KFJC tops for week ending 12/16/1998

14 Various [coll]: Bombay the Hard Way
11 Frosty Liqour Drink
11 X Beyond and Back
10 Gate Lavender Head, the
9 Cline, Nels & Sarno, Devin Edible Flowers
8 Jedi Son of Spock Journey, the
8 Matmos West, the
8 Stanton, Harry Dean "You Don't Miss Your Water"
8 Manning, Barbara In New Zealand
8 Stratotanker Miracle of Flight, the
8 Ex, the Starters Alternators
8 Various [coll]: Psychedelic Exprince 2
7 Crib She Is Church
7 Quintron These Hands of Mine
7 Germs, the Germicide
7 Various [coll]: Spike's Choice
7 Vicious White Kids Live at the Electric Ballroom
7 Bruno, Franklin
7 Dom + Roland Industry
6 Ultramagnetic M.C.'s Four Horsemen
6 Brighter Death Now Greatest Death
6 Bobby Redbeet Ladies Love
6 Lothars, the Meet the Lothars
6 Moebius/Plank/Thompson Ludwig's Law
6 Morris, Joe Quartet A Cloud of Balck Birds
6 Alan Licht/Loren Mazzacane-Con Hoffman Estates
6 Keen, Robert Earl Walking Distance
6 Arovane Arovane Ep
6 Gadget Black Acura
6 Pike, Dave - Set Got the Feelin'
6 Headcoats, Thee Hendrix Was not the Only Music
6 Fair, Jad and Yo La Tengo Strange but True
6 Johnson, Linton Kwesi Independant Intavenshan
6 Aube Thirdorgan
6 Irr.App.(Ext.) Dust Pincher Appliances
5 Radiance S/T
5 Elggren, Leif In Sleep the Knives Are ....
5 Bassholes When My Blue Moon Turns Red ..
5 Si_Lo Si_Lo
5 Boredoms Super Ar
5 Gladiators, the Bongo Red
5 Stinky Puffs For Kids Who Have Been Left...
5 Various [coll]: Marvelous Sound Forms
5 Swift, Rob Ablist, the
5 Paris 1942 Paris 1942
5 Reid, Sharp, Torn Guitar Oblique
5 Fluxion Lark
5 Experimental Audio Research Death of a Robot/Automatic....
5 Cat Power Moon Pix
5 Krzisnik, Borut Currents of Time
5 Various [coll]: Hang Ten
5 Joyner, Simon Yesterday Tomorrow & In...
5 Highrise Desperado
5 Clodhopper Red's Recovery Room
5 Blacks, the Dolly Horrorshow
5 Ferrella, Thomas/Schaefer, Kev Effigy
4 Hooker, William Hard Time
4 Death in June Take Care and Control
4 Virtuoso "Incinerator"
4 Air Traffic Controllers Women & Other Minority Groups
4 Buckminster Fuzeboard How to Make C60 BR24 in Under
4 Schooley, John ______________________________
4 Carl, Aaron Down
4 Fiends, the Gravedigger
4 Blowtops,The Deep Thrust
4 Oranj Symphonette Oranj Album
4 Various [coll]: Make-Up/Crainium
4 Slackers, the Question, the
4 Scienz of Life "Doin' Our Thing"
4 Wee Bee Foolish "Tiger Boogs"
4 Pineal Ventana Expel
4 Harriet Tubman I Am a Man
4 Piazzolla, Astor Tango: Zero Hour
4 Johnston, Daniel Dream Scream/Funeral Girl
4 You Fantastic! Homesickness
4 Tri Mi Pi Eat Here
4 Inoue, Tetsu Waterloo Terminal
4 Emanon Acid Nine
4 Various [coll]: Gescom Vs Advanz/Foehn
4 Hurl We Are Quiet in this Room
4 Secret Chiefs 3 Theatrum of Suprasensory U, Th
4 Various [coll]: Cuban Gold 5
4 Sunday Puncher For Your Everchanging World
