KFJC tops for week ending 10/26/2005

9 Various [coll]: Live From the Devil's Triangle Vol 8
8 Black Ice Terrible Birds
8 Various [coll]: Invisible Pyramid
7 If Thousands I Have Nothing
7 Ex, the Singles. Period. (The Vinyl...
7 Various [coll]: Everything Comes &...
7 Sun Electric S/T
6 Tujiko, Noriko Blurred in My Mirror
6 Residual Echoes Phoenecian Flu and Ancient Ocn
6 Various [coll]: Paradise Island / Dada
6 Bleach 03 S/T
6 Alvarius B (Alan Bishop) Blood Operatives of the Barium
6 Various [coll]: Guitars of the Golden.
6 Tivol Early Teeth
6 Bats, the At the National Grid
6 Asianova Love Like a Veiled Threat
6 Quantic Soul Orchestra, the Pushin on
5 Cline, Nels Singers Giant Pin, the
5 Mystafya Mystafya Dubs
5 Animals & Men Revel in the Static
5 Various [coll]: Is It Rolling Bob?
5 Rich, Robert Below Zero
5 Pelican Start.Stop.Start.Stop.Start...
5 Ah Cama-Sotz Terra Infernalis
5 Detroit Cobras, the Baby
5 General Elektriks Cliquety Kliqk
5 Lord Loves a Working Man Lord Loves a Working Man
5 Two Tons of Steel Vegas
5 Appreciation Healing the Fatherwound (Cd)
5 Herbaliser, the Take London
5 Lycia Estrella
5 Beatfanatic Adventures in the Land of No-F
5 Murphy, Roisin Sequins
5 Various [coll]: New York Noise
4 Connah, Graham Admiral Ted Brinkley Directs..
4 English English
4 Jahcoozi Black Barbie
4 Xxl !Ciautistico!
4 Lightning Bolt Hypermagic Mountain
4 Various [coll]: Day By Day
4 Various [coll]: Treasure Tropics
4 Minmae I'd Be Scared,Were You Burning
4 Instant Automatons, the Another Wasted Sunday...
4 Annihilation Time Ii
4 Riistetyt Valtion Vankina
4 A.M. Salad Lo-Fi for Hi-Fi
4 Various [coll]: Happy End (soundtrack)
4 Ex-Girl Endangered Species
4 Venetian Snares Chocolate Wheelchair Album
4 Turner, Ike Bad Man, the
4 De Genarro, Matt Humbled Down
4 Danger Doom Mouse and the Mask, the
4 Drums & Tuba Battles Ole
4 Like-A-Tim Deathlike
4 Tyrades Incarcerated
4 Menomena ______________________________
4 Various [coll]: Choubi Choubi!
4 Jesse Quattro Closer to the Wolf
4 Griffiths, Marcia/Cutty Ranks Shining Time
4 Radio Pyongyang Commie Funk & Agit Pop From Th
4 Hospitals, the I've Visited the Island of Joc
4 Cosmologic Iii
4 Scherf, Deter Trio Inside-Outside Reflections
4 Earth Hex: or Printing in the Inf...
4 Angeli, Paolo Nita, L'angelo Sul Trapezio
4 Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey Super Negro Bantous
4 Jazz Addixx Oxygen
4 Yokota, Susumu Symbol
4 Coe, David Allan Penitentiary Blues
4 Birds, the Birds Birds Birds in the World
4 Yoakam, Dwight Blame the Vain
4 Various [coll]: Remit Recaps
4 Various [coll]: Banhart, D./Xiu Xiu
4 Rechenzentrum Heimkehr
4 Darkat Omnia Ab Uno
4 Kohn Koen
4 Ahmed, Mahmoud Ere Mela Mela
3 Wagoner, Porter 20 All-Time Greatest Hits
3 Mutts, the Life in Dirt
3 As Mercenarias 4 Demos / Bonus Single
3 Cutler, Ivor Dandruff
3 Thururman Hatha Yoga
