KFJC tops for week ending 10/25/2006

zings artist album_title
16 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 9
8 DJ Shadow Outsider, The
8 Heasley, Tom Where The Earth Meets The Sky
8 Grails Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1,2, & 3
8 Yo La Tengo I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
7 Voices and Organs Orphanage
7 Wooden Wand & Sky High Band Second Attention
7 Hella Acoustics
6 Sunn O))) & Boris Altar
6 Zelienople Ink
6 Horse Feathers Words Are Dead
6 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Letting Go, The
6 Smith, Steven R. Anchorite, The
6 Flim Ohne Titel 1916
6 Penderecki, Krzysztof Seven Gates of Jerusalem
6 Various Arizony Soulsters Eccentric Soul - Mighty Mike Lenaburg
6 Red Sparowes Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun
6 Alias & Tarsier Plane That Draws a White Line
6 Lake of Dracula Skeletal Remains
5 Two Dollar Guitar Wear and Tear of Fear:  a Lover's Discourse, The
5 Measles Mumps Rubella Fantastic Success
5 Les Aus Harrana Hanne
5 Perry, Lee "Scratch" Panic In Babylon
5 Slits, The Revenge of The Killer Slits
5 Vu, Cuong Come Play With Me
5 Hancock, Wayne Tulsa
5 Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women
5 Various Artists Bellydance
5 JB's, The Funky Good Times: The Anthology Volume Two
5 Nervous Patterns Nervous Patterns
5 Comets On Fire Avatar
5 Wovenhand Mosaic
5 Centimeters, The German Verbs
5 Shogun Kunitoki Tasankokaiku
5 Deadbeat New World Observer
5 Alter Ego Decoding the Hacker Myth
4 Lauderdale, Jim Bluegrass
4 Dunaway, Judy Mother of Balloon Music
4 Isaacs, Gregory Extra Classic
4 Pape, Gerard Ascension to Purgatory
4 Ufomammut Godlike Snake
4 Antarcticans Teach Children:  Fear All Teachings of Eternity
4 Harvey Milk Special Wishes
4 Obsessors, The Double Scoop
4 Beach House Beach House
4 Destroy Destroy Destroy Devour The Power
4 Kronos Quartet 25 Years
4 JB's, The Funky Good Time: The Anthology V.1
4 Makoto, Kawabata Inui
4 Carter, Tom Phantom Lung / Temescal Blues
4 Black Neon, The Arts & Crafts
4 Bailiff, Jessica Feels Like Home
4 Herbert, Chris Mezzotint
4 Black Happy Day In The Garden of Ghostflowers
4 Merzbow Minazo
4 Yokota, Susumu Magic Thread
4 Brightblack Morning Light Brightblack Morning Light
4 Healamonster & Tarsier Heart of a Blue Whale Is The Size of a Small Car
4 Ammoncontact With Voices
4 Be Your Own Pet Be Your Own Pet
4 YO3 Bitter Sweet
3 5ive Telestic Disfracture, The
3 Zao Fear Is What Keeps Us Here., The
3 31 Knots Curse of The Longest Day, The
3 New Black Time Attack
3 Excepter / Leb-Laze Excepter / Leb-laze
3 Tar Babies Respect Your Nightmares
3 Warmer Milks Radish On Light
3 Motion Man Feat. KutMasta Kurt Pablito's Way
3 Black Sun Productions Im Gegenteil
3 Hancock, Butch War and Peace
3 Perhacs, Linda Parallelograms
3 Boduf Songs Lion Devours The Sun
3 Jimpster Amour
3 Jah Mason Strictly The Best 34
3 Various Artists Live From The KFJC Surf Battle
3 Messer Fur Frau Miller Triangle, Dot & Devil
3 Tartufi Us Upon Buildings Upon Us
3 Cari Lee and The Saddle-ites Brought to You Via Saddle-ite
3 Sol.illaquists of Sound As If We Existed
3 X:144 and SPS M.E.
3 Hieroglyphics Dan The Automator Presents 2K7
3 Radio Citizen Berlin Serengeti
3 Julius, Orlando & His Afro Sounders Orlando's Afro Ideas '69-'72
3 Suicide Ghost Riders
3 Skullflower Tribulation
3 Fluxion Vibrant Forms
3 Beaupre, Stephen Foe Destroyer
3 Leprechaun Catering Male Plumage
