KFJC tops for week ending 12/08/2004

8 Cale, John Ny in the 1960'S
8 Fall, the Real New Fall Lp, the
7 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural History
7 Various [coll]: Good Brothers, the
7 Le Tigre This Island
6 Savage Republic Live in Europe 1988
6 Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks Selected Shorts
6 Keen, Robert Earl Live From Austin Tx
6 Hall of Fame S/T
6 My Robot Friend Hot Action
6 Wobbly Multiple Peady
6 Legendary Shack Shakers Believe
6 Niobe Radioersatz
6 Two Lone Swordsmen From the Double Gone Chapel
6 Free Moral Agents Everybody's Favorite Weapon
6 Various [coll]: Nuggets: 16 Killer Nug
6 Sally Timms & Johnny Dowd In the World of Him
6 Wagon Christ Sorry I Make You Lush
6 Kissing Tigers Pleasure of Resistance
6 Various [coll]: Devil's Triangle #7
5 Various [coll]: Haters, The/Lockweld
5 Lateef and the Chief Ambush
5 Biafra, Jello W/ the Melvins Never Breathe What U Can't See
5 Telephone Jim Jesus A Point Too Far to Astronaut
5 Bathyscaphe 11034M
5 Zdrastvootie S/T
5 Cerberus Shoal Bastion of Itchey Preeves
5 Buddy Miller Universal United House Of....
5 Rich, Buddy No Funny Hats
5 Joss, Chris You've Been Spiked
5 Nathan Jimson Weed
5 Janes, Liz Poison and Snakes
5 Cobra Killer 76/77
5 Nelson, Willie It Always Will Be
5 Colleen Everyone Alive Wants Anymore
5 Daedelus Of Snowdonia
5 Einsturzende Neubaten 9-15-2000, Brussels
5 Honda, Yuka Eucademix
5 Holland, Jolie Catalpa
5 Current 93 Hypnagogue
5 Beep Beep Business Casual
5 Fondas, the Wanna Be
5 Various [coll]: Keepintime 1/3
4 Cyann & Ben Happy Like An Autumn Tree
4 Wolves! (Of Greece) S/T
4 [coll]: Spire Spire
4 Naftule's Dream Job
4 Pedestrian Toss and Turn, the
4 Devl Mention of Monsters/Deathray
4 Crack We Are Rock Animal Trap
4 Olsson, Bjorn Crab, the
4 Lamp Leaking Dead Flies Your Hand Is Twisting Fires
4 Kiln Sunbox
4 Carter, Christina Bastard Wing
4 Seeger, Mike True Vine
4 Diplo Florida
4 Various [coll]: Cul De Sac/Damo Suzuki
4 Kool Keith Diesel Truckers
4 Child Pornography Beatles, the
4 Shapeshifters Shapeshifters Was Here, the
4 No. 9 Micro Films
4 Handsome Family, the Singing Bones
4 Hint Hint Young Days
4 Calamalka Shredders Dub
4 Various [coll]: Hard-Headed Woman
4 Tony Joe White Heroines, the
4 Bittova, Iva J.H.
4 Gogol Bordello Gogol Bordello Vs Tamir Muskat
4 Efterklang Tripper
4 Dosh Pure Trash
4 Axolotl Axolotl
4 Fila Brazillia Dicks
4 Camper Van Beethoven New Roman Times
4 Various [coll]: Roots of Dub Funk 3
4 Dj Krush Jaku
4 Berberian, John and the Rock Middle Eastern Rock
4 Crimea, the Lottery Winners on Acid
4 Delgados, the Universal Audio
3 Antarcticans, the New Black, the
3 Knead This Melting Happiness I Wa...
3 Giant Squid S/T
3 Comelade, Pascal L'argot Du Bruit
3 Gel: Dolce
3 Partch, Harry Harry Partch Collection
3 Flat Earth Society Isms
3 Herman Dune, David-Ivar Ya Ya
3 Kang, Eyvind & Martine, Tucker Orchestra Dim Bridges
3 Hollis, Mark S/T
3 Bang on a Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing
3 Valentine, Matt Glorious Goup Therapy
3 Safety Scissors Parts Water
3 Lone Ranger Top of the Class
3 Xingu El Combo Xingu
3 Various [coll]: Arabia:The Women's Voi
3 Day, Carson/Ilet Apt Into the Night
3 Ilitch Hors Tempt/Out of Time
3 Various [coll]: Relics: a Transmat Com
3 Various [coll]: Antologia De Musica...
3 Ex, the Turn
3 Case, Neko Tigers Have Spoken
3 Fm Knives ______________________________
3 Controller.Controller History
3 Banhart, Devendra Nino Rojo