3 Swims, the Sanckfood Junction
3 Triptych Myth Beautiful, the
3 Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointer Honky Tonk Revival
3 Kingsbury Manx Fast Rise and Fall Of..., the
3 Williams, Willi Messenger Man
3 Temptations, the Psychedelic Shack
3 Various [coll]: Look Records Sampler
3 Ashby, Dorothy Rubaiyat
3 Marble Sheep Gate of Heavenly Body, the
3 Zimbabwe Legit Brothers From the Mother
3 Duplex Ablum
3 Hurdy-Gurdy Prototyp
3 Fruit Bats Spelled in Bones
3 Circle Forest
3 Misterious Skin ( (soundtrack) Mysterious Skin
3 Corpse Bride (Sou (soundtrack) Corpse Bride
3 Savoy Family Band, the Savoy Family Band
3 Dr. Isreal Inna City Pressure
3 Turkbas, Ozel How to Make Your Husband a Sul
3 Monosov Swirnoff Shining Path, the
3 Rashanim Masada Rock
3 Ferrari, Luc Anecdotals, the
3 Acid King Acid King Iii
3 Taylor, Terry Lee Another Time
3 Various [coll]: Oneida / Plastic Crime
3 Devil Ether 13 Years with a Friend
3 Salikapalikau & King Lear's Co Vitreous Pilgrims Border
3 Glass Candy Iko
3 Various [coll]: Down in a Mirror
3 Eau Claire Eau Claire Ep, the
3 New Blockaders, the First Live Performance
3 Lorna Static Patterns and Souvenirs
3 Deadbeat Something Borrowed, Something
3 Texas Terri Bomb! Your Lips...My Ass!
3 Hop-Frog's Fatwa Silk Road, the
3 Spires that in the Sunset Rise Four Winds the Walker
3 Various [coll]: Eccentric Soul
3 Bohren & Der Club of Gore Geisterfaust
3 Archetti, Luigi/Wiget, Bo Low Tide Digitals Ii
3 Alias & Ehren Lillian
3 Guthrie, Arlo Live in Sydney
3 Capps, Grayson If You Knew My Mind
3 Gonzalez, Jose Veneer
3 Ohuzaru S/T
3 Continental What Was Gained From What...
3 Magik Markers I Trust My Guitar, Etc.
3 Kronos Quartet + Asha Bhosle You've Stolen My Heart
3 Various [coll]: Konono NO.1/DEAD C, Th
3 Aemae Helical Word, the
3 Shalabi Effect (Self-Titled)
3 Fleischmann, B. Toru Okada
3 Hood Cold House
3 Gossip, the That's not What I Heard
3 Don Caballero American Don
3 Dj Shadow Endtroducing...
2 Up-Tight/Kawabata Makoto S/T
2 21.PERON Anlatamiyorum
2 Vets, the Ad Infinitum
2 Tk Webb Tk Webb Kck
2 Dj Ruthless Much Terror
2 Drive-By Truckers Dirty South, the
2 Lyrics Born/ Jean Grae Big Money Talk / the Jam
2 Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar Halrum
2 Panther Skull Slothwave
2 Devillock These Graves
2 Burning Star Core Very Heart of the World, the
2 Peet, Wayne Live at Al's Bar
2 Neon Blonde Chandeliers in the Savannah
2 Silver, the Do You Wanna Dance?
2 Various [coll]: Des_Ark/Bellafea
2 Various [coll]: Nips N Nipple Erectors
2 Hair Police Drawn Dead
2 Various [coll]: Is Orange Birds
2 Various [coll]: Breaking Up
2 Watchers Dunes Phase
2 TERESA11 Smoky Heaven
2 Xyn Outputsquare
2 Provoked Prepare for the Cold
2 Rylander,Henry Possible Risk for Pulpal Reacs
2 Various [coll]: Polyvinyl 2005
2 Lovely Little Girls Lovely Little Girls
