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Always all kinds of stuff happening

Thursday April 27 at 4:PM
Oakland power trio Feral Ohms blasts into the KFJC pit for a live set. Billie Joe Tolliver hosts.

Country Songwriter Series: Harlan Howard
Monday Mayhem 1 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Harlan Howard, 1927-2002, grew up in rural Michigan. One of his great joys was listening to the Grand Old Opry on the radio. He started writing songs at age 12. After serving in the Army, he moved to Los Angeles, in 1955, to try to sell his songs.

In 1958 he charted his first hit - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, sung by Charlie Walker. The following year Ray Price had a number one hit with Heartaches By the Number. In 1960 Harlan moved to Nashville. Over the course of the next 5 decades he wrote over 4000 songs and charted hundreds of hits, such as I Fall To Pieces (Patsy Cline), Busted (Ray Charles), I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (Buck Owens), Why Not Me (The Judds), and Blame It On Your Heart (Patty Loveless).

Doing It To Death
Tuesday Mayhem 2-Thursday Mayhem 4 10PM Tue-2AM Thu
Hosted by Spliff Skankin' and others

KFJC's annual 28 hour birthday tribute to The Godfather of Soul, Minister of the New New Super Heavy Funk, the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Soul Brother Number 1 James Brown. Rare, unreleased, live, alternate takes, extended jams, covers, and remixed recordings. Interviews and testimonials with all of James Brown's funky people. Join us for the hairstyle competition, fashion show, and dance contest. Good God!

Fantastic 5/4
Thursday Mayhem 4 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Droll

Four hours of songs featuring 5/4 time signature. 5/4 is one of the least danceable time signatures but some songs can really pull it off. Find your favorite 5/4 tune on 5/4!.

Florence Foster Jenkins
Thursday Mayhem 4 2PM-4PM
Hosted by Billie Joe Tolliver

Florence Foster Jenkins was a New York socialite and a reality show star before reality shows existed. Dubbed by one critic as "the world's worst opera singer," Jenkins took singing lessons her whole life and never got any better. If she were around now she'd be performing in clubs and getting lots of underground cred for keeping it real. She was an independent artist who fearlessly screeched into the hearts of those who loved her while wearing avant garde couture she created herself. This special will feature her vocal performance art and the work of her pianist Cosme McMoon.

John Peel and The Fall: Such a Perfect Relationship
Thursday Mayhem 4 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

Between 1978 and 2004, British post punk band The Fall appeared and performed on John Peel's Peel Sessions radio show twenty four times, more than any other group. The distanced respect and shared consciousness between Peel and The Fall's sole continuous member, Mark E. Smith, was unique. It allowed the short set Peel Sessions to document the trajectory of The Fall for nearly 25 years of their career. Join Naysayer for a listening of selections from those 24 sessions broadcast on BBC Radio One.

Rastascan Roundup
Friday Mayhem 5 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Percussionist and composer Gino Robair has been an active instigator, collaborator, and cross pollinator in the Bay Area jazz and experimental scene since the 80's. He also runs the innovative Rastascan label. Tune in for a brief and bumpy ride through the Rastascan archives.

Joshua Kit Clayton - Who Dat?
Friday Mayhem 5 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Bay area electronic musician Joshua Kit Clayton slathered glitchy goodness over a a number of labels, as well as his own Cytrax and Orthlorng imprints. Glitch is good - find out why.

Saturday Mayhem 6 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Carson Street

Patti Smith guitarist Lenny Kaye complied this primo selection of US psych and garage. He set the benchmark for all future compilations in the genre. The 1972 double album influenced punk ? one of the first mentions of the term was in the sleeve notes ? and reaffirmed the rock and roll agenda in an era that had been hijacked by concept albums and overindulgent head music. ?Nuggets? showcases psych and garage from out and out bubblegum to un- hinged primal screaming fuzz tone.

Black Horizons part 1
Saturday Mayhem 6 3PM-6PM
Hosted by label founder James Livingston and Teachers AIDS

Darkening dementia and live mic from Oakland's Funeral Chant.

