KFJC tops for week ending 12/05/2001

12 Davis, Miles Complete Bitches Brew Sessions
11 Various [coll]: Afrika Bambaataa...
11 Cex Role Model
10 Various [coll]: Nigeria 70
10 Vas Deferens Organization Suspension
9 Kawabata, Makoto/Richard Yungs S/T
8 Comma (Voices)
8 Antipop Consortium Ends Against the Middle, the
8 Catfive Kataphonics
7 Gallo, Vincent When
7 Silver Mount Zion Memorial, th Born Into Troubles As the ...
7 Various [coll]: Compound
7 Black Dice Semen of the Sun
7 Rube Waddell Bound for the Gates of Hell
7 Safety Scissors Lost at
7 Various [coll]: A Mutated Christmas
7 Kosugi, Takehisa Catch Wave
7 Downes, Graeme Hammers and Anvils
6 Soul Seven, the South Side Funk
6 Syntax Transfer Theory, the Self Titled
6 Various [coll]: Sixteen Turkish Deligh
6 Faint, the Mote...
6 Campbell Brothers, the Sacred Steel on Tour
6 Various [coll]: Toon Tune (soundtrack)
6 Tomahawk Tomahawk
6 Action Time, the Rock and Roll
6 Mcdowell, Mississippi Fred Best of Mississippi Fred.., th
5 Sparo, Frankie Arena Hostile
5 Bonnie 'blue' Billy ______________________________
5 Sudden, Nikki Nikki Sudden Compendium, the
5 Various [coll]: Freakbitchlickfly
5 Louvin Brothers, the Satan Is Real
5 Bran ... Pos 3XX3
5 Alias Three Phase Irony Double Ep
5 Bobby Conn Golden Age, the
5 Various [coll]: Troubleman Mix-Tape
5 Boredoms Dysfunctional Monster Jam
5 Alison Krauss & Union Station New Favorite
5 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Grand Opening and Closing!
