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  Sir Cumference
Saturday - 23 November 2013 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Brian Hodgson Tardis Lands 9:00 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Westminster Bridge Rose 9:00 AM
The Arthur Nelson Group Three Guitars Mood 2 An Unearthly Child 9:02 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Little Amy The Eleventh Hour 9:04 AM
Dudley Simpson Wirrn Attacks The Ark in Space 9:08 AM
Carey Blyton Silurian at the Farm/The Silurian Base/I Am The Leader Now!/ Doctor Who and the Silurians 9:10 AM
Eric Siday Hypnosis The Moonbase 9:13 AM
Delia Derbyshire Doctor Who 9:16 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Doomsday Doomsday 9:17 AM
Wilfred Josephs Space Time Music - Part 1 Tomb of the Cybermen 9:23 AM
Malcolm Clarke The Milonga Enlightnment 9:24 AM
Syd Dale Impending Danger The Web of Fear 9:26 AM
Dominic Glynn TARDIS Taken Out Of Time Trial of a Time Lord: Mysterious Planet 9:28 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Torchwood Theme 9:32 AM
Dudley Simpson Good From Evil Genesis of the Daleks 9:34 AM
Walter Scott Music For Technology (Part One) The Tenth Planet 9:36 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Clara The Bells of Saint John 9:37 AM
Paddy Kingsland Carnivorous Bats State of Decay 9:43 AM
Brian Hodgson Tension Builder (d) The Dominators 9:45 AM
Peter Howell Borusa's Immortality The Five Doctors 9:46 AM
John Debney & Louis Febre Crown of Nails Doctor Who (1996) 9:47 AM
Geoffrey Burgoen Terror of the Zygons Terror of the Zygons 9:51 AM
Pierre Arvay Little Prelude The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve 9:52 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales A Noble Girl About Town Partners in Crime 9:53 AM
Trevor Duncan Mutations The Space Museum 9:55 AM
Brian Hodgson Dover Castle The Mind of Evil 9:56 AM
Malcolm Lockyer Fanfare and Opening Titles Dr. Who and The Daleks [Movie] 9:57 AM
The Go Go's I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek Who is Doctor Who 10:01 AM
Dudley Simpson Sutekh Descends Pyramids of Mars 10:03 AM
Jack Trombey World of Plants The Space Museum 10:05 AM
Malcolm Clarke The Prison/The Master/The Sea Devil/Escape The Sea Devils 10:08 AM
Peter Howell Brighton Beach, K9 Kaput The Leisure Hive 10:14 AM
Carey Blyton Fighting in the Caves Revenge of the Cybermen 10:22 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales The Master Vainglorious Last of the Time Lords 10:24 AM
Tristram Cary Taking The Dalek Ship The Daleks' Master Plan 10:27 AM
Peter Howell K-9 and Company 10:31 AM
Don Harper/Dudley Simpson/Murray Gold UNIT Operations/UNIT Theme/UNIT Invasion/Ambassadors of Death/Aliens of London 10:33 AM
Malcolm Clarke March of the Cybermen/Scott Takes the Bridge Earthshock 10:36 AM
Dudley Simpson The Thing In The Pit/The Big Fall Planet of Evil 10:43 AM
Peter Howell Banqueting Music Warriors' Gate 10:45 AM
Tristram Cary Rising Tension The Daleks 10:47 AM
Delia Derbyshire Blue Veils and Golden Sands Inferno 10:51 AM
Peter Howell The Dodecahedron Meglos 10:53 AM
Bill McGuffie Daleks and Robomen Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD 10:55 AM
Who's Who Roberta Tovey Who is Doctor Who 11:00 AM
Lasry - Baschet Rapsodie de Budapest (Les structures sonores) The Web Planet/ Galaxy 4 11:02 AM
Dudley Simpson The End of Morbius The Brain of Morbius 11:07 AM
Carey Blyton Sarah Searches for the Doctor/An Uneasy Alliance/Something i Death to the Daleks 11:12 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales I'm Coming To Get You Bad Wolf 11:18 AM
Dudley Simpson The Fish People The Underwater Menace 11:19 AM
Peter Howell The Eye Of Orion The Five Doctors 11:22 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Gallifrey The End of Time 11:23 AM
Peter Howell Shockeye's Just Desserts The Two Doctors 11:26 AM
Paddy Kingsland K9 on a Mission, Third Decider Full Circle 11:28 AM
Sam & Dan Watts Sara Jane Adventures 11:32 AM
Dudley Simpson The Doctor's Theme 11:32 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales I Am the Doctor The Eleventh Hour 11:36 AM
Paddy Kingsland This Car's a Classic!/The Brigadier Remembers Mawdryn Undead 11:42 AM
Geoffrey Burgoen Seeds of Doom Seeds of Doom 11:45 AM
Tristram Cary At The Police Station The Daleks' Master Plan 11:48 AM
Don Harper International Electromatics/Music For Action The Invasion 11:51 AM
Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales Towards The Asylum Asylum of the Daleks 11:55 AM
Pat Hodge In a Dream Doctor Who (1996) 11:59 AM


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