3 Heller Mason Minimalist and Anchored
3 Wailer, Bunny Protest
3 Good Good, The Furrows
3 Benni Hemm Hemm Benni Hemm Hemm
3 Muldrow, Georgia Anne Olesi: Fragments of an Earth
3 Darc Mind Symptomatic of a Greater Ill
3 Made Out of Babies Coward
3 Cappablack But Then Again
3 Leonard, Jim Super Saw
3 Ginger Folorunso Johnson London Is The Place For Me - 4
3 Keijo For a While
3 Zepa, Moise World Library of Folk & Primitive Music: Romania
3 Doris Monteiro Brazilian Funk Experience, The
3 Story, The Tale Spin
3 My Brightest Diamond Bring Me The Workhorse
3 Beaupre, Stephen Macro-house Ep
3 Rauhouse, Jon Hawaiian Guitar Expedition
3 Gainsbourg, Serge Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin
2 Lauderdale, Jim Country Super Hits Vol. One
2 Circle of Ouroborus Shores
2 Facedowninshit Nothing Positive, Only Negative
2 Honeycut Day I Turned to Glass, The
2 Careless Hearts S/T
2 Celtic Frost Monothiest
2 Stunt Rock This Is Stunt Rock Vol. 3
2 Sound In Action Trio Gate
2 Goils Goils and Fripped Goils Goils and Fripped
2 Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol
2 Club D'Elf Now I Understand
2 Fasteau, Kali Z. / Jordan, Kidd People of The Ninth
2 U Roy Version Galore
2 Maju Maju-4
2 PG Six Music From The Sherman Box Series and Other Works
2 Sunburned Hand of The Man Mylar Tantrum, The
2 Black Dog, The Silenced
2 Troum Ajin
2 GHQ Heavy Elements
2 Hojas Mis Suenos Piden
2 Jah Woosh Best of Jah Woosh, The
2 Angelic Process, The Coma Waering
2 Runs, The Wet Sounds
2 Yellow Swans Psychic Secession
2 Dragons 1976 On Cortez
2 Carrier, Chubby Bayou Road
2 Tujiko, Noriko Noriko Tujiko
2 Wooden Ships St
2 Turbulence I Believe
2 LaBrecque, Paul / Webb, Valerie Trees, Chants and Hollers
2 Farina, Geoff / Gray, Luther / Macbride, Nate Out Trios Volume Four
2 Gubaidulina, Sofia Works For Bassoon
2 Coleclough & Murmer Husk
2 Zakarya 413 a
2 Greed, Douglas Madame C. EP
2 Loco Dice Seeing Through Shadows
2 Professor J-S Undergrowth Music, Vol. 2
2 Anvil Salute New Crusaders of The 11th Commandment
2 Rube Waddell Greatest Hits
2 Oh No Exodus Into Unknown Rhythms
2 Milky Wimpshake Lovers Not Fighters
2 Humcrush Hornswoggle
2 Hospitals, The Rich People
2 Deb Players House of Deb
2 DJ Slip She's a Time Traveller
2 Aluk Todolo Aluk Todolo
2 Urfaust II: Verraterischer, Nichtswurdiger Geist
2 Sufjan Stevens Avalanche
2 Zeitgeist / Miller, Scott / Costaglioli, Philippe Shape Shifting
2 Konitz, Lee / Talmor, Ohad String Project Inventions
2 Big City Orchestra Comp Traz Ju05-Fe06
2 Spencer Dickinson Man Who Lives For Love, The
2 Space Agency, The Kaleidoscopic Sounds
2 Leinonen, Ville & Valumo Varpunen
2 Decomposure Enter: Unschooled Records Compilation V1.0
2 Radio Birdman Zeno Beach
2 Time Flys, The Fly
2 Corvus Corax Venus Vina Musica
2 O'neil, Tara Jane In Circles
2 Orchestre Du Bawobab Orchestre Du Bawobab / Don Isaac Ezekiel Combinati...
2 Simone, Nina It Is Finished
2 ST37 Glare
1 Racy, Ali Jihad / Shaheen, Simon Taqasim
1 Greenlief, Philip Seared Circuit Incident
1 Jedi Mind Tricks Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell
1 Goatwhore a Haunting Curse
1 Es A Love Cycle
1 Reatard, Jay Blood Visions
1 Makoto, Kawabata/Courtis, Anla,/Rokugenkin Kokura
1 Phelan, Keiron / Sheppard, David Harps Old Master
1 Traffic Sound Yellow Sea Years
1 Father Murphy I Saw Seven Horns Rising From The Sea, When a Roos...
1 Curse Ov Dialect Wooden Tongues
1 Davignon, Matt SoftWetFish
