KFJC tops for week ending 11/10/1999

11 Acid Mothers Temple Pataphisical Freak Out Mu
10 Amps for Christ Electrosphere
10 Spaceheads Live 1999
10 Brother JT3 Way to Go
9 Make-Up Save Yourself
9 Various [coll]: Marclay/Yoshihide
9 Baby Huey & the Baby Sitters Baby Huey Story, the
9 Tape-Beatles, the Good Times
9 Cabaret Voltaire Radiation:Bbc Recordings 84-86
8 Jarret, Wayne Bubble Up
8 Rhythm & Sound Smile
7 Screamers Demos 1977-78
7 Italian Job, the (soundtrack) Italian Job, the
7 Naz Nomad & the Nightmares Give Daddy the Knife Cindy
7 Material Intonarumori
7 For Stars Windows for Stars
6 Mad, the 1978 Ep, the
6 Knit Separates, the Swords, Then Diamonds
6 Bright Eyes Every Day & Every Night
6 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Grow Fins Volume: Trout Mask..
6 Highlife Movement, the ...Estuary
6 Faint, the Blank-Wave Arcade
6 Lindsay, Arto Prize
6 Uniform, the If It Takes the Form of A...
6 Demi Semi Quaver ______________________________
6 Various [coll]: Drinking From Puddles
6 Magnog More Weather
6 Various [coll]: Cool Beans #8
6 Dj Frane Franes Fantastic Boatride
6 Various [coll]: Dj Vadim Life From the
6 Breakestra Getcha Soul Togetha
6 Dj Krush Kakusei
6 Left Hand S/T
6 Various [coll]: Fabulous Shakers Soul
6 Turner, Mick Marlan Rosa
6 MC5 '66 Breakout
5 Ramp Come Into Knowledge
5 Rovo Imago
5 Frith, Fred, Kaiser, Henry Friends & Enemies
5 Willette,"Baby-Face" Roosevelt Behind the Eight Ball
5 Kimbrough, Junior Meet Me in the City
5 Various [coll]: Aceyalone/ Dialated Pe
5 Yah Supreme Full Circle
5 Moosaka Sound Thoughts
5 Ghost Orchid, the Ghost Orchid, the
5 Mittoo, Jackie Disco Jack
5 Jang, Jon & Max Roach & J.Chen Bejing Trio
5 Bevis Frond Live
5 Bombs for Whitey S/T
5 Lies, the Underdogs and Infidels
5 Panama S/T
5 Big Boy Pete Psycho-Relics
5 Freakwater End Time
5 Dowd, Johnny Pictures From Life's Other Sid
5 Various [coll]: Pebbles VOL.12 the Wor
5 Michelle Gun Elephant, the Rumble
5 Shadowbug 4 Tiny Voices of Love and Fear
5 Mice Parade Ramda
5 Drums and Tuba Flatheads and Spoonies
4 O.C. O.C.
4 Fourier Flowtation
4 T-Cisco Destructive Edit, the
4 I C P Orchestra Jubilee Varia
4 Various [coll]: Negro Work Songs And..
4 Custer, Beth In Broken Fields Where I Lie
4 White Heaven Threshhold of the Pain
4 Panicsmile We Cannot Tell You Truth,Again
4 Various [coll]: Ischemic Strokes VOL.1
4 Lopez, Francisco Untitled 1993
4 Love As Laughter Destination 2000
4 Ellis, Alton Arise Black Man 1968-1978
4 Various [coll]: Beyond the Black Foret
4 Droop Capone Subterrain Reign
4 Various [coll]: Thunderbirds and Other
4 Pawns And They Thought Anarchy Was..
4 Polkacide 2/4 Hardcore
4 Various [coll]: Waves of the West
4 Drags, the 45X3
4 Derailers Full Western Dress
4 Miller, Buddy Cruel Moon
4 Hancock, Wayne Wild, Free and Reckless
4 Various [coll]: Poor Little Knitter...
4 Chocolate Watchband Sitting there Standing
4 Various [coll]: Afrojazzfunk
4 Sunburned Hand of Man, the Mind of a Brother
4 Splotch Two Million Fuckheads
4 Bondage Fruit Selected
4 Innerzone Orchestra Programmed
4 Push Button Objects Half Dozen
4 Vhf Extracts
3 Lanegan, Mark I'll Take Care of You
3 Gods Hate Kansas, the For Snakes
3 His Hero Is Gone Plot Sickens:Enslavement R, th
3 Die Like a Dog Quartet From Valley to Valley
3 Clay, Cassius Iam the Greatest
3 Haunted House Up in Flames
3 Akchote/Chadbourne/Ribot Lust Corner
3 Various [coll]: Americana the Beautifu
3 Non Phixion S/T
3 Skull Knotrol Deviate Beyond All Means of
3 Czsukay, Holger Good Morning Story
3 Maybe Monday Saturn's Finger
3 Hazlewood, Lee Trouble Is a Lonesome Town
3 Heatscores, the Light 'em Up
3 Oneida Annihilator to Traitors
3 Les Tres Bien Ensemble Je Veux Etre Un Symbol Sexuel
3 Tram Heavy Black Frame
3 Various [coll]: Sacred Steel--Live
3 Disband We Pulld Yr Ass Out/Team Steph
3 Stukas Over Bedrock Invaders From the Planet Xemu
3 Various [coll]: Where Birdman Flew
3 Lights in a Fat City Memory Ground
3 Various [coll]: Al-Jabr
3 Upsilon Acrux Last Pirates of Upsilon, the
3 Treblemakers, the Vs. the Doomsday Device
3 Mekons Where Were You? Hen's Teeth..
3 Brotzmann, Caspar Mute Massaker
3 Williams, Hank 3 Risin' Outlaw
3 Lauderdale, Jim Onward Through It All
3 Lowfish Fear not the Snow & Other ...
3 Commode Minstrels in Bullface Fantastic Picnic
2 On/Off On/Off
2 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence A Coney Island of the Mind