3 Dement, Iris Lifeline
3 Pathos, Mike People
3 Various [coll]: Melt-Banana / Big D An
3 Yowie Cryptooology
3 Various [coll]: Barrio Nuevo
3 Hala Strana These Villages
3 Pinback Summer in Abaddon
3 Nagl, Max Evil Garden, the
3 Glaser, Jim Me and My Dream
3 Jacoby, Wade Bicycle Wreck
3 Yoshihide, Otomo /New Jazz... Dreams
3 Bucc Rodgers Transmitting Live
3 Kalthoum, Oum El Sett
3 Devotchka How It Ends
3 Brother Kite, the Thebrotherkite
3 Earle, Steve Just An American Boy
3 Slow Poisoners, the Melodrama
3 Clinic Winchester Cathedral
3 Psychatrone & Cotton Baron Von Rhonedakk and The...
3 Antibalas Who Is this America?
3 Plan to Pink Spring Project, the
3 Mekurya, Getatchew Negus of Ethiopian Sax
3 Bookmobile Keys
3 Jones, Jinx License to Twang
3 Kane, Keiran & Kevin Welch You Can't Save Everybody
3 Ehlers/Suchy/Hautzinger Soundchambers
3 Tape Milieu
3 Home Video That You Might/Dialogue Box
3 Urinals, the Negative Capability...
3 Various [coll]: Hidden City
3 Melvins / Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
3 Volcano the Bear Idea of Wood, the
3 Little Wings Magic Wand
2 Toho Sara Hourouurin
2 Kondo, Toshinori Nerve Tripper
2 R.A. the Rugged Man Lessons B/W How Low
2 Von Schlippenbach, Alexander Living Music, the
2 Bijma, Greetje Sit Down, Listen...
2 State River Widening Early Music
2 Stitcher, Alton I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
2 Various [coll]: Teenline #101
2 Eternals, the Out of Proportion
2 Octis Twevim Ilelengr
2 Edible Woman Spare Me/Calf
2 Mccombs, Cass I Cannot Lie
2 Marclay, Christian Djtrio
2 Aroah Last Laugh, the
2 Various [coll]: Soloists of Bolshoi
2 Free Music Ensemble Underground
2 Bishop, Sir Richard Improvika
2 Tomo Tomo
2 Liebig, Steuart/Mentones Locustland
2 Homosexuals, the Astral Glamour
2 Moor, Andy Matthews,Kaffe Locks
2 Dj Rupture Special Gunpowder
2 Pffr United We Doth
2 Him Many in High Places R not Well
2 Functional Blackouts, the Functional Blackouts, the
2 Cosmosamatics Three Cosmosamatics Three
2 Vasen Keyed Up
2 Mix Master Mike Bangzilla
2 Yeager, Ian Music for Guitar + Computer 1
2 Various [coll]: Avram,Dumitrescu, Ana-
2 Izititiz Lucky Bird
2 Court & Spark, the Witch Season
2 Taborn, Craig Junk Magic
2 Jedi Mind Tricks Before the Great Collapse
2 Billy Nayer Show, the Ketchup and Mustard Man, the
2 Smith, Ladonna Rare Earth
2 Excepter Vacation/"Forget Me"
2 Et at It I Count
2 Various [coll]: Z'ev/Zerfall Gebiete
2 Various [coll]: Creamabdulbabar/Kylesa
2 Blackmouth S/T
2 Foghorn String Band Reap What You Sow
2 Various [coll]: Voices in the Wilderne
2 Existensminimum On and On, the
2 Avett Brothers, the Mignonette
2 Patchen, Kenneth Reads with Jazz in Canada
2 Six Organs of Admittance It Was Written
2 Various [coll]: Vanishing,The/Sixteens
2 Les Dragueurs Bob/Le Menestrel Twist
2 Gorge Trio Open Mouth, O Wisp
2 Ashtray Navigations To Your Fucking Feather'd...
2 Various [coll]: Kurt/Popular Shapes
2 Dark Muse Songs From Beyond the Silver
2 Odd Toot Mental Money
2 Burrell, Dave Full-Blown Trio Expansion
2 Starvations, the One Way to Remind/Give Me the
2 Tommy Lasorda ______________________________
2 Yabby You Vivian Jackson
2 Books on Tape Business End, the
2 Cramps, the How to Make a Monster CD1
2 Hardman Shirts and Pistols
2 Savath & Savalas Manana
2 Cattle Decapitation Humanure
2 Butcher, John/Robair, Gino New Oakland Burr
2 Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant Sister Phantom Owl Fish
