KFJC tops for week ending 11/05/1997

8 Motel Ep Motel Ep
7 Farflung So Many Minds, So Little Time
7 Stellamara Star of the Sea
6 Atman Personal Forest
6 Stock, Hausen & Walkman ______________________________
6 Umiliani, Piero (soundtrack) Sweden Heaven and Hell
6 Wishmountain Radio
6 Marinernine A Little Something From the
6 Kadura From the Depths of the Other S
5 Thaemlitz, Terre Couture Cosmetique
5 No Talents, the No Talents, the
5 Heaven Deconstruction Heaven Deconstruction
5 Imminent Starvation Human Dislocation
5 Horist, Bill Soylent Radio
5 Rh Band Third Order Parasitism
5 Various [coll]: Alternative Frequencie
5 Phillips, U. Utah and Mark Ros Loafer's Glory
5 Freeform Heterarchy
5 Weber, Thomas Kammerflimmer Kollektief
5 Lab Report Excision
5 Various [coll]: Further Mutations
5 Various [coll]: Ecuador
5 Dymaxion Dymaxion
5 Schutze, Paul 9 Songs From the Garden of ...
5 Various [coll]: Discoteca Collection
4 Romus, Rent/John Tchicai Adapt...Or Die!
4 Wylie and the Wild West Way Out West
4 Mocket Fanfare
4 Schlammpeitziger Freundlichbaracudamelodielied
4 Carl Blend What Shall I Say?
4 Mogwai Young Team
4 Crimmen, Dave Where He Left Off
4 Slower than Alice on Slower than
4 Montefiori, Federico/Francesco Montefiori Cocktail
4 Run on Scoot
4 Von Ryan, John Organs Vs. Furniture
4 Philosopher's Stone Preparation
4 Various [coll]: Tokyo Trashville!
4 Wray, Link Live at the Record Plant 1974
4 Chenier, Clifton Zydeco Sont Pas Sale
4 Various [coll]: Louisiana Blues
4 Hancock, Wayne That's What Daddy Wants
4 Face A Picture of End
4 Magical Power Mako Bluedot
4 Walking Timebombs Walking Timebombs
4 Murder City Devils Murder City Devils
4 Cline, Nels/Moore, Thurston Pillow Wand
4 Berzerkers, the Berzerkers, the
4 Sonora Pine, the I I
4 Drums and Tuba Box Fetish
4 Beatnik Filmstars Inhospitalable
4 Knox, Chris Yes!!
4 Evil Moisture Gak
4 Umezu, Kazutoki First Deserter
4 Dinner Is Ruined, the (Elevator Music)For Non-Cla...
4 Young Destroyers, the Young Destroyers, the
4 Akita/Azuma/Haswell/Sakaibara Ich Schnitt Mitt in Den Finger
4 Tanaka-Nixon-Meeting, the Ark, the
3 Kirchen, Bill Hot Rod Lincoln-Live!
3 Childish, Billy Made with a Passion
3 Sykes, Roosevelt Feel Like Blowing My Horn
3 Hirsch, Shelley States
3 Tono-Bungay/Tower Recordings,T Rules of Thumb
3 Aerial M Aerial M
3 Rank Strangers Target B/W Planetarium
3 Starlite Desperation, the Our Product
3 Flieswatters, the Flieswatters, the
3 Dilated Peoples "Third Degree"
3 Ghazal Lost Songs of the Silk Road
3 High Rise Psychedelic Freaks '84-'85
3 Horchata Right Upside Your Head
3 Hi Fi Killers Loaded
3 Various [coll]: Mystic Fiddle of Th...
3 Flametrick Subs, the Amaze Your Friends with X-Ray
3 Curtis, Mac Rockabilly Uprising: the Best
3 Octal Octal
3 Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopp Fantastic Everlasting Gobstopp