2 Various [coll]: Destructo Rock
2 Doucet, David "1957" (Solo Cajun Guitar)
2 Charles Bronson Youth Attack
2 Dekapitator We Will Destroy..You Will Obey
2 Orchid Chaos Is Me
2 Balogh, Kalman Gypsy Cimbalom Gypsy Jazz
2 No Comment Self Titled
2 Red Crayola Live 1967
2 Sonic Youth Silver Session
2 Moss/King/Yoshihide All at Once at Any Time
2 Attention Deficit Disorder ______________________________
2 Elstak, Nedley Machine, the
2 Super Heroines Love & Pain
2 Various [coll]: Matador's Arena '69-70
2 Brilliant Trees Wake Up & Dream
2 Barbieri, Gato Chapter 3: Viva Emiliano Zapat
2 Grassow, Mathias Himavat
2 James, Bob Explosions
2 Nilsen, Tove Flash Caravan
2 Unit Moebius Status
2 Group Home "The Legacy"
2 Musafir Dhola Maru
2 Aloha Great Communicators, The.., th
2 Motian, Paul & Electric Bebop Monk and Powell
2 Saboten, the Saboten, the
2 Sackville Principles of Science, the
2 Spector, Ronnie She Talks to Rainbows
2 Lloyd, Jon Four and Five
2 Various [coll]: Piano Magic/Matmos
2 Various [coll]: Chicago Ain't Nothin..
2 Royal Trux Veterans of Disorder
2 Gang Starr "All 4 the Cash"
2 Various [coll]: Counterintelligence
2 Tarwater & Tikiman Like a Miracle Ep
2 Merzbow Door Open at 8 Am
2 Tear Ceremony Emulsion
2 Bright, Jeff & Sunshine Boys She's a Nail in My Heart
2 Sound Providers Get Down & no Time
2 Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space
2 Various [coll]: Dj Vadim
2 King Kong (soundtrack) King Kong
2 Funckarma Dub 10
2 Bilge Starlight Serenade
2 Elliot, Ramblin' Jack Country Style/Live
2 Queen Ida & Al Rapone Back on the Bayou
2 Nico Death & the Maiden
2 Nurse with Wound An Awkward Pause
2 King Frog Cocoanut Grove
2 Various [coll]: Hate People Like Us
2 Bradford, Bobby; Stevens, John Volume One
2 Wench Self/Titled
2 Einstuerzende Neubauten Total Eclipse of the Sun
2 Bossman S/T
2 Dimuzio, Thomas & Dan Burke Hz
2 Various [coll]: Southall Riot/George
2 Hobart, Rex & the Misery Boys Forever Always Ends
2 Wallace, Roger Hillbilly Heights
2 Knoles, Amy Men in the Cities
2 Houn Fluoro
2 Slaves Devil's Pleasures, the
1 Hendrix, Jimi ANGEL/1983
1 Nunchaku Best of 1993-1998
1 Third Sex, the Back to Go
1 Pena, Paco Arte Y Pasion
1 Demi Semi Quaver Demi Semi Quaver
1 Lana Dagales Mishickinkwa!Little Turtle
1 Clandestine Blaze Fire Burns in Our Hearts
1 M B (Maurizio Bianchi) Mectpyo Bacterium
1 M B (Maurizio Bianchi) Neuro Habitat
1 M B (Maurizio Bianchi) Symphony for a Genocide
1 Eisenbeil's Crosscurrent Trio Mural
