KFJC tops for week ending 12/18/2002

12 Hendrix, Jimi Blue Wild Angel
10 Ampbuzz This Is My Ampbuzz
9 New Cult of the Sun Moon ______________________________
9 Various [coll]: Chainstore Massacre
9 Moondog S/T
8 Meat Beat Manifesto Ruok
8 Warlocks, the Phoenix Album
8 Organum Sphyx
8 Sadies, the Stories Often Told
7 Atmosphere God Loves Ugly
7 Brigade Last Laugh
7 Tin Hat Trio Rodeo Eroded, the
7 Brookhaven Everything that Rises Must Ris
7 Acid Mothers Temple & The... Electric Heavyland
7 Waters, Patty College Tour
6 Toth, Jonathan From Hoth Chaos & Cannibalism
6 St 37 Down on Us
6 Brother JT3 Spirituals
6 Squarepusher Do You Know Squarepusher
6 San Agustin W/Langille,S. Passing Song
6 Various [coll]: Nanloop 1.0
6 Thuja Suns
6 Various [coll]: Night Owls 02
6 Drums & Tuba Mostly Ape
6 Anomoanon, the Asleep Many Years in the Wood
6 Bernstein, Steven Diaspora Blues
5 Renou, Christian Fragments and Articulations
5 Wilt Wither
5 Various [coll]: Songs in Th Key of Z 2
5 Origami Artika Vardogr
5 Silva, Alan, & Celest Comm Orc Luna Surface
5 Curlew North America
5 Negativeland Deathsentences of The...
5 Sugarman & Co. Pure Cane Sugar
5 Caural Stars on My Ceiling
5 Various [coll]: Bristol Sessions, V.1
5 Vanderslice, John Life and Death of An American
5 Add N to (X) Revenge of the Black Regent
5 Mixmaster Mike Return of the Cyclops
5 Langley Schools Music Proj, Th Innocence & Despair
5 Asylum Street Spankers My Favorite Record
5 Twilight Circus Dub Sound Sysm Dub Plates Vol. 3
5 Charged Live
5 Dj Krush Message at the Depth, the
5 Nico Desertshore
5 Canned Hamm Karazma!
5 Caustic Soul Parliament of Rooks
5 Cave, Nick Ritz Stockholm
5 Alexander, Harold Sunshine Man
4 Exsanguinate Black Acts, the
4 Various [coll]: Sound Forms for Piano
4 Spokane Able Bodies
4 Bongzilla Gateway
4 Jezebelles, the Trash on Demand Vol 2
4 +Dog+ Blood
4 Various [coll]: Water: the Elements Ss
4 Amalgamated Sons of Rest Amalgamated Sons of Rest
4 Biafra, Jello Machine Gun in the Clown's Han
4 Various [coll]: Dub Tribunl
4 Old and in the Gray Old and in the Gray
4 Van Morrison Celebrities at Their Worst
4 Anderson, Fred Quartet Milwaukee Tapes, Vol. 1, the
4 Requiem for a Dre (soundtrack) Requiem for a Dream
4 Jason Roberts Texas Fiddle Man
4 Waco Brothers New Deal
4 Dall, Cynthia Sound Restores Young Men
4 My Cat Is An Alien Landscapes of An Electric City
4 Various [coll]: Studio One Soul
4 Shearwater Everybody Makes Mistakes
4 Flaming Lips, the Shambolic Birth & Early Life
3 Nancarrow, Conlon Studies for Player Piano 1&2
3 Tarpigh Go Hogh Wild!
3 Philemon Arthur and the Dung Musikens Historia Del 1 Och 2
3 Lenny & the Squigtones Debut Album From Lenny & Squig
3 Various [coll]: Droop Drone Drops
3 Deepfatfried Chocolate Kisses & Gravy
3 Various [coll]: Best Tv G (soundtrack)
3 Various [coll]: Bhangra Beat
3 Magical Power Mako Kerojetter No. 1
3 Rumah Sakit Obscured By Clowns
3 Nishinihon Nishinihon
3 Michael Hurley Sweetkorn
3 Isis Oceanic
3 Various [coll]: Shipwreck Day
3 Safety Scissors V Kit Clayton Ping Pong
3 Cymande Cymande
3 Propergol United States
3 Tracy + the Plastics Forever Sucks
3 Karate Some Boots
3 De Facto Legende Du Scorpion a 4 Queues
3 Ryukyu Underground Ryukyu Underground
3 Various [coll]: California Soul