Funeral Chant

Glenn Gould in Russia - 60 years later
Saturday Mayhem 6 6PM-8PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

In May of 1957, only four years after the death of Stalin and in the depths of the Cold War, Canadian piano virtuoso Glenn Gould was the first North American musician to perform in Soviet Russia. We will hear background on his Russian tour and listen to the Leningrad recording of Johann Sebastian Bach's Concerto for Piano (BWV 1052) as well as other pieces.

The Eternal Question
Sunday Mayhem 7 11AM-3PM
Hosted by Max Level

A four hour look at the career of keyboardist, bassist, composer, and electronic music pioneer Don Preston. Active since the 1950s and still going strong, his eclectic roster of musical associates has included Herbie Mann, the Mothers of Invention, Carla Bley, the Residents, John Carter, Andrea Centazzo, the Grandmothers, Michael Mantler, and too many more to list here. Listen as your host Max conducts an interview with Don and attempts to keep up. Expect to hear everything from jazz to rock to avant-garde to electronics to film soundtracks to...

I like you, Stuart: 30 years of the Dead Milkmen
Sunday Mayhem 7 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Milo Minderbender

The Dead Milkmen are a satirical punk band that formed in 1980's Philadelphia, and have been entertaining for over 30 years. The group was most active between their 1983 debut and breakup in 1995, but have reformed for several releases and tours since. Part of their signature sound is derived from singer/lyricist Rodney 'Anonymous' Linderman's unique vocal stylings and bizarre subject matter, misbehaving upper class brats, the small-mindedness of small towns, mistreatment of the disabled, dysfunctional family situations of every possible type, race relations in America, conspiracy theories, religion, religiousity, and the nature of God and the universe itself. all of these and more are addressed with aplomb and humor in songs like 'Takin' Retards to the Zoo', 'Let's Get the Baby High', 'God's Kid Brother', and many more. Go ahead: crack open a cool, Coors sixteen-ouncer, cue up some Mork and Mindy re-runs, and enjoy the ride.

Country Songwriter Series: Cindy Walker
Monday Mayhem 8 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Cindy Walker, 1918-2006, was born in Mart, Texas into a musical family - her grandfather was a hymn writer, and her mother an accomplished pianist. Cindy made her professional debut at age 7, singing and dancing in a Christmas pageant. At 12, she wrote her first song, Dusty Skies. On her first trip to Hollywood in 1941, she managed to place her song Lone Star Trail with Bing Crosby. She pursued an acting career for a while, but decided to become a songwriter, and moved back to Texas in 1954. She wrote every day, taking trips to Nashville to pitch her songs. Songs she wrote include Bubbles in My Beer (Bob Wills), Dream Baby (Roy Orbison), Sugar Moon (kd lang), and You Don't Know Me (Eddy Arnold).

Tales of the 8-second Orchestra: The Mellotron Special, part 12a
Monday Mayhem 8 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Pete Dixon, Earl Grey and Joe Shlabotnik

There's just no holding back these three Mellotron aficionados; their obsession with this peculiar keyboard instrument knows no bounds as they continue to discover more examples of its use in both old and new songs, some very obscure and others anything but. The challenge for recent material is to identify the fakes: songs that use samples instead of the real thing. Extensive research and a keen ear are needed. Join them for another two episodes of this seemingly never-ending project!

Kaleidoscope of Colored Vinyl Volume 3
Tuesday Mayhem 9 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Ras Babo

Play an entire four-hour set of colored vinyl from the KFJC library, augmented with nuggets from our personal collections. Also would like to have live camera footage of the colored vinyl spinning and changing. Musical genres of many forms will blend together in the Kaleidoscope. A feast for eyes and the ears.

Vibrations of Fallen Angels: The Heliocentrics and their Music
Wednesday Mayhem 10 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Ann Arbor and Bobo (from KZSC)

The Heliocentrics are a London based psychedelic music collective who have broken the boundaries between funk, rock, electronic, ethnic traditions, and experimental music. We?ll explore their new kind of psychedelia as we share the best of all their releases from the very first to the latest.

The Glass Harmonica
Thursday Mayhem 11 2PM-4PM
Hosted by Billie Joe Tolliver

Invented in 1761 by Benjamin Franklin, the armonica or glass harmonica was an improvement on the glass harp. Stringing the bowls together sideways and putting a pedal underneath to control the spinning made the instrument easier to play. It fell out of fashion and wasn?t played for years but has been revived in the past few decades. Its ethereal sound has been used in many soundtracks and albums. This special will explore the history of the instrument and the many artists who have used it.

