G Squared

Relaxed with pep.
Get moving out the bed since you're up anyway and there's stuff to get done.

Upbeat smoother grooves, singables, steering wheel tappers.
Jazzy, funky, swing-the-kid-around-the-kitchen stuff.

Need an extra kick? Every morning starts with No Trrrrousers, No
Bagpipes! Who needs an alarm clock with those laddies arrrroond?

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G Squared

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Sunday June 6 2004, 6:00am

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Thursday May 6 2004, 7:15pm

Sunday May 2 2004, 6:00am

Tuesday April 27 2004, 2:00am

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Friday April 23 2004, 2:00am

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Sunday April 18 2004, 6:00am