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  Number 6
Sunday - 23 December 2012 - 3:00am to 9:00am

Nuclear War Now! s
Mystifier The Witness/Mystifier Tormenting the Holy Trinity 3:05 AM
Lord Foul I Burn For You Killing Raping Burning / The Devils Advocate Dais 3:11 AM
Anatomia Cadaveric Dissection Decaying In Obscurity 3:24 AM
Villains Road To Ruin Road To Ruin 3:28 AM
Vanhelgd Heaven Is Lost Cult of Lazarus Nuclear War Now! Product 3:32 AM
Lord Time The Core 8 Punishments Forgotten Future Prison Tatt Records 3:42 AM
Black Goat Mortus Extremist 3:51 AM
Abigail Intercourse and Lust Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now! Product 3:54 AM
Abigail Hail Yakuza Intercourse and Lust Nuclear War Now! Product 3:56 AM
Oppenheimer: The Man Behind the Bomb 4:06 AM
Procreation Morbid Reality Incantations of Demonic Lust For Corpses of the Fallen 4:12 AM
Gloria Diaboli The kingdom of flesh and deca Libation unto he who dwelleth in the depths 4:16 AM
Revenge Filth Solution (Intolerance) Scum.Collapse.Eradication Nuclear War Now! Product 4:17 AM
Conqueror Ross Bay Damnation/ Chaos Domination War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Product 4:23 AM
Rotting ?hrist The Nereid of Esgalduin Apokathilosis
Father Befouled Weeping In Heaven Rotting Godless Throne Nuclear War Now! Product 4:33 AM
Mutiilation Born Under the Master's Spell Vampires of Black Imperial Blood 4:37 AM
Voor Evil Metal Evil Metal 4:49 AM
Root Dogrova Rise Dema 5:02 AM
Root Intro (Prichod Poslu) Dema
Root Rootanuv Pochod Dema
Root Poslove y Temnot Dema
Root Utek a Trest Dema
Mystifier Ancient Prediction Live Ritual 1989
Mystifier Impulsive Defloration Live Ritual 1989
Mystifier The Awakening Of Satanas Live Ritual 1989 5:29 AM
Mystifier Mystifier - Satan's Messengers Live Ritual 1989
Mystifier The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R) Wicca 5:43 AM
Mystifier The Cult Continues T.E.A.R. 5:48 AM
Schumacher, Stanley and The Music Now Ensemble What's In a Name? Experimental Music Lab Musikmacher Productions 6:08 AM
Sarcasm Runaway Crematory 6:16 AM
Carpathian Forest Bloodlust and Perversion Bloodlust and Perversion 6:19 AM
Disforterror The Armoured Bestial Black Goat War Impalement and Holocaust Stench Nuclear War Now! Product
Dementia Reticulation Reticulation Nuclear War Now! Product 6:31 AM
Pek Messenger of Eternal Damnation Preaching Evil Nuclear War Now! Product 6:31 AM
Ares Kingdom Failsafe Return To Dust 6:45 AM
Judas Iscariot Journey trough Visions of War Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten
Grand Belial's Key Shemhamforesh Mocking the Philanthropist 6:58 AM
Wind of the Black Mountains Force Fed Into Blasphemy Force Fed Into Blasphemy 6:58 AM
Mussorgski Apokaliptic (The Last Day) The Bath In the X-rays 7:04 AM
Kaiadass And the Battles Will Start Again And the Battles Will Start Again 7:14 AM
S.V.E.S.T. Evil War (The End of Men By Men) Death To Macrocosm
Man Is The Bastard Moloch Nazi Drunks Fuck Off Live 7:31 AM
Funeral Oration Sunking Down The Godsend
State New Reich No Illusions Ep 7:37 AM
No Comment Push Down and Turn Downsided
Neanderthal Crawl 7:40 AM
Conm-dm Calldown Autoficial split comp 7:42 AM
The Haters Rough Autoficial split comp
Deutsch Nepal Problem Bird of Steel / Golden Sea of Baptism / Problem
Smell & Quim Beaver Full of Spunk Jesus Christ 7:51 AM
Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Sex split/Miehst
Cranioplast Cats can royal Cats Can royal, Rats can coil
Non Romance Fatal Dentro De Un Auto Rise 8:00 AM
Macronympha untitled Cut-Ups and Drones and Other Weird 8:04 AM
Annahand Like the Skeleton of an Old Horse
Total Parsifal Here, Time is Space
Jackman, David Flak Flak
Messiah Anarchus Hymn To Abramelin 8:15 AM
Metalucifer Flight of the Iron Pegasus Heavy Metal Chainsaw 8:20 AM
Marquis de Sade Somewhere Up In the Mountains
Ringworm Numb/Blind to Faith The Promise 8:28 AM
Infest Where's the Unity Slave
Rudimentary Peni Media Person the e.p.'s of r.p.
Darkthrone Sunrise Over Locus Mortis Soulside Journey 8:37 AM
Sloth Benefits Show Thee Plague of Gentlemen split collection
Woods of Infinity Jordan ar Satans Hora Forintelse & Libido
Controlled Bleeding Saddled In the Trench Core
Club Moral I Like It Here Mit Neuen Waffen 8:56 AM


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