The CIA and Drugs
Thursday Mayhem 11 6PM-10PM
Hosted by Dave Emory

Dave Emory recounts the history of the CIA's involvement with the drug traffic.

Steel Cage Grudge Match: East Coast vs West Coast Microlabels
Thursday Mayhem 11 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

For years, Stewart Mostofsky of Baltimore's Ehse Records and John Decker of San Francisco's Resipiscent Records have been releasing limited edition experimental and noise recordings by a variety of artists. The quality and diversity of sounds put out by both labels is outstanding. Listen in as both Stewart and John discuss their musical passion and interests as well as share a variety of selections to show off their labels output. Naysayer will referee.

Jazz Talk
Friday Mayhem 12 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Droll

Which is more unlistenable: jazz, or people talking about jazz? We'll let listeners decide.

Dr. Walker - WTF? (Part 1)
Friday Mayhem 12 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Ingmar Koch, a.k.a. "Dr. Walker" (first among other flags of convenience) was a producer, label head, and behind the scenes instigator in the 90's Cologne, Germany electronic music scene. He was also half of the famous/infamous musical duo Air Liquide. Prepare to be beaten over the head with perverse electronic diversity.

Saturday Mayhem 13 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Carson Street

Sweden's enigmatic GOAT may qualify as the greatest modern pop-culture music mystery. Who are these masked musicians? Are they truly members of the Arctic community of Korpilombolo? Are their songs part of their isolated communal heritage? Goat is a Swedish alternative, experimental and PSYCHEDELIC band with music that runs up your spine and back down again. Tune in, turn on and get ready for a musical trip like no other.

Black Horizons part 2
Saturday Mayhem 13 3PM-6PM
Hosted by label founder James Livingston and Teachers AIDS.

Deviant desecrations and live mic from San Francisco's Body Void

Body Void

Wooden Shoes, Windmills, and Surf Music?
Saturday Mayhem 13 8PM-10PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

Anyone following modern surf music from Europe will notice that there are many excellent surf bands from the Netherlands. Join us as we listen to many examples and discuss the Dutch surf music phenomenon.

West Coast Synthesis
Sunday Mayhem 14 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Lexi Glass and Louie Caliente

We will take a look back at the life and work of Bay Area electronic music pioneer Don Buchla, who passed away in 2016. Throughout his career, Don made important contributions to the development of electronic music, from sound synthesis - with his groundbreaking series of modular synthesizers in the early 1960s - to sound control - with his more recent inventions, the Marimba Lumina and the Lightning. Learn about the technical aspects of Don?s designs, and listen to works - both iconic and lesser-known - from musicians who have worked with his instruments.

We will be joined by special guests: Joel Davel, who worked alongside Don for over 25 years, percussionist Mark Goldstein, who collaborated with Don on the Lightning, and musician Thomas Dimuzio, who will give a demonstration on his Buchla 200e synthesizer.

Pocket Monsters: Angry and Experimental Mini CD Survey
Sunday Mayhem 14 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Rat King

Rat King will play a selection of mini (or pocket) CDs from personal collections and the KFJC library. Noise ambient and aggressive, grind, metal, Tolkien-inspired Martial Industrial and more. Lots of long tracks on tiny CDs.

Excavating Unholy Snaeland
Sunday Mayhem 14 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Lord Gravestench

Lord Gravestench delves into the rarefied Icelandic metal scene to sample some of its most interesting projects.

Country Songwriter Series: Felice & Boudleaux Bryant
Monday Mayhem 15 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Boudleaux Bryant (1920-1987) was born in Georgia, and trained as a classical violinist. He played in the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra for the 1937- 38 season, but decided he like fiddling instead, and joined Hank Penny and his Radio Cowboys. In 1945 on tour in Milwaukee, he met Felice (1925-2003). The story goes that they eloped 5 days after meeting.

After marrying, they settled in Moultrie, Georgia. They started writing songs for fun, then got serious and sent their songs out. Their first hit was Country Boy, by Little Jimmy Dickens, in 1949. In 1950 they moved to Nashville. In the mid-50's they started writing songs for the Everly Brothers and had numerous hits: Wake Up Little Susie, Bird Dog, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Bye Bye Love, and Devoted To You.

