KFJC tops for week ending 12/09/1998

11 Cline, Nels & Sarno, Devin Edible Flowers
10 Bassholes When My Blue Moon Turns Red ..
10 Boredoms Super Ar
10 Gladiators, the Bongo Red
10 Ex, the Starters Alternators
10 Haack, Bruce Electric Lucifer, the
9 Sakamoto, Ryuichi (soundtrack) Love Is the Devil
8 Oranj Symphonette Oranj Album
8 Larz Moral Sewer
8 Bright Moments Return of the Lost Tribe
8 Various [coll]: Spike's Choice
7 Germs, the Germicide
7 Parker, William Through Acceptance of the Mys.
7 Damon Song of a Gypsy
7 Swift, Rob Ablist, the
7 Dom + Roland Industry
7 Sinking Body Grappling with the Homonoids
7 Various [coll]: Killed By Epitaph
6 Duncan, John (soundtrack) John See Soundtracks
6 Stanton, Harry Dean "You Don't Miss Your Water"
6 Various [coll]: Make-Up/Crainium
6 Unspoken Heard, the "Better"
6 Pineal Ventana Expel
6 Yid Vicious Klez, Kez, Goy Mit Fez
6 Seed Mouth Titanic
6 X Beyond and Back
6 You Fantastic! Homesickness
6 Paris 1942 Paris 1942
6 Fahey, John Death Chants, Breakdowns And..
6 Manning, Barbara In New Zealand
6 Headcoats, Thee Hendrix Was not the Only Music
6 Problematics, the Kids All Suck, the
6 Two Dollar Guitar Train Songs
6 Various [coll]: Psychedelic Exprince 2
6 Rhombus of Doom S/T
6 Daktaris,The Soul Explosion
5 Wee Bee Foolish "Tiger Boogs"
5 Harriet Tubman I Am a Man
5 Keen, Robert Earl Walking Distance
5 Carlos, Wendy (Walter) Sonic Seasonings +
5 Borb Crystalized Movements
5 Eno, Roger Flatlands, the
5 Inoue, Tetsu Waterloo Terminal
5 Brooks, Cedric 'im' United Africa
5 Pike, Dave - Set Got the Feelin'
5 Boxhead Ensemble Last Place to Go, the
5 Various [coll]: Deeper Concentration
5 Ibarra,Susie/Charles, Denis Drum Talk
5 Mckuen, Rod Beatsville
5 Fair, Jad and Yo La Tengo Strange but True
5 Various [coll]: Variations
5 Johnson, Linton Kwesi Independant Intavenshan
5 A*T*A Austin Transit Authority
5 Salamander Red Mantra
5 Thundercrack Own Shit Home
5 Big Soap Ka
5 Youngs, Richard/Simon W Smith Pulse of the Rooster
5 Techniques in Dub Techniques in Dub
5 Partch, Harry Music of Harry Partch, the
4 Slackers, the Question, the
4 Lopez, Francisco Untitled Music for Geography
4 Si_Lo Si_Lo
4 Rother, Anthony Little Computer People
4 Black Cowboy Black Cowboy
4 Mij Yodeling Astrologer
4 Various [coll]: Ips: Live on Wnyu
4 Arovane Arovane Ep
4 Art Ensemble of Chicago Coming Home Jamaica
4 Reid, Sharp, Torn Guitar Oblique
4 Alberts, Arthur S. Collection, More Tribal, Folk, and Cafe Mu
4 Masada Yod (10)
4 Emanon Acid Nine
4 Stratotanker Miracle of Flight, the
4 Unexplained Transmissions +/-
4 Jpp String Tease
4 Chicago Underground Duo 12 Degrees of Freedom
4 Gasp Drome Triler of Puzzle Zoo...
4 Neither/Neither World Torch Songs From the Nether/Ne
4 Nordine, Ken Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
4 Amk Needle Hit the Groove
4 Various [coll]: Finish