1 Fakesch, Michael Demon 1
1 Solvent Solvent
1 Phillips, Gretchen Songs to Save Your Soul
1 Terror Against Terror Psychological Warfare...
1 Vacuum Tree Head Tar'hai Wizard
1 Fuck on the Beach Power Violence Forever
1 Sacred Koran Islamic Chants of the Ottoman
1 Various [coll]: Hell's Kitchen / Live
1 Krofft, Sid & Mar (soundtrack) World of Sid & Marty...
1 Dislocation [Coll]: Pure Will, Wit
1 Brotzmann/Laswell Low Life
1 Cardona, Milton Bembe
1 Redman, Dewey Ear of the Behearer
1 Various [coll]: New Wave Halloween
1 Rivers, Sam - Trio Live
1 Ruins Symphonica
1 Various [coll]: In Formation
1 Four Manmarch Luckiest Man on Earth E.P.
1 Party of Helicopters ?
1 Esterman, Andre Andre Esterman
1 Emperor Penguin Extreme Gaming
1 Various [coll]: This Robot Kills/Loves
1 Grisman, Dave, John Hartford & Retrograss
1 Allan, Davie and the Arrows Arrow Dynamic Sounds Of..., th
1 Bablicon In a Different City
1 Moffatt, Katy Loose Diamond
1 Aaly Trio and Ken Vandermark Live at the Glenn Miller Cafe
1 Carney, Ralph I Like You (A Lot)
1 Bickerton, John Trio Shadow Boxes
1 Unspoken Heard Jamboree
1 Lacy, Steve - Seven Cliches
1 Holy Modal Rounders, the 1 & 2
1 Bullwackie's All Stars Mango Walk
1 Compomicro-Dexall Pleasure Quilt-Free
1 Jonny L. "Raise"
1 W.A.C.O. Sylvania
1 Big Lou, Accordion Princess Polka Casserole
1 Miller, Julie Broken Things
1 Lauderdale, Jim/Ralph Stanley I Feel Like Singing Today
1 Fulcrum Fulcrum
1 Washington, Gino & the Atlanti Come Monkey with Gino Washingt
1 Kerouac, Jack Jack Kerouac Reads on the Road
1 Lipscomb, Mance Live! at the Cabale
1 Unwound A Single History
1 Camper Van Chadbourne Used Record Pile
1 Toure, Ali Farka Radio Mali
1 Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, the Welcome Home
1 Rivers, Sam Rivbea All-Stars Inspiration
1 Utley, Adrian/Mt. Vernon Arts Warminster
1 Hyde Sign
1 Redrum Redrum
1 Various [coll]: Voices in My Lunchbox
1 H.N.A.S. Gegenstande Fallen Zu Boden
1 Passarani Unspeakable Future Outbreaks
1 Skyray Womb
1 Unit Narcoleptic Symphony, the
1 Various [coll]: Miniatures Concretes
1 Toho Sara Mei Jou Tan Sho
1 Count Dante & the Black Dr Deadliest Man Alive, the
1 Various [coll]: Teknoir
1 Supertones, the Vintage Surf - Volume 1
1 La Gloria Jeremiad
1 Glass, Philip/Kronos Quartet Dracula
1 Godstomper Heavy Metal Vomit Party
1 Various [coll]: Pain Jerk/Bastard Nois
1 Underground Resistance Hidden in Plain Sight
1 Hotmud Family Country Style/Live

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