1 Sadies, The Tales of the Rat Fink
1 Thumbtack Smoothie Fall Back
1 Antique Brothers Bears In The Woods, Volume 1
1 Green, Grant Grant's First Stand
1 Benoit Pioulard Precis
1 Krejci,david Cleophone, The
1 Daughters Hell Songs
1 Mr. Natural I Cooked Your Eggs
1 Unearth III: In The Eyes of Fire
1 Black Boned Angel Bliss and Void Inseparable
1 Black Boned Angel Eternal Hunger
1 H4:Mgla Crushing The Holy Trinity
1 Smigel, Jacob Eavesdrop : A Wealth of Found Sound
1 Ware, David S. Quartet BalladWare
1 Muna Zul Muna Zul
1 Ducret, Marc News From The Front
1 Machinefabriek Lenteliedjes
1 Miss Violetta Beauregarde Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo
1 Jennifer Gentle Sacramento Session/5 of 3
1 Higdon, Jennifer City Scape/Concerto For Orchestra - Robert Spano, ...
1 Boxhead Ensemble Nocturnes
1 N.A.D.M.A. Paura
1 Casavola, Franco Futurlieder (perf By Daniele Lombardi / Susanna Ri...
1 Lavender Diamond Dublab Presents : In The Loop 4
1 Amlee, Erik Afternoon Dream
1 Vetiver to Find Me Gone
1 Spice, Richie Warrior Remix
1 Reeder, Dan Sweetheart
1 Akron/Family Meek Warrior
1 Thrones Thrones / Behead The Prophet N.L.S.L.
1 Boisen, Myles * Raskin, Jon Music + One
1 Irr. App. (Ext.) Perekluchenie
1 Johnson, Nathan With The Cinematic Underground Brick
1 Plumerai Res Cogitans
1 Pigeon John and The Summertime Pool Party
1 Prior, Maddy & Tabor, June Silly Sisters
1 Nowottny, Marianne Springtime of Desire
1 Weird Weeds, The Weird Feelings
1 Friedberger,Matt Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School
1 Art Ensemble of Chicago Non-cognitive Aspects of The City
1 Cambodia Weight of Ages
1 Frequency Frequency
1 Dragon Univeral Radio
1 My Cat Is An Alien From The Earth to The Spheres, Vol. 6
1 Davka Lavy's Dream
1 Eastern Fox Squirrels Eastern Fox Squirrels
1 Plaid & Jaroc, Bob Greedy Baby
1 Anavan Anavan
1 Angell, Theo Dearly Beloved
1 Daniel Popsicle ( Plonsey, Dan ) Music of El Cerrito Volume 8
1 Espvall, Helena Nimis & Arx
1 Malcolm, Greg Hung
1 Rose, Jack Untitled (Parts I & II)
1 Ginnungagap Remeindre
1 Jones, Jimmy Soul Sides Volume One
1 J Dilla Shining Ep, The
1 First Nation First Nation
1 Celestine Ukwu Rough Guide to West African Gold
1 Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory Tree Colored See...
1 Takeovers, The Turn to Red
1 Ruby Dee & The Snakehandlers North of Bakersfield
1 Dagons, The Reverse
1 Modern Institute Excellent Swimmer
1 Loess Wind and Water
1 Anoice Remmings
1 Kalsoum, Oum Les Grands Compositeurs (vol. 2)
1 Sourayyah Qaddourah Women of Egypt 1924-1931
1 Antheil, George Ballet Mecanique
1 Praetorio A Challenge of Honour Vs Praetorio : Hadrian's Wal...
1 Bread and Circuits Bread and Circuits
1 Larkin, Kenny Presents Art of Dance - The Chronicles
1 Bolcom, William Songs of Innocence and of Experience
1 Procussions, The 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents
1 Cluster Duo Dances
1 Lonberg-Holm, Fred Quartet Bridges Freeze Before Roads
1 Talk Talk Spirit of Eden
1 Pretty Things, the Real Pretty
1 Faithfull, Marianne Blazing Away
1 Rutles, the       (soundtrack) Rutles (Soundtrack), the
1 Karate Bed Is in the Ocean, the
1 Collins, Dave/Collins, Ansel Double Barrel
1 Swell Maps Swell Maps
1 Masada Aleef/One
1 Yearwood, Kathleen Book of Hate
1 Godhead Silo Scientific Supercake
1 Wormdoom Deep Funnels of Entry
1 Uncle Wiggly Tommy in 7 Minutes
1 Bunnybrains Spacematic

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