KFJC tops for week ending 10/21/1998

11 Daktaris,The Soul Explosion
10 Vincent, Jade Experiment S/T
9 Rake Resume the Cosmos
9 Hopewell Contact
9 Illusion of Safety Bad Karma
8 Krauss, Briggan 300
8 Big Soap Ka
8 Techniques in Dub Techniques in Dub
8 Ghazal As Night Falls on the Silk Roa
7 Nunn, Tom (Edgewalker Exp...) Peering Over
7 Bovine Bovine
7 Bill, Jason/ Jack Rose Via St. Louis
7 Hovercraft Experiment Below
7 Palimsest Please Enter By Hand
7 Bad Livers Industry and Theft
7 Various [coll]: Mo' Plen 3000
7 Jimmy Smack Vomit Visions
7 Exhaust ______________________________
6 Thundercrack Own Shit Home
6 Grubbs, David Thicket, the
6 Youngs/Smith Pulse of the Rooster
6 Murder City Devils, the Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
6 Various [coll]: Eagle Has Landed, the
6 Sun Ra Celebration for the Comet Koho
6 Dura-Delinquent Damn Everything But...
6 Stereophonic Space Sound Unltd Fluid Soundbox, the
6 Slicker Confidence.In.Duber
6 Brown, Junior Long Walk Back
6 Piano Magic Fun of the Century, the
5 Connah's, Graham Sour Note 7 Gurney to the Lincoln Center..
5 Trythall, Gilbert Luxikon I I/Echospace
5 Dave Hydie Trio, the South Bay Shaker
5 Beckett's, Randy Rebel Train Randy Beckett's Rebel Train
5 Chinese Millionaires, the Detroit Double Cross
5 Beequeen Vault E.P.
5 Satelliters, the ...Shake, Shake, Shake!
5 Space Cakes, the In a Forbidden Place
5 Kiln Kiln
5 Clarendonians, the Best of the Clarendonians, the
5 Deerhoof Man, the King, the Girl, the
5 Nord Sud Fragments De Routes
5 Kaiser, Henry & Wadada Leo... Yo Miles!
5 Truman's Water Fragments of a Lucky Break
5 Megaptera Curse of the Scarecrow, the
5 Memphis Slim Memphis Slim Usa
5 Watson, Dale Truckin' Sessions, the
5 Six Finger Satellite Law of Ruins
5 Factory Press, the Smky Ends of a Brnt Ot Day, th
4 Stratum Terror Pain Implantations
4 Various [coll]: Fit for Kings
4 Excruciating Terror Divided We Fall
4 Zoobombs, the Welcome Back, Zoobombs
4 Chadbourne, Eugene Volume 2: Solo Acoustic...
4 Dreyblatt, Arnold Nodal Excitation
4 Steel Audio-Cynicism
4 Tongue (soundtrack) Tongue
4 Nighthawk, Robert Bricks in My Pillow
4 Pusstcats Playin' Dirt
4 Various [coll]: Easy Tempo Vol 7
4 Fulci, Lucio (soundtrack) Lucio Fulci's Horror & Thrille
4 Various [coll]: Bluesville Years #10
4 Tek, Deniz Equinox
4 Kimbrough, Junior God Knows I Tried
4 Dr. Alimantado Best Dressed Chicken in Town
4 Bozart Kurth
4 Spiders Why Don't You Love Me
4 Dj Hell Suicide Commando
4 Partisans, the Police Story
4 Feathers,Charlie Get with It
4 Grupo Afro Cuba Raices Africanas
4 Bley/Di Castri/Oxley Chaos
4 Operation Re-Information Variable Dump
4 Nelson, Willie Teatro
4 Phonopsychograph Ancient Termites
4 Equations of Eternity Veve
4 Jupiter 88 ______________________________
4 Bosch, Jimmy Soneando Trombon
4 Haack, Bruce Hush Little Robot
4 Hot Club of Cowtown Swingin' Stampede
4 Amps for Christ Songs From Mt. Ion
4 Various [coll]: Women of Istanbul
4 Drones, the Further Temptations
4 Destroy All Monsters S/T
4 East Village Other, the Electric Newspaper, Hiroshima.
4 Smith, Steven R. Autumn Is the End
4 Guberman, Morgan Hamadryas Baboon
4 Sonic's Rendezvous Sweet Nothing
4 St 37 Spaceage
4 Davis, Cedell For the Love of Jesus Chaptr 4
4 Byron, Don Nu Blaxploitation
3 Noto - (Nicolai, Carsten) Endless Loop Edition
3 Pine Valley Cosmonauts, the Majesty of Bob Wills, the
3 7L & Esoteric "Def Rhymes"
