KFJC tops for week ending 11/15/2006

alley-oops artist album_title
12 Various Artists Live From The Devil's Triangle V. 9
9 Grouper Wide
8 Cat Power Dear Sir
8 Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet Happy As Pitch
7 Jazkamer Metal Music Machine
7 Ooioo Taiga
7 Various Masters Gazel: Classical Sufi Music of The Ottoman Empire
7 Clark, Guy Workbench Songs
7 Weaver, Sylvester Remaining Titles of Sylvester Weaver 1924-1927, Th...
7 Sondheim, Alan Ski/nn
7 Grails Black Tar Prophecies Vol's 1,2, & 3
7 Isan Plans Drawn In Pencil
6 Four Tet Remixes
6 Alias & Tarsier Plane That Draws a White Line
6 Bailiff, Jessica Feels Like Home
5 Neilson, Alex/ Youngs, Richard Road Is Open Life
5 Panacea Ink Is My Drink
5 Subtitle Terrain to Roam
5 Phenomenological Boys, The Where's The Magic In The Music?
5 Evens, The Get Evens
5 Heads, The Under The Stress of a Headlong Dive
5 Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Turntable Matinee
5 Bloodysnowman Bloodysnowman
5 Animal Collective Hollinndagain
5 Tall Firs Tall Firs
5 Sunn O))) & Boris Altar
5 DJ Shadow Outsider, The
5 Strotter Inst. Schlepper
5 Slits, The Revenge of The Killer Slits
5 Hossam Ramzy Bellydance
5 Harvey Milk Special Wishes
5 Obsessors, The Double Scoop
5 Heasley, Tom Where The Earth Meets The Sky
5 Rothkamm Astronaut of Inner Space
5 Barbeau, Anton In The Village of The Apple Sun
5 Various Artists Brazilian Funk Experience, The
4 Haiku Blew
4 Burke, Solomon Nashville
4 Beck, Thavius Thru
4 New Black Time Attack
4 Dahl, Anders Hundloka, Flockblomstriga 1
4 Gasman, The This One's For You
4 Honeycut Day I Turned to Glass, The
4 Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Letting Go, The
4 Geisha Girls Disappearing Act
4 Motion Man Feat. KutMasta Kurt Pablito's Way
4 Various Artist Live From The KFJC Surf Battle
4 Sadies, The Tales of the Rat Fink
4 Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cult, The Jarboe Introducing The Sweet Meat Love and Holy Cu...