They continued writing songs through the '80's, for Jim Reeves (How's The World Treating You), Emmylou Harris (Sleepless Nights), the Osborne Brothers (Rocky Top), and many others.

Tales of the 8-second Orchestra: The Mellotron Special, part 12b
Monday Mayhem 15 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Pete Dixon, Earl Grey and Joe Shlabotnik

There's just no holding back these three Mellotron aficionados; their obsession with this peculiar keyboard instrument knows no bounds as they continue to discover more examples of its use in both old and new songs, some very obscure and others anything but. The challenge for recent material is to identify the fakes: songs that use samples instead of the real thing. Extensive research and a keen ear are needed. Join them for another two episodes of this seemingly never-ending project!

Funk Inc. -Superfunk Jamdown
Tuesday Mayhem 16 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Ras Babo

Funk Inc. was a band who released 5 albums in the 1970's. Their style was a blend of funk, soul, R&B, and blues. Primarily instrumental jams, they also had a track on two on each album with vocals. Long extended solos and hip shaking rhythms characterize their sound. They were key pieces in shaping the sound of 1970's soul music, but perhaps did not receive the acclaim of other bands of the era. Pulling songs from all of their albums and collecting some interviews would be the initial direction of the special.

Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom
Thursday Mayhem 18 2PM-6PM
Hosted by Billie Joe Tolliver

As Pat Boone noted, "No one person has been more imitated than Little Richard." One of most influential music artists of his generation, Little Richard changed popular music and performance and remains an important part of black and queer culture. Little Richard has fought with record labels his whole career as he pushes boundaries in order to keep true to his art. Not only is his sound original, but he created his own visual performance with flashy costumes and makeup, allowing artists like David Bowie, Prince, and Freddie Mercury, to perform effeminate male sexuality and be mainstream. This special will explore Little Richard?s work and his influences.

The CIA and LSD
Thursday Mayhem 18 6PM-10PM
Hosted by Dave Emory

Against the background of the 50th anniversary of the summer of love, Dave Emory sets forth the fundamental role of the intelligence community in the development of the counterculture.

Pauline Oliveros: In Memoriam
Thursday Mayhem 18 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

Pauline Oliveros, composer, teacher, accordionist, one of the founding members of the San Francisco Tape Music Center, central figure in the development of experimental and electronic music and so much more, passed away last November 24. Join Naysayer for a look at her prolific career, a selection of interviews, and a listening of pieces of her music.

Nat Hentoff, Jazz, and the First Amendment
Friday Mayhem 19 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Cousin Mary

For many years, Nat Hentoff wrote columns and articles about jazz and contributed liner notes to many jazz albums. His death at the age of 91 in January of 2017 motivates us to examine his body of work, including his fiery support of the First Amendment and journalism.

Dr. Walker - WTF? (Part 2)
Friday Mayhem 19 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Ingmar Koch, a.k.a. "Dr. Walker" (among other flags of convenience) was a producer, label head, and behind the scenes instigator in the early 90's Cologne, Germany electronic music scene. He was also half of the famous/infamous musical duo Air Liquide. Prepare to be beaten over the head with perverse electronic diversity.

Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers
Saturday Mayhem 20 12PM-3PM
Carson Street

Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers is an 11 CD collection of obscure sitar-infused music from the late 60s and early 70s. The foremost genre represented is psych but there is also a sampling of pop, folk, prog, jazz and oddball kitsch. The sitar dominates some tracks and is barely discernable on others. Join us as we sample from all 11 discs.

Black Horizons part 3
Saturday Mayhem 20 3PM-6PM
Hosted by label founder James Livingston and Teachers AIDS

Dreary dusks and live mic from Oakland's Silence in the Snow.

Silence in the Snow

WU-HEM: a WU-TANG Mayhem Special
Sunday Mayhem 21 12AM-3AM
Hosted by Herb Rockwell

To showcase the many styes of the Wu-Tang Clan and its affiliates. Play group projects and Wu-member solo albums alongside releases from Wu-Sub groups and friends. Showcase tracks by artist who have collaborated, been inspired by, or inspired the Wu-Tang Clan.