2 Kubin, Felix Matki Wandalki
2 Frith/Leandre/Segel Tempted to Smile
2 Various [coll]: New York Soundtracks
2 Various [coll]: Archiv
2 Old Man Gloom Christmas
2 Icp Orchestra Aan & Uit
2 Rose, Jack Apocalyps. X.
2 Cline, Nels & Sarno, Devin Buried on Bunker Hill
2 Kid 606 Who Still Kill Sound?
2 Clear Horizon S/T
2 Tracy and the Hindenburg... Great Day
2 Big City Orchestra Just Where Is that Sound...
2 People Like Us and Kenny G Nothing Special
2 Various [coll]: Masstransfer
2 Minotaur Shock Rinse
2 Television Power Electric 2
2 Landing Sphere
2 Contrast, the Fade Back in
2 Electric Masada John Zorn 50TH Birthday Celabr
1 Dalaba, Lesli Core Samples
1 Agata Spike
1 Kamiyama, Hoppy/Laswell, Bill A Navel City/No One Is there
1 Triosk Moment Returns
1 Castanets Cathedral
1 Lhd Curtains
1 Nomo Nomo
1 Kid Dakota West Is the Future, the
1 Dawson, Kimya Hidden Vagenda
1 Massemord Skogen Kaller
1 Yuma Nora Red Train Graphing the Sunset
1 Shrimp Boat Something Grand
1 Theramin We Were Gladiators
1 Malik/Mcphee/Robinson Sympathy
1 Build An Ark Peace with Every Step
1 Wayne Butane Backwash: the Best O Wb 93-03
1 Vytear Breaks
1 99 Hooker's Generica
1 Dj Goldenchyld Ear Infections
1 Radio 4 Stealing of a Nation
1 Revolutionary Ensemble And Now...
1 Raised By Wolves Ritalin Division, the
1 Lords of Outland Culture of Pain
1 Pig Destroyer Terrifyer
1 Smith, Wadada Leo & Anthony Br Saturn Conjunct the Grand Cany
1 Panicsville Imperfection of the Organism
1 Pumice Raft
1 Hilsinger/ Beatty Taking Tiger Mtn (By Strategy)
1 Kubisch,Christina Twelve Signals
1 Leviathan Tentacles of Whorror
1 Thee Silver Mountain Reveries Pretty Little Lightning Paw
1 Swann, Bettye Bettye Swann
1 Cramps, the How to Make a Monster CD2
1 Various [coll]: Burmese / Fistula
1 Virus Carheart
1 Pluramon Dreams Top Rock
1 Kilgour, David Frozen Orange
1 Aloha Here Comes Everyone
1 Rhythm of Black Lines Human Hand, Animal Band
1 Belborn Seelenruhe
1 Mats Gustafsson Solos for Contrabass Saxophone
1 Nagl,Bernstein,Akchote,Jones Big Four
1 Breuker, Willem Kollektief With Strings Attached
1 Foster, Josephine & Supposed All the Leaves Are Gone
1 Sonore No One Ever Works Alone
1 Organum Vacant Lights + Rara Avis
1 Lynch, R. W. Jackson Ghost County Line
1 Willers, Andreas In the North
1 Beat of the Earth Electronic Hole, the
1 Windmill Every Last Windmill Shall Fall
1 Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist In the Fishtank
1 Dory Tourette & the Skirtheads Versions
1 Secret Chiefs 3 Book of Horizons
1 Pateras, Anthony & Robin Fox Coagulate
1 P.G. Six Well of Memory, the
1 Beat of the Earth, the Beat of the Earth, the
1 Typical Cats Easy Cause It Is
1 Mr. Dibbs Ugly and Proud VOL.3 PTS.5&6
1 Various [coll]: Indonesia:Music From..
1 Death Comet Crew This Is Riphop
1 Jones, Sharon and the Dap King What If We All Stopped Paying
1 Democrisy S/T
1 Designer Babies Baghdad Boogie
1 Devito,Maria & Patrice Heral Tumulti
1 Shankar Eternal Light
1 No Neck Blues Band Sticks and Stones May Break My
1 Subtle A New White
1 Various [coll]: Fleshies/Toys that Kil
1 Various [coll]: Live at Tabby's
1 Matmos Rat Relocation Program
1 Pal Audio Peace Treaty
1 Throbbing Gristle T G Now
1 Losaka Porqueria
1 Heroin S/T
1 Various [coll]: Praeface
1 Various [coll]: Sun Records Story V1D3
1 Various [coll]: Gommagang Zwei
1 Faint, the Wet From Birth
1 Black Octopus Lipstick Foam Party
1 Various [coll]: E.F.M. Mochipet
1 Various [coll]: Cambodian Cassete Arch
1 Ostad Elahi Mystical Orison
1 Dub Narcotic Sabley Goodness
1 Various [coll]: Confuse Yr Idols
1 Soothwag Sagged Beneath the Weight
1 Traore, Rokia Bowmboi
1 Djam Karet A Night for Baku
1 Kalhor, Kayhan & Ali Akbar Mor In the Mirror of the Sky
1 Roosevelt Franklin Something's Gotta Give
1 Black Heart Procession +... In the Fishtank 11
1 Culture International Herb
1 High Water Marks, the Songs About the Ocean
1 Bitter Bitter Weeks Revenge
1 Satan's Pilgrims Plymouth Rock [Disc 2]
1 Satan's Pilgrims Plymouth Rock [Disc 1]
1 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Brazili
1 Brave Combo Let's Kiss
1 Sermon, the Volume
1 Sounds of the West Sahara Mauritania
1 Balanceman Welcome to Balanceland
1 Arcana Body of Sin
1 Various [coll]: Camper Van Calexicoven
1 Coastal Halfway to You
1 Pig Destroyer Painter of Dead Girls
1 Alohas, the Get Leid with
1 Caravan Cunning Stunts
1 Rapider than Horsepower Rapider than the World
1 Butcher, John 13 Friendly Numbers

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