3 Kano, Misako Quartet Watch Out
3 Waters, Patty Sings
3 Deke Dickerson & the Ecco-Foni Number One Hit Record!
3 Rube Waddell Stink Bait
3 Dub Syndicate Mellow & Colly
3 Coulibaly, Lassina and Faso, K Music From Burkina & Mali
3 Sir Finks Devil's Agent
3 Neptunas, the Let Them Eat Tuna
3 Papaya Kings Don't Fear the Reverb
3 Cromagnon Orgasm
3 Warheads Warheads
3 Iceburn Collective, the Power of the Lion
3 Mazzacane Connors, Loren Evangeline
3 Isan Damil 85
3 Planet of the Ape (soundtrack) Planet of the Apes
3 Johnson, Mike I Feel Alright
3 Helias, Mark Fictionary
3 Make-Up In Mass Mind
3 Big City Orchestra Collected Works of Od Mcub, Th
3 Fang Amercain Nightmare
3 Various [coll]: It's Only Four Dollars
3 Hancock, Herbie Sextant
3 Cowboy Nation Cowboy Nation
3 Pram North Pole Radio Station
3 Various [coll]: L.S.D.
3 Supersilent 1-3
3 Tatum, Art God Is in the House
3 Autechre LP5
3 Various [coll]: Bloodstains Across Yug
3 Mojack Homebrew
3 Various [coll]: Ba Da Boom GRAMOPHONE3
3 8PDAN ______________________________
3 Various [coll]: Bluesville Years Vol 9
3 Proud, Pip One of These Days
3 Acme Rocket Quartet Ultra-High-Frequency
3 Rimbaud, Robin Garden Is Full of Metal, the
3 Companion Trio ______________________________
3 God Is My Co-Pilot Je Suis Trop Content
3 Governess, the (soundtrack) ______________________________
2 Various [coll]: World Library of Folk
2 Weston, Randy Khepera
2 Lapse, the Betrayal!
2 Medina Green "Crosstown Beef"
2 Various [coll]: Spazz / Monsterx
2 Aceyalone Book of Human Language
2 Le Car Auto-Motif E.P.
2 Mack Stevens At Rollin' Rock
2 Cisco Wishing You Well From the Pink
2 Spikedrivers Reel
2 Dahmer Dahmerized
2 Electronome Music Telex
2 Clyde-Evans, John Optic 1
2 Brodie, Mark & the Saboteurs T.I.G.E.R. Rock
2 Festival of Dead Deer Many Faces of Mental Illns, th
2 Anal Cunt Picnic of Love
2 Schutze, Paul Green Evil
2 Various [coll]: My Delici (soundtrack)
2 Watson, Doc & Merle Home Sweet Home
2 Various [coll]: Soundtracks for Bride
2 Various [coll]: Motards/Permanent Volt
2 Bomb 20 Field Manual
2 Klangkrieg Analog Errors
2 Joe & Eddie Best of Joe and Eddie, the
2 Irr.App.(Ext.) An Uncertain Animal, R
2 Non Phixion 12"
2 Passarani 2099 3RD Quadrant, the
2 Various [coll]: Next Stop (soundtrack)
2 Rich, Robert Seven Veils
2 Various [coll]: Best of G (soundtrack)
2 Equus (soundtrack) Equus
2 Various [coll]: This Is Ovenguard VOL2
2 Ceebrolistics A Day of the People in Between
2 Conn, Bobby Rise Up!
2 Pluramon Render Bandits
2 Bonnie Prince Billy S/T
2 Caroliner S/T
2 Deviants Disposable
2 Various [coll]: Tribute to Grant Green
2 Kimbrough, Junior For the Love of Jesus Ch. 6
2 Romus, Rent-Life's Blood Trio Blood Motions
2 Nova Ghost Sect*Tet, the Life on Uranus
2 Lance Gargoyle Radiation Acne
2 Ordo Equilibrio Conquest, Love & Self Persever
2 Ravens,The Ravens,The
2 Joyner, Simon Christine Ep, the
2 Bembo, Alberto Io E Mara
2 Caustic Window Compilation
2 Farben Farben
2 Joe's All Stars Brixton Cat
2 Various [coll]: Takoma Blues
2 Amram, David Triple Concerto
1 Smokejumpers, the Flat Tear It Up
1 Candye Kane Swango
1 Tinmak Man and Electricity
1 Brother Weasel Swingin' N Groovin'
1 Bell, the Bootleg
1 Myles, Heather Highways and Honky Tonks
1 Various [coll]: L.A. County Line
1 Blacks, the Dolly Horrorshow
1 Unit Moebius Golden Techno Classics
1 Balfa Toujours La Pointe
1 Console ______________________________
1 Wizdom Life & Matt Fingaz "Fruits of Labor in the Su.."
1 Kiss Freak Steven Kiss Freak Steven
1 EC8OR World Beaters
1 Of Mexican Descent Exitos Y Mas Exitos
1 Kuntz, Henry/Marvel, Don One One&One
1 Bob Log Iii School Bus
1 Fidenco, Nino (soundtrack) Black Emmanuelle's Groove
1 Triakel Triakel
1 Incantation Diabolical Conquest
1 Phobia Means of Existence
1 Various [coll]: Musica Futurista
1 Various [coll]: Matrix Vs. Optical
1 El Lobo, Paco Grito
1 Misia Godos Dos Sentidos
1 Animal Pharm Brink E.P., the
1 Underground Resistance Crime Report
1 Tunic All Alright
1 Irma La Douce (soundtrack) Irma La Douce
1 Klangstabil Sieg Der Monochronostin
1 Confront James Black Bomb Mountain
1 Various [coll]: Ground Zero
1 One of One Snapshots in Sound
1 Lonny & Melvin If You Want a Job to Be Done..
1 Kalhor, Kayhan Scattering Stars Like Dust
1 Various [coll]: World Library of Folk
1 Reluctant Toby, the Ultimate Hobby, the
1 Musica Para Hacer La Digestio'n
1 Goblin (soundtrack) Profondo Rosso
1 World Standard Country Gazette
1 [coll]: Get It!, the Get It!, the
1 Jahson, David Roots of David
1 Accident Clearinghouse Saginaw Sweetheart
1 Mills, Jim Bound to Ride
1 Lonesome River Band Finding the Way
1 Streetwalkin' Cheetahs,The Cherry Bomb
1 Parker, Andrea ______________________________
1 Big Star #1 Record/Radio City
1 Army of the Pharoahs Five Perfect Exertions..., the

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