KFJC tops for week ending 10/20/2004

14 Various [coll]: Devil's Triangle #7
13 Various [coll]: Camper Van Calexicoven
11 Dj Spooky Celestial Mechanix:Blue Ser...
11 Heliumvola Liod
10 Dj Krush Jaku
10 Berberian, John and the Rock Middle Eastern Rock
9 Various [coll]: Devil's Triangle #7
9 Nora O'connor Til the Dawn
9 Asylum Street Spankers Mercurial
8 Various [coll]: Blue Note Revisited
8 Kissing Tigers Pleasure of Resistance
8 Dj Shadow In Tune and on Time
8 Metal Boys Tokio Airport
8 Mum Please Smile My Noise Bleed
7 Faint, the Wet From Birth
7 Mono Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky
7 Brave Combo Let's Kiss
7 Lismore We Could Connect...
7 Various [coll]: Touch My Heart
7 Stairwell Sisters, the Stairwell Sisters, the
6 Home Video That You Might/Dialogue Box
6 Beep Beep Business Casual
6 Cline, Nels/Sarno, Devin Buried on Bunker Hill
6 Silva, Alan Emancipation Suite #1
6 Timms, Sally In the World of Him
6 Various [coll]: Gommagang Zwei
6 Various [coll]: Lab - 20 Years, the
6 Melvins / Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
6 Graham, Jon Dee Great Battle, the
6 Little Wings Magic Wand
6 Rich, Robert Temple of the Invisible
6 Mac Lethal & Murs Women of Scribble Jam
6 Bardo Pond & Tom Carter 4/23/03 a Collaboration
6 Dj Zeph Sunset Scavenger
6 Earle, Steve Revolution Starts Now, the
6 Brown, Clarence Gatemouth Timeless
6 Klement Julienne Panamerican
6 Hieronymus Bosch Havin' Fun Soundin' Good +S/T
6 Boyskout Secrets
6 Various [coll]: File 13 Compilation
5 Shankar Eternal Light
5 Subtle A New White
5 Bey, Faruq Z./Northwoods... Ashirai Pattern
5 Throbbing Gristle T G Now
5 On!Air!Library! On!Air!Library!
5 Adams, John Road Movies
5 People Like Us and Kenny G Nothing Special
5 Arvo Part Passio
5 Frazer, Paula A Place Where I Know
5 Various [coll]: Confuse Yr Idols
5 Traore, Rokia Bowmboi
5 Various [coll]: Curl Rider Disc 1
5 Electric Masada John Zorn 50TH Birthday Celabr
5 Kent, Stephen Oil & Water
5 Masada John Zorn 50TH Birthday Celebr
5 Lateef & the Chief Best of Me
5 Delgados, the Universal Audio
5 Nadler, Marissa Ballads of Living and Dying
5 Lyrics Born Callin' Out B/W Do that there
5 Sultans Shipwrecked
4 Various [coll]: Roots of Dub Funk 3
4 Rose, Jack Apocalyps. X.
4 Current 93 Hypnagogue
4 Big City Orchestra Just Where Is that Sound...
4 Black Octopus Lipstick Foam Party
4 Born Heller Self-Titled
4 Bitter Bitter Weeks Revenge
4 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Brazili
4 Kawabata,M/Jf Pauvros Venus
4 Michigan and Smiley Rub-A-Dub Style
4 Blevin, Blectum Magic Maple
4 Fontaine, Brigitte Brigitte Fontaine
4 Azita Life on the Fly
4 Nashville Bluegrass Band Twenty Year Blues
4 Segel, Jonathan Edgy not Antsy
4 Mystic Forecast, the
4 Robocop Kraus, the Tiger
4 Shek, Krystian Eisblumen
4 Rogers Sisters, the Three Fingers
4 Blue Eyed Devils, the Live in the Kfjc Pit 1/12/03
4 Crooked Jades, the Unfortunate Rake, Vol. 1, the
4 Casual Rap Game B/W Things I Need
4 Music Lovers, the Words We Say Before We Sleep
4 Waxwings, the Let's Make Our Descent
4 Viceroys, the At Granny's Pad
4 Butcher, John 13 Friendly Numbers
3 Toho Sara Hourouurin
3 Hood Hood / Themselves
3 Detonators, the [Coll]: Curl Rider Disc 2
3 No Neck Blues Band Sticks and Stones May Break My
3 Matmos Rat Relocation Program
3 Icp Orchestra Aan & Uit
3 Pal Audio Peace Treaty
3 Urinals, the Negative Capability...
3 Cotten, Elizabeth Shake Sugaree
3 Smith, Warren Uranium Rock
3 Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls Breeding Resistance
3 Kalhor, Kayhan & Ali Akbar Mor In the Mirror of the Sky
3 Culture International Herb
3 High Water Marks, the Songs About the Ocean
3 Dara S/T
3 Sermon, the Volume
3 Split Lip Rayfield Should Have Seen It Coming
3 Fuck Those Are not My Bongos
3 Balanceman Welcome to Balanceland
3 Van Portfleet, Mike Beyond the Horizon Line
3 Tamion 12 Inch All Black,Eyes Closed to The..
3 P-Orridge, Genesis & Monroe,.. When I Was Young
3 Mittoo, Jackie A Tribute to Reggae's Keyboard
3 Bomarr Monk, the Surface Sincerity Soundtrack
3 Various [coll]: Wfmu Radio Archival O
3 Roots of Orchis Cracked Ceilings - Disk 1
3 Darkroom Freefall
3 Meditations, the Guidance
3 Frenchmen, the Sorry We Ruined Your Party
