KFJC tops for week ending 10/15/2003

11 Various [coll]: L.F.T.D.T. V.6 Disc 1
11 Various [coll]: Double Overhead Disc 1
10 Bozulich, Carla Red Headed Stranger
10 Allan, Davie and the Arrows Restless in L.A.
9 Various [coll]: L.F.T.D.T. V.6 Disc 2
9 Erase Errata At Crystal Palace
8 Various [coll]: Adbusters #47
7 Various [coll]: Nice Up the Dance
7 Brooks, Cedric Im Magical Light of Saba, the
7 Exploding Hearts, the Guitar Romantic
7 !!! ("Chk Chk Chk") Me & Giuliani Down By the Scho
7 Peaches Fatherfucker
6 Harrison, Lou Drums Along the Pacific
6 Bhosle, Asha Rough Guide to Bollywood Legen
6 Coffey, Dennis & (soundtrack) Black Belt Jones
6 Cut-Out Interlude with the Fun Machine
6 Various [coll]: Soul Jazz Hustle! Regg
6 Supplicants, the Balance
6 Pram Dark Island
6 Coltrane, John Concert in Japan
5 Hot Club of Cowtown Continental Stomp
5 Aichinger, Oskar Synapsis
5 Various [coll]: Funky Funky Houston V1
5 Muldaur, Geoff Private Astronomy
5 Rollerball Real Hair
5 Ponys, the Shishimumu
5 Bush, Sam & David Grisman Hold On, We're Strummin'
5 Styrofoam I'm What's there to Show that
5 Various [coll]: Masked & (soundtrack)
5 Cowlicks, the ______________________________
5 Low Flying Owls Elixir Vitae
4 Xasthur Suicide in Dark Serenity
4 Fernandez, Agusti & Bailey,Der Barcelona
4 Fjellestad Hans 33
4 Party of One Caught the Blast
4 Reeltime Travelers Livin' Reeltime, Thinkin...
4 Masakatsu, Takagi Eating 2
4 Nordine, Ken/Shure, Robert Wink
4 Flaco Jimenez El Rey Del Acordeon
4 Swaggerts Keepers of the Quaich
4 Horrors, the Vent
4 Apes, the Oddeyesee
4 Various [coll]: Rubble 3: Wonderland
4 Allison, Luther & Friends Pay It Forward
4 Little Jonny and the Giants King of Clubs
4 Stars As Eyes Loud New Shit
4 Bobby Flores Just for the Record
4 Lee, Cari & the Saddle-Ites Road Less Travelled, the
4 Meat Beat Manifesto Strom the Studio R.M.X.S.
4 Friends of Dean Martinez On the Shore
4 Suicide Alive
4 Thornton, Clifford New Art Ens Freedom & Unity
4 Cash, June Carter Wildwood Flower
4 Electric Turn to Me ______________________________
4 Talley, James Woody Guthrie and Songs...
4 Hafler Trio CLEAVE:9 Great Openings
4 Smither, Chris Train Home
4 Black Box Recorder Passionoia
4 Prisoner Sdtk (soundtrack) Prisoner Files Vol 1
4 Trophy Husbands Walk with Evil
4 Hancock, Wayne Swing Time
4 Continental Four-Letter Words
4 Various [coll]: Neon Meate Dream Of...
4 Nice Nice There Will Be Slogans
4 15 60 75 Jimmy Bell's Still in Town
4 Jedi Mind Tricks Visions of Gandhi
4 Sun City Girls Wah
3 Futures, the Electric Wave From the Underwo
3 Glass Candy Bicicleta Emocional
3 Dikongue, Henri Wallace, Adesose
3 King Geedorah Take Me to Your Leader
3 King of Hawaii [Coll]: Double Overhead Disc 2
3 Dj Frane Electric Garden of Delights
3 Perkins, Dudley A Lil' Light
3 Oxford, Vernon Oxford Touch, the
3 Cakekitchen, the How Can You Be So Blind?
3 Lifesavas Spirit in Stone
3 Slippers Sidecar
3 Various [coll]: Texas Piano Styles
3 Plungers, the Guitars Gone Wild
3 Dayton, Jesse Tall Texas Tales
3 Ex Models Zoo Psychology
3 Ape Has Killed Ape Acid Reflux
3 Sightings Absolutes
3 Bill & Audrey Looking Back to See
3 Black Forest/Black Sea ______________________________
3 Stark Reality Now
3 Elliot, Matt Mess We Made, the
3 Del Mc Coury Band (The) It's Just the Night
3 Bill Chambers Sleeping with the Blues
3 Kaleidoscope Blues From Baghdad
3 Toop, David Hot Pants Idol
3 Quintron Are You Ready for An Organ...
3 Cherrywine What I'm Talking
3 Phantom Limbs, the Displacement
3 Various (soundtrack) 28 Days Later
3 Coil Musick to Play in the Dark