4 Various [coll]: Killed By Epitaph
4 Paul Newman Only Love Can Break Your ...
4 King Brothers King Brothers
4 Various [coll]: Variations
4 Lollipop Shoppe, the Just Colour
4 Various [coll]: Cleveland Confidential
4 No Talents Easy Girl
4 Tinsel I Wish the Talkies Never ...
4 Maurizio M4.5
4 Various [coll]: L.A. County Line
3 Kirlian Uninspired
3 Freeek, the Martian Leaders O. E.
3 Various [coll]: 129 Beat Street
3 Unspoken Heard, the "Better"
3 Damon Song of a Gypsy
3 Chop Shop Smolder
3 Cheer Accident Why Album, the
3 Raison D'etre Prospectus 1
3 Seed Mouth Titanic
3 Ishi, Ken Innerelements
3 Brian Jonestown Massacre Strung Out in Heaven
3 Various [coll]: Two Cries of Freedom
3 Figurine I Wait for You
3 Thomas, Richard What My Ears Can See
3 Brooks, Cedric 'im' United Africa
3 Boxhead Ensemble Last Place to Go, the
3 Various [coll]: Deeper Concentration
3 Knit Seperates, the S/T
3 Unexplained Transmissions +/-
3 Chazam & Monsieur Gadou Vivants
3 Wailers, the Tall Cool One
3 Nordine, Ken Best of Word Jazz Vol. 1
3 Kent, Willie Make Room for the Blues
3 Klezmatics Well, the
3 Edwards, Stoney Poor Folks Stick Together
3 Problematics, the Kids All Suck, the
3 Little Fyodor and the Haters Time Doesn't Move
3 Stereo Total S/T
3 Hortobagyi, Laszlo Summa Technologiae
3 A*T*A Austin Transit Authority
3 Siah & Yeshua Da Poed "The Norm"
3 Dean, Elton Just Us
3 Larval 2
3 Gone Country Dumb
3 Burning Witch Towers...
3 El Son Entero Cuba
3 Tinmak Man and Electricity
3 Rhombus of Doom S/T
3 Camille 2000 (soundtrack) Camille 2000
3 Small Things Keep Calm - and Dig
3 Haack, Bruce Electric Lucifer, the
3 Masters of Illusion Partnas Confused
2 His Hero Is Gone Fool's Gold
2 Death in June Kameradschaft
2 Coche Bomba Poco O Nada/Jaust Another...
2 Duncan, John (soundtrack) John See Soundtracks
2 Sakamoto, Ryuichi (soundtrack) Love Is the Devil
2 Lopez, Francisco Untitled Music for Geography
2 Larz Moral Sewer
2 Rother, Anthony Little Computer People
2 Parker, William Through Acceptance of the Mys.
2 Sutcliffe Jugend When Pornography Is no Longer
2 Bright Moments Return of the Lost Tribe
2 Gazingo, Bingo Bingo Gazingo
2 Black Cowboy Black Cowboy
2 Los Mockers Original Recordings '65-'67
2 Fear Have Another Beer with Fear
2 Various [coll]: Noise Reduction
2 Carlos, Wendy (Walter) Sonic Seasonings +
2 Boud Deun Stolen Bicycle, the
2 State of the Union Self Titled
2 Eno, Roger Flatlands, the
2 Art Ensemble of Chicago Coming Home Jamaica
2 Dresser, Mark Eye'll Be Seeing You
2 Rohr / Mc Bride / Mc Lennan They Sent Three Henchmen
2 Various [coll]: Hamdulilla Volume 2
2 Various [coll]: Africans in America
2 Josef K Endless Soul
2 Various [coll]: Men's Recovery/Sinking
2 Ibarra,Susie/Charles, Denis Drum Talk
2 Chicago Underground Duo 12 Degrees of Freedom
2 All Natural "It's O.K."
2 S-Core Missing Volume