5 Blectum From Blechdom Haus De Snaus
5 Coffey, Dennis & the Detroit G Scorpio
5 Various [coll]: Africafunk
4 Hartford, John Rca Country Legends
4 Big Justoleum Plantation Rhymes
4 Parker, William Quartet O'neal's Porch
4 Love As Laughter Sea to Shining Sea
4 Thingy To the Innocent
4 Alter Ego Betty Ford, Remix Pt. a
4 Mulholland Drive (soundtrack) Mulholland Drive
4 Various [coll]: Absolutely Kosher:It'
4 Frames, the For the Birds
4 Cyrkle, the (soundtrack) Minx, the
4 Various [coll]: Better than the Beatls
4 Various [coll]: That's Al (soundtrack)
4 Phoenix Orion & Team Eloheem Secret Wars
4 Society Ills Skins, Brains & Guts E.P.
4 Pullman Viewfinder
4 Zmrzlina Katastrophe Vol. 3
4 Zoot Horn Rollo We Saw a Bozo Under the Sea
4 Ball, David Amigo
4 Jonathan Richman Her Mystery not of High Heel..
4 Various [coll]: Now, Listen!
4 Velvet Underground, the Quine Tapes, the
4 Maceda, Jose Gongs and Bamboos
4 Jean Reeves Jean Reeves
4 Ono, Yoko Blueprint for a Sunrise
4 Various [coll]: Hank Williams:Timeless
4 Creation Is Crucifixion Child As Audience
4 Rsundin Sleepwalk
4 Zorn, John Bar Kokhba
4 Various [coll]: Bollywood Breaks
4 14 Iced Bears In the Beginning
4 Bambi Molesters, the Intensity
4 Mastodon Lifesblood
3 Myton, Cedric and Congo Image of Africa
3 Sherman, Bim & Dub Syndicate Keep You Dancing
3 American Astronau (soundtrack) American Astronaut
3 Various [coll]: Fluxus Anthology
3 Axelrod, David David Axelrod
3 Big Youth Progress
3 Kiki and Herb Do You Hear What We Hear?
3 Choose Your Own Adventure La Mancha
3 Amps for Christ Oak in the Ashes, the
3 Ruhaeda ______________________________
3 Patton, Charlie Definitive Charlie Patton, the
3 Set Fire to Flames Sings Reign Rebuilder
3 Hopkins, Lightnin' Best Of, the
3 Jefferies, Peter Closed Circuit
3 Del Mc Coury Band Del and the Boys
3 Obmana, Vidna Tremor
3 El-Dabh, Halim Crossing IN2 Th Electric Mgntc
3 Burmese Treaties of Greed and Filth/Lr
3 Scrotum Grinder Greatest Sonic Abomination, th
3 Monolake Gravity
3 Fulks, Robbie 13 Hillbilly Giants
3 Cabaret Voltaire Radiation
3 Sex Mob Sex Mob Does Bond
3 Manning, Marty (soundtrack) Twilight Zone, the
3 Monster Under Bed Satanic Moose Experiment
3 Stars of the Lid Tired Sounds Of..., the
3 NLF3[TRIO] Part One & Part Two
3 King Tubby/Prince Jammy Dub Gone Crazy 2
3 Various [coll]: Immediate Action
3 Various [coll]: Mogwai/Bardo Pond
3 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Una Lucertola Con La Pelle...