4 Lollipop Shoppe, the Just Colour
4 Various [coll]: Hang Ten
4 Jeffries, Peter Substatic
4 Highrise Desperado
4 No Talents Easy Girl
4 Brother Weasel Swingin' N Groovin'
4 Bell, the Bootleg
4 Trythall, Gilbert Luxikon I I/Echospace
4 Space Cakes, the In a Forbidden Place
3 Scienz of Life "Doin' Our Thing"
3 Shipp, Matthew & Horn Quartet Strata
3 Boilermaker Jazz Band Linger Awhile
3 Gazingo, Bingo Bingo Gazingo
3 Chop Shop Smolder
3 Piazzolla, Astor Tango: Zero Hour
3 Demi Semi Quaver Three
3 Eyeless in Gaza All Under the Leaves, The..
3 Cheer Accident Why Album, the
3 Dramatics Hypnotist Geese
3 Fear Have Another Beer with Fear
3 Raison D'etre Prospectus 1
3 James Plotkin [Coll]: Noise Reduction
3 Poetics Remixes of Recordings '77-'83
3 Anderson, Ron & Tatsuya Yoshid Frist Meeting
3 Vicious White Kids Live at the Electric Ballroom
3 Boud Deun Stolen Bicycle, the
3 Johnston, Phillip Needless Kiss, the
3 Thomas, Richard What My Ears Can See
3 Fluxion Lark
3 Dresser, Mark Eye'll Be Seeing You
3 Knit Seperates, the S/T
3 Josef K Endless Soul
3 Experimental Audio Research Death of a Robot/Automatic....
3 Chazam & Monsieur Gadou Vivants
3 Black Humour Stutter
3 Ozymandias Ahara
3 Sunday Puncher For Your Everchanging World
3 Newman, Paul Only Love Can Break Your ...
3 Smith, George "Harmonica" Now You Can Talk About Me
3 Cat Power Moon Pix
3 Klezmatics Well, the
3 Edwards, Stoney Poor Folks Stick Together
3 Stereo Total S/T
3 P.A.L. M@Rmx Lp
3 Shipping News Shipping News
3 Hortobagyi, Laszlo Summa Technologiae
3 Mice Parade True Meaning of Boodleybaye,Th
3 Gebbia, Gianni H Portraits
3 Negative Trend Pop Sessions, the
3 Joyner, Simon Yesterday Tomorrow & In...
3 Gorgoroth Destroyer
3 Ox Killed By Death
3 Tuu & Nick Parkin Terma
3 Tinsel I Wish the Talkies Never ...
3 Tinmak Man and Electricity
3 Maurizio M4.5
3 Mantronik, Kurtis I Sing the Body Electro
3 Various [coll]: L.A. County Line
3 Blacks, the Dolly Horrorshow
3 Noto - (Nicolai, Carsten) Endless Loop Edition
3 Rake Resume the Cosmos
3 Beckett's, Randy Rebel Train Randy Beckett's Rebel Train
3 Stratum Terror Pain Implantations
3 Welch, Gillian Hell Among the Yearlings
3 Zoobombs, the Welcome Back, Zoobombs
3 Ferrella, Thomas/Schaefer, Kev Effigy
3 Matten, Sabir Trio Divine Mad Love
2 Los Mockers Original Recordings '65-'67
2 Guerrero, Tommy Loose Grooves and Bastard...
2 Afro Garage An Imaginary Voyage You Will..
2 Ishi, Ken Innerelements
2 Various [coll]: Two Cries of Freedom
2 Gadget Black Acura
2 Tri Mi Pi Eat Here
2 Various [coll]: Gescom Vs Advanz/Foehn
2 Rohr / Mc Bride / Mc Lennan They Sent Three Henchmen
2 Various [coll]: Hamdulilla Volume 2
2 Various [coll]: Africans in America
2 Hurl We Are Quiet in this Room
2 Secret Chiefs 3 Theatrum of Suprasensory U, Th
2 Various [coll]: Cuban Gold 5
2 Wailers, the Tall Cool One