2 To Rococo Rot She Understands
2 Mckuen, Rod Beatsville
2 Smith, George "Harmonica" Now You Can Talk About Me
2 Douglas, Dave Magic Triangle
2 Fire this Time, the Still Dancing on John Wayne's
2 Amk Needle Hit the Groove
2 Various [coll]: Metro Schfter/Ship Nws
2 Combat Wounded Veteran What Flavor Is Your Death Sqau
2 From Ashes Rise Fragments of a Fallen Sky
2 Two Dollar Guitar Train Songs
2 Mice Parade True Meaning of Boodleybaye,Th
2 Roy Cambell Pyramid Trio Ancestral Homeland
2 Negative Trend Pop Sessions, the
2 Main Firmanent I V
2 Jeffries, Peter Substatic
2 Union of a Man and Woman, the Sound Of..., the
2 Sweet Honey in the Rock ...Twenty Five...
2 Allin, G.G Hated in the Nation
2 Various [coll]: Killed By Death France
2 Poison Idea Learning to Scream
2 Salamander Red Mantra
2 Smokejumpers, the Flat Tear It Up
2 Brother Weasel Swingin' N Groovin'
2 Rodrigues, Virginia Sol Negro
2 Edgewalker Experimental Instrm Peering Over
2 Q, Leslie Into Handicapped
2 Matten, Sabir Trio Divine Mad Love
2 Melt-Banana Charlie
2 Ackley, Bruce Trio Hearing, the
1 Various [coll]: Interstellar Fugitives
1 Raise Hell Holy Target
1 Various [coll]: War Dance - a War Musi
1 Boilermaker Jazz Band Linger Awhile
1 Guerrero, Tommy Loose Grooves and Bastard...
1 Demi Semi Quaver Three
1 Eyeless in Gaza All Under the Leaves, The..
1 Dramatics Hypnotist Geese
1 Poetics Remixes of Recordings '77-'83
1 Anderson, Ron & Tatsuya Yoshid Frist Meeting
1 Mij Yodeling Astrologer
1 Meadmore, Glen Hot Horny & Born Again
1 Gore Lifelong Deadline
1 Johnston, Phillip Needless Kiss, the
1 Fahey, John Death Chants, Breakdowns And..
1 Masada Yod (10)
1 Jpp String Tease
1 Black Humour Stutter
1 Ozymandias Ahara
1 Tchkung Incite
1 Bishop, Jeb 98 Duets
1 Praxis Mold
1 Neither/Neither World Torch Songs From the Nether/Ne
1 Chenevier, Guigou Le Rumors De La Ville
1 Wiseman, Mac; Watson, Doc Mac, Doc,& Del
1 Redagain P Redagain P
1 P.A.L. M@Rmx Lp
1 Gebbia, Gianni H Portraits
1 Various [coll]: No Approval Needed 4
1 Ware, David S. Go See the World
1 Parker, William Lifting the Sanctions
1 Nashville Bluegrass Band American Beauty
1 Gorgoroth Destroyer
1 Rother,Anthony Trans Europa Express
1 Cypher in the Snow So, You Have An Std
1 Candye Kane Swango
1 Legend, Johnny Bitchin
1 Mantronik, Kurtis I Sing the Body Electro
1 Open Loose Come Ahead Back
1 Bell, the Bootleg
1 Myles, Heather Highways and Honky Tonks
1 7L & Esoteric "Def Rhymes"
1 Various [coll]: Spazz / Monsterx
1 Nighthawk, Robert Bricks in My Pillow
1 Spikedrivers Reel
1 Brodie, Mark & the Saboteurs T.I.G.E.R. Rock
1 Sir Finks Devil's Agent
1 Accident Clearinghouse Absolute Collision
1 Kirk, Rahsaan Roland Blacknuss
1 Funkadelic Maggot Brain
1 Partch, Harry Music of Harry Partch, the

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