3 Gleason, Dave 's Wasted Days ______________________________
3 Perry & Kingsley Kaleidoscopic Vibrations
3 Bizz Circuits Very Best of Bizz Circuits, th
3 Bruno, Franklin A Cat May Look at a Queen
3 Gore Gore Girls Strange Girls
3 Various [coll]: Art of Listening, the
3 Matching Mole March
3 Stars of the Lid Avec Laudenum
3 Dj Fuse One Met-A-Mor-Pho-Sis:
3 Alias Other Side of the Looking Glas
3 Dolomites Lovely Day for a Hogshead Of..
3 Pimmon Assembler
3 Blasters, the Trouble Bound
3 Von Till, Steve If I Should Fall to the Field
3 Kuchen Kids with Sticks
3 Tino Corp. Hallowe'en Dub-Tino's Breaks 6
3 Hogan, Sean Ruled By Mercury
3 Below the Sea Les Arbres Depayseront Davanta
3 Iron & Wine Creek Drank the Cradle, the
3 Forbert, Steve Any Old Time
3 Elf Power Nothing's Going to Happen
2 Marchetti, Lionel Train De Nuit (Noord 3-683)
2 Asesino Corridos De Muerte
2 Das Neves, Wilson E Conjunto O Som Quente E O Das Neves
2 Clientele, the Lost Weekend E.P., the
2 One A.M. Radio, the I Think this Is My Exit
2 Jensson, Hilmar Tyft
2 Modified Toy Orchestra ______________________________
2 Sickness I Have Become the Disease.....
2 Pork Torta Butchie-Pac
2 Chion, Michel Dix-Sept Minutes
2 Tejendra Narayan Majumdar Sarod
2 Bella Vista Midway
2 Coco Coco Sound, the
2 Murray, Sunny An Even Break
2 U Brown You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
2 Hidden Spectral Magnitude
2 A Whisper in the Noise Through the Ides of March
2 Liars Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like
2 Black Heart Procession Amore Del Tropico
2 Kill-A-Watt Let's Get High Voltage!
2 Orchid Dance Tonight! Revolution...
2 Aranos Whilst Your Gaiety Melts
2 Wobbly Wild Why
2 Beans Phreek the Beet
2 Tarantula Hawk 2
2 Headnodic Tuesday
2 Ronin E.P.
2 Brotzman, Peter Nothung
2 Dr. Alimantado Love Is...
2 Ruins Tzomborgha
2 Flip Tops All Worked Up
2 Speedy J Loudbox
2 Hansson, Bo Magician's Hat, the
2 Atomic Mosquitos S/T
2 Stockmen, the Blow-Out
2 Babalu Ultra Wide Band, the
2 Hanged Up Kicker in Tow
2 Moorer, Allison Miss Fortune
2 Dead Meadow Got Live If You Want It!
2 Diska & Dj Banana C2064
2 Kill Me Tomorrow I Require Chocolate/Rats for E
2 Midwood, Ramsay Shootout at the Ok Chinese...
2 Sun Ra Space Is the Place
2 Schlippenbach Quartet Hunting the Snake
2 Brother Ah Move Ever Onward
2 Warmdesk Pride of the South Side..., th
2 Mathieu, Stephan Gigue, Live @ A-Musik
2 Kippi Kaninus Huggun
2 Various [coll]: Live From the DEVILV.5
2 Henry Jacob's Vortex Electronic Kabuki Mambo
2 Xenakis, Iannis Persepolis+Remixes
2 Dipsomaniacs Stethoscopic Notion
2 Sophia Seduction of Madness, the
2 Various [coll]: Locust, The/Arab on Rr
2 Afrika Bambaataa Death Mix
2 Smith, Lonnie Liston Expansions
2 Leather Uppers, the Okay Don't Say It
2 Del Future Developments
2 Thumbtack Smoothie Math Is Hard
2 Lewis, Walter "Furry" 1927-1929:THE Remaining Titles
1 Godspeed You Black Emperor! Yanqui U. X. O.
1 Bruces, the War of the Bruces, the
1 Photon Band It's a Lonely Planet
1 Maybellines, the Chatfield Holiday
1 Clement, Coralie Salle Des Pas Perdus
1 Various [coll]: Nothing Left to Lose
1 Jones, Joe Untitled
1 Various [coll]: Horizons Dj Project
1 Maher Shalal Hash Baz Maher on Water