A and G with Friends
Sunday Mayhem 21 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Naysayer

Anna Homler (A) and Gino Robair (G) have had an extensive career creating and performing unique sounds and explorations with diverse items and objects not always associated with music. These "Friends" (talking dolls, children's toy pianos, beans, bike horns, toys, paper,styrofoam plates and cups, bent circuit creations, timers, earbuds, and many other surprises) will join A and G as they play live in the KFJC Pit. Listen. Watch. Wonder. Play along with A and G in your living room.

Sunday Mayhem 21 noon to 3pm
A + G w/ Friends live in the pit. A (Anna Homler) and G (Gino Robair) with Friends (talking dolls, styrofoam cups, children's toys, bent circuitry and more) perform their brand of rebellious improvisation. Sound never heard so good. Naysayer hosts.

A Night and Day of the Sun
Sunday Mayhem 21-Tuesday Mayhem 23 10PM Sun-2AM Tue
Hosted by Spliff Skankin and others

KFJC's annual 28 hour birthday tribute to Sun Ran and his Arkestra. Astral exploration through the space and times of all things Sun Ra, music, poetry, art and philosophy. From the Afro-centric to the outer-galactic.

Barrington Levy- Unstoppable
Tuesday Mayhem 23 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Ras Babo

Barrington Levy first arrived on the Jamaican reggae scene in 1979, and is still active today. His wailing vocal style is unmistakeable and has shaped the way Jamaican dancehall and DJ culture has evolved. Originally singing love songs and Rasta 'upfull living' mantras, he also shaped the way that vocal duets first came out of the Kingston scene, blending a MC or toasting style with his soulful crooning. Blending original album cuts, dub remixes, and more modern duets and styles we will show why his style has persevered for 40 years.

Halfway to Paradise - Stack 'O Records Special Part 2
Wednesday Mayhem 24 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Robert Emmett

I got a stack a records here,
A stack of records there,
I've got records scattered all over everywhere.
But I'm looking for one that I can't find,
The one where the guitar plays so fine,
'Cause that's the only one my baby loves to hear.

Before the digital age, before the age of CDs, there was vinyl and acetates spinning in juke joints, shotgun shacks, and smoky bars. In 1948, Billboard magazine started calling 'race music' rhythm and blues.

Hip hillbillies were going electric, suave entertainment personalities were flirting in these sweaty backwaters, and rock had a 4-letter-word connotation.

The 40's and 50's were a great time for music Jump Blues, Rockabilly, R&B - all just crazy hopping music.

On this special we'll be listening to the should-have-beens, the never-were's, the wish-they-were's and the importance of early radio braking this music to a wider public.

Some were big hits on small stations and sold in places like Motormouth Maybelle's Baltimore records store in John Waters Hairspray - R&B legend Ruth Brown played Maybelle.

And we'll be playing stuff rom all over the world, as well as the Southside.

Listen and Obey!

Clean Feed Records: A Passion For All Things Jazz
Thursday Mayhem 25 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

Clean Feed Records, out of Lisboa, Portugal, has put out over 400 releases since its start in 2001. The label works with a mixture of established artists who are allowed to record how they prefer as well as focusing on unknown and/or younger artists worth getting attention. The sound is postmodern and avant-garde jazz of an impeccable quality. Join Naysayer for a listening to some Clean Feed releases.

Cubby Control Records
Friday Mayhem 26 7PM-10PM
Hosted by Mitch LeMay

San Francisco indie label Cubby Control Records head man Brian Weaver will join Mitch LeMay for a 3-hour spotlight of retrospective, new, and upcoming releases, rare recording & unreleased material. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of seminal label group The Cubby Creatures in a special featurette. Expect to hear a freewheeling and funny show with lots of sounds from label bands REPTIEL, THE CUBBY PREACHERS, GNOI SNEGOVIK, THE DRUGGLES, plus clips, commentary, and assorted anecdotes from the SF live music scene.

