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Emily Hay Live Mic

Sunday February 24 at 8:PM
Vocalist/flutist Emily Hay graces the KFJC airwaves with her auditory presence. Words and sounds abound, a hush, a whisper, daydream-like wisps and swings. Hosted by Mickey Slim.

Firebunker: Cy Thoth's Seven Year Reign of Antinomian Revolt

Thorsday March 7 at 2PM- 2AM March 8
follow the path Phil Herz laid out for you as we celebrate the legacy he passed to KFJC during his 7 year reign over the black magic mountain: radio show excerpts, monologues, superimpositions, voicemails, lore, language games, numerology, philosophy, literature, liturgy, poetry, mysticism, Cy Thoth radio production, and voices of the damned and the possessed exhumed by a Hadean horde of malevolent metal and desolate doom. Hosted by Teachers AIDS and our damned disciples.

Delerium Records: The Last Daze of the Underground

Saturday Mayhem 4 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Delerium Records was a British independent record label that specialized in psychedelic music. It existed from 1991 to 2003 and was notable in promoting the careers of bands including Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles, Kava Kava, Mandragora, Sons of Selina and Moom. Join us as we perform an autopsy on Delerium and listen to those artists and many more. This music is not recommended for normal people.

The Kent State Massacre - 49th Anniversary

Saturday Mayhem 4 6PM-9PM
Hosted By Mitch LeMay and Buddy Love

On a Monday, May 4th, 1970, at an on-campus noontime rally, The Ohio National Guard, equipped with lethal M-1 military rifles, fired a 13-second fusillade into a group of unarmed students, killing 4 and wounding 9. The shooting, which shocked the nation, many consider a public perception turning point regarding the Vietnam War, and has become a symbol of the deep social and political divides of the era, which continue today. Tune in to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the Kent State massacre, featuring music reflecting the time, as well as contextual archived audio.

Balkan Arts 101

Tuesday Mayhem 7 6PM-7PM
Hosted By Sal 9000

Martin Koenig founded the Balkan Arts Center in New York City in 1966 and the Balkan Arts label. The work of Balkan Arts is a result of hundreds of hours of audio recordings, research, audio and video tapes. Not only did Martin research extensively, he also took hauntingly beautiful photographs and films throughout the Balkans and East Europe between 1966 and 1987.

High Holy Hours of the Smoke Covenant

Wednesday Mayhem 8 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Monotone Heroine

Four hours of metal influenced by the sweet leaf. Playing only the finest stoner metal, this special will make use of all those sticky sweet, slow tracks that grind your soul while you light up. Follow the smoke to the riff filled land while you drop out of life with bong in hand.

Black Bombaim

Saturday Mayhem 11 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Black Bombaim are a fuzzed out stoner psychedelic/space rock band from Barcelos, Portugal. Ricardo Miranda (guitar), Tojo Rodrigues (bass) & drummer Paulo Goncalves grew up together and are Black Bombaim. They are one of those well-kept secrets that the rest of the world just seems to be catching on to. Put on your tin foil hats, adjust the antenna and tune in.

Cowboy Songs

Saturday Mayhem 11 6PM-8PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary

Songs by and about cowboys or the guys who played them in the movies.

Understanding Libido

Monday Mayhem 16 10AM-2PM
Hosted By Hemroid The Leader

The Web of King Crimson

Saturday Mayhem 18 2AM-6AM
Hosted By Atavist

Trad Gras Och Stenar

Saturday Mayhem 18 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Trad Gras Och Stenar ("Trees, Grass and Stones") is a Swedish rock band formed in 1969 from previous incarnations Parson Sound, International Harvester and Harvester. The group was one of the premier acts of the Swedish prog scene. Their sound has been described as a raw psych rock jam. The band encourages their audiences to improvise and collaborate. In 2017 they headlined the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia.

Women's Works

Saturday Mayhem 18 6PM-8PM
Hosted By Cousin Mary

Female composers of classical music are relatively few in number but are well worth searching out. Tune in to hear women's works for voice, chamber ensembles, and orchestras.

Planet Bass

Monday Mayhem 20 2PM-6PM
Hosted By Max Level

Long-form improvisations featuring a number of notable local bassists playing live in the Pit in various combinations. It's all about the low end. Get ready to rumble.

Crawl live in the pit

Monday Mayhem 20 10PM-2AM
Hosted By Teachers AIDS

Crawl performs live in the pit. Bones, drums and bass enigma Crawl return to the pit to drag you back into your cell for another lesson in futile escape from this tortured existence for four hours of doom in the cave of evil. Hosted by Teachers AIDS

Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Part Deux

Saturday Mayhem 25 12PM-3PM
Hosted By Carson Street

Can it really have been two years since our first Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers special? Last time around we barely scratched the surface of this eleven CD collection of obscure sitar-infused music from the late 60s and early 70s. More psych, pop, folk, prog, jazz and oddball kitsch coming your way in part deux.

Park Rangers of Lake Cocytus

Saturday Mayhem 25 6PM-12AM
Hosted By Teachers AIDS and Monotone Heroine

The soundtracks to the scary, horror, and thriller genres help build the tension of scenes and make the ultimate harrowing reveal more impactful. We'll be worshipping the satanic tracks and spooky sounds that take horror movies to the next level, from the classic films to the avant garde.

Uncle Sam and the Swastika

Sunday Mayhem 26 12PM-7PM
Hosted By Dave Emory

Uncle Sam and the Swastika

Golden Warriors

Monday Mayhem 27 10AM-6PM
Hosted By Dave Emory

Golden Warriors

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