1 Shaheen, Simon/Bhatt, Vishnwa Saltanah
1 Pinhas, Richard Event and Repetitions
1 Maneri Ensemble Going to Church
1 Kalvakota / Douglas Outer Limits
1 Meadmore, Glen Cowboy Songs for Little Hustls
1 Stick Men with Ray Guns Some People Deserve to Suffer
1 Kontraattaque ______________________________
1 Various [coll]: Hawg Jaw/Manchurian Cs
1 Morricone, Ennio (soundtrack) Gli Intoccabili
1 Scientists We Had Love
1 Various [coll]: Greatest Malt Liquor..
1 Radio Zumbido Los Ultimos Dias Del Am
1 Moore, Rudy Ray This Ain't no White Christmas
1 Nequaquam Vacuum 2002
1 Mea Culpa Corporate Nation
1 'iggenbottom 'iggenbottom's Wrench
1 Open City L.A., We Revise Your Neglect
1 Forcefield Roggaboggas
1 Lmo, Von Be Yourself
1 D-Styles Phantazmagorea
1 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Belly D
1 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Paris C
1 E S G Step Off
1 Napalm Death Order of the Leech
1 Voltage Regulator Filthy!
1 Various [coll]: D.I.Y. Is Still Alive
1 King Kong Big Bang, the
1 Charalambides Ana/Kata
1 Blow, the Bonus Album
1 Instruments, the Billions of Phonographs
1 Lo-Hi Say It More
1 Plastic Cloud, the S/T
1 Concentrick Luciddreaming
1 Phantom Riders S/T
1 El Toros, the Thrills Galore
1 Microphones Song Islands
1 Various [coll]: Minima-List
1 Various [coll]: Denver Dark Arts Festl
1 Shut-Ins Shut-Ins
1 Gloryholes, the Knock You Up
1 Sonic Youth/I.C.P./The Ex Sonic Youth + I.C.P. + the Ex
1 Tiger Lillies, the Circus Songs
1 Black Dice Beaches & Canyons
1 Free Pop Electronic Concep, th A New Exciting Experience
1 Avenging Disco Godfathers, the This the Invasion!
1 Wolf Colonel Something / Everything!
1 His Holiness the 17TH Karmapa Karma Pakshi Chant
1 Wicker Man, the ( (soundtrack) ______________________________
1 Double Dee & Steinski Lesson 4
1 Neon Hunk Abracadaver
1 Stout, Darrin & the Starlighte ______________________________
1 Zacherley Spook Along With...
1 Puffinboy High Livin' Round Seven Dials
1 Stars As Eyes Freedom Rock
1 Primitive Painter/Pulby DD012002
1 Omaggio Omaggio
1 Glandien, Lutz 5TH Elephant, the
1 Theoretical Girls 1978-1981
1 Hypnotech 3 In Tune with the True Distor..
1 Namtchylak, Sainkho Stepmother City Rmxs
1 El'zabar, Kahil Trio Love Outside of Dreams
1 Fomoflo Slug & Firearms
1 Run for Cover Lovers Difficult Nature Of..., the
1 Wurdulak Ceremony in Flames
1 Disflex 6 Lexolea
1 Clark, Mike Headhunter, the
1 Magnum Fully Loaded
1 Chicks on Speed Fashion Rules!
1 Dipsomaniacs Tremolo of Her Mind..., the
1 Happy Supply Crucial Cuts
1 Bangs Call and Response
1 Hal Russell's Chemical Feast Elixir
1 Lifesavas What If It's True/Hellohihey
1 Monotrona Hawkeye & Firebird
1 Discordance Axis Inalienable Dreamness, the
1 Cephalic Carnage Lucid Interval
1 Impaled Mondo Medicale
1 Lost Weekend Harbor Lights & Cowboy Blues
1 Various [coll]: Sankofa: the Highlife
1 Low Numbers, the Telekom
1 Eyedea & Abilities First Born
1 Idiot Flesh Nothing Show, the
1 Nostalgica Arcana Publicata Vilescunt
1 Crowley, Adrian When You Are Here You Are Fami
1 Forsyth, Chris 081797
1 Vegas Thunder No One Fucks with Vegas Thunde
1 Icebreakers W/ Diamonds, the Planet Mars Dub
1 Various [coll]: Rough Guide to Rai, Th

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