2 Spacehorse S/T
2 Stromba Sitting Room, the
2 Why? Elephant Eyelash
2 Ghost Exits S/T
2 Sun City Girls Folk Songs of the Rich & Evil/
2 A Hawk and a Hacksaw A Hawk and a Hacksaw
2 New Flesh, the Parasite
2 C.J. Reaven Borosque Bedlam
2 Sabbah, Cheb I La Kahena
2 Excepter Self Destruction
2 Raised By Wolves In Hoarse Cartography
2 Supersession S/T
2 Voivod Killing Technology
2 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Worn Copy
2 Kaplan,Ori Shaat'nez Band Le Magus
2 Lemhouse, Mark Great American Yard Sale, the
2 Blood of Abraham Eyedollartree
2 Ballast Sound Asleep
2 Various [coll]: Pdx Pop Now! 2005
2 Puzzleweasel Farvel Til Slaegt Og Venner!
2 Exillon Prequiem
2 Dempster, Stuart Underground Overlays From the
2 Snider, Todd That Was Me 1994-1998
2 Blood Ritual Black Grimoire
2 Damian Schwartz Arena En Los Zapatos
2 Frogtoboggan Meets the Unpaid Professionals
2 Tarantula A.D. Atlantic
2 Numbers We're Animals
2 Subotnick, Morton Volume 1 Electronic Works
2 Popol Vuh Affenstunde
2 D.S.B. Pure Cultivation
2 Boduf Songs S/T
2 Tamburo, Mike Beating of the Rewound Son
2 Schwabinggrad Ballett S/T
2 Navies An Estate
2 Dorge, Pierre, New Jungle Orch Giraf
2 Hafler Trio, the "The Moment When We Blow the F
2 Coffin, Peter Music Interpreted By the Brain
2 Mai-Shi, the To Hit Armor Class Zero
2 Felix Laband Dark Days Exit
2 Terminal 11 Illegal Nervous Habits
2 Noto, Alva/Sakamoto, Ryuichi Insen
2 Yacht Mega
2 Rogers Sisters, the Les Fantaisies Sont Bien
2 Cocorosie La Maison De Mon Reve
2 Healamonster and Tarsier 00:00:01
2 Trans Am Red Line
2 Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Childrn
2 Lfo Advance
2 Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
2 Various [coll]: Manchester-So Much to
1 Necks, the Photosynthetic
1 Cortes, Lula E Ze Ramalho Paebiru
1 Dunkle Tage S/T
1 Sea Donkeys, the Volume 1
1 Nashville Pussy Get Some
1 Korekyojinn Isotope
1 Gustafsson/Stackenas, Mats/Dav Blues
1 Theodosii Spassov Trio Fish Are Praying for Rain, the
1 Insomniac Polygonal Planet
1 Various [coll]: Sound of Suomi
1 Various [coll]: Guillotined at the ...
1 Martial Solal (soundtrack) A Bout De Souffle
1 Larson, Nathan (S (soundtrack) Filmmusik
1 Motorcycle Diarie (soundtrack) Motorcycle Diaries
1 Penderecki, Krzysztof Musica Da Camera
1 Sauvage, Camille Fantasmagories
1 Blackshaw, James Celeste
1 Newhart, Bob Button-Down Mind Strikes.., th
1 Comus First Utterance
1 I Self Divine Self Destruction
1 Marley, Damian "Jr. Gong" Welcome to Jamrock
1 Various [coll]: Ex-Models / Holy Molar
1 Various [coll]: Murderbal (soundtrack)
1 Drink the Bleach S/T Demo
1 Various [coll]: Iron Lung/Shank
1 Fifths of Seven Spry From Bitter Anise Folds
1 Janes, Liz & Create(!) (Self Titled)
1 Bathtub Shitter Wall of World Is Words
1 Mars Ill Pro Pain
1 Ex-Centric Sound System West Nile Funk