4 JB's, The Funky Good Times: The Anthology Volume Two
4 Beach House Beach House
4 Bernocchi, Eraldo / Budd, Harold Music For 'Fragments From Inside'
4 Hecker, Tim Harmony In Ultraviolet
4 Kronos Quartet 25 Years
4 Aphex Twin Chosen Lords
4 Jennifer Gentle Sacramento Session/5 of 3
4 Fresh Maggots ...Hatched
4 Various Artists L.A. Noisescape
4 FM3 Hou Guan Yin
4 Dengue Fever Dengue Fever
4 Don Caballero World Class Listening Problem
3 5ive 5ive
3 Dosh Lost Take, The
3 Floating Corpses, The Past Lives
3 Various Artists Kings of Techno, The
3 NV Groep '65 Dank zij de Heer
3 Bardo Pond Adrop
3 Zion I & Grouch Heroes In The City of Dope
3 Various Artists Human Element : The World's First Human Beatbox Co...
3 A.Lords, The A.Lords, The
3 Fahey, John Hitomi
3 Das, Kushal Raga Marwa - Surbahar
3 Jedi Mind Tricks Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell
3 Reuber Kintopp
3 Celtic Frost Monothiest
3 Flim Ohne Titel 1916
3 Subhumans New Dark Age Parade
3 Lights, The Diamonds and Dirt
3 Shinedoe Shinedoe / Len Faki - Split 12"
3 Busdriver Kill Your Employer (recreational Paranoia Is The S...
3 Hancock, Wayne Tulsa
3 Various Artists Studio One Disco Mix
3 Places, The Songs For Creeps
3 Sailor Winters Monolith
3 Wooden Wand & Sky High Band Second Attention
3 Armitage Shanks Smash The Cistern
3 Hella Acoustics
3 Various Artists Eccentric Soul - Mighty Mike Lenaburg
3 Various Artists Less Self Is More Self
3 Angelic Process, The Coma Waering
3 Notaro, Marconi No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios
3 Runs, The Wet Sounds
3 Wooden Ships St
3 Upsidedown  Umbrella Are You Walking In The Rain?
3 Red Sparowes Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun
3 Black Boned Angel Bliss and Void Inseparable
3 Skullflower Tribulation
3 Fluxion Vibrant Forms
3 Yo La Tengo I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass
3 Paavoharju Uskallan
3 Casavola, Franco Futurlieder (perf By Daniele Lombardi / Susanna Ri...
3 Leprechaun Catering Male Plumage
3 Vetiver to Find Me Gone
3 Good Good, The Furrows
3 Akron/Family Meek Warrior
3 Los Exagerados Panama! : Latin, Calypso and Funk On The Isthmus 1...
3 Carter, Christina Electrice
3 Rose, Jack Untitled (Parts I & II)
3 Be Your Own Pet Be Your Own Pet
3 YO3 Bitter Sweet
3 Country Teasers Empire Strikes Back, The
3 Okbari Okbari
3 Thompson, Linval Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks
2 Braindrill Parasites, The
2 Bare, Bobby Jr. Longest Meow, The
2 Herman Dune, David-Ivar "Demented Abduction" Novascotia Runs For Gold
2 Klondike & York Holy Book, The
2 Populous Breathes The Best
2 Solar Anus Skull Alcoholic
2 J Dilla Shining, The
2 Qwel & Meaty Ogre Freezer Burner
2 Furze Necromanzee Cogent
2 Zelienople Ink
2 Two Dollar Guitar Wear and Tear of Fear:  a Lover's Discourse, The
2 Circle of Ouroborus Shores
2 Facedowninshit Nothing Positive, Only Negative
2 Chavez Better Days Will Haunt You
2 Gothic Archies, The Tragic Treasury, The
2 Les Aus Harrana Hanne
2 Biafra, Jello In The Grip of Official Reason
2 Isaacs, Gregory Extra Classic
2 Perry, Lee "Scratch" Panic In Babylon
2 Pape, Gerard Ascension to Purgatory
2 Sunburned Hand of The Man Wedlock
2 Warmer Milks Radish On Light
2 Crawling With Tarts Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7
2 Yoshihide's, Otomo New Jazz Orchestra Out to Lunch
2 U Roy Version Galore
2 Boduf Songs Lion Devours The Sun
2 Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women
2 Davignon, Matt SoftWetFish
2 Subtle For Hero: For Fool
2 Jimpster Amour
2 Roger Robin Strictly The Best 34
2 Guy, Barry / London Jazz Composers Orchestra Study II, Stringer
2 Van Dowski, Lee Highway to Xenia
2 Liebig, Steuart / The Mentones Nowhere Calling
2 Slicing Grandpa Four Flies On Grey Vinyl
2 Lee, Robbie Sleep, Memory
2 Hojas Mis Suenos Piden
2 Thumbtack Smoothie Fall Back
2 Jah Woosh Best of Jah Woosh, The
2 Messer Fur Frau Miller Triangle, Dot & Devil
2 Antique Brothers Bears In The Woods, Volume 1
2 Cari Lee and The Saddle-ites Brought to You Via Saddle-ite
2 Moore, Sam MOOHIEEE!
2 X:144 and SPS M.E.
2 Hieroglyphics Dan The Automator Presents 2K7
2 Tujiko, Noriko Noriko Tujiko
2 Green, Grant Grant's First Stand
2 Brotthaest/Pany Brotthaest/Pany
2 Smigel, Jacob Eavesdrop : A Wealth of Found Sound
2 Muna Zul Muna Zul
2 Lake of Dracula Skeletal Remains
2 Boxhead Ensemble Nocturnes
2 Coleclough & Murmer Husk
2 Nervous Patterns Nervous Patterns
2 Animal Collective Dublab Presents : In The Loop 4
2 Pigeon John and The Summertime Pool Party
2 Herbert, Chris Mezzotint
2 Chosen Few, The In Miami
2 Daniel Popsicle ( Plonsey, Dan ) Music of El Cerrito Volume 8
2 Centimeters, The German Verbs
2 Leonard, Jim Super Saw
2 Ginnungagap Remeindre