3 King Tubby & Soul Syndicate Freedom Sounds in Dub
3 Ramirez, Richard & Flatline Co Collaboration
3 Atombombpocketknife God Save the Abpk
3 Ipanemas, Os(The) Return of the Ipanemas
3 Prince Far I Cry Tuff Dub Encounter 1
3 Mainliner Imaginative Plain
3 Parson Sound S/T
3 True Sounds of Liberty Disppear
3 Fuzzybunny Fuzzybunny
3 Wolf Eyes Dread
3 Art Ensemble of Chicago Bap-Tizum
3 Sonic Sum Rocket
3 Various [coll]: Bluecubism
3 Various [coll]: No Categories 4
3 Asl Peace & Stress Ep
3 Murvin, Junior Police & Thieves
3 (International) Noise Conspira Reproduction of Death, the
3 Biosphere Substrata / Man with a Camera
2 John Hartford Hamilton Ironworks
2 Cubby Creatures, the Make Your Own Song
2 Scalplock On Whose Terms?
2 Harrison, Lou Rhymes with Silver
2 Traditional Music of Peru 6 Ayacucho Region, the
2 Amelie (soundtrack) Amelie
2 Vitiello, Stephen Bright and Dusty Things
2 Haskell, Jimmie Count Down!
2 Planet Seven Tomorrow that Never Was, the
2 Normandeau, Robert Clair De Terre
2 Boss Fuel Just Like Anybody Else Would
2 Faust Land of Ukko & Rauni, the
2 Dntel Life Is Full of Possibilities
2 Aufgehoben Vs Gary Smith Magnetic Mountain
2 Spazz Sweatin' 3
2 Calix, Mira Prickle
2 Black Heart Procession 1
2 Bullfrog Bullfrog
2 Pismo Game, the
2 Eyedea & Abilities First Born
2 Sea Ensemble, the We Move Together
2 Dum Dum Project, the Export Quality
2 Chavis, Boozoo Down Home on Dog Hill
2 Bruce Robison Country Sunshine
2 Radulovich, Marcelo (Case of Themissing) Thumb
2 House, Son Father of the Delta Blues
2 Smog Rain on Lens
2 Victory at Sea Carousel
2 Fruit Bats Echolocation
2 Salako Land and Freedom
2 Brusaschetto, Daniele Bluviola
2 Various [coll]: Spacebreaks:A Journey
2 Anderson, Fred Quartet Dark Day/Live in Verona
2 Vote Robot In Meorm Na
2 Twinkle Brothers, the Underground
2 4...3...2...1... Morte! By: Abril, Anton & Giombini
2 Seaworthy Ride, the
2 Ware, David S. and Quartet Corridors and Parallels
2 Hedwig & the Angr (soundtrack) Hedwig & the Angry Inch
2 Aesop Rock Labor Days
2 Dj Scud & Rich Kid Murder Sound
2 Breuker, Willem Kollektief Celebrating 25 Years on The..
2 Metalux Fluorescent Towers
2 Ardoin, Sean & Zydecool Pullin'
2 Hogan, Kelly Because It Feel Good
2 Various [coll]: Knock Out Ska
2 Mackay, Steve En Voyage, a Retrospective
2 Casual He Think He Raw
2 Danse Manatee S/T
2 Alva.Noto Transform
2 Bethany Curve You Brought Us Here
2 Various [coll]: Williams, Esther/Young
2 Thai Elephant Orchestra Thai Elephant Orchestra
2 Various [coll]: Braindance
2 Le Shok L.A to N.Y
2 Various [coll]: Poet: a Tribute...
2 Haggard, Merle Roots, Volume 1
2 Nokturne Embracer of Dark Ages
2 Ferrari, Luc (soundtrack) Danses Organiques
1 Various [coll]: Jean Ritchie:Fieldtrip
1 Various [coll]: By Special Request
1 Up, Bustle and Out Master Sessions 2
1 Garcia, Jerry & David Grisman Grateful Dawg
1 Hopkins, Paul Something Old...Nothing New
1 Stewart, Ron Time Stands Still
1 Current 93 Imperium
1 Mcphee, Joe & Trio X On Tour... Toronto / Rochester
1 Ribot, Marc Saints
1 Barbee, Ray Triumphant Procession
1 Hartmann, Karl Amadeus Funebre
1 Walter Schumann (soundtrack) Exploring the Unknown
1 Various [coll]: There Is no Eye
1 Migrantes Moon Journal
1 Oneida Anthem of the Moon
1 Hawtin, Richie DE9 Closer to the Edit
1 Wylie & the Wild West Paradise
1 Fields, Lee & the Explorers Soul Dynamite
1 Various [coll]: Rhythm Room Blues
1 Oneil, Tara Jane In the Sun Lines
1 Two Lone Swordsmen Further Reminders
1 Sons of the Pioneers Symphonies of the Sage
1 Test Livetest
1 Williams, Robert Pete Robert Pete Williams
1 Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick Soundproof
1 Chao Hits the Mess
1 Third Time Out Back to the Mack
1 Carlton & His Shoes Love Me Forever
1 Raman, Susheela Salt Rain
1 Beyond, the (soundtrack) By Fabio Frizzi
1 Various [coll]: Matanzas,Cuba Ca. 1957
1 Smith, Jack Silent Shadows on Cinemaroc...
1 Soldier, Dave ICE-9 Ballads
1 Hasidic New Wave From the Belly of Abraham
1 Various [coll]: Kid 606 / Pisstank
1 Somatic Responses ______________________________
1 Glass Candy & Shattered Theatr Brittle Women / Hang Onto Your
1 Sissy Spacek S/T
1 Pinback Blue Screen Life
1 Gorodisch Thurn & Taxis
1 Marchetti, Lionel Portrait D'un Glacier
1 Labelle, Brandon Music on a Short Thin Wire
1 James William Hindle S/T
1 Weeks, Greg Awake Like Sleep
1 Soil Bleeds Black, the Quintessence
1 Sianspheric Sound of the Colour Of, the
1 Bama & the Family Don't Think...Do
1 Haggard, Merle & Albert E.... Two Old Friends
1 Various [coll]: Gnarly Reef
1 Tenebre (soundtrack) Tenebre
1 Funki Porcini Zombie
1 Fall, the ______________________________
1 Deep Into the Earth Sounds of the Earth
1 Oliveros, Pauline Primordial Lift
1 Sheehy, Michael J. Ill Gotten Gains
1 Law, John Quartet Abacus
1 Slepcy And Again
1 Phantom Limbs, the Applied Ignorance
1 Prince Fari Musical History
1 Dunlavy King of All He Surveys
1 Guryan, Margo 25 Demos
1 Braer Rabbit ______________________________
1 Swaggerts Whole Story, the
1 Hanged Man, the ( (soundtrack) Performed By Bullet
1 Steiner, Max (soundtrack) Essential..., the
1 Wayne the Train Hancock A-Town Blues
1 Loons in the Monastery Stranger than Truth
1 Apocalypse Now Re (soundtrack) ______________________________

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