3 Various [coll]: Young People/Friends..
3 Midwich Three Days In, Four to Go
3 Various [coll]: Death's Last Life's...
3 Surf Coasters, the Live at KFJC-89.7 4/17/04
3 Dj Cam Liquid Hip Hop
3 Cocktail Preachers, the Live on Kfjc
3 Various [coll]: Dielectric Vol. 1
3 Various [coll]: Let's Get Rid of L.A.
2 Sexy Prison Bury My Heart at Vladistovok
2 Xbxrx We Hate the President
2 Losaka Porqueria
2 Various [coll]: Ex-Models/Seconds, the
2 Heroin S/T
2 Various [coll]: Hidden City
2 Various [coll]: Sun Records Story V2D3
2 Various [coll]: Cambodian Cassete Arch
2 Rylander, Henrik Trad Arrangements of Feedback
2 Whirlwind Heat Flamingo Honey
2 Roosevelt Franklin Something's Gotta Give
2 Crispell, Marilyn Storyteller
2 Goudron Raw Voltage
2 Sounds of the West Sahara Mauritania
2 Non Phixion Future Is Now, the
2 Neutralizing Force S/T #'
2 Diplo Newsflash
2 Guitar Wolf Loverock
2 L'infonie Volume 333
2 Amps for Christ People at Large, the
2 Zdrastvootie ______________________________
2 Jason Wilbur King for a Day
2 Godzilla (Soundtr (soundtrack) 50TH Anniversary Edition
2 Van Ronk, Dave ...And the Tin Pan Bended,...
2 Wailing Souls Square Deal
2 Texas Thieves Killer on Craigs List
2 Stabbins, Larry Monadic
2 Trio X 3 New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden
2 Apparat Shapemodes Ep
2 Hammerlock Compromise Is for Cowards
2 Negative Kite, the ______________________________
2 White Mud Free Way Last Year's Junk
2 Coastal Halfway to You
2 Luciano Tell It From the Heart
2 Gregorio, Guillermo Otra Musica
2 Various [coll]: Homework 102 Us D.I.Y.
2 Various [coll]: We'll Play the Blues..
2 Various [coll]: Berlin Reeds
2 Timewellspent Timewellspent
2 Brand Nubian Who Wanna Be a Star
2 Quantic Mishaps Happening
2 Mephista Entomological Reflections
2 Oceansize Effloresce
2 Boom Bip Corymb
2 Old 97S Drag It Up
2 Oranges Band, the Two Thousands
1 Antarcticans, the New Black, the
1 Hardman Shirts and Pistols
1 Various [coll]: Fingers Cut/Kurt Vile
1 Plan to Pink Spring Project, the
1 Mekurya, Getatchew Negus of Ethiopian Sax
1 Various [coll]: Nuggets: 16 Killer Nug
1 Jones, Jinx License to Twang
1 Keiran Kane & Kevin Welch You Can't Save Everybody
1 Various [coll]: Sun Records Story V1D1
1 Igloo Igloo
1 Hearts of Darknesses Music for Drunk Driving
1 Tracy and the Hindenburg... Great Day
1 Minotaur Shock Rinse
1 Ostad Elahi Mystical Orison
1 Martine, Tucker Broken Hearted Dragonflies
1 Black Heart Procession +... In the Fishtank 11
1 Crimea, the Lottery Winners on Acid
1 Solvents Screenplay for the Sleepless
1 Selfish Cunt Britain Is Shit
1 Redressers, the To Each According...
1 Six Organs of Admittance Manifestation, the
1 Dna Dna on Dna
1 Black Ox Orkestar Ver Tanzt ?
1 Shipp, Matthew Harmony and Abyss
1 Show Me State S/T
1 Kowald,Peter/William Parker Victoriaville Tape, the
1 Arcana Body of Sin
1 Fondas, the Wanna Be
1 Neutralizing Force Fusion (Parts 1-9)
1 Various [coll]: Resophonics Anonymous
1 Popol Vuh (soundtrack) Aguirre
1 Sun City Girls Flute and Mask
1 Radio/Guitar Thrum
1 Shaw, Virgil Still Falling
1 Labiators ______________________________
1 Zu Igneo
1 Kontakt Der Junglinge N
1 Various [coll]: From the Earth To.....
1 Les Savy Fav Knowing How the World Works
1 Young, Gary Grey Album
1 Asunder A Clarion Call
1 Robotnicka Spectre En Vue...
1 Orinoka Crash Suite 2
1 Orazbaeva, Raushan Akku
1 Brand, Gail & Guberman, Morgan Ballgames & Crazy
1 Satanicpornocultshop Anorexia Gas Balloon
1 Nobs Workin'
1 Beautiful Spring S/T
1 L S D - March Suddenly, Like Flames
1 Pidgeon From Gutter with Love
1 Various [coll]: Babyhead
1 Watt, Mike Secon Man's Middle Stand, the
1 Willis, Wesley Fiasco Frogs
1 Zoffy Thou Shalt not Mess with Zoffy
1 St 37 Insect Hospital, the
1 Lullatone Little Songs About Raindrops
1 Deathprod Morals and Dogma
1 Fursaxa Mandrake
1 Wells, Bill Pick Up Sticks
1 Cactus Cactus
1 Snider, Todd East Nashville Skyline
1 [Re:Jazz] [Re:Jazz] (Re:Mix)
1 Various [coll]: Tamion 12 Inch/ Adult
1 Kill Yourself Soft Touch of Man E.P.
1 Minott, Sugar More Sugar
1 Lali Puna Faking the Books
1 Haggard, Merle Roots, Volume 1
1 Digital Intervention, the Capture
1 Terrestrial Tones Blasted

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