2 Spencer Dickinson Man Who Lives For Love, The
2 Keillor, Garrison & Jearlyn Steele A Prairie Home Companion
2 Akimbo Elephantine
2 Archetti, Luigi/ Wiget, Bo Low Tide Digitals
2 Time Flys, The Fly
2 Story, The Tale Spin
2 Procussions, The 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents
2 Corvus Corax Venus Vina Musica
2 O'neil, Tara Jane In Circles
2 My Brightest Diamond Bring Me The Workhorse
2 Rauhouse, Jon Hawaiian Guitar Expedition
2 Girl Wordcore VOL1 Boy/Girl
2 Westerkamp, Hildegard Earth Ear Radio
2 Gender Wayang Pemarwan Between Heaven and Earth
2 Miss Murgatroid Myoclyonic Melodies
2 Round Five Na Fe Throw (Single)
1 Electric President S/t
1 To Live and Shave In L.A. Noon and Eternity
1 Niobe White Hats
1 Legendary Pink Dots All The King's Men
1 Noothgrush Erode The Person
1   Emit / Vrolok
1 Mittens On Strings Look Up The Sky!!
1 Padmanabha, Ravi & Chang, Ed Elephant Calls
1 Gerritt / Wiese, John Disappearing Act EP, The
1 Wolf Eyes/ Braxton, Anthony Black Vomit
1 Number Twelve Looks Like You, The Put On Your Rosy Red Glasses
1 Narrated By Ralph Bell Great Ghost Stories
1 Mouthus For The Great Slave Lakes
1 Portable Context Unravelled
1 Ican A Quien
1 Plug Drum 'n' Bass For Papa + Plug Ep's 1, 2 & 3
1 Lauderdale, Jim Country Super Hits Vol. One
1 Lauderdale, Jim Bluegrass
1 Ortmann, Andy / Wiese, John Recorder Out of Tune
1 5ive Telestic Disfracture, The
1 Black Funeral Az-i-Dahak
1 Zao Fear Is What Keeps Us Here., The
1 Measles Mumps Rubella Fantastic Success
1 Greenlief, Philip Seared Circuit Incident
1 Marshmallow Staircase, The Planet Express
1 Edmonson, Travis Hootenanny At The Troubadour
1 Horse Feathers Words Are Dead
1 Donna Parker Debutante
1 Woelv Gris
1 Kalhor, Kayhan / Erzincan, Erdal Wind, The
1 Youngs, Richard & Wickham-Smith, Simon 5 Years
1 Volcanics, The Girls Girls Girls
1 Blowfly Blowfly's Punk Rock Party
1 Dunaway, Judy Mother of Balloon Music
1 Careless Hearts S/T
1 Tar Babies Respect Your Nightmares
1 Es A Love Cycle
1 Smith, Steven R. Anchorite, The
1 Stunt Rock This Is Stunt Rock Vol. 3
1 Reatard, Jay Blood Visions
1 Makoto, Kawabata/Courtis, Anla,/Rokugenkin Kokura
1 Voices and Organs Orphanage
1 Vu, Cuong Come Play With Me
1 Deletist Relive
1 Sound In Action Trio Gate
1 Exercise One 12 Years
1 Svalastog Woodwork
1 Black Sun Productions Im Gegenteil
1 Sally Strobelight Starships In Silhouette
1 Moolah Woe Ye Demons Possessed
1 Club D'Elf Now I Understand
1 Fasteau, Kali Z. / Jordan, Kidd People of The Ninth
1 Hancock, Butch War and Peace
1 Allen / Drake / Jordan / Parker / Silva All-star Game, The
1 Death Vessel Stay Close
1 Venetian Snares Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom-p...
1 Lullabye Arkestra Ampgrave
1 Maju Maju-4
1 Curse Ov Dialect Wooden Tongues
1 Wzt Hearts Heat Chief
1 Black Dog, The Silenced
1 Troum Ajin
1 GHQ Heavy Elements
1 Code of Honor Complete Studio Recordings
1 Ufomammut Godlike Snake
1 Tartufi Us Upon Buildings Upon Us
1 Bagey Saz/simorgey Saz Music of Makran
1 Antarcticans Teach Children:  Fear All Teachings of Eternity
1 Sol.illaquists of Sound As If We Existed
1 Yellow Swans Psychic Secession
1 Carrier, Chubby Bayou Road
1 Last Chance For The Loneliest Kitten High Mayhem Festival 2004
1 Forca Macabra Caveira Da Forca
1 Destroy Destroy Destroy Devour The Power
1 Ultralyd Throb and Provision
1 Benoit Pioulard Precis
1 Krejci,david Cleophone, The
1 Turbulence I Believe
1 Unearth III: In The Eyes of Fire
1 JB's, The Funky Good Time: The Anthology V.1
1 Thompson IV, William A. Baghdad Music Journal
1 Ware, David S. Quartet BalladWare
1 Gal, Yoav & Kanarek, Yael Bit By Bit, Cell By Cell
1 Ducret, Marc News From The Front
1 Makoto, Kawabata Inui
1 LaBrecque, Paul / Webb, Valerie Trees, Chants and Hollers
1 Royal Trux Hand of Glory
1 Bridge 61 Journal
1 N.A.D.M.A. Paura
1 Zakarya 413 a
1 Lacy, Steve Quintet Esteem
1 Professor J-S Undergrowth Music, Vol. 2
1 Reeder, Dan Sweetheart
1 Weird Weeds, The Weird Feelings
1 Mitchell, Roscoe Trio No Side Effects
1 Cab Kaye London Is The Place For Me - 4
1 Kuupuu Yokehra
1 Space Agency, The Kaleidoscopic Sounds
1 Healamonster & Tarsier Heart of a Blue Whale Is The Size of a Small Car
1 Feldman, Morton / Beckett, Samuel (ensemble Recher... Words and Music
1 Netcu, Florea World Library of Folk & Primitive Music: Romania
1 Sekinah Hassan Women of Egypt 1924-1931
1 Baroness Second
1 Controller 7 Expansions EP
1 Lesbians on Ecstacy S/T
1 God Is My Co-Pilot Mir Shlufn Nisht
1 Mekons/Kathy Acker Pussy, King of the Pirates
1 Bowles, Paul Baptism of Solitude
1 Lunch, Lydia/Cervenka, Exene Rude Hieroglyphics
1 Kafer, Mariann Animalfarm
1 Ken Montgomery Mini Mall
1 Sorrow Let there Be Thorns
1 Mudwimin Skiz

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