1 Rempis Percussion Quartet, the Circular Logic
1 Tudor Ultra Black Metal
1 Various [coll]: Growing/Burden, M.E.
1 Plotkin, James Kurtlanmak
1 Dengue Fever Escape From Dragon House
1 Long Blondes, the S/T
1 Thessalonians Soloaristics
1 Sagan Unseen Forces
1 Selfish Cause Pain
1 Eye Contact Embracing the Tide
1 Papasov,Ivo/Yuri Yunakov Together Again
1 Kopp, Hermann Mondo Carnale
1 Kol Oud Tof Trio Gazelle
1 Afu-Ra State of the Arts
1 Med Push Comes to Shove
1 Crandell, Richard Mbira Magic
1 Fenin Grounded
1 Osby, Greg Channel Three
1 Various [coll]: Axelrod, David
1 Verboten! 2005 Ep
1 Free Pop Electronic Concept A New Exciting Experience
1 Ondera, Yoris Disease of Rectum
1 Gubaidulina, Sofia Ten Preludes, Etc.
1 Camberwell Now All's Well
1 Various [coll]: Nortt / Xasthur
1 Silva, Alan & Parker, William A Hero's Welcome
1 Cat Box Quartet, the Running Uphill
1 Ordo Equilibrio 141
1 Xtatika Tongue Bath
1 Gogol Bordello Gypsy Punks
1 Brigit Ulher / Gino Robair Sputter
1 Les Maledictus Sound Les Maledictus Sound
1 Riley, Terry & Scodanibbio Diamond Fiddle Language
1 Deep Space 5 Unique, Just Like Everyone Els
1 Mr. Dorgon Smell the Glove
1 Mount Everest Trio Waves From Albert Ayler
1 Fog 10TH Avenue Freakout
1 Ehlers, Ekkehard Ekkerhard Ehlers Plays
1 Forrest, Jason Shamelessly Exciting
1 Esway, Val & El Mirage Lovers Losers Liars
1 Mc Murtry, James Childish Things
1 Summon Fallen
1 Drawn and Quartered Return of the Black Death
1 Anderson,Fred/Drake/Parker Blue Winter
1 Draugar Weathering the Curse
1 Times New Viking Dig Yourself
1 Parts and Labor ______________________________
1 Feldman, Morton Straights of Magellan and More
1 Beneath the Lake Silent Uprising
1 Some Girls Dna Will Have Its Say, the
1 Greenlief, Phillip Solo
1 Works, the S/T
1 Mass, the Perfect Picture of Wisdom...
1 Vanderslice, John Pixel Revolt
1 Quintron & Miss Pussycat Swamp Tech
1 Ammoncontact New Birth
1 Mr. Scruff Mrs. Cruff
1 Smyglyssna We Can Fix It
1 Moondoc, Jemeel Live at the Vision Vest 2001
1 Vegas Martyrs Choking Doberman
1 Various [coll]: Psf/Alchemy 20TH Anniv
1 Music From South India S/T
1 Exias-J Electric Conception "Avant-Gar
1 Eric Malmberg Den Gatfulla Manniskan
1 Skarp Requiem
1 Gasman, the Grand Electric Palace Of.., th
1 Slicing Grandpa Electric Shitstorm
1 Vasori, Claude Ionic Scrabble
1 M.I.A. Arular
1 Zdrastvootie S/T
1 Deep Puddle Dynamics Taste of Rain...Why Kneel, the
1 Various [coll]: Funky 16 Corners
1 Two Lone Swordsmen Further Reminders
1 Dj Vadim Your Revolution
1 Blackalicious Nia
1 Handsome Boy Modeling School So...How's Your Girl
1 Afro Cuban All Stars Distinto, Diferente
1 Photek Form and Function
1 Aceyalone Book of Human Language
1 Pixies Surfer Rosa
1 Congos, the Heart of the Congos
1 Garnier, Laurent Unreasonable Behaviour
1 Nas Illmatic

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