3 Family, the Family Jams
3 Sharp, Elliot Tectonics
3 Leonard, Tom Nora's Place
3 Afro-Cuban All Stars A Toda Cuba Le Gusta
3 Various [coll]: Today the Planet Tom..
3 Kronos Quartet Early Music
3 Slackmates, the Hot Car Girls
3 Edwards, Don Saddle Songs
3 EC8OR All of Us Can Be Rich
3 Frigg-A-Go-Go Penetrating Sounds Of..., the
3 Cosmic Psychos Oh What a Lovely Pie
3 Various [coll]: Egg Files, the
3 Various [coll]: Skampler
3 Waco Brothers Do You Think About Me?
3 Various [coll]: Bloostains Across Swed
3 Dead Voices on Air Vs not Brth A Fire in the Bronx Zoo
3 Roach, Steve On this Planet
3 Pharaohs, the In the Basement
3 Traktor Traktor
3 I.E.M. Incredible Expanding Mindfuck
3 Vainqueur Elevation Il
3 Spectrum Forever Alien
3 Cujo ______________________________
3 Delta 72, the Soule of a New Machine
3 Various [coll]: Music for T V Dinners
3 Crescent Electronic Sound Creations
3 Various [coll]: Psychedelic Experience
3 Intveld, James James Intveld
3 Riptones, the Extra Sauce
3 Camerata... and Angaatanamu Amazonica
3 Haters Hello Hater
3 Ito, Teiji (soundtrack) Meshes
3 Sandblasters, the Space Bar-B-Q
3 Various [coll]: Ska's the Limit
3 Masaoka/Nunn/Robair Crepuscular Music
3 Various [coll]: For the Dead in Space
3 O'rourke, Jim Bad Timing
2 Various [coll]: Beats and Lyrics
2 Lucky Stars S.T.
2 Parker, William/Joe Morris Invisible Weave
2 Fair, Jad/Jason Willett Honey Bee
2 Stock, Hausen & Walkman Organ Transplants
2 Lomax, Alan Caribbean Voyage:Brown Girl in
2 Kool Keith "Get Off My Elevator"
2 Various [coll]: Get Ready Rock Steady
2 Various [coll]: Noothgrush/Agents of S
2 Him Focus Changes, the
2 Fahey, John Womblife
2 Daaood, Kamau Leimert Park
2 Carroll, Johnny Texabilly
2 X-Ecutioners X-Pressions
2 Trumans Water Action Ornaments
2 Liquorball Bullshit
2 Low Frequency Band, the ______________________________
2 Atman ______________________________
2 Scott, Raymond Soothing Sounds for Baby VOL.3
2 Mixrace Alaska Remix
2 Doc Watson and Dave Grisman Doc & Dawg
2 Rhag Life Goes on
2 Parker, William and the ... Sunrise in the Tone World
2 Tazartes, Ghedalia Une Eclipse Totale De Soleil
2 Ware, David S. Wisdom of Certainty
2 Zipper Spy Watch Your Damage
2 Ashtray Navigations Use Copenhagen '69 Guitars...
2 Crimson Curse, the Both Feet in the Grave
2 Directions Echoes
2 Reich, Steve Early Works
2 Various [coll]: Rhythm and Blues Beat
2 Indigo Swing ______________________________
2 Mantronik, Kurtis Music for the Dusted
2 Ambient Temple of Imagination Planetary House Nation
2 Ground Zero Consume Red
2 Fireworks Lit Up!
2 Lexis ______________________________
2 Burnside, R.L. Sound Machine Groove
2 Amps for Christ and Two Am... Beggars Garden, the
2 Rebirth Brass Band Here to Stay
2 Various [coll]: Upsetter and U-Roy
2 Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts Straight to Video
2 New Klezmer Trio Masks and Faces
2 Heidsieck, Bernard Poeme-Partition "X"
2 Quadrajets, the Real Fucked Up Blues, the
2 Others, the "
2 William Carlos Williams White Women
2 Skinner Pilot This Parking Lot Is Being V...
2 Cyrille, Andrew Good to Go, W/ a Tribute to Bu
2 Jandek I Woke Up
2 Chromos Saxophone Quartet Wind
2 Menche, Daniel Vulgar Scratch Recordings, the
2 Lync Remembering the Fireballs...
2 Planet T R Let the Cosmos Ring
2 Various [coll]: Melt-Banana/Stilluppst
2 Chomsky, Noam Class War:The Attack on Work..
1 Bardo Pond Lapsed
1 Various [coll]: Prison Worksongs
1 Hubbard, Ray Wylie Dangerous Spirits
1 Clarke, Johnny & Eastwood, Clt African Roots
1 M.F. Doom ______________________________
1 Skip Bifferty ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Deche Charge/Mizuko
1 Chessie Signal Series
1 Data Cadet Life Pod
1 O'brien, Tim When no One's Around
1 Scienz of Life "Powers of Nine Ether"
1 Haynie, Aubrie Doin' My Time
1 Mario Migliardi Mario Migliardi
1 X-Ecutioners "Musica Negra (Black Music)"
1 Reflection Eternal "Fortified Live"
1 Siah "Repetition"
1 Bang, Billy Commandment
1 Magic Dirt ______________________________
1 Kremer, Gidon Astor Piazzolla - El Tango
1 Various [coll]: Autopsy Mayhem H.S.#1
1 Various [coll]: Four Years in 30 Secon
1 Szabo, Gabor Sorcerer, the
1 Various [coll]: Fake Hand/Aylers An...
1 Electroscope Homemade Electroscope
1 Prince Jazzbo Ital Corner
1 Mulchmen, the Louder than Dirt...
1 Swamis, the Hearing Test
1 Various [coll]: Sore Losers, the
1 Can Future Days
1 Preston, Leroy Country Pedigree
1 Phylr Contra La Puerta
1 Cage Radiohead/Agent Orange
1 Cosmic Jokers, the ______________________________
1 Asshole Asshole
1 Cattle Decapitation ______________________________
1 Phelps, Kelly Joe Roll Away the Stone
1 Strange Creek Singers Strange Creek Singers
1 Crown Royals All Night Burner
1 Kismet Curious Yellow
1 Jega Jega
1 Shizuo Vs. Shizor
1 Life Garden Plutonium Dub B/W Chaos Lullab
1 Foetus Ache
1 Word Salad Specimen
1 Lama Karta Tcheud
1 Lesser Excommunicate the Cult of the
1 King of Hawaii King of Hawaii
1 Baronics, the Get Bach!
1 Walker, Scott Tilt
1 Various [coll]: Camp Skin Graft (!)
1 Heemann, Christoph Retrace
1 Various [coll]: Save You
1 Various [coll]: Patio Collection, the
1 Opium Taylor Fade Machine Fade Magazine
1 Various [coll]: Ansojuan/Assholeparade
1 Delerue, Georges (soundtrack) Music Frm Th Films of Truffaut
1 Live Free or Die! Live Free or Die! Experience

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