Mother Mallard
Friday Mayhem 26 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Goodwrench

Ithaca, NY based Mother Mallard was one of the first all-Moog bands, made possible in part by a very supportive Bob Moog right up the road in Trumansburg. Co-founder David Borden went on to a faculty position at Cornell University, where he is still active. Tune in for a sampling of Mother Mallard's and Borden's work

Gov't Mule
Saturday Mayhem 27 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Carson Street

Gov't Mule is band in which the Allman Brothers' influence is apparent but is complicated with the psychedelic, bluesy power trio feel of Cream. Originally formed as a southern rock jam band in 1994 they were a side project of the Allman Brothers Band lead by guitarist Warren Hayes and bassist Allen Woody. Some psych, some prog (Dark Side of the Mule) and lots of straight ahead rock. Three hours of Mayhem Mule.

Black Horizons part 4
Saturday Mayhem 27 3PM-6PM
Hosted by label founder James Livingston and Teachers AIDS

Desolate devotionals and live mic from Common Eider King Eider.

Common Eider King Eider

Nitty-Gritty of 60's punk feat. Cyril Jordan
Saturday Mayhem 27 9PM-12AM
Hosted by Zero Gravity and Cocktailsfor2

3 hours of music and interviews with Cyril Jordan from the Flamin Groovies, whose 1971 album Teenage Head is listed in the 2006 book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

The Hippie's Graveyard - A Slight Return
Sunday Mayhem 28 12PM-3PM
Hosted by Goodwrench

An exploration of the AM radio fare I grew up with long ago, plus a few discoveries made along the way...

Wolf From The North: Investigating Nordvargr
Sunday Mayhem 28 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Lord Gravestench

Lord Gravestench attempts to summit the intimidating discography of Swedish experimental musician Henrikk Nordvargr Björkk, who has released music under nearly two dozen aliases.

The World Will Be Plunged Into an Abyss...
Monday Mayhem 29 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Dave Emory

In observance of Memorial Day, Dave Emory discourses on what a Nazi future might look like.

Listening to the Mind of a Record Collector
Thursday Junehem 1 10PM-2AM
Hosted by Naysayer

There are collectors, and then there are?. COLLECTORS. Miles Goodrich, co-editor of the Hungry Freaks zine (Mayhem 2014) is a collector of many things extraordinary, especially recorded sound. His true passion for records of unique and obscure quality astounds the ear and eye. Join Naysayer as we chat with and listen to Miles as he plays some of his collection of rare soundtracks, one of a kind soul sounds, odd foreign releases, original jazz recordings and so much more.

Day of Dub
Sunday Junehem 4 12AM Sun-12AM Mon
Hosted by Ras Babo and a cast of others

When Jamaican record labels first released 7? singles, the A-side was typically the vocal track and the B-side was the instrumental version, also called the Dub. Producers like King Tubby, Scientist, and Lee Perry to name only a few, then remixed these dub tracks, adding effects and dropping parts of the songs in and out to create a spacy vibe transporting the listener far beyond that original vocal version. The remixed Dub Version became an art form unto itself and is still deeply entranched in the way tracks are remixed to this day.

Day of Dub celebrates this musical style by playing 24 hours of dub music, from traditional reggae rhythms to more modern musical cross-over styles. A consortium of KFJC personalities will offer their take on what is Dub.

Country Songwriter Series: Townes Van Zandt
Monday Junehem 5 10AM-2PM
Hosted by Sally Goodin

Townes Van Zandt (1944-1997) was born in Fort Worth to a prominent Texas family. Inspired by seeing Elvis Presley on television in 1956, he got a guitar that Christmas. He was a good student, active in sports, and his family started grooming him to become a lawyer or senator. He went to college in 1962, but by 1964 his parents had brought him home, due to his binge drinking and fits of depression. He was diagnosed as manic-depressive, and received 3 months of the now discredited Insulin Shock Therapy, which wiped out his long term memory.

In 1965 Townes began playing shows in Houston. He started writing his own songs, and moved to Nashville in 1968. Between 1968 and 1979, he released 8 albums. Despite critical acclaim, he remained a cult figure, playing small venues, and living a reclusive life in a shack outside of Nashville.

Townes struggled with drug and alcohol addiction all his adult life, going into rehab but never staying sober for long. Yet in spite of this, he is considered a "songwriter's songwriter" and his songs a source of inspiration and comfort for many.

This program features his songs, sung by him and others.

Thursday June 15 10pm-2am
Percussive mantras for the 21st Century. Beat drones and explosive pounding jolts, guided by Infinite Plastic Internal. Fall into the rhythm in the KFJC Pit. Naysayer hosts.


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