2 All Natural "It's O.K."
2 Jenny Piccolo ______________________________
2 Tchkung Incite
2 S-Core Missing Volume
2 Bishop, Jeb 98 Duets
2 Praxis Mold
2 Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Childrn
2 To Rococo Rot She Understands
2 Kent, Willie Make Room for the Blues
2 Fire this Time, the Still Dancing on John Wayne's
2 Redagain P Redagain P
2 Berne, Tim/Formanek, Michael Ornery People
2 Irr.App.(Ext.) Dust Pincher Appliances
2 Various [coll]: No Approval Needed 4
2 Roy Cambell Pyramid Trio Ancestral Homeland
2 Siah & Yeshua Da Poed "The Norm"
2 Larval 2
2 Main Firmanent I V
2 Various [coll]: Cleveland Confidential
2 Smokejumpers, the Flat Tear It Up
2 Legend, Johnny Bitchin
2 Rodrigues, Virginia Sol Negro
2 Connah's, Graham Sour Note 7 Gurney to the Lincoln Center..
2 Grubbs, David Thicket, the
2 Lapse, the Betrayal!
2 Hydie, Dave - Trio South Bay Shaker
2 Hopewell Contact
2 Illusion of Safety Bad Karma
2 Ghazal As Night Falls on the Silk Roa
2 Small Things Keep Calm - and Dig
2 Masters of Illusion Partnas Confused
2 Melt-Banana Charlie
2 Ackley, Bruce Trio Hearing, the
1 Sutcliffe Jugend When Pornography Is no Longer
1 Black Hawaii S/T
1 Dog Pound Found Sound S/T
1 Brian Jonestown Massacre Strung Out in Heaven
1 Johnston, Daniel Dream Scream/Funeral Girl
1 Figurine I Wait for You
1 Red Elvises I Wanna See You Belly Dance
1 Borbetomagus L'atlas Des Galaxies Etranges
1 Compay Segundo Lo Mejor De La Vida
1 Coche Bomba Viva La Dereliccion
1 Various [coll]: Loathe It to Death
1 Exovedate Seduced By Illusions
1 Asshole Parade Lhighve
1 King Brothers King Brothers
1 Douglas, Dave Magic Triangle
1 Wiseman, Mac; Watson, Doc Mac, Doc,& Del
1 Krzisnik, Borut Currents of Time
1 From Ashes Rise Fragments of a Fallen Sky
1 Ware, David S. Go See the World
1 Parker, William Lifting the Sanctions
1 Union of a Man and Woman, the Sound Of..., the
1 Sweet Honey in the Rock ...Twenty Five...
1 Nashville Bluegrass Band American Beauty
1 Planet of the Ape (soundtrack) By Jerry Goldsmith
1 Gone Country Dumb
1 Hoodwinks, the Stab! Stab! Stab!
1 Candye Kane Swango
1 Process Process
1 Various [coll]: World Library of Folk
1 Edgewalker Experimental Instrm Peering Over
1 Krauss, Briggan 300
1 Weston, Randy Khepera
1 Bovine Bovine
1 Murder City Devils, the Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
1 Various [coll]: Fit for Kings
1 Chadbourne, Eugene Volume 2: Solo Acoustic...
1 Unit Moebius Golden Techno Classics
1 Steel Audio-Cynicism
1 Mack Stevens At Rollin' Rock
1 Tongue (soundtrack) Tongue
1 Nighthawk, Robert Bricks in My Pillow
1 Spikedrivers Reel
1 Balfa Toujours La Pointe
1 Kimbrough, Junior God Knows I Tried
1 Sun Ra Celebration for the Comet Koho
1 Neptunas, the Let Them Eat Tuna
1 Donovan, Jim Indigo
1 Death in June

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