3 Xenakis,Iannis ST/48-1,240162...
3 Boyracer To Get a Better Hold You've...
3 Circle Sunrise
3 Nite-Liters, the Nite-Liters, the
3 Odd Nosdam No More Wig for Ohio
3 Waybacks, the Way Live
3 Point Line Plane Point Line Plane
3 Abilene Two Guns, Twin Arrows
3 Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian
3 Muslimgauze Arabbox
3 Various [coll]: Messthetics #7
3 Prisoner (soundtrack) Prisoner File #3
3 You Only Live Twi (soundtrack) You Only Live Twice
3 Tomorrowland Anemone
3 Black Dahlia, the Unhallowed
3 Nymphomatriarch Nymphomatriarch
3 Positive Knowledge Live in New York
3 Jazz Liberatorz What's Real
3 Dekle, Mike Sketches
3 Friendlander, Erik Quake
3 Fm Knives ______________________________
2 Dead By Dawn ______________________________
2 Heroin ______________________________
2 Arbete Och Fritid S/T
2 Blake, William Poetry of William Blake, the
2 Brown, Chris Branches
2 Jeru the Damaja War
2 To Live and Shave in L.A. Wigmaker in Eighteenth..., the
2 Curbside Cliftons, the
2 Begg, Si Director's Cut
2 Muziq Bilious Paths
2 Various [coll]: Alan Lomax: Pop Songbk
2 Funkaho Villain Style
2 Trailer Bride Hope Is a Thing with Feathers
2 Spits, the Spits, the
2 T.S.O.L. Divided We Stand
2 Yedid, Yitzhak Myth of the Cave
2 Elliott, Matt Borderline Schizophrenic
2 Unwed Sailor Marionette & the Music Box, th
2 Ulrich Schnauss A Strangely Isolated Place
2 St. Thomas I'm Coming Home
2 Trans Am T a
2 My Cat Is An Alien Il Segno
2 Love Letter Band, the Even the Pretty Girls Take....
2 Aghast Kexeri Im Zwielicht Der Fins..
2 Why? Oaklandazulasylum
2 Various [coll]: Diplomatics/Amnesty
2 Krakatoa We Are the Rowboats
2 Various [coll]: La Bodega Lounge
2 Griswold, Erik More than My Old Piano
2 Nastasia, Nina Run to Ruin
2 Prefuse 73 Extinguished: Outtakes
2 Liars We no Longer Knew Who We Were
2 Graham Lindsay Famous Anonymous Wilderness
2 Jungle Brothers Done By the Forces of Nature
2 Ikadry Mystery School Production Tool
2 Kid 606 Illness, the
2 Various [coll]: Health Program, the
2 Various [coll]: Sympathetic Sounds of
2 Panthers Let's Get Serious
2 Acid Mothers Temple Univers Zen Ou Zero a Zero
2 Various [coll]: Booniay!!
2 Hall, Terry & Mushtaq They Gotta Quit Kicking Ydog a
2 Copland, Marc Trio Haunted Hearts & Other Ballads
2 Brokeback Looks at the Birds
2 Lyrics Born Callin' Out
2 Spender, Stephen Poems of Stephen Spender, the
2 Rucker, Paul History of An Apology
2 Barnes, Danny Dirt on the Angel
2 Kris Kristofferson Broken Freedom Song
2 Coil Musick to Play in the Dark
2 Rockers, the Live at Kfjc
2 Muller Gunter/Yoshihide, Otomo Time Travel
2 Voltaire Brothers I Sing the Booty
2 Various [coll]: California Doo Wop Sou
2 Cerberus Shoal Chaiming the Knoblessone
2 Hall, Kenny & Skiffle Symphony All Day Long / All Night Long
2 Badgerlore Of Things Too Sorrowful To...
2 Aluminum Group, the If You've Got a Lover,
2 Monster Movie Last Night Something Happened
2 Lively Ones, the Hang Five!!!
2 Myers, Dave and the Surftones Moment of Truth
2 Bradshaw, Tiny Best of the King Years
2 Diaz-Infante, Ernesto S/T
2 Various [coll]: Windswept Trees & ....
2 Black Jetts, the S/T
2 W.A.C.O. Finnegan's W.A.C.O.
2 Donkey Big Sur
2 Sutekh Hands on Feet Ep
2 Ontayso Score of An Imaginary Iceland
2 Various [coll]: Stabbed in the Face
2 Ruins March-October 1997
2 Gibson Brothers Bona Fide
2 Various [coll]: Messthetics #6
2 Reverbaphon Medium Through Which Sound, th
2 Merzbow / Pan Sonic V
2 Bolcom, William Piano Music By George Gershwin
2 Wollscheid, Achim 60 X X
2 Kaito Band Red
2 Java Java Java Java Java Java Java Java
