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Justin Outlier

From the distant horizon emerges a cloud of smoke. As dusk nears, the cloud comes closer and coalesces into a form. The form is different than anything seen before. It hangs out in studio and plays sounds not heard before. It is Justin Outlier. Nothing more, nothing less.

Last ten playlists:

Sunday September 16 2018, 10:03pm

Sunday September 2 2018, 10:02pm

Sunday August 19 2018, 10:01pm

Sunday August 5 2018, 10:04pm

Sunday July 29 2018, 10:03pm

Sunday July 15 2018, 10:01pm

Sunday July 1 2018, 9:58pm

Sunday June 17 2018, 9:59pm

Sunday May 20 2018, 9:57pm

Sunday April 29 2018, 10:02pm