny
2 Johnston, Phillip Music for Films
2 Truman's Water Fragments of a Lucky Break
2 Memphis Slim Memphis Slim Usa
2 Various [coll]: Ground Zero
2 Various [coll]: Women of Istanbul
2 Deviants Disposable
2 Kimbrough, Junior For the Love of Jesus Ch. 6
2 Tatum, Art God Is in the House
2 Drones, the Further Temptations
2 Lance Gargoyle Radiation Acne
2 Lonny & Melvin If You Want a Job to Be Done..
2 Kalhor, Kayhan Scattering Stars Like Dust
2 Lacy, Steve Solo:Live at Unity Temple
2 East Village Other, the Electric Newspaper, Hiroshima.
2 Ravens,The Ravens,The
2 Smith, Steven R. Autumn Is the End
2 Joyner, Simon Christine Ep, the
2 Jang, Jon Island Immigrant Suite No. 1
2 Besov, Goran Major Malfunction
2 Farben Farben
2 Varner, Tom Martian Heartache
2 Smith, Howlett Funny Side Up
2 Audience, the Das Audience
2 Smog Ex-Con
2 Converge When Forever Comes Crashing
2 Dick, Robert Jazz Standards on Mars
2 Split Lip Rayfield Split Lip Rayfield
2 Krontjong Devils, the On Tour
2 Basinski, William Shortwavemusic
2 Slaves Slaves
2 Wier Laptop
2 Burger, Andreas Transducer, the
2 Bailey, Derek/Xiao-Fen, Min Viper (Bai Ha She)
2 Condeucent Earth Broadcast
2 Oblivian, Greg & the Tip-Tops S/T
2 Holy Modal Rounders Indian War Whoop
2 Humphrey,Bobbi Blue Breakbeats
2 V/Vm :&: Cv[Ev] Chart Runners
2 Jennings, Waylon Folk-Country
2 Fielding, Jamie Extinkt
2 Sadies, the Precious Moments
2 Cloud People Sweet Young Beeper
2 Black Dice ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: Consumed
2 Golding Institute, the Sounds of the American Fast Fo
2 Paddington Breaks Smart but Casual
2 Replikants This Is Our Message
2 To Live and Shave in Los Angel Where a Horse Has Been...
2 Throbbing Gristle Kreeme Horn
2 Various [coll]: Wandering Eyes
2 To Live and Shave in L.A. Tonal Harmony W/Silver Apples
2 Penis Flytrap Tales of Terror
2 Jazz Finger Little Girl on the Plane, the
2 Hemphill, Julius/Smith, Warren Chile New York
2 Musica Transonic Incubation
2 Big Sandy Dedicated to You
2 Vote Robot Vote Robot
2 Sacred Hoop Retired
2 Nomeansno Dance of the Headless Bourgeoi
2 Dj Charlie Chase Presents Harlem World Cold Crush Bros.
2 Wicker Man, the (soundtrack) Wicker Man, the
1 Equations of Eternity Veve
1 Various [coll]: World Hardcore Vol. 2
1 Haack, Bruce Hush Little Robot
1 Romus, Rent-Life's Blood Trio Blood Motions
1 Nova Ghost Sect*Tet, the Life on Uranus
1 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Yug
1 Various [coll]: World Library of Folk
1 Guberman, Morgan Hamadryas Baboon
1 Gaslini, Giorgio Mister O - Jazz Opera
1 Reluctant Toby, the Ultimate Hobby, the
1 Stacatto Reads Stacatto Reads
1 Jahson, David Roots of David
1 Msbr & Bastard Noise 1-12
1 Soundsmith Sunlight Could Split Air/Suici
1 Mills, Jim Bound to Ride
1 Upside Down Cross Witchcraft
1 Gysin, Brion Poems of Poems
1 Ayler, Albert Bells-Prophecy
1 Jones, Chris Follow Your Heart
1 Laurel Canyon Ramblers Back on the Street Again
1 Coil Solstice
1 Coil Summer Solstice
1 Parton, Dolly Hungry Again
1 Goldsmith, Jerry (soundtrack) In Like Flint/Our Man Flint
1 Dynamo Aufenthalt
1 Dawkins, Jimmy Fast Fingers
1 Fungus Brains Ron Pistos Real World
1 Sons of Negus, the Freedom Sounds, the
1 Ninos Con Bombas El Nino
1 Alternative T V Image Has Cracked, the
1 Various [coll]: Put Out C-Out
1 Sadistik Exekution K.A.O.S.
1 Winners of the World's Worst.. Winners of the Worlds' Worst..
1 Various [coll]: Feel Lucky Skunk
1 Myer Pressure Drop
1 Rotten Piece Self Titled
1 Formanek, Michael Am I Bothering You?
1 Various [coll]: GRIEF/16
1 Dying Ground Dying Ground
1 Shaver Victory
1 Rhodes, Kimmie Jackalopes, Moons & Angels
1 Trevino, Justin Texas Honkytonk
1 Miss High Heel Split Wax Cylinder"Beast 661"
1 Reatards, the Teenage Hate
1 Ribot, Marc Y Los Cubanos Postizos
1 Pollard, Robert Waved Out
1 Yoshide, Otomo Sound Factory (1997)
1 Ike & the Capers Four Alley Cats
1 Pioneers,The Greatest Hits
1 Tied + Tickled Trio Tied + Tickled Trio
1 Brighter Death Now Pain in Progress
1 Young, Neil Tonight's the Night
1 Vermonster Instinctively Inhuman
1 Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Pl... Savvy Show Stoppers
1 Neil Neil's Heavy Concept Album
1 Varis, Tapani Jews Harp
1 Rachell, Yank Mandolin Blues
1 Nu Blaxploitation

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