2 Paul, Gregory Group Spirit and Decibels
2 Guerrilla Hi Fi Echo Springs
2 Killian, Ted Flux Aeterna
2 Blue Series Continuum Good and Evil Sessions
2 Bootcuts, the In the Comfort of Your Own Hom
2 Numbers Ee-Uh!
1 Newton, Mark Band No Bounderies
1 Various [coll]: Way Things Change V.4
1 Clean, the Anthology
1 Apparat Organ Quartet Romantika
1 Various [coll]: Branches and Routes
1 Sylvian, David Blemish
1 Shikabane Why Fo You Live?
1 Krigshot Orebro-Mangel
1 King Size Machine Gun Rap
1 Various [coll]: Tarot or Aorta
1 Various [coll]: 2 Turds & a Golf Ball
1 Various [coll]: Dorsey, Georgia Tom
1 Various [coll]: Sonic Youth/Erase Erta
1 Deadbodieseverywhere Buy a Bullet Rent a Gun
1 Various [coll]: Projekt 100
1 Quinto, Pancho Rumba Sin Fronteras
1 Herring, Caroline Wellspring
1 Jennifer Gentle Ectoplasmic Garden Party
1 Robinson, Jason Tandem
1 H T O O Htoo
1 Oldham, Will We All Us Three Will Ride
1 Duo-Tones Plugged in & Live
1 Namlook,Pete & Laswell,Bill Outland 3
1 9TH Creation, the Bubble Gum
1 Belfour, Robert Pushin' My Luck
1 Brother Ali Shadows on the Sun
1 Scarlet's Well Alice in the Underworld
1 Crank Sturgeon S/T
1 Kill Me Tomorrow Skin's Getting Weird
1 Diamondheads, the Surf Guitar Instrumentals
1 Lancaster, Byard Its not Up to Us
1 South Austin Jug Band S/T
1 Process 23 :Premonitions
1 Texas Thieves Forced Vacation
1 Various [coll]: Carol Ann/Noothgrush (
1 Little Wings Come Along
1 Various [coll]: Tight Bros / Inside
1 Lali Puna Scary World Theory
1 Brotzmann, Peter Trio Usable Past
1 Baybar Boys, Los Cielito Azul
1 Love Joys, the Lovers Rock
1 Menace G.L.C.-The Menace Final Vinyl
1 Surf Champlers Champloo a Go Go
1 Infrareds Recorded on Microfilm
1 Myers, Dave and the Surftones Laguna Limbo Luau
1 Mouldycliff, Phil & Potter, C Shellfish in Kettleblack
1 Earthquake (soundtrack) Earthquake
1 Sand Pebbles (soundtrack) Sand Pebbles
1 Lali Puna Left Handed
1 Royals Royals Pick Up the Pieces, the
1 Sly & Robbie Sly & Robbie Meet Bunny Lee @
1 Various [coll]: Angola Prison Spiritua
1 Clickits Clickits Ep
1 Listener Whispermoon
1 Onry Ozzborn Grey Area, the
1 Cobra High Sunset in the Eye of The...
1 Various [coll]: Chamber
1 Clearwater, Eddy Rock 'n' Roll City
1 Deep Listening Banc/Mcphee Joe Unquenchable Fire
1 Broadcast Pendulum
1 Mccombs, Cass Not the Way
1 Viaticum ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Breaking the Plastic..
1 Tsurubami Kaina
1 Olsson, Bjorn Upa
1 Clientele,The Violet Hour, the
1 Various [coll]: Cubalive
1 Los Campesinos De Michoacan Los Campesinos De Michoacan
1 Kpiaye, John Kpiaye, John
1 Treasure Dub Vol 2. Dub Series
1 Smart, Leroy Showcase Rub a Dub
1 Rico and His Band Get Up Your Foot
1 Jolly Brothers, the Concious Man
1 Casual Me-O-Mi-O
1 Cohen-Salal Flutes Libres & Capt Tarthopom
1 Various [coll]: Sfmef 2003:EAST Meets
1 Sixteens Pre-Casio
1 Mt. Egypt Mt. Egypt 2
1 Starvations, the Church of the Double Cross
1 Whitey on the Moon U K Noam Chomsky Spring Break E P
1 Various [coll]: We Still Kill the Old
1 Uter Vibrato
1 Autechre Draft 7.30
1 Yokota,Susumu Boy and the Tree, the
1 Various [coll]: Best of B-Boy Records
1 Krofft, Sid & Mar (soundtrack) World of Sid & Marty...
1 Various [coll]: Anthology of Noise & E
1 Postelthwaite, Brad ______________________________
1 Witchcraft By a Picture ______________________________
1 Transistor Six ______________________________
1 El Buzzard ______________________________
1 Federation X ______________________________
1 Born Dead Icons Unlearn
1 Various [coll]: Night School
1 C-Rays Walz

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